Banging The Women Matched On Tinder

Hi everyone, this is secretlysaucyguy, a 32-year-old guy from Mumbai. This is my first submission on ISS. So there will certainly be some quality lag despite me supposedly putting my best storytelling efforts.

About me. I am blessed to have a great height(six feet) with a fair and handsome face. I have a pleasing communication skill which has always kept me occupied as a center of attraction. The story ahead is 100% real without an ounce of fiction.

Tinder enters life. Started using it five years back and like anyone else, I’ve had mixed experiences from it. Though a flirty horny guy, I am equally funny with a lot of depth in terms of various topics to discuss.

This story is from 2014. I matched with many girls out of which two were pretty quick and responsive. Let us call them A and B. This story is about A.

A, a 36-year-old lady from Hyderabad was in between a divorce. She was well educated, intelligent, dusky with 34-30-34 stats. One morning, A messaged she was coming to a mall next to my place and asked if I was free to accompany her. I said ok.

She was feeling low due to her divorce issues and managing things alone. I had sensed it and was trying to cheer her. After an hour of shopping and having some snacks, she asked if I had any plans. I replied with a wink that she was my plan. She laughed and called me cute.

She asked if there was any place where we can spend time together as she was enjoying my company. Luckily, I had the key to my friend’s empty flat right opposite the mall. We decided to head there. Once inside the flat, we had some water to drink and got fresh. There was just a single bed.

She sat on it and signaled me to come and rest my head in her lap. I did so. Trust me guys, no matter how old you are, it still feels pure when you rest your head on your partner’s lap. She held my head and started playing with my hair. I was shivering inside not knowing what will happen next.

That reflected in my heartbeat. She talked about her messed up life and how she liked me and how special I was for her. I slowly raised my hand and started playing with her hair while looking into her eyes. All the while I wasn’t able to focus much on what I was speaking.

I just wished for something to happen quickly. Then I suddenly felt her bending towards me and pressing her lips on mine softly. Then she removed it with a smile. It was then that I regained my senses. I held her head, brought it down and kissed her deep. We kept on kissing for about two minutes.

Then I realized her neck might get strained. I got up, turned around and kissed her deep. What started off as a soft kiss turned into a passionate one with our tongues mingling with each other. Our saliva’s getting exchanged and the kiss getting even wet.

We broke the kiss after ten minutes and looked at each other. There was a hunger in both of us which our eyes reflected. I kept my hands on her shoulders. I slid them down through her back till her waist and grabbed it hard. She let out a soft moan with a forward jerk.

I kept holding her waist and in one go, brought her really close to me and hugged her tight. I wanted to feel her body. And it turned me on. Her boobs dug into my chest and she moaned softly. She slid her hands inside my t-shirt from the back. She moved it on my bare skin leaving her hot breaths on my ears and neck.

That turned me on even more and my grip on her tightened. She held my hand, raised it and took off my t-shirt in one go. I held her hand and stood up indicating her to stand up too. Before she could understand my agenda, I pushed her to the wall.

I raised both her hands, grabbed them by my left hand and started pressing her boobs by my right. She was pleasantly shocked and tried to escape my grip. But I was stronger and dominated her. She liked it.

After a while, I brought her hands down, left them to rest and grabbed both her boobs with my hands. I pulled her towards me holding her boobs and kissed her hard while kneading those melons. All throughout, her body was tightly pressed against the wall by mine.

After continuing it for a few minutes, I removed her top leaving her standing in a red bra and jeans. By now she had become quite obedient to my play and surrendered herself completely. Her boobs in the red bra looked tempting and swollen with my efforts. I pressed them from the top again.

After kneading them for a few minutes, I moved my hands from her boobs to her shoulders. In a flash, I turned her around and pushed her to the wall. I locked her again using my lower body at her ass and my hands on her back. I then moved my face all over her back trying to lick her, sniff her.

My slight touches of face and nose turned her on completely. Softly, I opened her bra using just one hand. I moved aside the straps for my comfort and exposed her back. She did not anticipate any of my actions and was continuously moaning with her eyes closed.

