You and Me – I agree to make out with your friend

Hi, I am Rahul. I hope I have repeat readers to my write ups. So they know me, new readers, visit my earlier pages to understand better. All my write-ups are on our love. That is, of ‘You and Me.’ We are both grown up and mature.

Now, today’s love:

You reached the room. We are meeting after a longer gap today. We have a deeper hug than usual. We move further into the room. Settle ourselves. Drinking water, chit-chatting, and admiring each other since we met after a long gap. We come close and kiss. We start undressing ourselves.

You stopped undressing yourself and checked me out while I was undressing. I opened my shirt. You were happy to see me in the vest you had given. I took out my regular vest and then the one you had given me last time to wear for you. You took it from me and smelled it.

“Perfect, it is,” you said. You thanked me, folded it and kept it in your bag. From your bag you took out another and asked me to carry this today to wear next time the same way.

I take the vest and put it in my bag. You ask, “You don’t have a problem with this, correct?” I replied, “Of course not!”

“Nice, we’ll make it a routine, please,” she said. It helps her keep her happy and fulfilled! “Sure, my baby,” I said, “Not only you, it is also giving me a feeling of wanted and looked for.” We stopped undressing, and you asked me to sit for a while.

I am bare chest, and in my pants, you are in your Jeans and top. It was different because we never had the patience not to start making love immediately. We sit, and you ask me to hear you out. I am all ears, and you start on your friend thing.

“Look, I told you that day so much about her situation. You see, she is getting devastated. I got to bring her back to life. Won’t you agree? This is not something that you can get just like that and from anywhere. You have to take so many precautions and be sure of the person. Is it possible, NO?

Don’t you remember in our case also? We had been in contact for so many days. Upon having faith in you, we gathered the courage to meet up. Even then, were we both not timid and jittery at that time? Truly, neither I nor you ever had imagined we would meet or have relation. This is my huge luck that I got you.

Please agree with me.”

You stand up and come close to me. “And now let it be at the moment. Come to me,” you say and hug me. Kiss me tight on my lips. You open my belt and try opening the pant buttons. I move your hands and take your top out. Open your jeans and zip down.

Loosen it and bend down, taking it off your feet. I stand up, too and remove my pants. We both move to bed in our undergarments. You jump on the bed, and I follow you. I come over to you, and we kiss. You move your hands at your back and undo your bra.

I move my bare chest on your breasts. Crush your boobs under me. We both love it. I take your face in my palm and kiss you. Press my lips more on your lips. You have your hands on my hips. I open my lips and push my tongue into your mouth. You welcome it and push your tongue on mine.

With your hands on my hips, you insert your palm from the side elastic of my underwear. You grip both my hips in your palms, squeezing them. I start sucking your tongue. I lift my mouth from your lips and slide down my head over your breasts. Push my hips down, taking out from your grip.

I bend on your breast and move my lips over your nipples. You move your hand on my head, running fingers through my hair. I hold your breast, upright it and take it deep in my mouth. Suck it, bite it. You are getting turned on. Your chest stiffens. I move my tongue over your nipple with my mouth tightly closed.

In between biting your nipples, both one by one. I collect your breast in my hand and suck them hard and harder. Biting and chewing the whole of it. You roll me over and lie over me. All your body weight on me. I like being pressed under you. My cock is being pressed by your pussy.

I can feel you pushing your pussy more on dick. I move my hands in your panty. Slide it down from your butts and hold your butt cheeks in my palm. You move up on me. Placing your breast on my mouth and your pussy resting on my abdomen. I take your breast again in my mouth and start sucking it more.

You are constantly pushing it more in my mouth. Wow, nice feeling it is. Down there, I slide your panty further. You get up from me and take off your panty completely, off your feet. You then take my Jockey. I am hard and erect. You bend on it and kiss it. Just the tip.

Open your mouth and take it in your mouth, the cock head. Slide your mouth on it, taking it all in. I pull you on my side. You are in a doggy-style position. While you are sucking me, I move my fingers in your pussy lips. You are wet already. I put my two fingers in your pussy. They easily slide in. Deep in.

You leave my cock and come over me. You sit on my lap and hold my dick. Rubbing it. The outer skin, up and down and up again. I stretch my arms and hold your bolder under the shoulders. Squeeze them. You hold my dick and raise yourself, one leg on each side of my waist.

Place it on your tip. Gradually start pressing your pussy lips on it. My dick started getting in your pussy. My dick is full hard, and your pussy is full wet. It gets in. And no time, you take the whole of it in. Comfortably, you sit on it. Hold yourself without moving.

