Innocent sex with lovely, petite colleague – Part 1

Hello, everyone! I am Rohit (name changed), a 29-year-old male hailing from the vibrant city of Bangalore. Today, I am excited to narrate an intriguing experience involving my colleague, Priya (name changed). Brace yourselves, as this narrative unfolds across a captivating three-part series.

I work in an IT company in Bangalore and so does Priya, my colleague with whom I had minimal interaction at the office. Even though we worked in the same office for 5 years, we were merely acquaintances through common friends. Fate intervened when we found ourselves on the same project a few months back.

While we both were introverted, Priya was reserved, speaking only when necessary, while I, too, identified as an introvert, and had a different circle of friends. We had minimal interaction at the office and oftentimes spoke to each other only officially.

One Saturday, by chance, I ended up at the mall for some shopping and discovered Priya alone in the food court. Unable to ignore her presence, I joined her for coffee, bridging the gap of our prior limited interaction.

As expected, the initial conversations were a little awkward. There were moments of silence in between but slowly, we began to strike conversation. We spoke about work, her interests, etc. I came to know that she was sharing an apartment with her friend.

It was 5:00 pm and out of the blue, my colleague Priya asked if I would like to join her for some snacks at her home. I knew that her invitation was a courteous gesture, without any underlying significance or hidden meaning. I was surprised by her invitation though. I hadn’t anticipated or desired this turn of events, given my lack of physical or emotional attraction to Priya and I knew she too felt the same about me.

Despite my initial reluctance, I accepted the invitation gracefully, intending to exchange pleasantries and make a swift exit.

Her house was nearby, and the drive was uneventful. I expected nothing more than some snacks and being a courteous guest. Little did I know what fate had in store for me!

Upon reaching her home, the initial moments were awkward, compounded by the absence of her roommate, leaving us with little to discuss. I sensed Priya might be regretting her decision to invite me. However, as time unfolded, meaningful conversations emerged.

My co-worker gradually opened up, sharing her insecurities about work, college, and past relationships. She confided in me about her college-era boyfriend and how, since the breakup, she hadn’t entered into any new relationships

Engaging in conversation with Priya, I began to perceive her in a different light. Sensing her insecurities, a wave of sympathy washed over me. A tinge of guilt crept in for having overlooked her for so many years, realizing I hadn’t taken the time to truly understand her and treating her as a mere colleague for so many years.

As time ticked away, our conversation evolved into a genuinely friendly exchange. Priya started to reveal new facets, and my perception of her shifted. What began as a casual chat transformed into lighthearted banter and playful flirting. The atmosphere became warmer, yet an air of anticipation lingered, leaving me clueless about what would unfold in the next few minutes.

Priya was 26 and at 5’3″, Priya exuded a graceful presence with her smooth, fair skin and slender frame, delicately framed by thin, soft legs. While her physique featured modest proportions, including small buttocks and petite yet noticeable breasts, her allure was heightened by the gleam in her brown eyes and the cascade of curly hair. A striking face, characterized by a pointed nose, gothic jawline, and a serious expression, defined her unique and captivating presence. Petite and slender, showcased a flat tummy, emphasizing her slender figure.

Her preference for tight-fitting clothes accentuated her skinny frame, revealing modest yet visible breasts and buttocks. Meticulously waxed hands and a flawlessly groomed face, adorned with pointed eyebrows, added an extra layer of refinement to her overall appearance

Priya opened up about her roommate’s boyfriend and how sometimes gets jealous of her roommate. She also shared how she accidentally walked into them during their intimate moments. Seizing the opportunity to lighten the mood I tried to strike up a conversation with her.

Me: Hey Priya, why don’t you have a boyfriend anymore?

Priya: Oh, you know, I’m just not that interested right now.

Me: Come on, there has to be more to it. What’s the real story?

Priya: Well, after my last breakup, I went through a tough time. I was pretty depressed, lost a lot of weight, and never really found anyone after that.

Me: Maybe you’re still single because you haven’t found someone as nice as me.

Priya (slightly blushing): Oh, really?

Me: Absolutely! Any guy would be lucky to have you.

Priya (flattered and puzzled): Come on!! With this figure?

With that response, I was puzzled. I was not sure how to respond. I didn’t want to flatter her further just to get in her pants.

Me: Well, you might come across as someone sensitive and moody at first, but getting to know you, I’ve realized you’re one of the most fun people to be around.

My colleague stumped me and to my bewilderment, she directly asked me which guy would want to have sex with me. Caught off guard, I sensed that Priya was trying to express something deeper. I wanted to be considerate and not add to any potential hurt. Yet, being with her today, there was an undeniable something that made me view her in a different, more intriguing light and I meekly responded, “I would.”

Priya immediately sensed the shift in the conversation and scoffed, clarifying that wasn’t what she meant, and that she had no interest in any kind of pity sex.

I was not sure what to respond and all I could blurt out was:

Me: Well, you might be surprised. I have a feeling you would enjoy it, and you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Throughout our conversation, a noticeable shift had occurred in the way we perceived each other, evident in the newfound sparkle in our eyes. The tension in the room escalated, with much being conveyed in the unspoken moments.

As Priya sat beside me, I leaned in gently, placing a kiss on her cheek. I reassured her that my intention wasn’t pity sex, but I genuinely believed she had a beautiful body that she shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Knowing Priya, I half anticipated her to kick me out of her room but to my pleasant surprise, she too kissed my lips, held my hand and took me to her room.

The unfolding events that ensued will be delved into and shared in the upcoming second part of this narrative. Stay tuned for the continuation of the story!

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