Prits makes James into a sissy cheerleader!

Some lessons are taught, and some lessons are caught. James Kinney certainly caught a few lessons from his ex-girlfriend and a few of her friends. It was ultimate revenge as James had been caught cheating on his ex-girlfriend, Prits.

Prits was a beautiful and brilliant woman who possessed incredible ingenuity and creativity. She was influential and powerful beyond compare. Prits was able to practice an amazing craft. She was able to engage in mind control.

Most notably, Prits was able to control James’ mind. Of course, that wasn’t very hard. He had a reputation for being air-headed and ditzy.

Prits had first tested out her mind control by placing a very profound suggestion into his mind. She placed a thought, “I need to wear little girly panties and a cute cheerleading uniform out in public tomorrow and show Prits!”

The next day, Prits sat in the library reading. Suddenly, she noticed someone standing beside her. She looked, and it was James, and he was dressed as a cheerleader.

Prits gasped in amusement and then erupted into hilarious laughter. James just stood blushing. He had no idea why he had dressed as a cheerleader or why he had to show Prits. But he knew that he was extremely embarrassed.

Prits lifted James’ short cheerleading skirt and noted a pink lace thong panty. She teased James about his panties and how very girly he was. James just blushed and rolled his eyes.

“Nice panties! Sissy boy!” Prits laughed.

James blushed and rolled his eyes, “Oh shush! You are not funny!”

“Do some cheers for me!” demanded Prits.

James immediately launched into a few sassy and energetic cheers. He scrunched his nose and winked at Prits while wiggling his butt for her. A group of college girls sat nearby and watched with great entertainment. They clapped for James, and he did a curtsy for them and blew them kisses.

Prits placed the thought in James’ mind, “I need to suck cocks as soon as possible. I have to have several cocks in my mouth. I don’t care who sees me!”

James blushed bright red as he looked at Prits. She laughed and placed her hand over her mouth. This was so very entertaining. She could not resist placing the thought in James’ simple mind, “I need to tell others that sucking cocks is the purpose of my life!”

James walked right up to the table full of college girls and declared his strong desire to suck cocks. He blushed and whimpered in embarrassment. But he could not stop announcing his craving to have cocks in his mouth. The girls laughed at him and his embarrassment.

Prits placed the thought in James’ mind, “Turn around and flip my skirt to show these girls my thong panties!” James spun around and looked over his shoulder. He winked with his mouth wide open as he lifted his skirt in the back and held it in place.

The girls giggled and hooted for his tiny panties as they took pictures with their phones. Those panty pics would be placed all over the social media.

James then skipped out of the library. Prits quickly followed behind him. As he skipped, the big bow in his hair bounced up and down. He looked so adorable. Prits soon discovered that he was headed to the men’s dormitories to find some cocks to suck.

When James arrived at the men’s dorm, there was a large party on the front lawn. James walked right up to a guy and stated, “I need to find some big manly cocks to suck!”

There were guys and girls at the party. Soon, most of the people were laughing at James. But they wanted to put his determination to the test. One guy named Ehan stepped up and offered to let James suck his cock in front of everyone. James dropped to his knees and took Ehan’s huge cock into his mouth.

His pouty lips wrapped around the cock, and he pulled Ehan’s meatstick deep into his throat. James’ eyes watered as he fought off a few clicks and bucks of gag reflexes. But James slightly shook his head from side to side to pull the cock as deep as possible.

James began sucking and bobbing on the cock while the crowd looked on in amusement. James bobbed on the cock as his large hair bow bounced with his bobbing. People laughed and cheered for James as he demonstrated his insatiable hunger for cock.

It was Prits that laughed the loudest at the sight. James was getting payback for his cheating. He was publicly humiliated. Ehan pumped his hips and fucked James’ throat hard and then unloaded a huge amount of cum down James’ sissy throat.

James swallowed it all and blushed. Before James could get off of his knees, another guy stepped up and fed James his huge cock. Before James was finished, he had performed intense public blowjobs on 14 guys. He felt like such a slutty little sissy.

James had guzzled so much cum. He was dizzy with embarrassment. Prits took pictures of a dizzy cumdrunk James and promised to place them on the internet for everyone to enjoy. James shoved his hands on his hips and glared at Prits as he stated, “You wouldn’t dare!”

Prits laughed and replied, “Oh yes, I would! This is revenge for you cheating on me! Now everyone will know you as a cock-gobbling cheerleader!”

“I…I am so very embarrassed!” whimpered a blushing James.

James fell back on his butt with a THUD! and just stared at Prits in unbelievable embarrassment. Prits smiled and placed the thought into James’ mind, “Bounce on my butt right now in front of everyone!”

James instantly began bouncing up and down on his thong panties. His butt cheeks plopped against the hard ground. The crowd roared in laughter. Prits, once again, held up her phone and videotaped James’ butt bouncing.

James was so embarrassed. Little squeaky sounds came out of him as he bounced on his butt. Each firm bounce jarred his big hair bow.

After 15 minutes of bouncing, Prits allowed James to stop. He stood to his feet and licked his cum-drenched lips as he rubbed his sore butt with both hands. The crowd laughed and clapped for him. James was stunned with utter embarrassment.

Prits placed her arm around James’ waist and then slid her hand under his skirt and patted his sweet sore butt cheeks. “Let’s go, James! You have embarrassed yourself enough for today!” Prits stated.

“I…I am just so very embarrassed…so embarrassed!” James whimpered.

“I know!” laughed Prits. “And that is totally amazing! You will be embarrassed again tomorrow. Maybe you will be a cheerleader again. Or maybe you can be a slutty French Maid tomorrow? Either way, you will be sucking more cocks!”

“Yes, ma’am!” James surrendered to Prits and her incredible Girl Power.

That night, as James lay in bed, he nervously bit his lower lip. He knew that tomorrow would be extremely embarrassing. He also knew that Prits had ruled his world. Prits, on the other hand, smiled with great contentment as she peacefully drifted off to sleep.