Requiem of Lust- Part 1

Hello everyone! This story is one of those Schrodinger’s cat fantasy and real both simultaneously. The story involves rough sex, humiliation, femdom, and piss. For those who wish to get warmed up with my style of writing/narration, do read my other story ‘The Devil in Me.’

I am conscious of the fact that people come here to read a good short story to jerk off. However, this work is a thought experiment that scratches the depths of our cardinal desires. It makes us question whether free will exists or whether we are all slaves of our desires predestined to do what we do.


Pooja – F 42 (Mom)

Pooja married her college crush when she was 19 and got kicked out by her parents. A feminist and outspoken person. Pooja is 42 years old now. She is not too tall. She has small breasts, a cute ass, and a South Indian complexion which is often masquerading behind her makeup. A beautiful smile with dimples.

She is the mother of twins Vinay and Priya. She never misses her MMA and boxing classes and always takes care of her body. She has a soft corner for Vinay but is often disgusted with how he lives his life.

Varun- M 45 (Father)

Varun is three years older than Pooja. He goes to the gym regularly. He has enough investment to relax at home and work when he desires. He loves his wife but is addicted to porn. He often enjoys watching incest videos and lesbians. He behaves like a morally sound person when interacting with others.

He is well-built for his age. He looks like a 35-year-old guy who smokes weed on weekends and enjoys fucking his wife and experimenting with sex. Loves both his kids. However, he is unable to express his love to them. This results in short conversations at breakfast.

Vinay- M 18 (Son, the protagonist of this story)

The Introvert son never initiates a conversation. He only answers what’s asked. He spends most of his time in his room and avoids social interactions. He loves Anime and watches cartoon porn. He has no real friends but is a legend in the online gaming virtual world.

He has no physical activity and lives on snacks and junk food. He has put up a lot of weight. Collector of Superhero figures.

Priya- F 19 (Daughter)

An Enthu Cutlet, a go-getter who tops academics and sports. She has a boyfriend, Shreyas. But that does not stop her from flirting with Deepak and Abhijeet. Unusual for twins, but she loathes her brother Vinay and distances herself from him at college.

At times, joins others when Vinay is being bullied. Often behaves like a selfish bitch. Idolizes her Mom and follows her in everything right from her dressing to makeup and hairdo.

Chapter 1

The Fire of the Forge against the sleeping sky

Vinay- A Few Months ago

It was the 13th of May already. I was lying on my bed listening to the ticking of the clock. It was a hot summer. The fan was useless. I had told Dad that the AC was not working, but he kept ignoring me. I had completed a trash game with bugs, and the huge sense of accomplishment was slowly disappearing.

The funny thing about this loneliness is it stabs your gut so hard at times. It justifies your inferior complex as pride. It whispers in your ears that this world is full of shit. People are all liars. All the fun and happiness they have in their lives is one big, fat, ugly lie.

This loneliness convinces you to loathe society. But the simple truth is deep down, all one wants is to be a part of it. I searched for the water bottle next to my bed only to find out that it was empty. I then got up from the bed and headed towards the kitchen.

Our flat is a 3.5 BHK unit on the seventh floor. It has a big balcony with an outdoor couch, a lot of plants and some expensive paintings. Mom and Dad’s room is huge, with a walk-in wardrobe that leads to the bathroom.

My sister Priya’s room is spacious, too. It is a 17×12 room. The other room, which is slightly smaller than Priya’s, is the guest room. The small 8.6×10 room ideally meant for maids or servants was mine.

People think kids are dumb and stupid. But the truth is they are smarter than adults. They observe and connect the dots. I often sat naked in front of the mirror and looked at my ugly mug, overgrown belly for a teenager. The lack of fake finesse which rich folks have.

I imagined my sister and parents. It was as clear as day that we were made different. I was convinced that I was adopted. This made so much sense, the way everyone ignored me and treated me like I did not even exist.

