Rakesh’s mom, Sharanya – Part 1

Hi, this is Sumit. Thank you for your appreciation of my previous experiences. Recently, my friend Rakesh read some of my stories, and he appreciated the way I presented them. In fact, he asked if I could write down the incidents in his life.

Since I have known Rakesh for the past seven years, I am familiar with most of the details of his life. Rakesh has a unique perspective on sexual relationships. He grew up in a sexually liberated family where there were no restrictions on sex. I immediately agreed to write down his story.

But I didn’t have enough time to do so. However, last week, Rakesh’s mom, Sharanya Shetty, pleaded with me to write it down. She wants her story to be known to the world. She’s hoping that it will help many others discover themselves and feel proud of their own lives and lifestyles.

So, let’s start at the beginning to give you an idea of how it all unfolded.

In the 90s, young Saranya fell in love with a senior while she was studying engineering. It was during a tour in her first year that she fell for him and had sex for the first time. Her love affair with Vinay continued for the next three years.

However, they rarely had time for sex. There were no mobile phones back then. So, it was difficult to maintain constant communication. Additionally, they didn’t have the convenience of booking hotels like Oyo to find a place for intimacy. So, they only managed to have private time for sex once a semester.

During their last semester, an unwanted incident occurred. Sharanya and Vinay were caught in a compromising position while having sex by her cousin, who was five years older. This happened when her cousin was driving her mother home from a family event.

Her mother and cousin walked in just as she had given Vinay a blowjob, with his cum all over her face. She didn’t even have a cloth to wipe it off, let alone cover herself. Her mother was in complete shock. The fact that her cousin witnessed it made the situation even worse.

This led to them disowning her from the family. At that time, she had no plans to marry anyone other than Vinay. Now, she had no other options either. By then, Vinay had started his own construction business in Bangalore, and it had been running for a year.

He took sub-contracts from large builders and was partners with Sharanya in both life and business. Within the next six months, their business doubled in growth, and everything seemed to be going well, including Sharanya’s pregnancy.

Though Sharanya had no contact with her parents, she had no difficulty leading a luxurious life. She gave birth to Rakesh through a cesarean section. She had two home nurses to assist her with the care of the baby and her post-pregnancy recovery.

During Rakesh’s second birthday, she found out the business had been facing losses for the past year. All three of their construction projects had legal issues. Their money had been lost along with them. As their business was already in debt, they couldn’t borrow more money to start new projects.

They were in a life-or-death situation. That’s when Vinay told her that there was only one way to save themselves. That was to sleep with Vinay’s friend. He was a potential investor in their construction company.

Kalanath was already 50 years old. Sharanya had interacted with him before, but only in a professional capacity. Now, Vinay was asking her to sleep with Kalanath for professional reasons. It was a tremendous shock for Sharanya.

Let me explain in her own words:

It came as a shock to me. At first, my forehead started sweating. Within the next 10 seconds, I felt my energy being drained from head to toe. My legs started trembling, and I had to sit down.

“It is the only option, my dear,” Vinay told me. I don’t know if it was due to the situation or if what I saw was real. But I can still remember that his face had no expression, and his words lacked emotion. It felt as though a dead man was speaking.

Since I was already estranged from my family, I didn’t have anyone to turn to and cry. I was speechless that night. Even the next morning’s breakfast was silent between Vinay and me.

Thoughts of divorce crossed my mind. I knew a friend who was going through a divorce, and according to the law, I was entitled to 50% of Vinay’s assets. But now, we had no assets, only debts. So, even divorce wouldn’t change the situation.

The day passed as I immersed myself in various thoughts. Around 4 p.m., Vinay brought Kalanath to the house. Without giving me a moment to think, Vinay told me that Kalanath was our guest for the day and then left in a rush.

I stood still for a minute, trying to regain my senses, and then excused myself to the bathroom to wash my expressionless face. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt deeply ashamed because I knew what I would have to do. I felt like a prostitute.

When I returned to the living room, Kalanath had already poured some drinks and sat waiting. I told him I wouldn’t drink.

“Yes, I know, Sharanya. That’s why I brought a fantastic whiskey and orange juice for you to mix,” he said, pouring the drinks.

As I knew I had no way out, I didn’t want to create unnecessary scenes. So, I picked up the glass and slowly started sipping, sitting beside him on the same sofa.

“I know your business is in a critical stage,” he said.

“Yes, unfortunately,” I forced myself into the conversation.

“I also know it’s very risky to invest in the company right now,” he added.

I looked at him, thinking, “What do you mean by saying this now?”

Noticing my visible confusion, he continued, “But don’t think that I am taking advantage of you. I had actually fantasized about you the first time we met.”

“Is that so? At our office?” I asked, taking another sip of the drink. It didn’t feel as odd as I thought it would.

“Yes, at the office. You were wearing formals, a grey suit with a short skirt, and a shiny red shirt inside the coat.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I don’t remember what I was wearing that day, but I do have the exact outfit you just described,” I responded, amazed by his memory.

“And I don’t want someone I like to face a dead end in life,” Kalanath said.

