Priya, Sripriya and Srileela – Part 2

“No, I want to see your pussy, please, Aunty. Show me,” Priya was begging her Aunt. I knew she was in lesbian mode now.

“Stop Priya. Do you want to suck Chetta’s cock, or do you want to suck Leela’s pussy now,” Sripriya asked her daughter. Srileela looked at her sister dumbly as she asked her daughter which she wanted first, her pussy or my cock.

Priya looked at my cock and then at Srileela’s crotch and said, “I want both. First, I want to taste Aunt’s pussy, and I will suck Uncle’s cock later as I have already tasted it.”

“No way, Chetta has got Leela horny, so he has to first taste her pussy. You can taste it later,” Sripriya said, winking at her daughter. Priya grumbled and nodded her head. Srileela looked at her sister as she invited me to suck her like she was asking to serve me food.

“Remove your leggings, Leela. Let Chetta suck you and taste it first, and Priya will suck you later,” Sripriya said, looking at her sister.

“Have you gone mad, Chechi? First, you asked me to feed my milk to Priya, and I accepted. Then you asked me to feed Chetta, and I obliged. Now you are asking me to allow your daughter and Chetta to suck my pussy. Even my husband has never done it. This is getting out of hand. Then you may ask me to fuck Chetta or to lick Priya. Maybe you will ask me to suck you, too,” Srileela said with false anger in her voice.

I knew she was willing to but was hesitating as we all were getting sexed up and may end anywhere.

“What? Your husband has never sucked your pussy, Leela. You don’t know what you are missing when a mouth laps up your pussy, and the tongue dives in. It’s a different feeling that I can’t express in words. Just let Chetta suck you for a few minutes. If you don’t like it, ask him to stop. What are you thinking? Why am I doing this and not joining you guys,” said Sripriya.

She quickly removed her saree, untying the dress and dropped it to the floor. She stood bottomless, showing her pussy which was dripping. Srileela was looking at her sister’s daring with shock. Priya was giggling, seeing her Mom getting undressed.

“Wait, I will show my tits too. You might have forgotten what it looks like. How many times have we seen each other naked bodies in our teenage days?” Sripriya removed her blouse and stood stark naked without any shyness.

“What are you doing, Chechi? Do you, too, want to suck me,” Srileela asked her sister, looking at her sister’s naked body in disbelief.

“Why not? Come on, Leela. This is not the first time you have seen me naked. We used to bathe together sometimes. When we were teenagers, I used to finger you, and you used to do mine to satisfy ourselves. We didn’t have any boyfriends. Think like we are teenagers now and consider Rajesh Chetta and Priya as our friends to satisfy us.”

“I don’t know what to say, Chechi. That was when we were young, and now we both are married. Anyway, I am trusting you and going this far as you are asking me to,” Srileela said, finally surrendering to her wicked sister.

“That’s like my good old Leela, bold and courageous,” Sripriya said and, looking at me, said again,” Please remove my sister’s dress, lick her and tell us how she tastes Chetta.”

Holding Srileela’s kurta’s bottom hem, I looked at her for her permission to remove her top. She nodded meekly. I quickly pulled her kurta from the top of her head, making her topless. Holding her elastic waistband again looked at her for permission.

“Well, Chetta, I have already come this far. Why not go the full way? Remove and do whatever you want to. I trust you and my sister Chetta,” Srileela said with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Leela. Whatever happens here will stay between these walls,” Saying I pulled her leggings from her legs and threw it on the diwan. I saw she was wearing white panties, which were wet in the front. She said she was leaking heavily.

As I expected, she was hot and horny but was a bit confused at the sudden turn of events. I placed my fingers in her panty waistband and saw Priya close to her Aunt’s crotch. The naughty girl was eager to see her Aunt’s pussy. Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I pulled the panties in one swift moment.

Srileela quickly closed her legs and placed her right hand, trying to cover her pussy. I saw her abundant pubic hair sticking through her fingers and knew she was hairy. Placing my hands on her knees, I prodded her to spread her legs wide.

Srileela obediently opened her legs wide but kept her hand on her pussy, hiding it from our eyes. “I haven’t shaved it, Chetta. It’s hairy and not as nice as Priya’s to look at. If I had known that Sri was planning for this, I would have trimmed it,” Srileela said, staring at me.

“No problem, Leela. I love hairy ones, and whatever is happening now was not planned. It’s happening in the heat of the moment. Let’s have a good time together,” saying, bending down. I licked her fingers which were hiding her pussy. Tasting and smelling her pussy aroma through her pubic hairs.

After a few licks, Srileela slowly removed her hand from her mound. I was quick to latch onto her hairy pussy and dived my tongue inside her wet slit, tasting her pussy. Srileela’s pussy was dripping a lot. My tongue was flushed with her cum, but her pubic hairs were coming in the way of licking.

