When an ISS reader has crush on you – Part 2

It was a Friday evening after a tiring week, and I did not know what to do. I took my phone and started typing, “Hey, you up?” to Amrutha, my bachelor’s classmate who happened to be my reader and sex partner.

After our first encounter, we had multiple of them at her place and mine, but mostly at hers. This is one such encounter that has a twist ending which leads to another beautiful meeting.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Krish, a 28-year-old guy from Hyderabad living in the USA.

Returning to the story, as mentioned in the previous writing, Amrutha has a flatmate to whom I was eventually introduced, and we exchanged pleasantries and everything.

After that introduction, my frequency of visits to their place has multi-folded. On New Year’s Eve, hang out with Amrutha and bang her at night. New Year’s, kiss her at midnight and follow it up with a raunchy session.

As with all great stories, even we had dull phases and times when we were horny, but the other was unavailable. Thus, we create a schedule for ourselves and try to stick to our ‘fuckdule’ (that’s what we call it.)

On a rough day at work in the evening, I messaged Amrutha hoping we could have one ad-hoc stress relief session. Maybe my stars were aligned in the right way that day, she replied, saying, “Yup.”

Starting our conversation,

Me – Playing field free or busy?

A – It’s free. The coach is in the locker.

Me – Cool, how about the player? Is the player ready for a game?

A – Always tight and ready.

Me – Sweet, ready to crush those balls and defences. How is the grass situation?

A – Trimmed and ready to be ploughed on.

Me – Perfect, see you in 45 then.

So I freshened up and started to her home. Since I have been a regular to their building, I know all the codes to the doors. I made my way to their apartment pretty smoothly.

At the door, I am greeted by Vaishnavi, the coach Amrutha’s flatmate. I smile at her, and she also smiles back as she knows about our platonic relationship and why I am at that hour. She welcomes me in. I try to engage in some small talk while I wait for Amrutha to come out.

But instead, I get a message “ Come on in. The match has already begun.” As I see that message, I excuse myself. I walk into her room to see the dimmed lights, the mood is set, and she is lying on the bed with her clothes scattered around the bed frame.

I smile and slowly remove my hoodie, t-shirt, and joggers. Meanwhile, Amrutha lifts the comforter and throws it down in a jiffy, showing me she is naked.

Generally, I’m a foreplay guy. But occasionally, I am so horny that I want to thrust my dick into the pussy and start ramping. Today was one such day where I wanted to devour her.

Walking towards her naked, I put on the condom, which surprised her. But she didn’t say anything. I got inside the comforter and positioned myself in the missionary. I kissed her lips while adjusting between her legs to penetrate her.

“Oh, looks like someone is way too horny today,” she utters as I push my dick deep into her clitoris region, trying to penetrate as deep as I can with my 6-inch cock.

Thrusting and thumping her deep and fast as she wrapped her legs around me, I bent to kiss her lips. Sucking on to the lower lip while I move my hips to thrust my dick, I push my tongue into her mouth.

Her moans got louder even after being muffled by my mouth. The bedframe started to shake, making a creaking noise. That didn’t stop me, but it made me go even quicker. The dry pussy slowly started to get wet. It made the initial friction disappear and the movement even better.

Adjusting her body as my strokes increase, she clasps me with both hands. Swinging her boobs to a bare minimum and the distance between our bodies. Pushing myself away from her, I pull out my dick and grab her hips. I twist them to position her in a lazy doggy style and spread her legs apart.

This time, I bend and first rub the pussy with my hand, inserting a finger into it.  Then, once I am satisfied with the wetness, I again insert my dick and start ramping it at full speed. Holding on to the bed frame, she moans and moans loudly. With each moan, my thrusts became even harder, making her shout.

Spanking the ass cheek to create a small ripple effect. I continued my movement to occasionally bend and grab the boobs from behind and pull her up. I don’t know what got into me that day. But it was one of those nights when I was not even close to cumming.

She already had an orgasm and was trembling and begging me to stop right away. The beast in me didn’t want to stop that night, and I kept making her twerk and shiver and cry out loud. After multiple positions and orgasms for her, I finally ejaculated with a loud moan falling onto her.

We were both drenched in sweat, filling the room with a sex fragrance. Gasping and recovering, we hug and kiss each other and start conversing. “Phew, Krish, what got into you today? My legs, I think it will be tough for me to walk tomorrow,” Amrutha says as she tries to snuggle beside me.

