Mother Diaries – Part 5 (Final Bathroom Sex!)

It was a great erotic journey till now. I and Pranati both sat on the sofa, discussing how to evoke them. I got a great idea. It is easy to generate new ideas to seduce anyone. She was busy cutting her nails while listening to my plan.

Me: Mom, is Keshavi fucked by dad?

Pranati: I told you already she does not want to hang out with men. She is a lesbian. Better leave her.

Chaap! I slapped my bitch mom. She threw the nail cutter aside.

Me: I did not ask for your suggestion, mom. You told me your husband and another child are bisexual, right?

Pranati: Please call me by my name.

Me: Ok, Pranati. Answer me.

Pranati: Yeah, they are.

Me: How come your other son has not fucked you till now?

Pranati: Oh, actually, he tried. I did not want to make over with him.

Me: Why?

Pranati: Because he is not having a dick like yours (she chuckled).

Me: Then come and sit on your master’s dick, bitch.

I held her by the boobs and pulled her towards me. She came fast and hit me with her milky boobs. My mom sat on my lap, facing me. One of my hands automatically searched for the boobs. I put my left hand back on her and held her left boob through her left shoulder. I kept on squeezing my slave’s boobs.

Pranati: Aaahh. Squeeze them firmly. Those are yours.

Me: Then open your blouse. I want your bloody boobs in my mouth.

What choice does she have? She took her pallu off her with her right hand and put both her hands on her blouse buttons. She intentionally wants to lag in this situation. She held her blouse and covered her boobs. She wants to play with this situation.

Me: Please, mom, I can not wait to suck your bloody nipples. It is better to open it yourself. Or else you may need to buy a new blouse.

Pranati: Is it? What are you going to do?

And she took the hands on her blouse and looked at me hungrily.

Pranati: Your mom bitch needs you to tear the bloody blouse.

I held her by the hands and locked her in my grip. I took both her hands back of her and held them with my left hand. I took the nail cutter beside us on the sofa. I opened one of the sharpest nail files and placed it on my mom’s blouse.

Me: (while making a circular motion with nail cutter around her areola) Bloody nipples. Look how big they got.

Pranati: What to do, son? Your presence is making me feel horny. Tear it soon.

I put the edge on her top button and pulled aside, the top pin was cut. I can barely see my mom’s big boobs. I put the nail cutter on her second button.

Me: What the heaven you covered with your blouse, mom?

Pranati: The heaven awaits you. Bury yourself in that heaven.

I held her hands very tightly from the back. I am getting a heavenly feeling opening her blouse. For a second I put the nail cutter down and put my right hand on her neck under her hair.

I pulled my mom’s bitch toward my lips. I was kissing my bitch till my heart desires. She wants to free herself and grab my head while kissing. I did not give her that chance. She broke the kiss and told

Pranati: Bloody fucking mother fucker, free me.

Me: let me enjoy you, mom. Anyway, I should leave in three days. My HR has kept on calling me since last night. They want me in the office.

Pranati: (she came close to my lips) Then take me with you. I will come anywhere with you.

Me: Oh, is it? I need to poo. Clean my ass after it. Let’s go.

Then both of us went to the bathroom. I sat on the commode. I was about to poo, and my mom came on top of me. She sat facing me by laying both of her legs beside me. She was in a riding position, and my dick rose to its fullest. My black cock was touching her saree under her buttocks.

Pranati: This is my first sex in the bathroom.

Me: Then I am going to make it memorable.

Pranati: You want me to undress, sir?

Me: Only after I tear your blouse.

I put both my hands on my mom bitch’s blouse. With a smooth motion, I tore the bloody blouse for which her blouse pins hit the glass mirror beside us. Now she is free of her blouse. Chap! I slapped my mom bitch very hard on her right cheek and told

Me: Fucking bitch. Why do you want to wear your bra at home? From now on you should be free from the blouse also. That is your punishment.

Pranati: Ok, sir. (she put her hands on her big boobs and bitting her lips looking at me) How are you going to punish me tonight sir?

I put my right hand on her right bra strip and pulled her toward me. And I let it loose. Thip! was the sound after hitting her shoulder. I held her hands holding with my hands along with her bra

Me: By fucking you in front of your husband. And I will make sure you cry in front of him. He needs to know how his offspring got developed to this stage.

And I tore her bra too. As soon as I did, her big boobs stretched out vigorously. Now my slave is free.

Me: Undress, mommy.

She did. Now both of us are naked. Like the day we were born. My stomach wants to poo, but my dick wants to fuck. I thought how about doing both at a time, meanwhile I told my mom to get a candle and a matchbox along with my cigarette. She did exactly like a servant.

Me: Ride me, fatty.

As soon as I told her she came on top of me and guided my dirty black cock into her vagina. She put her left hand on my right shoulder and kept on moaning while guiding my cock into her clit. Her fluffy boobs were touching my bare chest while she was guiding me.

It was our first bathroom sex. She did. One-third of my cock went into her pussy. Still, 5 inches left. I need to poo very badly at the same time.

Me: Get ready to scream.

I put my hands on the bitch’s waist. I rammed my dick straight into her tight wet pussy over her soft boobs touching my chest, at the same time stool left my ass and water droplets in the commode fell on my balls. She moaned, “Aaaahh.”

Pranati: Oh my god. I feel your dick got increased this time.

