Reshmi – The Perfect Indian Wife

This story is of about two days after our marriage, during our honeymoon. It was not an arranged marriage, so we were already close. Reshmi, my wife, completely stands up to her name. She is 23 years old and is at her prime. Her measurements are 36-28-36, a perfect hourglass shape enough to hypnotize any man.

I had fucked my wife many times before marriage and so, it wasn’t unknown to me that she had given the pleasure to her exes also.

My wife never said the exact number of exes she had, but all I knew was that her first relationship was back when she was a teen. From that very young age, she always had a long list of stalkers. At first, she was a bit scared, but then she understood that no one would harm her because all they wanted was her. This made her bold.

Also, it wasn’t unknown to my wife that her mother used to sleep with her uncle. When her father was away, her uncle would come to their house and Reshmi would sometimes see her mother and uncle fucking.

Reshmi lost virginity at the age of 18 when she was alone at her home. Her parents had gone out for some business work. They would not come back for four hours. Her uncle (Prabhat) always had an eye for her tender body. But he knew she would never give in. So, he had a plan.

He found out about her boyfriend (Raghav) and asked him gently to share Reshmi with him. But he denied. So, the uncle brought Reshmi’s boyfriend to her house and tied him when she was home alone. He told her that if she didn’t do what he wanted, he would leak her mother’s videos.

At that young age, she didn’t know what to do and undressed herself as her uncle asked her to. Reshmi was standing in front of Prabhat without her top. At that time, she didn’t have very big boobs but she had a heavenly butt.

Uncle asked Reshmi to tie her legs to a table and to kneel after that. As she did so, Prabhat opened the door to welcome his boss into the room. Keeping the introduction short, Prabhat said, “I know you are a virgin, so get ready to cry as loudly as you can in pain.”

Reshmi was scared but the thrill of what was going on took the better of her. They opened her mouth and put their cocks in together. The thought of losing her virginity to her uncle whom she had seen fucking her mother numerous times made her wet.

Reshmi wanted Raghav to see how a man should give to her woman. In two years of relationship, Raghav had not even fondled her boobs. Reshmi then said to her bf, “Darling, see me being handled by men. All you are is a baby boy”.

After saying this, my wife took the boss’s cock in her mouth and sucked it so hard and so deep that the boss couldn’t stop his fluids. Prabhat and his boss fucked Reshmi in different positions with Raghav watching for over two hours.

Raghav was hard but Reshmi denied even touching it, but she made sure not even one drop of the other two cocks went anywhere except inside her.

After that incident, they broke up. Prabhat had recorded everything and showed it to Reshmi’s mother to keep fucking her. However, Prabhat found out that he had more interest in older women than younger ones. Also, Prabhat got promoted by his boss for the satisfaction he received.

It wasn’t very long before Reshmi got into other relationships. She asked the richest boy of her school to come into a corner and kissed him while flashing her tits, and they were together after that for some time.

The longest my wife was single after that was for one month when she had gone on a vacation with her parents, but there also, she fucked some hotel staff.

So and so, my wife met me and we have been together ever since. Her past didn’t matter much to me as long as she didn’t recall it. But for our honeymoon, I planned something extra. My wife knew that some friends of mine had eyes on her but she resisted her urge to get cozy because of me. I knew she wanted it though.

So, I invited five of my friends secretly. I had booked three rooms total and took Reshmi to the middle room. My friends were in the other two rooms.

Reshmi was wearing a crop top that barely covered her upper belly and was low enough to reveal half of her boobs. Besides, she wore a mini frock long enough just to cover her butt cheeks.

As soon as we entered the hotel room, I pushed her on to the bed and said, “Let’s begin”. Before she understood what was happening, I tore my wife’s top and began sucking her tits. After some time, I put my cock in her mouth and choked her. She took it completely in and sucked and kissed it from all sides.

After about fifteen minutes of face fuck, she started begging me to put a baby in her belly.

Now my wife was getting desperate. But I said to her, “You like getting more and more, right?” She was confused. Immediately, all of my friends came into the room. Reshmi instantly understood that it was a setup. Seeing her naked on the bed, my friends couldn’t stop their boners.

My wife was bold enough to ask, “You guys want me like this or you want to tear some of my clothes?” Ravi threw a red saree and Reshmi went to the bathroom to change. When she came out, all six of us were naked with our dicks high.

One of my friends said, “You want a baby? Let us all give you one together.” They got on removing her clothes without any delay and my wife acted as if she was resisting it in order to arouse them even more. They tore that saree and again my wife was naked on the bed.

Reshmi started stroking two cocks in two hands, two were in her mouth and the other two were fondling her boobs. After ten minutes, she was getting really desperate.

Reshmi begged us to go in her pussy. But to her surprise, even as she had all six cocks handled, someone went inside her! It was the biggest cock she ever had. Almost 9-inch long and 2-inch thick. She let out a cry. When Reshmi moved to see who it was, she was shocked to see Raghav.

“He is the only one of your exes who couldn’t have you, right?”, I asked.

There was pure lust in Raghav’s eyes. He had no intention to let her go this time. Everyone else went back as Raghav fucked her to the fullest. He put his dick in her and she forced his head on Reshmi’s boobs. “Aaaaaahhh yes Raghav, fuck me. Fuck me all you want”, she cried.

The first few strokes were not too deep but then with one single stroke, Raghav went all in. Reshmi sprang up with tears only to hear, “You wanted a man? Take it”.

My wife begged her ex-boyfriend to stop but he didn’t. At first, it was too big for Reshmi to handle but as it continued, her pussy lips sucked on his cock while she was sucking ours.

After about fifteen minutes of rough fucking, Raghav came inside her and removed his dick. One after the other, everyone loaded their cum in my wife’s pussy.

After everything, Reshmi fell asleep and we took enough photos to remember what all had happened vividly.

This hot story is based on my imagination. However, If you liked the story, feel free to contact me via mail