Corporate Sins – Part 10

Dayaram gripped her waist as he tried to kiss her. She puked because she could not stand the pan masala’s overpowering smell so close to her. After this,

she was expecting the peon to back off. She glanced at him as she wiped her mouth to confirm. She was surprised, though, that he didn’t change. Instead, he gripped her waist more tightly as he came closer to her. Dayaram is not in the mood to let go of such a beautiful woman.

The people of his stature, who don’t have proper homes, are least concerned about hygiene. All he is concerned about right now is to fuck this beautiful woman. He pulled her in closer, planting a kiss on her lips. Shipra was unprepared for this.

She had just puked, so she wasn’t expecting him to kiss her, at least. Dayaram, though, didn’t stop at kissing. He began to press his tongue inside her mouth and taste her lips. Her saliva right now is a combination of lipstick, vomit, and Peter’s sperm.

But for Dayaram, it was more significant that he was kissing a rich and beautiful woman whom he had just seen naked and getting fucked. He also concluded that Shipra wanted to be fucked by him. She was massaging her boobs and staring into his eyes.

He even told Peter that the chairman was calling because he knew that this was his opportunity to screw her. He understands that Peter will find out that he lied. But by then, he will have fulfilled his current burning desire. He is aware of Peter’s prominence and strength.

But he is willing to suffer any repercussions rather than have the opportunity to fuck Shipra. He began biting Shipra’s lips while she struggled to breathe and attempted to push him away. Her lips began to bleed from his vigorous licking, and he shamelessly sucked the blood off them as well.

He appeared to Shipra to be more of a desperate monster than a regular guy, which greatly frightened her. After managing to push him, she attempted to sprint in the direction of the gate. However, Dayaram had done a foolproof preparation.

When she realized the door was locked, she gave up resisting. She was aware that she was now stuck. Dayaram pursued her, catching her from behind. He shoved her dupatta aside and reached up through her kurti to place his hands inside. Shipra had never felt hands as enormous as his on her.

With his right hand, he was able to seize her entire left breast and start squeezing it the hardest he could. Shipra yelled out in agony as her delicate breasts were assaulted so mercilessly. He continued to squeeze her as he kissed her neck and earlobes.

“Are you against me touching your gorgeous boobs, Madame? I hope they are giving you more pleasure than your own little hands. I know you wanted me to touch you like this. You pressed your breasts and looked at me when Peter sir was fucking you.”

“No, please leave me. I don’t want this. Please let me go.”

“Now you don’t want this, madam. But the way you were looking at me told a different story.”

Shipra was regretting why she made eye contact with him. But it was beyond her control. It was the first time she was exposing herself to someone while being in action.

“Please let me go,” she was barely able to speak these words again.

“How can I let go of such a sexy woman? Poor people like us don’t get chances daily to fuck beautiful and rich ladies like you.”

He turned her and dragged her to the car door. He questioned, “Will you open your clothing by yourself, or shall I tear them?”

“Please let me go,” Faintly, she repeated her appeal.

The peon approached her and said, “You wouldn’t have anything to wear on the way home if I tore your clothes.” Shipra understood that there was no way out and that it would be best to give up. She removed her clothes with a heavy heart, and everything was completely nude in front of him.

Before scooping her up, Dayaram tasted her breasts and kissed her neck. He tossed Shipra into the seat after opening the rear door of the car. Lying in her car naked, Shipra saw him open his trousers. He rushes inside and sits over her face. Shipra got scared by his dick’s size.

More than eight inches in length, it dwarfed her small, beautiful face. Without waiting any longer, he pushed it into her mouth and began mouth-fucking her.
His bushes were striking her face. She was finding it harder to swallow the flavour of his dick and the stench of pee.

She is aware that she is without choice, nevertheless. But her brain is still functioning even in this situation.

“Dayaram, please insert it into my pussy. It’s so large that I really want to shove it inside my pussy. In the hopes that Dayaram would stop penetrating her mouth,” she said. The plan worked, and Dayaram was thrilled with the compliments she received about both her acceptance and size.

“Yes, madam.” He took the dick out of her mouth and inserted it into her tiny pussy right away. She lets out a loud moan, realizing that this is the largest size she has ever had inside her. To keep from crying aloud, she gripped the front seat and gritted her teeth.

However, that wasn’t enough to stop her from yelling as Dayaram picked up his pace. Shipra’s eyes rolled out at his sheer speed and massive size. She starts moaning as she feels a warm, lengthy rod enter her pussy and destroy everything that is in its path.

Her entire body has gotten red from being fucked so roughly. Dayaram’s dick is pounding her and probing the still-undiscovered areas of her. Slowly, her anguish begins to transform into pleasure.

“Oh, ahh, baby, please fuck me.”

Dayaram got excited listening to her moans. “Are you liking it, madam?”

“Hmm,” Shipra is not able to hide her emotions, or maybe she doesn’t want to.

“Call my name with your beautiful voice, madam,” asks Dayaram.

“Oh, but I don’t know your name,” She suddenly realized that someone she didn’t know was fucking her. She felt both aroused and humiliated at the same moment.

“Ha Ha! Then call me whatever you want,” Dayaram said.

“Ah, fuck me, Peon Bhaiya, fuck me hard.”

“You are such a whore. All rich ladies act pious outside. Deep inside, they are actual whores like you.”

“Oh, you are so strong. No one has fucked me so hard ever before.”

After fucking in the car for some time, Dayaram stopped and came out of the car. Shipra gave him an anxious glance. However, he pulls her out of the car before giving her any time to reflect. He dragged her over to the school grounds. There weren’t many lights in the area.

Shipra was staring at him in shock, unable to comprehend what was going through his mind. He completely soaked the mud by sprinkling water from the water pipe on the ground’s corner. By now, Shipra had a vague idea of what he wanted to do. He wants to play with her body in the mud.

As he pulled her into the mud, she was correct. She had never done anything like that before, so she was apprehensive. However, Dayaram took up some mud and applied it to her legs. Then he covers his entire body with mud, rolling around in it like a pig.

Shipra was staring at this insane man in shock and disbelief. He pulled her into the mud and had her roll in it, getting her also coated in mud. They both looked like pigs now, coated in muck from head to toe. His inventiveness enthralled Shipra.

She bent down to kiss him. It has slipped her mind that he is a peon by now. He is now the man for her who is doing crazy things and making her also participate in those. She pushed him away and moved past him while they were kissing. She picked up his large dick in her tiny hands and sat on top of it.

She feels that the dick must have reached her abdomen in this position because of its size. However, she wants to enjoy herself to the fullest right now. She leaps over his dick and begins to move her ass. She has never done something as crazy as this.

She even doesn’t know the name of the guy whom she is fucking right now. Dayaram pulled her and began swallowing all the mud with his tongue, licking her breast clean. Shipra wanted this crazy act to continue indefinitely. Thus she was not even aware that she had cum by this point.

She expressed her wish to be eaten more roughly by forcing her breast into his mouth and continuing to screw him. Dayaram chewed both of her nipples while holding her two boobs together. But as it began to rain, their mud play came to an end. The mud begins to be washed away by the raindrops on their bodies.

However, Shipra continues to shove him during the entire exchange. She is taking advantage of every opportunity to fuck his dick. She moves more quickly at times and less quickly at other times to prolong her ejaculation. As the mud over their bodies began to wash due to rain, Shipra felt warm cum in her pussy.

Dayaram had ejaculated deep inside her. She was also a little concerned. She had a feeling that his sperm had made it all the way down to her pussy. However, she is so tired by this point that she lays on him.