I saw tiny fingers parting Srileela’s pussy lips, which made it easier to dip my tongue in her wet hole. I began tongue fucking her. Her insides were light pinkish and were glistening with her juices.

I observed a face close to mine, rolled my eyes up and saw Priya’s lips on her Aunt’s pussy. The naughty horny young girl was eager to lick her Aunt’s hairy pussy.

“I couldn’t resist seeing her big honey pot, Uncle. There is space for both of us, you suck her bottom, and I will take care of the upper part. I want to lick and suck her clit to make her horny and get her ready for you,” Priya said in a low tone and licked her Aunt’s clit.

I started to suck the pussy opening. I thought this young girl was more of a lesbian. I gave her more space to attack her Aunt’s pussy. I heard Srileela moaning loudly as her pussy hole and clit were sucked simultaneously. Sripriya got behind Srileela, bending over her sister, and took her boobs in her mouth.

Srileela, too took her sister’s hanging breast in her mouth and began to suck it. Both the sisters were sucking each other’s breasts in 69 position. Finally, Sripriya had turned her younger sister into a slut. My tongue was aching, giving oral service to Srileela.

I inserted two fingers inside her wet hole and began to finger fuck her. Srileela’s buttocks rose off the bed while I finger fucked her vigorously. Priya was licking, sucking and biting her clit. Priya and I attacked her pussy for five minutes, and she cum again in my mouth, which I sucked entirely.

I heard Srileela saying,” Please stop Chetta. My pussy is paining. If you want me to suck your cock, I will suck you. Please stop sucking, Chetta.” I got up, and both sisters laughed at me, seeing my cum-smeared face.

Sripriya said to me, “Leela wants to suck your cock Chetta. Enjoy the blowjob from my sister. She used to make me cum multiple times when we were young. Don’t worry, I and Priya will take care of each other like always.”

Sripriya lay on the floor naked and signalled her daughter to come on top of her. Priya was too quick to get on her Mom’s body in the 69 position, and they both got bust sucking each other’s pussy. Srileela signaled me to come closer and I sat beside her.

Bending and rolling, she took my cock head in her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. Taking my cock from her mouth, Srileela asked, “From how long are you banging both mom and daughter, Chetta?”

I was too shocked to reply to her as Srileela had caught us playing a game. I was not a big lair, I stumbled, “No Leela, this is the first time. Trust me, I am seeing them naked like this for the first time.”

“Come on, Rajesh. I am not that stupid. I didn’t see any shocked look on your face when Priya exposed her pussy. Nor did you look surprised when Sripriya removed her clothes. I can see that you all three are acquainted with each other very well. Just tell me how it started and from when.”

Srileela, “I wanted you to suck my pussy more as you were doing a good job. I loved it, but I wanted to hear the truth from you, so I wanted you alone,” Srileela said, jerking my cock slowly and waiting for me to speak.

“It started on Onam festival day. Sri seduced me, and Priya saw us and took a video of us. Then she first blackmailed me to have sex with her and then forced Sri to have sex with her. This is the fact, and I have two horny ladies to satisfy till I stay here,” I said.

Srileela, “Hmmm, I can visualize how naughty Priya blackmailed you. But Chechi seducing you is difficult to digest. You know I had to beg her to lick my pussy. Only after I sucked her, she would suck me in our young days. I had two boyfriends when I was in college.”

“She was like a saint, not reciprocating to the boy’s signals. Maybe she saw your cock and got tempted. I would have got tempted, too, as you have a good cock. Anyway, I am happy for her. She is enjoying good sex after a long time. I must thank you for that, Chetta.” Srileela said, jerking me and taking the pre-cum in her palm.

“If you knew about your sister’s plan, why did you agree to do all this, Leela,” I asked her.

“I didn’t doubt till I was feeding you and Priya. But I got suspicious when Sri pulled your dick out with authority. The way Priya licked your cock confirmed that both Mom and daughter are in this together. I didn’t want to disappoint my sister and played along with you guys, showing fake resistance. I admit I, too, got tempted seeing your cock and couldn’t resist myself. The way you did your tongue in my pussy was awesome, and I loved it,” Srileela said, pressing her thumb on my head, and my cock got harder.

Srileela jerked my cock a bit faster and said, “I think your dick is ready to attack us. You have three pussies waiting for you to fuck. Which one are you going to fuck first, Chetta.”

“I don’t know Leela. Whoever asks me first, I will oblige and fuck,” I said, looking at Srileela’s swaying breasts while she pulled my cock hard.

“You fucking bastard, do you need an invitation to fuck. Are you blind? Can’t you see that my pussy is leaking and crying for a cock to fuck it? You got me horny, and you have to douse the fire in me. Come and fuck me before the Mom & daughter notice us, or else I have to share you with them,” Srileela released my cock from her hand.