You and me, enjoying and taking the full feel of me in you. While we are unmoved, I have your breasts in my palm. You put your palms on my hand and press it more on your boobs. You wish me to squeeze harder. I squeeze and play with your teats. They have turned red and stiff. I pinch them gently.

You start moving down on my dick and gradually move up and down back and forth in between. It is a great feeling. We both enjoyed having it after so many days. It is like we were thirsty for these many days. This is certainly a thirst quencher.

Though it’s sex, we are feeling it, not sex but the fulfilment of our souls. You now stop and come down my crotch. You rest your hips in between my thighs. My cock length touching your pussy length. I raise my upper body, bending towards you. You, too the same. We come close, sitting like this and hug.

I have my legs open. You have your legs open and your thighs over my thighs, your feet crossing my body on the mattress. You move forward, hold my cock and place it on your pussy lips. Me and you sitting with our bodies inclining backwards. Our hands are on the bed behind us, balancing our body weight.

You further move forward, and dick is getting in you. It is a new posture. We had not tried this before. I am full in you. I started moving in and out. It is excellent, with a new feel. We have this penetration for, say, five minutes and a little more, maybe.

I hold your arms and ask you to go back, make you lie down on your back. You are lying on your back. I also started declining slowly, taking care. My cock stays in you. I am also lying on my back. Our legs crossed with each other, your feet near my chest and my feet near your boobs. I now start making moves.

Cock moving in and out. Wow, it’s an awesome feeling. My cock is pushed down in this posture giving me additional stretch pressure. It is in line with the abdomen, but now it is opposite and is creating much stretch pressure. It is like a fully erect and hard dick is pushed down to hold it in between the thighs.

Normally not possible! It is lovely. We both find it very playful and sexy. We move and make deeper moves now. You put your fingers on your clit and rub it. You start building your orgasm. You are now moving faster and with thrust, taking me deeper in you. Pulling me strong in you.

You have more energy than me. I love your wildness. I also support you in full, giving you the same thrust. We both push and pull in. You leave your clit and get up, get back in the same incline posture. I, to come in the same posture. We have the ‘in and out.’ much more vigorous.

You lift your hips a little above the mattress and moves are far better and flawless now. We have nonstop moves for another 8 or 9 minutes. You are fully in your orgasm. You are unable to make moves now. So, I take over your energy and continue going deeper and harder.

You are tired and done. You are awfully wet. Your juices are flowing out. You make me stop the moves and enjoy your flowing out. I push you back to lie down. I am still in you. You hold my dick and pull it out of you. Yet, holding me and just enjoying it in your palm.

I come and lie beside you. Kiss your cheeks and briefly on your boobs. Your skin has grown very tender at this moment. I lay still and let you relax. We take a short nap, cuddling each other. We then wake up to freshen ourselves. I removed the Bathrobes from the closet provided by the hotel.

We slid ourselves in them and moved to have meals. We prepared and had the same meals as we normally have all the time. We both do not wish to change to other things to eat. In-fact it is a pleasure in this food also. We conversed some here and there things and you came back to the same topic again.

You ask, “So it’s final you going out with her?”

I reply, “I agree with all that you said. Still I am not comfortable and feeling it ok.”

You persisted and continued, “Another point. Think this way, if it would not have been me but her. Then also, you would have gone ahead to try. Is it not so? The difference is just that you and I have been in conversation and not you and her. For that, I am saying already she is the same as me. She is good.”

“ I give you my words for her. You know what, Listen to me, if you will tell me to go with someone, I will go. I have full confidence and faith in you. Because I know you wouldn’t ask me for anything unsafe or not good for me. So now, you accept her, please, for I am saying.”

I was quiet and just kept looking at your face. You flipped all the conversation, and we moved to the bed. Meals were all done while conversing. We lay on the bed and relaxed. I was wondering about all that you had said. We turned to each other and had a brief kiss.

You turned your back to me and moved yourself in my body. Took my arms around you, and I cuddled you. We slept for a while again. Upon waking up, you propose to have a bath together. We took a bath together and dressed ourselves.

We sat across, face to face, upon dressing. You talked, “Ok, my last word for you, I am saying you do this for me. Now, say what you say on this? Please couple her, my darling.” I took a few minutes in silence and finally gave up. I accepted.

You got super happy. You jumped with pleasure and hugged me. Kissed me.
We were dressed already and got up to leave. You took your bag, we kissed and a hug. You moved out, and I, too, left in a few minutes.

Two days later, you asked if I was ok to go outstation with her for a day or two. I denied that. And on the following day, you messaged, its fixed, just the way we go and will convey details later.

Guys, this one ends here. Further, what happens will come in the next part. Till then, bye, [email protected].