Relation with ultimate passion

Hello all, get ready to make the bed wet ladies and gentlemen! Please don’t mind that this a long story as I want to say everything for the best experience and feeling.

Coming to the story, let’s start with the introduction I am Ritish, age 26 (will not say I’m a hot stud and all. I’m 6 feet tall, weighing 88 kgs, and a normal-looking guy) from Bangalore, working for an MNC presently.

Coming to the couple, they are about 36 and 34. The guy works for an MNC and she is a housewife (a perfect-looking married girl). When I saw her in a saree, I felt like I had a sex goddess in front of me. All done with the intro, let’s go to the story.

I was normally surfing on a dating app. And I had this match with a profile name as a couple looking for a couple. I doubted that it was definitely a fake profile. So as I was bored, I just casually sent a ‘Hi’ and got to know it was my husband who was active on the profile.

He said that they were only looking for couples around Bangalore. I replied saying, “I am just bored and as we have matched, I thought of talking to you.”

So we continued talking to each other and we became good friends. Nothing sexual, we were normally talking to each other.

We both became good friends and made a good bond. It was all ok till now. But after a few weeks, he said that he and his wife wanted to have a threesome with me. I didn’t know how to react to my luck. All these days trying so much to find a girl, here I was luckily gonna fuck someone so beautiful. But I always felt that sex was something that both souls should enjoy and both be comfortable.

I told Vishnu the same thing before we met personally. I wanted to talk to Preethi for some time. So he created a WhatsApp group with three of us. It started this way.

Vishnu: Hello guys. Preethi and Ritish, you guys can introduce yourself.

Preethi: Hello Ritish. How are you?

Me: Hello Vishnu and Preethi. I am great good to see you all.

The conversation went on.

We all felt so comfortable. Finally, one Friday evening after my office hours, I called out to Vishnu and said, “I want to come and see you guys.” After going, I asked Preethi about her favorite place in Bangalore. She told me about a rooftop restaurant in the WhatsApp group. Now, the real story begins, everyone.

Saturday night, I put on a decent shirt and denim jeans with sneakers and went there to meet them. I took a seat and waited for about 20 minutes, then they came in.

Wow, Preethi was really amazing. I was stunned to see her. She wore a denim black t-shirt. Her skin was shining with Bangalore’s romantic weather. It was giving me hot waves in my heart.

Then I shook hands with Vishnu and we hugged. Preethi was almost ready for the hug. When I went close to her, I felt some magic in my body. I hugged her. She smelled so good. I told her the same and she blushed for it.

They started the talks, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Preethi and did not listen to what both were saying. Finally, she responded –

Preethi: Someone is not blinking an eye at all!

I was embarrassed by that. But I told her –

Me: Who on earth wants to miss your beauty? Foolish me, who missed this chance all these days.

She let out a big smile, and I loved that smile.

Then she said: Even now no one is stopping you.

Saying this, she held her husband’s hand.

I replied: Well, you seem to be so near me, but still so far away even now. Wish you were beside me (we exchanged our conversations like this).

Finally, the food came. I decided that I needed to make a move. Then I removed my right leg shoe and sock. I slowly started to touch her feet with my feet. Suddenly, she felt some shock at what was happening down the table. I had to calm them saying it was my feet. They understood my naughtiness and we both started to play with our feet. I loved her touch.

Slowly, I moved my leg to her thigh and started rubbing it under the table. I told Vishnu that I wanted to feel her right now. Then we exchanged our places. I went beside Preethi and whispered in her ears telling her that she was so sexy and her smell was amazing.

Then I slowly placed my hand on her thigh and started to rub my hand. I could see that she started biting her lips and couldn’t eat. I enjoyed the view and touched her thigh. Now I wanted to do more. Suddenly, I took my hand near her pussy and rubbed it over the jeans. This was all happening under the table.

Oh God, she swirled or jumped like a fish out of water when I touched her. Then she turned toward me and gave me the hottest sexiest look ever. We enjoyed it for a few minutes and we were done with the dinner. We enjoyed it for a few minutes and we were done with dinner. Now we were about to say goodbye to each other. I told Raj that I enjoyed her so much.

