Ashwini’s Caring Boyfriend or Rugged Bestie? – Part 4

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The story is narrated from Ashwini’s viewpoint.

I (Ashwini) reached my bestie Akash’s home with a box of meals. He collected it and told me that he would return the box tomorrow. I left his house. Akash knows that I take drinks occasionally since we drink during our pub visits.

At 9, I walked again into Akash’s house and found him blushing, seeing his mobile. I felt too envious watching Akash chatting with the aunty. He was surprised to see me again. He was more surprised to hear that I wanted to have a drink since there was no one at his home.

He tried to make reasons and convince me of it. But I was strong enough to spoil their plan. Finally, angry with my behaviour, he went to buy booze for us. I informed my mom that I would be playing cards with Akash and that I would be late.

I sat switching channels on the TV. My parents never bothered me spending time with Akash. Akash bought vodka with my money. He wanted me to drink quickly and leave him alone to fuck his aunt Suma who was eagerly waiting for the area to go to sleep.

I want to spoil the meet. We started drinking and talking. Started the discussion about my boyfriend. Then I switched topics, asking him about his flings. This was the first time I was interested to know about his affairs.

He shared about his latest girl whom he was trying hard to get laid. We drank with some series playing on Netflix in the background. Akash was growing desperate to send me home to make space for his Aunty Suma.

The clock ticked faster as it seemed to cross 11. We were sitting on the couch with him sitting across me. As you all have expected, the booze and the silent night ignited a warm environment between us. Moreover, his hungry cock waiting for Suma found me instead.

I was horny for Akash and could not wait further. I played Fifty Shades on Netflix. We both were high on the booze. Akash snatched the remote to change. Our hands fighting suddenly clasped into with fingers entwined. The world seemed to stop for an instant.

I suddenly moved my body closer, sticking to his stone-like body. I grabbed his skinny chin, and my lips found his lips. As my lips grazed his lips, our eyes met, watching each other deeply. In no time, my lips were all over his lips, eating and kissing him wildly.

Akash, too responded as his lips dragged my tongue and sucked them. This was my first violent kiss with our noses pressed hard against one another. I climbed over him, pushing him onto the couch, and my lips continued to kiss and taste his lips.

His fingers ran through my hair and his other hand clasps my hip strongly. I could see the ripped muscles of his shoulder as I removed his T-shirt. The hall was dark except for the light from the TV. All this was happening in the heat of the moment.

I never planned any of this to happen. But I was happy that this was happening. Akash’s hungry teasing lips started kissing and sucking all around my neck. I was moaning loudly while his lips were sucking the bare below neck. I hurriedly pulled away my tank T-shirt.

His big rough hands grabbed my huge boobs over my white bra. I noticed his focused eyes watching my boobs with never-before lust. I pushed his face into my chest, pressed to my soft bosom. As his face was pressed, I undid the hook of my bra.

Akash gently freed the bra strap from my shoulders, accessing my huge boobs with erect nipples. He grabbed my right boob with both hands and dug his lips. His lips started eating my erect nipples like candy ice cream. Slowly sucking.

I tilted my head, enjoying the pleasure of his lips. While sucking my nipples slowly and repeatedly, Akash pulled the knot of the night pant. My wet pussy can’t wait any longer for his long nervy cock. My hands quickly undid his pants.

My eyes were awed seeing his fit body. His cock was piercing, making a huge tent in his underwear. I lifted my ass, and Akash pulled my night pants and panty in a single yank. I was kneeling bare-bodied near Akash’s knee, watching the tent in his underwear.

His eyes captured every bit of my body as he slowly pulled away his underwear. His thick nervy dark cock, which I was crazy from the day I saw the pictures was in front of me, ready to pierce into me. I want it inside me sooner.

He leaves me alone on the couch and returns with a packet of condoms as I lay bare on the couch, waiting. I guess this condom was meant for Aunty Suma. I watch him as he slides the condom on his thick dick with my fingers rubbing the wet pussy lips.

I was eager for his cock to enter me. I was sleeping with one leg resting on the couch and the other leg folded, touching the floor. Akash climbs with his hands resting on the sides of my neck. Watching my eyes, Akash’s rough fingers rub once around my slightly hairy pussy lips.

I nod, signalling Akash to insert those big nervy cock into me. Akash pushes his thick rod slowly into me. My eyes bulge as this was the first time such a thick cock was entering my pussy. I breathe, “Ahh.”

Akash eyes watch me expressionless as his cock slides in and out of my warm and wet pussy. I was dripping juices just at the thought of Akash inside me. His slow and rhythmic pushes were momentary.

Because in no time, he was pumping my pussy with hard thrusts. He increased the volume of the TV to muffle my loud moans. I could not bear his huge thrusts, and my eyes were wet either from the pair or the pleasure.

Damn, Where were you? Our eyes continue to watch as his thrusts continue to punch my pussy. I realized that my pussy was leaking orgasm in no time. He continued to fuck, throwing his cock into my orgasm.

Oh man, I ran my hands over his stone body. He leaned over, locked his lips and reduced the speed of his thrusts to a slow, rhythmic motion. His lips sucked my shoulder as he shuddered to shoot his cum.

I dress myself and run away from his home. We did not exchange a single word throughout the event. I dozed off that night and slept till late morning. I felt thrilled and relieved the next morning, thinking about the night spent with Akash.

I found a Good morning message with kiss emojis from my lover Harsha. I pushed away the notification and closed my eyes, reliving yesterday’s night with Akash.

Thank you, all ISS readers.