I carefully held her, turned her around and stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I held the sides of her boobs with both my hands. Without breaking eye contact, I moved down and touched my tongue on her left nipple and circled it. She closed her eyes and held my shoulders tightly while moaning softly.

I did the same with the other boob too. Within no time, I was pressing those melons and sucking them like a hungry guy while licking her cleavage and neck. She was now holding me tight with one hand while. Her other hand was around my rock hard dick from over my jeans.

She was moaning throughout. I removed my hands from her boobs, grabbed her naked waist, pulled her closer. I kissed her hard and started sucked her neck. She was losing control quick and even her second hand reached my jeans. She unbuckled my belt in a go.

She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my jockey. She grabbed my naked dick and moaned with pleasure. This reduced my grip on her and stopped doing what I was doing to her. She took this break free moment and got down on her knees. She slowly touched the tip of my dick with her tongue.

It was my turn to close eyes and moan. I raised my head towards the ceiling while holding her head. She gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She was a pro and had a good mix of licking, sucking both the dick and the balls together. There were moments of pain for me which she liked.

I was happy to see her enjoying as well. She held my naked ass, moved her fingers in my ass crack. She raised my dick and licked from the bottom of my ass till the tip of the dick. There were moments when I was on the verge of coming which I signaled to her. She stopped just then.

After about 10 minutes of heavy sucking, she got up and we kissed hard. I then slowly unbuttoned her jeans and brought it down along with the panty. Her body had started to shiver. She raised her hands and held my head. I moved my fingers around her vagina to feel her wetness.

I was moving my fingers on those pussy lips while slowly making their way inside. She was all wet down there. She started shivering uncontrollably and hugged me harder. I finger fucked her hard for the next fifteen minutes. Her pussy was dripping of her juices. Her nails were digging into my back.

I felt some patches of my skin coming off slightly. Sensing that it’s getting too much for her, I held her hand and made her lay down on the bed. I got my face on her pussy to lick it. I love going down and it is one of my best skills. However, to my surprise, she held my head and asked me not to lick but directly fuck her.

As it was an unplanned session, I didn’t have a condom with me. She said she would take a pill and I must do it without one. As we both were hygienic and clean personalities, I didn’t have a problem. She was a married lady but had a comparatively tighter pussy than I had imagined.

I made her spit on my dick and spread it using her hand before I inserted it. She liked my kinkiness. I placed my dick at her entrance, looked at her. She was staring at me. I slowly pushed it inside and lay upon her. I held her hands above her head and began increasing my pace.

Because she was too wet, it all happened smoothly without any friction. I then got up, held both her boobs, pressed them hard while fucking her deep. The double pain made her moan a lot. I was worried if the neighbors would get to know. We were really content with our foreplay.

Because of the space constraint, we did not try many positions. I asked her to come on top after about 10 minutes which she denied saying she didn’t like it. I gracefully accepted it as her freedom of choice. I continued being on top of her and drilling her hard.

I was about to come and she signaled me to come in her mouth. I hurriedly got off, asked her to open her mouth quickly. I unloaded my load into her which she didn’t swallow but spat. She realized I loved watching it. I will admit, there is an unexplainable pleasure I get out of it.

We fell down, exhausted. We realized we had spent about three hours in our play out of which 2.5 hours were pure foreplay and exploring each other’s body. I checked my phone to see multiple missed calls from home for lunch. But only I and A knew what delicacy we were offering to each other.

We rested for a while after which we changed and left. I got her a cab and ensured checking that she had reached home safely. She said she liked how I was a horny fucker yet caring and respectful at the same time. I was happy hearing that because the end of the day, sex is just an activity.

You, me and everyone will get it but it must not be the ultimate end game. I was tired by the time I reached home and crashed immediately. While sleeping on my bed, I could smell her from my body. A call in the evening by another Tinder match woke me up and what happened in the next few hours is another story.

I know this first story of mine was really long. But I like to be as descriptive as possible for easing your imagination. However, I will work on it depending upon the feedback I receive.