Wild Card Entry – Part 2

Hi guys, this is Manish back to share with you my next real episode. In the first part, I told you about the intense oral sex in 69 position of mom and me. I then masturbated seeing and rubbing her pussy with my penis. My cum spread all over her pussy to her breast. I was exhausted and we started getting dressed.

I was tired and sat on the chair and saw mom dressing. She cleaned the sperm on her breast and then she started wrapping her breast back in the bra. It was a wonderful sight to watch.

My mom then took some tissue paper and cleaned her pussy partly. She was back in the sari, I just said thank you to her. She ignored me and went out of the room.

Then the situation between my mom and me was a bit hard. I was still hesitant to talk to her freely. But frankly, I was enjoying it too.

Days passed, and I was waiting for an opportunity to have it again. I.E., eating mom’s pussy. She was quite normal these days with me. I was taking more care of my dad, taking him to the hospital, getting his medicines on time, and so on.

It was a Saturday, a holiday for me and I was in full mood to fuck my mom. But I was not getting a chance to interact with her. I was trying to touch her boobs but could not complete it fully because my wife was in the house only.

As my wife had gone to the bathroom that morning, I quickly entered the kitchen where my mom was cooking. I then grabbed her boobs and fondled them. Mom was a bit shocked and pushed me and warned me not to do anything wrong as my wife was still at home.

I was waiting for my wife to go to her job as she joined the boutique of her friend last month. It was around 9:30 am, she asked me to drop her at her job. I then quickly took my bike and dropped her at her boutique which was 5 km from my house.

I came back to my house, I was feeling the heat in my body. I looked for my mom in the kitchen, but she was not there. I then spotted her in dad’s room. She was talking to dad. I too talked to daddy and asked my mom to serve tiffin.

I was waiting at the dining table, and mom came and started serving food.

Me: Mom, I want once again today.

Mom: What?

Me: I want to taste your pussy juices.

Mom (after a small pause): Ok, but don’t misuse the chance.

Me: I will promise you that I won’t enter the pussy.

Mom: I will serve tiffin to dad and then I will come.

Me: I want to touch your boobs.

Mom: No, eat the tiffin.

I then got up and held mom’s boobs with my hand and started pressing them. I slipped my hand into jacked and touched her nipples.

It has gone for the next few minutes. I then started touching her pussy over her sari. I started feeling her pussy shape. Then I lifted her sari and touched pussy directly and started fingering. I could feel some moisture over my fingers.

She then quickly got away from there, and I sucked my fingers which got dipped in her honey pussy. I completed my breakfast and was waiting in my bedroom. Mom too completed her work and I could sense that she is free now.

She entered my room. I quickly hugged her and pushed myself over her body against the wall. I started fondling her boobs over her jacket. She quickly gripped my penis and touched my tip. I opened her jacket, I could see her cleavage. I took her right breast in my hand and started sucking her nipple. She moaned and we both were enjoying each other’s bodies.

Mom opened her bra and both boobs came out of the cage like roaring lions. I pushed my face between her boobs. I slowly whispered in her ear, “How are your boobs still stiff at this age?”

She told me with a naughty smile that it was unused for a long time and it had become stiff. I then took her sari. She was on her petticoat now. I took off my pants and I too was in my innerwear. I pushed my penis over her petticoat deeply. Then I sat in front of her and opened her petticoat.

Now my mother was fully nude in front of me. I spread her legs as her pussy opened in front of me. I started sucking her and this went on for the next 10-12 minutes. She then took the same position and took my penis in her mouth. She sucked it like a vacuum sucker.

At that time, my mom was very aggressive than before. She did for the next 15 months. I then made myself nude taking all my clothes off. I pushed my mom onto the bed and slept on her.

Two nude bodies were colliding against each other and a lot of heat was generated between them. I took time to suck her both boobs as if no one was going to come now.

We had 69 position and my mom was moaning a lot while in that position. I then got up and spread her legs and inserted my finger.

Mom’s pussy was now fully oozing liquids. I took my penis in my hand and rubbed over her pussy cleavage. I could sense mom was at the next level. She spread her legs more wide and wide. I slowly tried to enter her pussy, my penis tip just entered her pussy. My body was shivering and mom felt it too.

She was saying something to me in a low voice because of joy. I was unable to hear her. I went to her mouth and she pleaded and said not to enter pussy. As I bent, my penis already slipped inside her.

I then slowly started moving. She tried to resist a bit but later, she too entered the battlefield. I started stroking her more vigorously.

Mom’s boobs were floating on her body, and she was moaning. I increased my speed and in between, I even inserted my finger too in the pussy hole along with my penis. I was enjoying the fuck. I was fondling and sucking her breast. She was kissing me and told me in my ears to complete satisfying pussy.

With these words, I got an energy boost. My mom got an orgasm as I could feel it and I too cummed in no time. I took off my penis out from her pussy and I could see my sperm oozing out from the hole.

I gave her tissue papers and she wiped her pussy. She smiled and told me that she enjoyed it a lot. I then helped her to wear her bra, jacket, and petticoat.

In my next story, I will explain our adventures in the house.