“I don’t know, ma, but it was as if I needed to unleash the beast in me today,” I replied, hugging her tight and kissing her forehead. I continued, “Sorry, ra, I was rough today.”

Blushing, she replies, “I liked it rough, but I can’t have it every day.” With that, we both hug and fall asleep with my dick reducing size inside the condom.

I’m unsure how much time has passed, but I suddenly wake up as I feel thirsty. I search around and don’t find any water bottle. Wearing the clothes, I see. I head out for water.

As I turn around with a filled water bottle, I reencounter Vaishnavi. As usual, I greeted and smiled at her and was about to return to Amrutha’s room. That’s when Vaishnavi started the conversation.

V – A long night, I see.

Me – Yeah!

V – She was too loud today. I could hear her even with my door closed.

Me – Sorry, I will try to keep it down next time.

V – So you guys are serious? Or what’s with you guys?

Me – We are not serious, more like FWB. We never labelled it.

V – Okay, exclusive?

Me – What do you mean by that?

V – Are you guys okay with a date or hooking up with others when you go to each other?

Me – Well, we haven’t ever spoken about it, but I guess we are not exclusive. Why do you ask?

V – Nothing, just asking.

Me – Come on, it’s okay. Tell me, why do you ask?

I move close to her as if to whisper, then continue.

Me – Do you also want a piece of it?

V – What?

Me – You know what I mean.

V – No, I don’t.

Me – Okay, let me be straight and clear then. Do you also want to have sex with me?

V – What, no!

Me – Oh, Okay, sorry, I read the room wrong. Sorry for misinterpreting your thoughts wrong. Please don’t say a word about this conversation with Amrutha.

V – Hmmmm.

Me – Okay then, see you.

I start moving towards the room when she holds my hand to stop me. I look at her as she stops me. I see she is in two minds as her body wants the fun while her mind stops her. Understanding her dilemma, I turn towards her, put the bottle aside, pull her towards me, and hug her.

“Vaishnavi, it’s okay. I understand, and this will be our little secret,” I say as I caress her ass cheeks while she moans. She nods while I smile, moving my head toward hers, giving a small peck on her lips, making her shiver.

Amrutha was sound asleep in the adjacent room. I was in an embrace with Vaishnavi in the living room of their apartment. Vaishnavi and I hugged, and our lips met with me moving her towards the sofa for more comfort.

Sucking and pulling the lip slowly, I kiss her and tighten the grip on my hug. Eventually, we reached the couch and lay over it with her under me. Still kissing and exploring each other’s mouths, with me pushing my tongue into hers.

Moving my hands under her pyjamas, I touch her bare skin for the first time. I continue pushing my hands around. The more I explore, the more it turns me on, and my dick also starts responding. Still, suddenly I separate myself from Vaishnavi, which confuses her.

I sit beside her and explain that Amrutha might wake up any moment. It is a risky adventure for us. I prefer more time to explore her stunning beauty. It makes her blush and agrees, but I see her disappointment.

Asking her to wait, I peek into Amrutha’s room to check on her. I head back, grab Vaishnavi, and pin her to the wall. With her back to the wall, I used one hand to cover her mouth. On the other, I made my way into her panties and towards her clit.

I slowly started rubbing her clit and inserting my finger into her pussy. Gradually increasing the pace and maintaining it, giving her pleasure while not letting her moan and express it. I kept rubbing her clit, kissing her neck, rubbing my dick onto her back and ass. Dry humping her and fingering her occasionally.

Finally, after a while, her legs stiffened. Her body let out a shiver making me understand she has had an orgasm. I let go of her mouth, gradually reduced the intensity with which I fingered, and eventually took it out.

Turning her around, I smiled, kissed her, and said, “Enjoy this for now. We shall have more of this in the future.” Gathering herself, she nods and smiles and rushes into her room.

I, who by this act, am totally turned on, head back to Amrutha’s room for round 2. Naked, poke my shaft straight into the honey pot, and start moving. It wakes her up, and she also joins the action.

It was more foreplay involved. Even though my dick was inside her pussy I didn’t go on a thrusting rampage. Instead, I handled it more delicately. That night we had multiple rounds for the first time. We slept like logs the next day, waking late and lying naked.

While leaving, I met Vaishnavi for the final time in that time space. She was blushing and smiling. Bidding bye to both, I headed out. I received a message from an unknown number when I reached the entrance. I guessed who it was and what it held for me.

That’s all for now, readers. I shall write what happened between Vaishnavi and me in another post. Until then, be happy and stay blessed. Provide your feedback and comments or conversations at [email protected]