Corporate Sins – Part 13

Searching for his suitcase, Rajveer said, “Hey, Ritesh, can we sign the documents to finalize our deal during dinner?”

“Yes, sir, I appreciate your faith in us.”

“Come on, friend, let’s not act so formal. This is a business transaction from which I will also profit, not a favour. Unfortunately, though, I left my chequebook at the office and forgot about it. I need to return and retrieve those in order to sign the agreement,” Rajveer remarked, glancing at Ritesh.

Ritesh understood what he meant. He was aware that he had fingered Shipra and now wanted more. But Ritesh was more confident about Shipra’s rejection of his offer.

“You are our guest, sir. Would you remain here while I go to your office to pick up the paperwork?”

“Yes, that sounds wonderful. I’ll ask my driver to take you to the workplace. You can even grab an ice cream cone with your child in the interim.”

“All right, sir,” Ritesh said. He realized that Rajveer needed some alone time with Shipra to persuade her to take a blowjob. Ritesh took Reyansh with him to the office, leaving Rajveer and Shipra by themselves at home.

Shipra was excited and a little afraid to be by herself with the man who had just fingered her. Shipra tried to act ignorant of what happened and asked Rajveer, “Do you want any more soup Rajveer ji?”

“Oh, your soup has made me more hungry, beautiful lady,” he remarked, grinning and licking his fingers once again.

“Oh, I see.” She tried to stand up and said, “I’ll bring it.”

But Rajveer grabbed her thigh instead,  “I want warm soup coming out of your pussy, not that soup.”

His boldness stunned Shipra. She screamed angrily, “How dare you say anything like this to me, Rajveer?”

“Come on, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy my fingers inside your beautiful pussy, lady.”

Shipra was not prepared for this kind of blunt talk. “But I was mistaken. I had no idea that they were your fingers.”

“Okay. But I saw you enjoying it. I want to give you more enjoyment, now by my tongue. I want to lick your pussy clean and eat every corner of it. I have never seen any woman as beautiful as you.”

“I am a sophisticated lady devoted to my husband. I can’t do this,” Shipra remarked. She was trying to convince herself that her trips with Shoaib, Chadha, Peter, and Dayaram were situational.

“You’re not saying that you don’t want to do it, I see. You’re indicating that you want to do it by claiming that you can’t,” He smiled.

“Mmm, no, I didn’t say that,” Shipra said, letting this fox capture her.

“Okay, so, my lovely lady. I’ll offer you a reason strong enough to do it then.
As you know, I’m nearing the end of my financial support for your husband’s company. That can only happen if you let me taste your wonderful lips, both upper and lower.”

Shipra did not anticipate such a compelling argument. She can do anything for her hubby since she loves him. He has been under constant strain from the business. She understood that if Ritesh received funding, it would relieve some of his anxiety.

But she was also worried about what would happen if Ritesh found out. Rajveer realized Shipra was thinking about his suggestion. He came up to her and gave her a little peck on the lips. He didn’t want to give her much time to consider.
Shipra was shocked by his behaviour.

She hadn’t been paying attention to Rajveer and was preoccupied with her thoughts. But she remained silent. When Rajveer realized that everything was going well, he stood up from his chair and leaned over Shipra’s chair.

He whispered, “Don’t worry about your husband. He won’t know about this. We’ll be done by the time he arrives.”

Shipra couldn’t decide. She could feel Rajveer’s hands reaching out to seize her breasts and his mouth playing with her earlobes. He took hold of her breasts and began to caress them as he kissed her neck. “Ugh, please don’t do this.”

Rajveer moved her chair to face her. He now realized that what she was trying to accomplish was only a formal protest. He gave her a lip-kiss while focusing on her eyes. Shipra leaned back slightly, baring her cleavage. Rajveer got on his knees and began to lick her cleavage and neckline.

He immediately stuck his head into her skirt, spending no more time. Shipra opened her legs to make room for him. He pulled her panty until it was completely bare, then stuffed it into his pocket. With a stranger’s head inside her skirt at her dining table, Shipra was experiencing a sensual moment.

He began to run his nose around her thighs and pussy walls while sniffing her pussy like a dog. The circumstance has drenched her again. Rajveer then protruded his tongue inside her fully-shaven pussy lips. Shipra groaned as she held the table.

He began to rotate his tongue in a circular motion inside her pussy. Rajveer’s amazing licking abilities astounded Shipra. Then, when he gently scraped his teeth against her ass, she sobbed with delight. She began to force his head over her skirt and point his finger at her mouth, unable to contain herself any longer.

Rajveer was thrilled to see her start sucking his finger like a cock. He recognized her as a desperate cocksucker. He lifted her to the couch after removing her skirt. He unbuttoned his jeans to reveal his cock. He approached Shipra in the 69 position as she lay on the couch.

He resumed kissing her pussy and pushed his cock inside her mouth. Shipra moved her head to put more of his cock in her mouth and began to play with her toy. Unlike Dayaram, this dick is shaven and clean. She chewed it and used her thumb and middle finger to press it.

Rajveer started biting and licking her thighs and stuck his finger inside her pussy. Driven by intense need, Shipra begins to smack his cock over her face while sucking in between. While she was preoccupied with toying with his dick, she felt a lot of cum release from her pussy.

Rajveer rose from the 69 position after licking all her cum. Now that he has her head in his hands, he is giving her a firm mouth stroke. “Go on, lovely lady. Suck my dick firmly. I will provide more funding if you are better.”

Oh my, Shipra lifted her head to gaze at him. Her mouth was full of his cock that made it difficult for her to speak. She starts moving her head, trying to deep-throat Rajveer. Rajveer got excited as he saw her trying to eat his cock, “Such a good wife you are.”

Finally, he released his built-up cum inside of her. When he removed his cock from her mouth, the amount of cum he had shot began to seep between her lips. In order to prevent his cum from getting into her top, Shipra wiped her chin. She doesn’t want her husband to know about this.

They both were gathering their breath as the doorbell rang. They understood that Ritesh had arrived. Rajveer belted up his jeans. Shipra cleared her face. She forgot that she had not worn her panties. Shipra proceeded to unlock the door.

She tried to pretend that nothing had happened behind his back as she smiled at him. But she forgot that Rajveer had eaten her lipstick. Her expression seemed a little uncertain to Ritesh, who glanced at her. He wished that Shipra must have denied Rajveer’s proposal.

Rajveer signed the funding agreement and the cheque after supper. He placed them in an envelope he got out of his backpack. “It would be a great experience to be your partner, mate,” he said, passing it to Ritesh and praising him. “I have an unexpected gift for you, so please open this after I go.”

“I appreciate you hosting me, sweet lady.” He gave Shipra a mischievous glance.

Shipra tried to escape Ritesh after Rajveer departed by going to her bedroom, considering what she had done. She got dressed and went to bed. But before long, she found out that she had not worn her panty.

As soon as Ritesh opened the packet, his heart began to race.  He found the funding amount as three crores. This indicated that Shipra gave in to Rajveer’s requests. He noticed a tiny piece of black cloth finely folded within the envelope as he was closing it.

To his surprise, it was Shipra’s panty. This proved that Rajveer had won Shipra over.  At the time, he experienced conflicting emotions. Someone else had gotten pleasure from his wife.

Although he did not anticipate this, he realized that Shipra would stop at nothing to help him. Tears began to well up in his eyes.

However, it’s not just his eyes that are becoming moist.  He felt arousal radiating from his dick. He imagined how Rajveer would have fucked Shipra’s gorgeous mouth.