Me: Thanks to you, mom. It is because of your bloody sucking. I think I can satisfy my future wife.

She held my head and rode me while my stool left my ass and fell in the commode.

Pranati: I won’t let you marry. I am your wife. And this black dick is mine. Aahh.

I put my right hand on her head and pulled her toward me.

Me: Ok. I will fucking marry you. That is my fantasy from now on. I want my fantasy becomes a reality.

I took one cigarette and lit it. I was smoking, fucking, pooing, and squeezing her boobs at the same time. While I was multi-tasking, my bloody bitch mom kept on moaning.

Me: (she kept on thumping me) How ( kept my hands in her hair) is it, bitch?

Pranati: (while riding me) Fucking awesome (aaah) dip-shit.

I took a deep drag and let it out on bitch’s boobs. In the meantime, I took one of her nipples and kept sucking. I smoked at the same time I sucked her nipple. My cigarette is about to get to finish. I was about to throw it and my mom told me.

Pranati: Pass me, put the cigarette in my mouth. My hands are busy.

I did. She took and deep drag and passed the smoke into my lungs while kissing me roughly.

Me: Suck my dick, bitch (I flushed the commode).

As soon as I told her, she got down on her knees and knelt lowering her bloody pink lips mouth towards my dirty black dick. She put my dick in her mouth. I felt her uvula touching my black dick head stretching her throat and entering deep down in her throat.

I held her head tight and rammed my dick forcedly into her fucking mouth, as I did that, the last waste from my ass fell in the commode and water droplets hit her chin. I pinned my bitch towards my dick while draping her soft and silky hair.

I kept on face fucking my slave pushing her hair deep down towards the commode. The best feeling in the world is a mom giving a blowjob to her son. Bloody bitches.

Me: I love you, mom. Please be my mother in the next lives also. (pushed her head) So that I can fuck you in every life.

She spat my black dick and told me.

Pranati: I wish god to wish me the same. I want you in every life. Except I can not wait till you are born. Instead, I will wish you to my husband. I can fuck you on the first night itself.

Chap! I slapped the bitch hard.

Me: I want you as my mom only. Because a man can feel more pleasure when he fuck his mom. And so do now. All mothers are gold diggers.

I took the water gun and cleaned my ass. I flushed the commode and looked at my slave. She wants torture, she wants pain, I can see it in her lustful eyes. I took the candle and lit it. I waited for a minute and told

Me: Sleep on the floor.

Pranati: What?

I demonstrated to her, what I am going to do. I tilted the candle aside and kept my hand under it. The hot wax fell on my hands. My mother rose and checked my hand.

Pranati: Are you nuts?

Me:(I showed her the dried wax) It is nothing. I want to put this wax on your breast. What do you say?

Pranati: I asked you for pain. But not this. I do not want this.

Me: it is up to you, mom. If you do not like it, neither am I.

Pranati: (she kissed me) Thank you.

Me: First, let me fuck you, I stopped in between.

I threw the candle aside, held my mom’s fluffy boobs, and pulled her onto me. I hugged her very tightly and kissed the bitch on her big pink lips. I took her lower lip and yanked it aside. Wild sex with the mom. I was damm horny.

Me: Mom, turn.

She did. And her back was facing me. I pushed her upper body down holding her hair wrapped around my right hand. I took her near the commode and put her head in the commode. Then slowly I inserted my dirty cock into her clit.

I held her waist with my left hand. I pulled her hair with my right hand and rammed the wet pussy in and out roughly. She kept on moaning in the commode. I slapped her ass cheeks, they turned red.

Me: Fuck you, bitch.

I flushed the commode again. Her face was hit by the water over which I was fucking her badly. With a jolt in my balls, I came into her pussy. She turned and cleaned my dirty black dick.

In the meantime, we heard the doorbell sound. My mom shivered and rushed to wear some clothes. I held her by the hair and threw her on the floor.

Pranati: What the hell do you want now?

Me: I want to pee in your mouth.

She knows that she can not convince her master. She held my dick with her right hand and aimed my dick straight at her mouth.

Pranati: Please do not pee on me. I should open the door. I know you won’t open it anyway. Please pee in my mouth only.

Me: Of course (one more doorbell ring), you should open the door.

Pranati: As you order, master, start peeing.

I slowly opened my piss portal and started peeing in my mom’s mouth. She happily took it and drank. I held my dick and turned its direction. It directly fell on her breast, face, thighs, and hair. She was smelling pee.

Pranati: What the hell did you do?

Me: It is my wish. You are mine. Only mine. Now go and open the door naked. And convince your daughter and husband, and son.

Pranati: What the fuck?

Me: They do not have a chance anyway. They will accept it. Because it is easy for them.

She turned and went to open the door. She did. And my beloved family members were shocked to see her like that. She somehow convinced all my family members and especially my lesbian bitch sister. Then later, I fucked her in front of my dad and brother. I had a threesome with my mom and sister too.

And in front of my fucking father, I fucked his wife’s pussy and throat. She kept on moaning while I fuck her in front of her husband. What can she do? Finally, my fantasy became reality.

Now my brother joined me and fucked his crush, my sister, and his sister too. My father was happy, I was happy, and my mother was happy too.

The end

I saw all these in my mother’s diary and wrote this story. Yes, this was my Mother’s Diaries. Hope you guys like it. See you with a new different story.