Corporate Sins – Part 11

“It’s our wedding anniversary, Ritesh. Please don’t make excuses for your business meetings this time, at least. We didn’t spend our anniversary together last year either.” Shipra was convincing Ritesh.

“Baby, I get it. I love you as well. I’ve already made plans to see you. However, you are aware of the pressure on business these days. The investors are also threatening to back off because of a lack of projects. Some of them have even backed off.”

“In fact, a few of them have already retreated. There is a cash problem at the company. Fortunately, though, I had a conversation with one of my clients, Rajveer Singh—who also happens to be the son of a minister. He wanted to get his black money into circulation.”

“He has invited me to meet with him and offer the business options. My business will receive the necessary capital if I can persuade him to invest, and then everything will fall into place. The problem is that he wants to meet with me on the same evening of our anniversary.”

Ritesh has shown significant behavioural changes towards Shipra. The long-distance relationship has increased their appreciation for one another’s company. They understood how important it is for a couple to provide emotional support to one another.

They have barely spent any nights together over the past 1.5–2 years. In the interim, Shipra did have sex with a few individuals. But everything that transpired was more forced than voluntary. She savours the occasion whenever it happens.

She does, however, want her spouse back. She adores him and wants the love of both parents for her child. For two to three days, she remained upset that Ritesh wouldn’t be celebrating their anniversary together. She remembered how joyful their early married years and relationships were during those times.

Now that she has everything – good job, good money, but she had to pay a cost for it. Nonetheless, she finally came up with a solution the night before her wedding anniversary. When she reached home, her spouse was already there.

Her face was full of smiles. Ritesh hugged her. She experienced the same warmth as a few years ago.

“Shipra, I apologize for not appreciating your professional goals. I now see how crucial it is for both of us to be making money. Especially when my own business is struggling, and you are providing for our necessities. Please pardon me. I would even like to stay with you guys tomorrow evening also, but I already told you about my meeting.”

“I know, Ritesh, you love me.” Shipra’s eyes were filled with tears. “Is it possible for you to have your meeting at home?” she said, kissing him.

If your investor could visit our home for dinner, then you can have your meeting as well, as we can spend our evening together. Even if there wouldn’t be as much private time, we could still spend time together.

Ritesh brightened up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m willing to help you in any way, Ritesh. I really do miss you. Make sure your investor is okay with it by asking him.”

“Yes, because it’s a little late to phone him, I will send him a message on WhatsApp.”

“All right, let’s have dinner when I freshen up. To spend as much time as possible with you, I have also requested a leave of absence for tomorrow.”

“Hello, Rajveer ji. Is it feasible for you to come over for supper at our house tomorrow? Our meeting can be held with delicious home-cooked food and beverages.”

The response he received right away was, “It’s challenging, but let’s connect tomorrow.”

Ritesh proceeded to the kitchen and set the dining table. By now, Reyansh was fast asleep, so he began to browse through Shipra’s old Facebook photos. He started flipping through his honeymoon album and got carried away by nostalgia.

His gaze lingered on the bikini photo that Shipra had shared on her Facebook account. As a newlywed, all she had on was a red two-piece bikini and chuda. He recalled their argument when he saw that picture of her online. He was afraid other men would be attracted to her.

To surprise Shipra, he downloaded the photo and posted it as her WhatsApp status, wishing her a happy anniversary. When Shipra returned after getting dressed, the dinner table was set. She saw her picture on Ritesh’s WhatsApp status while eating dinner.

She gave a heart emoji and a kiss emoji. She was enjoying the efforts her husband was making. She was amazed by the bold choice of picture Ritesh had made. However, she chose not to ask anything and started cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

Meanwhile, Ritesh also glanced through WhatsApp to see that Shipra had viewed and responded to his status. He kissed back in response. However, Shipra wasn’t the only one who replied to her status. With a fire emoji, Rajveer also replied to him.

He was a little taken aback. To check updates, he also accessed his Facebook profile. He was shocked to learn that Rajveer Singh had expressed interest in becoming friends. This perplexed him because Rajveer was a powerful and wealthy man.

However, he decided to disregard it and accepted it right away. He has more important things to do. Ritesh grabbed Shipra’s waist as he approached from behind. He turned her to face him and laid a gentle kiss on her neck. She is left in a bra and shorts when he opens her t-shirt over her arms.

Her breasts have grown, which astounded him. In comparison to their previous sexual encounter, he sensed that they had become slightly more noticeable.
“Whoa, darling, they’ve grown since I last saw them. I believe you have put a lot of work into rubbing them thinking of me.”

“Yes,” Shipra lied. “I really missed you and your touch on my boobs.”

Her breasts were squarely in front of him as he hoisted her to get her to sit on the kitchen shelf. As they began to kiss, Shipra plaited her hair. This kiss was unlike any other she had experienced in the previous two years.

Rather than kissing her out of lust like Shoaib, Chadha, or Peter, Ritesh is doing so with a great deal of love and passion. Ritesh took off her bra and plucked her bare breasts. He begins to caress and massage them. She groans in delight as he starts to lick and suction her nipples.

She undressed herself fully by pulling off her panties and underwear, revealing her nude body. She was desperate for her husband’s dick. But Ritesh wanted her to give a blowjob. “It’s been so long since you sucked me, baby.”

“Ritesh, I don’t feel like doing it. I am sorry.” She only wanted pure emotional love from her husband. She had recently tasted a lot of dicks. Without pressuring her, Ritesh unzipped his pyjamas, placing his dick over her pussy.

The position reminds her of early marriage days, when they had sex in nearly every area of the home, including the kitchen and the bedroom. They are doing it in the kitchen after roughly four to five years.

Her legs were encircling his waist as she leaned back slightly.  Ritesh started pounding her after getting inside her warm asshole.

“Aaah, I love you. Ritesh, I have missed you a lot. Please stay with me.”

Since he had never seen her taking him so easily, Ritesh was perplexed as to why it was loose. He was not aware that this small pussy of her wife had taken multiple dicks inside it. He started stroking her more deeply.

Shipra is having her husband’s penis inside her after a gap. It is making her feel loved and validated.

“I love you too, baby,” he released inside her after fucking for some time. They both head to the bedroom. Shipra fell asleep in his arms after kissing him. Ritesh couldn’t sleep and began to browse through his phone.

Rajveer has sent him a new message on WhatsApp stating that he will be attending the dinner meeting at his house. Rajveer’s acceptance of his invitation to dinner made him delighted. He checked his Facebook account once more and noticed an odd pattern.

He saw the heart, and like emojis, only on the pics where Shipra is with him. There was no response from others. He was confused by Rajveer’s sudden interest in him.