He told me: If you’re free, you can join us.

I asked Preethi: If you want, I will come.

She was wild, she held my hand and said: Idiot, you made my pussy so wet, and now like you want my permission.

I loved those words from her. So we decided to go to their home. While going I told Preethi that I wanted to see her in saree in all my desires. Vishnu told me that she would look so sexy in a saree. Finally, we reached home and we parked and went into the house. Preethi told us that she would freshen up and come back soon.

I said: I cannot wait dear.

She replied saying: You will get the best meal baby. Stay back, please.

And she went and locked the room. Oh god, I and Vishnu waited on the sofa for exactly one hour. Oh no, that one hour felt like some million years for me. Wow, when she opened the door I was mesmerized to see her. She looked so fresh like I said she wore a silk saree below her navel with open hair. She was really sexy. Then she turned and put her hair in front. Wow, she had a blouse that showed her complete back. I couldn’t hold myself anymore.

Then I went near the door and hugged her so tight from the back. I started to lick her neck and shoulder all over. I pushed her to the door and licked her neck more and more. Suddenly, I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She let out a wonderful moan. That was the sexiest voice I ever heard.

She smelled so good. I was going so crazy, licking all over her neck and shoulder. Suddenly, I bit her ear and she let out a big moan this time.

Then I turned her toward me. We both looked with so much lust in each other’s eyes and started kissing. Oh wow, those lips tasted so sexy, so smooth, and juicy. We kissed in that position for almost ten to fifteen minutes very passionately. Then I moved her saree up till her waist, put one leg around my waist, and started to kiss her again. I did the same with the other leg. I was carrying her with her legs around me and we were kissing so wild, exchanging all the love and lust we had for each other.

Then I took her onto the bed, put her there, and went near her legs. She was desperately looking into my eyes thinking what I would do next.

I took her feet in my hand and started to suck each toe one by one completely. And then I completely took her feet into my mouth, spilled all my saliva on the feet, and licked those feet. After that, I removed her saree now she was on her panty blouse and bra. She had an amazing pair of boobs.

I slowly started to lick her thighs and gave her a deep bite on the thigh and made all the love marks over that thigh. She was moaning so loud all the time that made me feel so good. When I went near her pussy, wow, that was so wet and smelling so sexy. I was teasing her by gently rubbing my nose over it. She couldn’t take that anymore and suddenly she held my face and started to rub her pussy on my face.

Wow, I loved that. I took off her panty and threw that away. Then I started to lick her juicy pussy. Ohh, that pussy tasted so amazing. And she was moaning. I loved her expressions. I was so wild on her pussy. After some 20 minutes of licking pussy she said she needed real fun.

She: Fuck me like a bitch.

I loved that word from her. Then I got her into a doggy position, pulled her to the corner of the bed, and took my cock out. With my cock in hand I started to slap her pussy with my cock. In the meantime, Vishnu joined us and made Preethi suck him. Now I slowly pushed my cock deep into her pussy. Oh, that was wet. My cock really went so deep. I put that deep in and out slowly.

She let out her best moan: Aahhhhhh.

Then I slowly Increased my pace and started to fuck her fast. The room was full of thup thup thup sounds and full of moans.

Preethi: Fuckkk Ritish, fuck meee hard.

I was really fucking her very hard. Aahh, those moans were amazing. After 20 minutes of fucking, finally I was about to cum and I told her that. She told me to do that on her belly. I exploded on her belly.

Now Vishnu started to fuck Preethi in the missionary position, and I was laying beside and sucking her boobs.

In the meantime, she was about to reach her climax. She did that and collapsed on the bed. Vishnu exploded his cum on her tummy. She could barely walk when she went to the toilet. She came back after cleaning herself and slept between us. I kissed her gently and slept holding her boobs. The next day’s morning story depends upon the review guys.

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Please ignore if there are any spelling and grammatical errors as I wrote everything in excitement. See you all soon, bye-bye.