Even when my parents spoke to me, it never felt like a conversation with my parents. It felt like foreigners interacting with half-naked kids in slums.

I filled my bottle from the sink and felt a cold breeze as I returned to my room. I thought to myself that someone might have forgotten to close the balcony door. I walked towards the balcony and witnessed something which changed my life instantly.

The couch on the balcony was placed such that the person sitting on it faced the outside view. But I could see someone facing the living room inside the house. I walked slowly and saw my Mom riding Dad on his lap. Suddenly, my Mom made eye contact with me.

It was like the spell of Medusa that turns any living creature to stone. I could not move an inch. Instead of alerting my Dad, Mom continued to ride him and kept looking at me with a smile. All I wanted at that moment was to break this cure of Medusa.

But that smile was so different. It didn’t feel like she was smiling at me with lust for the first time in my life. It felt like my Mom looked at me like her son. I imagined myself like I was facing the last boss in a game and was hit by a freeze spell.

I conjured all the mana from my soul and turned away, returning to my room. This is fucked up! This is fuck up! I kept repeating this like a mantra and paced in my small room. I then sat down and analyzed every moment. What bothered me the most was why Mom looked at me and smiled.

I thought and deduced what had happened. My conclusion was Mom must have felt pity on me. As ugly as I am, I will never find a girlfriend. Being homophobic and transphobic, there are no deviant routes to satisfy my needs. I, deep down, know I’m adopted.

So, it makes sense why she allowed me to witness her in that position. It was out of pity! Her emotions of empathy aside, this was like stabbing a dagger in a wounded heart.

There are some things that a man should never be tested with, and one of those is his pride. At that moment, I decided to change. I have been bullied since I was a kid, mistreated and psychologically scarred. But that smile of pity was the most hurtful thing.

I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to have friends. I wanted to be a part of this sick society. I started to change my routine and ignored the shields and the soldiers in the barracks. I needed to protect myself in the virtual world of gaming quit sugar and greasy food.

I did my squats, and nine months later, I had lost enough weight to look like a human again. I made friends in college. It was not as difficult as I thought. The ladies liked my sense of humour. They even said that I’m authentic. I dropped one-liners from anime when I was with friends to sound intelligent and deep.

I don’t remember when the last time I had breakfast with my family. I mustered all the courage and found the resolve to drag myself to the table. Priya was already there eating her cereal. Chatting with her boyfriend and sharing selfies. Dad was patting Lassie, our dog.

Mom was in the kitchen with our maid, who cooks for us. I quietly pulled a chair and sat. I wished a loud Good Morning to everyone, but only the maid, Akka, responded. She said, “Good morning, Baba.” Priya just looked at me with less disgust, rolled her eyes, and said, “Yeah, Whatever, dude.”

Mom came to the table, and there it was, that smile of hers. The same from nine months ago condescending smile of pity. I admit it put me off. I wanted to push all the food on the table, scream at her and tell her, “You Fucking Bitch, You Whore! I don’t want you to smile at me like I’m some puppy!”

I played that out in my head and felt a little better. The breakfast was awkward. No one expected me to join. It’s like they wanted me to leave but didn’t know how to tell me. I ignored how they felt about me and finished my breakfast.

It was February of the next year. I was exactly in the same position I was in last May. I had one hand in my pants and was fiddling with my semi-erect dick. I heard some noise outside. So I came out of my room. I saw Priya get to the balcony.

I quietly followed her and saw her sitting on the chair and watching Mom and Dad make love. This started a small fire in my heart. Each spark of this fire represented rage, confusion, anger, Lust, Love and hate altogether. I no longer knew what I should do.

Should I go and join them? Will they accept me? Should I stop them? Call cops, maybe? What I was witnessing was a cold, sleeping, majestic Sky. I was a small fire from a forge of loneliness with sparks trying to engulf this night.

It takes a lot of effort and time to write. Future chapters are based on how this chapter is received. [email protected].