Family traditions: Licked my mother’s feet

I am Aditya, a 19-year-old Guwahati inhabitant. This is a fictitious story that is being told. I added the actresses’ names in my post to assist the reader in visualizing them. My sister Anushka Sen and my mother Bipasha are my housemates.

My mother is 40 years old, five feet six, and has the following measurements: 34, 26, 34, and 26. My sister is 22 years old, measuring 5’2 and 34-23-32.

The story makes sense only if you know our family’s past. A monk put a curse on my family over a millennium ago when two of our family members – a brother and a sister – woke him up during his meditation. The restriction on our ability to procreate and pass on our genes to the following generation applied solely to our ability to breed through direct blood relations, such as mother and son or brother and sister. My ancestors pleaded with the monk to please forgive him.

“I cannot take back my curse, but I grant you a boon in the condition that your children be born healthy,” said he.

From then on the day it happened, my forefathers have continued the family tradition of having sex within the family.


When I woke up this lovely morning, I went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw that my mother was wearing a blue saree with a sleeveless, backless top. It was a really hot day, and she was drenched in sweat. Silently, I moved closer to her and pinched her waist. “UFFF, Oh Maa,” she moaned out.

With a seductive and playful voice, she turned around and put her hands on my ears, saying, “Naughty boy, aren’t you ashamed teasing your mother? And who will suck my feet?” my mother laughed.

My mother raised her left leg and brought her saree to her knees. Her feet were positioned close to my face as she sat on the kitchen counter. I started licking her feet since her gorgeous red toenails were so attractive, and my mother began to moan quietly, saying,

“Ahhh, suck my toes, son, every single inch of my body is yours. And next week, after our marriage, you can even fuck me.”

I stepped closer to her till there was just a 3 cm gap between our faces, and I said, “I hope we get married soon, I can’t wait to see what your pussy looks like. The only thing we have seen is your breast.”

“Aww, the two of you look so cute together,” my sister exclaimed as she walked into the kitchen and spotted us together.

“Ma’am, may we begin?”

We moved to the dining table and took a seat after my mother got down. For us to suck her breast, my mother let go of her blouse and dropped her pallu. My sister and I adore spending time with our mother and sucking her breast every day. We sometimes proceed to bite her neck and nibble her earlobe.

We were sucking our mother’s breast while our mother was wrinkling our hair. I sat her leg on my lap and began kissing her toes once more after suckling her breast for ten minutes. A few minutes later, my mother’s crotch began to leak water. Her pussy began to grow moist from the immense amount of moisture on her.

As per our customs, women always seek permission from the men of the household regarding what to wear and what not to wear. Therefore, my mother likewise asked for my approval before wearing any undergarments.

The three of them kept staring into each other’s lust-filled eyes. I reminded my mom, “Maa, you forgot our breakfast, and especially our morning drink, your orgasm.”

She laughed and stood up. I spanked her as she stood up. “UFFF, Aditya, you are being very naughty; I am going to have to teach you a lesson on our suhagrat next week,” she stated. “I know you are dying to view my lower private areas. But you won’t be able to see them until after our wedding.”

I replied, “Mata ji, my darling, I feel like fucking you right away, but I will respect my family traditions.”

My mother walked to the kitchen counter, took a 1-liter cup, spread her pussy with one leg on the counter and the other on the ground, and filled the cup with her climax. She wore no top, but her ass was covered by her blue saree. She filled the cup with her climax in less than a minute. She then spat in the cup before handing it to me to drink.

I finished the cup in 50 seconds. She was impressed, “You finished it in 50 seconds dear, please drink it slowly next time, or else you can’t suck my toes next time.”

“Until next week, Ma’am, you are my boss when it comes to sex. After that, I will become your spouse and we will do all kinds of unimaginable things together.”

“Adi have some respect, or else I am not going to let you sleep during our suhaagrat, because I am going to ride your big fat dick all night,” my mother replied in an irate and lustfully indicating voice.

Later that evening:

My mother approached me and said, “We have a lot of wedding preparations to make. We must go shopping.”

We then headed to our city’s largest saree store to find the best saree for her. After an hour, we chose a bright red saree for my mother, which she tried on in the showroom and looked very pleasurable on her.

We then proceeded to a jewelry store to purchase jewelry for mom. We spent a long time there and bought some pricey gold anklets, a gold waist chain, necklaces, rings, and other accessories. I want my bride to be covered in gold on our wedding night.

We headed home after shopping to spend the remainder of the day.

“It’s time for another of your orgasm drinks, Maa.”

She went to the kitchen counter, took a cup, then lifted her leg and placed it on the counter so that her pussy could be easily stretched. After a minute, she handed me the cup that contained her orgasm.

I drank her orgasm slowly this time so that I could lick her toes tonight.

“Bishu, give me your toes to suck because I can’t sleep until I do.”

She sat on the kitchen counter, dancing her feet around me.

I approached her and began licking her toes. After around 10 minutes, she stripped her blouse so I could drink some milk before going to bed. I drank her milk for 20 minutes before kissing her on the feet and falling asleep.

I will continue the story in the next part. In the following section, I will finally marry my mother.

As this is my first story, I hope you enjoy it. For reviews, feedback, and suggestions. please email me at [email protected]