I looked at Priya and her Mom, who were still busy sucking each other pussies. I sat between Srileela’s open legs, holding my cock. Pointing at her door to heaven, pushed it forcefully, and it went in one stroke. Srileela’s pussy was not that tight as she had given birth to two kids, but it was like a burning furnace.

I could feel the heat in her pussy through my cock. “. Oh God! You almost killed me, Chetta!” Srileela shouted. Hearing her screams, Priya got off her mummy. Looking at me fucking her Aunt, she said, “Mummy, Uncle is fucking Aunty. Get up, let’s join them.”

Priya got on the diwan, kneeling, and kissed me, crushing my lips. She sucked my tongue for a few seconds. Taking her lips off mine, she said, “I thought you were going to fuck me first, no problem. Mom and I will have it in the second round, like yesterday. Fuck Leela aunty and tear her pussy, Uncle.”

I didn’t know if I was going to have any strength left for a second round. I didn’t say that and concentrated on fucking Srileela as I wanted to cum quickly. “Yes, yes, harder Chetta. Oh Fuck. I am glad that I agreed to this wild sex orgy with my sister,” Srileela was moaning and talking nonstop.

I saw Sripriya coming near her sister’s head, bending began kissing her to shut her mouth. Priya was bending near her Aunt’s crotch and was closely watching my cock moving in and out of Srileela’s pussy. By now, Leela’s pubic hair was wet with her cum making it sticky.

Priya spread the hair to expose Leela’s lips and clit. Seeing her clit throbbing, Priya took it in her mouth and began to suck it. Srileela was being mauled by three persons in one go. I hammered her pussy for 5 minutes and knew I was close. I asked her, “I am close. Shall I cum in you, Leela?”

Pushing Sripriya away, Srileela hurriedly said, “No, Chetta, not in me. Pull it out and cum in Priya or Chechi.”

“It’s too late for that. I will cum any moment, dear,” I said with urgency.

“Ok, cum, I will take a pill later,” Saying Srileela closed her eyes and got ready to receive my semen in her pussy.

Then I felt Priya’s hand pulling my cock out from her Aunt’s pussy. She began to jack me, directing my cock towards Srileela’s face. The next second, my cock erupted, and the first spurts of cum fell on Srileela’s face. The next spurt fell on her big breasts, and the third fell on her fleshy tummy.

The intensity slowed down, and the rest of the cum drops fell on her pubic hairs making it more sticky. Srileela’s face was smeared with my cum. Almost her upper torso was covered in my cum.

Wiping the cum from her lips, Srileela said, “You cum a lot, Chetta. Do you always cum this much? My husband’s cum is only a few drops, and it gets dries up quickly before I want to lick and taste it. Chechi and Priya are lucky to have a stud like you. You will be filling their tummies and pussies with your semen.”

“You wanted to waste it and take a pill, too. It would have filled my tummy if I had swallowed it. No worries, I can lick his cum from your body, Aunty,” Priya said. Turning to Sripriya, she said, “You want to join me, or shall I lick all the cum myself, Mummy.”

“No way, baby. We will both lick Leela’s body together. It has been a long time since I am licking my sister’s body. Come, Priya, join me,” saying Sripriya got on Srileela’s right. Priya got on the left and started to lick my cum from Srileela’s body.

“You guys are unbelievable. Wake me up after you finish licking my body clean. Later I will take a hot bath. My whole body is stinking of Chetta’s cum. I don’t want my mother-in-law to smell cum from my body,” saying Srileela closed her eyes and allowed her sister and niece to plunder her body again.

I was stinking, too. I went to the bathroom, turned on the shower and stood below it. When I finished bathing, I came out naked from the bathroom with my flaccid cock dangling between my legs. I was surprised to see Sripriya kneeling before Srileela’s head and getting her pussy sucked by her sister.

Priya was between her Aunt’s legs and was busy sucking Srileela’s hairy pussy. My cock got hard in an instant, so I went behind Priya’s back, lifted her hips so that her ass rose. Seeing her inverted pussy, I pushed my cock into the young girl’s tight channel. I went halfway in as her pussy was tight for me.

“Bastard, can’t you ask my permission before fucking me?” Priya yelled loudly. Both the sisters looked at us.

“Ok shall I pull my cock out and go to your mom, dear,” I said, pushing my cock in her deep.

“If you pull out, I will strangle you. Go in deep and pound me. Finish what you have started. Mummy’s pussy is always available for you to fuck. Now fuck me fast, Uncle,” Priya said in a low tone urging me to fuck her.

Looking at the sister’s bonding, I began to pound Priya. Srileela winked at me while Sripriya said, “I was waiting for you to fuck me. Ok, I will wait for my turn. Enjoy my daughter, Chetta.”

“If your daughter’s tight pussy doesn’t drain me out, I will Sri. But I doubt it. It’s gripping me like a vice, not allowing me to go in nor to pull out,” I said, trying to push my cock deep into Priya’s tight orifice.

Continued in the next chapter.