Virgin guy’s journey from innocent to stud

Hi. My name is Abhi Arora. I am 22 and currently studying in Delhi. This story is about a year ago. This is my first story, so please forgive me for any mistake.

I was a very innocent student. But one day, my friend introduced me to this Indian sex stories website and my life changed. I started reading xxx stories here. I slowly joined the incest groups on Telegram and started talking to incest-loving people in the group. Sometimes, they showed me pictures of their family members too.

One day, I was talking to a man. His name was Ajay. He told me he had fucked his aunt.

Me: Bro, you did a great job. How many ladies have you fucked in total?

Ajay: Three in total.

Me: That’s very good. In the village, I have heard that women are not satisfied much, and it is easy to seduce them and fuck them.

Ajay: Not that easy. But yes, it is easier than the city.

Me: You are damn lucky, bro. You have fucked three, and I have not even fucked one.

Ajay: You want to fuck?

Me: Hell, yes.

Ajay: How you will fuck her?

Me: I will first fuck her passionately and then roughly.

Ajay: Where do you live?

Me: Delhi.

Ajay: Me too. Come next week. We will see.

Me: What! Are you saying that you can make me fuck someone? Really?

Ajay: Yeah. Come on Saturday. If she likes you, you will have a good day.

Me: By the way, who is she?

Ajay: My mom.

Me: Really?! Will you share her with me?

Ajay: Maybe. Come on Saturday.

He sent me the address. I was eagerly waiting for that day. Then the day came and I got ready. I wore the best clothes and went to the address. I got introduced to Ajay. He was a slim, average-looking guy. He took me to his home.

He then introduced me to his mom as a friend. About her, her name was Seema. She was 45 and fair. Her figure was 34-30-36. She was wearing a red saree. She was looking good. I liked her. I told her that she was beautiful and she blushed. She brought juice for us. Then they both get into the kitchen.

After some time, Ajay came back and said, “My mom is ready. Come to the bedroom after 15 minutes.”

I was eagerly waiting for 15 minutes to pass. After 15 minutes, Ajay showed me the bedroom and told me to go. I went inside, and she was sitting in the bedroom in the red saree. She was looking very beautiful. I went near her and saw in her eyes.

Me: Aunty, you look beautiful.

Seema: Don’t call me ‘aunty’. Call me ‘Seema’.

Me: Ok, Seema.

I was looking into her eyes, and suddenly, I kissed her cheeks. She smiled. Then I kissed her lips.

We kissed for 20 seconds and then I kissed her neck and sucked it. Then I started removing her saree. She removed my t-shirt and jeans. I removed her pallu and then I removed her blouse too. There were 2 big melons and I started to press and squeeze them.

“Ahhhh… do it slowly, babe. You have the whole day. Do it slowly and carefully.” I then pressed them slowly and again kissed her lips while pressing her boobs.

Then I removed her bra too. Those 2 big boobs came out. It was my first time seeing boobs in real. They are too big. I started squeezing one and sucking the second one like a mango. I was sucking it and licking her nipples. I was sucking her nipples. She was moaning.

“Do like that baby. Ahhhhhh.. Do like that. You are making me crazy. Suck them harder baby suck them harder.”

I then started sucking the other boobs and pressing the first one. I slowly bit her nipples. She shouted, “Slowly babe. You will kill me.”

I smiled. Then I started ticking her stomach and then inserted my finger in her belly button. I started sucking her belly button. I was moaning. Then I moved down and removed her saree. She was wearing a red petticoat. I removed it. She was wearing a red panty that looked so sexy on her.

I started kissing her thigh. Then moved to the inner thigh and kissed them. After that, I kissed her pussy from the panty. Slowly, I removed her panty. She had a brown pussy. I kissed it. Then I started licking it.

I started licking my friend’s mom’s clit and pussy. She started to moan. Seema pressed my head on her pussy. I started inserting my finger in her pussy while licking her clit. It made her crazy and she started moaning loudly, “Yeah babeee…. Do like that. Make me cum. Do it faster. Aahhhhhhhh… do it faster. Insert and fuck my pussy harder.”

I started doing it faster. I was inserting 2 fingers now and licking her clit. She was going crazy and after 5 minutes, she cummed. Seema had a great orgasm. I sucked her juices. She was panting.

“You are too good. No one did it so well! You are amazing,” she said.

“Thanks, baby,” I said. “Now it is my turn to give you pleasure,” she said.

Then she removed my underwear and my dick came out. She kissed the tip and then started sucking it. She started taking it in her mouth and she was so good. She took it in the mouth till her throat. I was forcing my dick into Seema’s mouth and she was taking it. She coughed in between too but didn’t stop.

I was fucking her mouth. I couldn’t stop and cummed in her mouth. She took all of it and sucked my dick.

Seema sucked it to make it hard again. It was hard in no time. Then she guided my dick to her pussy. I slapped her pussy with my dick and then slowly inserted in her pussy. It was difficult at first but after 2-3 small strokes, I was able to insert 3/4th of my dick. After that, I started fucking her. I fucked her while she was moaning, “Yes baby. Ahhhhhh..Do you like that.. Make me a bitch. Fuck me harder. Make me your bitch. Fuck me like a bitch. Harder…Ahhhhhh…” she said.

I fucked her harder and pressed her boobs and occasionally bit her boobs. I was pressing her boobs with both hands while fucking her. She was moaning loudly. I bit her boobs and she shouted loudly,

“Yes, baby. Treat me like a bitch. Fuck me. Bite my boobs. Make me a slut,” she said.

I asked her, “I am about to cum. Where should I cum?”

“Inside my pussy. I will take pills. Just cum inside me. Give that juice to me,” Seema said. I increased my speed and then we both cummed at the same time.

We both were exhausted. We both lay in each other’s arms. She said, “It was one of the best fuck I ever had. How many girls you have been to?”

I said, “You are the first one.”

She was surprised and said, “The way you sucked, it looked like you had done it so many times before.”

I said, “Thanks, Seema.”

We lay down like this for 2 hours. Then I asked her when we can meet again. She said she would tell me through her son.


In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked Seema in the village and then other members of the family too. Any ladies or aunties, you can contact me on my email [email protected]