“But it’s still amazing that you remember our first meeting like that. You have a great memory,” I said, appreciating him.

“It’s more that you have a great recall capacity,” he replied.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, curious about what he found interesting in me.

“I couldn’t forget what you were wearing, even after meeting many other women,” he said with a wicked smile.

“Oh! Do you have that much sex?” I asked, genuinely intrigued.

“What is life without sex, dear? Sex is an amazing gift that God has given mankind. Did you know that only humans are able to kiss?” he quizzed me.

“Is that so?” I wondered aloud.

“Yes, see for yourself.” With that, he held his hands over my neck and the back of my head and started to kiss me.

His kiss was slow and passionate. At that moment, I had lost my inhibitions, perhaps due to my psychological state or the influence of the vodka. Frankly, thoughts of my husband didn’t even cross my mind.

So, it didn’t take me long to respond to his kisses.

As we kissed and moved our hands over each other, he put his hand inside my gown and took hold of my boobs. It started feeling nice. He slowly started to feel my nipples over his fingers, and this started to heat me. I now let myself fully into the control of Kalanath.

He swiftly removed my gown, and in a flick, my bra was on the floor. His sucking of my boobs and feeling it by his hands made me put my hand to his dick myself.

To be frank and genuine to myself, I did not get even the slightest part of my hubby.

I took his big out and ticket into my mouth and started blowing up the nice dick off Kalanath. I had to shift my position from so far to the floor. I knelt to take his dick fully to my mouth and occasionally suck his balls.

“Oh, I never expected you to be such a good cock sucker,” Kalanath appreciated my skills. “What’s your body count?” He added.

I took his cock out for a brief movement only to say, “This is the second dick I am sucking in my life.”

“Oh, that’s strange. But one thing I will say, you have a very good potential, dear lady.”

I looked at him while still, his dick was full in my mouth. “Oh, see that. What a slutty look you are giving,” Kalanath told, looking at me in ecstasy.

“Do you think I can be a good slut?” I asked. I just pushed Kalanath to the chair beside me. Then jump on the chair to take his big into my already wet pussy while asking him again, “Do you think I can be a good slut?”

“I think so, but I don’t know the answer yet,” Kalanath left it to me to prove what kind of a slut I had within. Even though I did not know that fact at that moment, all my sluttiness started activating.

I started jumping over Kalanath’s dick with such speed that the springs on the sofa set started squeaking. I got pounded for a full ten minutes like that. Then, as I started to get strained, I asked him, “Are you cumming?”

“Not so soon slutty,” he lifted my ass, and we both stood up. He bent me onto the sofa and pushed me by my neck. He spanked my ass cheeks which I was not expecting, and I let out an “Aah.”

“Do you like doggy style, my slut?” It was more of a statement than a question from him.

Kalanath was amazing in this position. It was a mix and match of hardcore and romance from him. For a while, he fucked me hard, spanking me. Then he slowed down, caught my boobs. Slowly I did the ‘to and fro’ motion on his dick while his fingers felt my titties.

It made me orgasm. After that, he pushed me onto the sofa for a missionary, where he made my pussy leak again. It was after I erupted thrice he declared he was cumming.

Since Kalanath had unleashed the slut within me, I wanted him to dump his cum in my mouth. “Cum in my mouth,” I shouted.

He immediately took his dick out and fed it into my mouth. I had to suck it for around 30 seconds for him to shoot his load. I took it into my mouth and rolled it all inside my mouth twice before gulping it.

“Ufff, what a fantastic woman you are. You are amazing in sex. One of the best I can say,” Kalanath told me, panting

“Best of how many?” I asked him.

“Out of the 9 women I fucked, you are the best,” he appreciated me.

It was exactly how I heard Rakesh calling my name from the room, crying. He had just woken up. I wore my gown and went in to bring him out.

By the time I was out, Kalanath had dressed up and was relaxing on the sofa. As I took Rakesh to the bathroom to wash his face after he was up from sleep, I saw myself in the mirror again.

Kalanath’s words, “Out of the 9 women I fucked, you are the best,” started replaying in my head. I saw myself in the mirror. I really felt proud about it.

As I came out, I saw Kalanath helping himself serving a redbull from the fridge. We chatted for some time while Rakesh watched cartoons. Kalanath kept kissing me and feeling my boobs.

After some time, Vinay came back and met both of us, so normally. As if he didn’t know he had left his wife to get fucked by this guy.

We had dinner while having regular conversations. Even the business matters didn’t come in between. And after the dinner Vinay opened up his drink bottle as he usually does. Kalanath joined him, and he poured some vodka for me too.

I finished my drink, and Kalanath asked me, “Why don’t you join me in the room?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied and got up without even looking at Vinay.

And this time, since it was his second on that day, he made me moan like anything. I didn’t bother if my husband heard it. Rather I wanted him to know that the slut inside me had woken up.

So, guys, that was from Sharanya. This is only the first part. She has explained to me how things started to get shape from there on. If you want me to write more, let me know by writing to me at [email protected].