Turned foes into friends – Part 2

Please read the first part of my story.

Now I had finished licking Mayan’s piss from the floor. He was slapping and kicking my face. He now ordered me, “You whore, Master’s cock needs to be treated royally. Open your mouth, you motherfucking bitch ” I again said, “Yes, master.”

I opened my mouth and took it near to his cock. But instead, he shoved his foot in my mouth. He ordered me to suck his foot and make it clean. I obeyed my Master and started licking and sucking his both feet one by one. He was abusing me, slapping me and spitting on me.

He had now removed all his clothes. As I was licking his feet, which were wet in his piss, he held my hair and kicked my ass. He said, “Enough of this bullshit. Master wants real pleasure now. Kiss my royal cock and pay your respect.”

“Yes, master,” I replied and kissed his fully erect huge dick. He took my face in his fingers and pressed my cheeks. I opened my mouth. As soon as I opened, in one single push, he pushed his entire cock in my mouth. His dick was huge and long. It straight reached my throat, and I gagged.

He loved it. He laughed like evil and kept my face pushed on his cock for almost 5 minutes. After a while, I got used to his cock. Now he started fucking my mouth like crazy. With each stroke, his cock was going deeper and deeper in my throat, and I was gagging every time.

He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, and he removed his cock. All his precum and my saliva had gathered in my mouth and was dripping from my lips on my neck and boobs. He ordered me to show him all the liquid in my mouth.

As I opened my mouth, he poured some whiskey into that mixture and ordered me to drink it. So I did in one gulp. Now, he lifted me like a tiny doll and again threw me on the bed. He kicked my ass hard and turned me on my stomach.

As I turned, he literally climbed on my back, again pulled my hair and put a blindfold on me. He also tied up my hand on my back. Now he spread my legs wide and tied something on my balls and cock together. He tied it so tightly that I wanted to scream in pain.

But as soon as I opened my mouth, he shut my mouth and tied a strap on it. He now tied a rope on my feet and tied my legs individually to two corners of the bed. All this time, I was only thinking of how exciting all this is. He now tied me all up and started rubbing his cock on my asshole.

Oh shit, there was no lube or anything applied to my asshole. And he was rubbing his monstrous cock on me. He was on top of me. My round sexy ass in that g-string was like an open invitation for him. He pulled my g-string tight and slapped hard on my ass.

I thought he would now fuck me right away. But things took a turn. I started feeling another cock on my face. I was shocked. All I knew was Mayan was the only person there. Then whose cock was this?

But a voice I heard totally sent chills down my spine. I heard someone saying, “How are you, beta?” Fuck. I knew this voice. I knew this voice as well as I knew my own. This was my father!

I was in total disbelief. But now, what could I do? Mayan ordered, “You whore. Welcome your second master.” He lowered my mouth strap. I said, “Welcome, papa.”

I felt a tight slap on my face, “You motherfucker. From now I am only your Master and nothing else. I knew you were a cock hungry bitch. I saw you fingering yourself and playing with your breasts while talking with your boss on the video call. I must say you have a better figure and assets than any girl or boy I have fucked. That day, I decided that I was going to use you to get my work done. You whore!”

“Yes, master.” I had tears in my eyes while saying this. But there was no option left now. “You slut, suck our cocks,” my new Master ordered. I humbly opened my mouth. I could feel two cocks pushed into my mouth. I started sucking them. They were pushing my head hard on their cocks.

I am great at sucking, but I never sucked two cocks together. It took me a little time to get into flow but now I was comfortable. I started liking it and gave them a good blowjob. They fucked my mouth for like 10 minutes.

Then Mayan said, “I want to do the honour as this gift is for me, Ashok.”

My father said, “With all the pleasure, sir. But I think this bitch is used to one cock, as her boss must have fucked her thousands of times. Let’s double penetrate her and let her experience the new way.”

I was scared. I understood what he meant. “You whore. It is your duty now to please both your masters together.” I had no choice. “Yes, Master. But as your humble slave, I request you to use a good amount of lubricant.”

Before I could finish my sentence, Mayan lifted my ass, and my father came underneath me. They got me in doggy style. With my legs spread wide, my back bent, my boobs hanging with the support of lacy nipple cover, and my feet tied to each corner of the bed.

At the same time, they both put their cock on my asshole. I was scared, but I could say nothing. But at least I was feeling three fingers pushed inside my ass with some lubricant and rapidly moving in my ass. I was having a lot of pleasure from this fingering.

Suddenly, the fingering stopped. “Get ready, bitch.” my father ordered. I lifted my ass further. They had their cocks at the entrance. Mayan was standing behind me, and my father was below me. And the very next second, both of them pushed their cocks in my ass to half their lengths.

I screamed in pain, but there was no mercy. They gave another hard stroke and again pushed entire cocks in my ass. Tears came out of my eyes. But my mouth strap was pulled back on, and I couldn’t scream. They kept their cocks in me again for some good minutes.

Slowly my pain started fading, and I was feeling two huge cocks inside me. I never noticed, but my mom has a big round ass which is widely stretched. Now I know that my father fucks her in the ass too. I was comfortable with their cocks. So I lifted my ass more and gave them an invitation.

They understood. Now they started fucking me in a nice rhythm. Their strokes were well choreographed. My father gave the first stroke, and Mayan gave the second. This way, I was also able to enjoy the session. They were fucking me like I was a literal whore of theirs.

They were having all the pleasure they could. Right from fucking my ass to playing with my small soft breast to kissing my lips like a passionate lover. This way, they fucked me for about 20 minutes.

“Ah, I am about to cum,” said father. Mayan yelled, “Don’t waste it. This is the first time your son is going to have your fluid in him. He should have it properly.”

“You are right, come on bitch. Open your mouth for your Master.” Saying this, my father lowered my mouth cover and shoved his cock in my mouth from down below itself. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth furiously. I was again gagging every time he gave a stroke.

Now, Mayan was also at his peak. I could feel his cock swelling in my ass as he fucked me deeper and deeper. They gave a few more shots in my opposite holes. With another hard stroke in my ass and the hardest push in my throat, both of them started cumming.

They kept cumming and cumming and cumming. They filled my ass and mouth. I loved the spray of cum. It was so amazing that half of dads cum went straight in my throat. All of Mayan’s cum went in my rectum. It was like a shower of love. They both collapsed with tiredness. And I collapsed with satisfaction.

I drank my father’s cum as much as I could. None of Mayan’s cum came out from my ass as it went so deep.

After about half an hour, they again fucked me, still tied up.

In the end, they took me to the bathroom, cleaned me up, gave me amazing liplocks, and said to each other, “Here today, our rivalry ends. From today onwards, a new friendship begins.”

I was happy that I was the reason for my father’s great future in the company.