Overcoming shy nature with husband’s cousin

Hi dear readers. Writing this true story that happened to me took a lot of courage. My name is Usha. I’m very fair in my complexion. My body and face resemble Madhuri Dixit. After falling in love at a young age, I married my husband.

My husband wasn’t that handsome. But I fell in love with him because he was caring, calm and docile. Without imposing like other wives, he would always obey my orders. I was 35 years old when this incident took place in my life. My husband was 37 years old. My husband was a short and plump man.

We were both timid people as far as sex was concerned. We were shy to venture into new positions or new foreplays etc. We only knew the missionary position. Sex was kissing on the lips, inserting his cock, and 1 minute later, it was over.

At 35, I was already the mother of 3 children. I had 2 sons and 1 daughter. After my last child, we concentrated more on our responsibilities. Due to our shy nature, we forget about sex. It wasn’t so tempting also. Hence we both focused more on the kids’ future.

My husband’s name is Vidyanand. He was the sole bread earner in our family. But as we had 3 kids, it was difficult for us to meet both ends. But he always wanted to protect me and asked me to only focus on raising the kids.

Vidyanand wasn’t a daily drinker. But once a month, he, his brothers, and his cousins gathered at my house for a heavy drinking party. I was never against it as it was among family and only once a month. Vidyanand couldn’t cope with alcohol much. He was always the first one to get drunk first.

He had two younger brothers who were also not heavy drinkers. They would also be among those that will be drunk madly. Whereas the cousin brothers, named Raj and Shankar, never appeared drunk. Their capacity for drinking alcohol was much more than the average.

Vidyanand’s brothers were also as shy as him. And so was I. But Raj and Shankar had so much guts that they were shameless. They were all married with wives and kids. Raj and Shankar used to stare at me from bottom to top every time they were drunk.

I knew their intention wasn’t good. I was very much afraid of them. I feared they could do things to me one day as I was both shy and cowardly.

It so happened that one day we were invited to the house of Raj bhaiya (Vidyanand’s cousin). As it would have been a drinking party, we left the kids at my in-law’s place and went to the party.

When we reached their house, we were informed that Vidyanand’s brothers could not make it due to an urgent issue. We found that it would only be Vidyanand and myself, Raj and his wife and Shankar and his wife. Both wives were dressed in kameez. They were on the heavier side and were fat.

On that day, I wore a light yellow sleeveless kameez which complimented my fair complexion. My boobs were pushed up due to the tightness of the dress around my breast. It was semi-transparent cloth, and my black bra was easily visible. The leggings that I wore with them were white colour.

It was tight-fitted, and the black panty line could easily be seen. We were all seated around the table next to our husbands. The other 2 ladies were also used to drinking, whereas I was drinking soft drinks.

Soon after 30 minutes of drinking, they were all pretty much drunk. Their laughter cracked after each joke and started to become louder. Vidyanand and the ladies were already half drunk. Then suddenly, we heard romantic music being played on the speaker.

Then, Raj bhaiya asked them to drag their wife and come to dance a slow dance to this music.

Raj: Come on, let’s dance over this music and feel younger.

We all started dancing with our husband when suddenly Shankar asked to change partners.

Shankar: Hey, come on, we are all brothers here. Let’s change partners instead of dancing with our wives.

Immediately upon saying that, Shankar grabbed Raj’s wife. Vidyanand went with Shankar’s wife, and Raj bhaiya came to dance with me. At first, I could feel a great difference in macho personality between my husband and Raj. He hugged me with both hands resting around my hips.

I placed my hands over his shoulders. He was so bold and manly that his body stuck to my body much more than Vidyanand’s. Our bodies were crushing on each other. My boobs were heavily pressed on his chest. His crotch was pressing on my belly.

I started feeling shy, and I was looking away while dancing. But Raj bhaiya used my shyness to slide his right palm under my kameez through the slit around my ass. He placed his palm on my ass over my leggings but under the kameez. Hence nobody could see where his hands were.

I almost froze the moment he entered his hand over my ass. I was so afraid and felt so shameful. I wanted to part ways. But I was afraid of what explanation to give when others saw us separating before the dance. I remained silent, praying that this dance was over soon.

Seeing no negative response from me, he gained courage and started pressing on my ass cheek. Suddenly he inserted the other hand through the other slit and pressed on both ass cheeks. He started to press on it like kneading dough. I could sense his breathing rhythm and heartbeat increasing.

I wanted to cry and run from his grip. I was so afraid. I felt ashamed of being molested by Raj bhaiya. But I froze without even trying to prevent him. I stood straight as a pole. He whispered.

Raj: Bhabhi, you have the most fleshy and shapely ass. I am in love with your fleshy ass.

He kept on kneading my ass. He wanted to lift me by grabbing my ass. But soon enough, the music stopped, and we broke separately. Thankfully I was spared, and we returned to sit at the table. They were all happy, cheerful and laughing, except me. I was afraid, ashamed and perspiring.

Raj bhaiya was looking straight at me with a perverted look. They continued drinking. Then Shankar bhaiya asked to play truth and dare games.

Shankar: Come, let’s make the party lively. Let’s play naughty truth-and-dare games.

As all were heavily drunk, they cheerfully agreed to this. But I was still in shock and couldn’t react. Vidyanand was so drunk that he was merrily enjoying whatever they were saying.

Shankar took an empty bottle and spun it. The bottle spun until it pointed in the direction of Raj’s wife. They all cheered at this.

Shankar: So, bhabhi, what would you like, truth or dare?

Raj’s Wife: hmmm, let’s be wild. I’ll choose ‘dare.’

As soon as she said that, she laughed loudly. Everyone was talking at the same time and wanted to tell her what to do. But then Shankar’s wife was responsible for telling her what to dare.

Shankar’s wife: OK, bhabhi, you should go and flirt with Shankar and kiss him.

As soon as she said this, they all exclaimed, “Oooh!” They were all chanting her name to encourage her in the act. I was left speechless. What kind of game was that? What shocked me was even Raj was encouraging his wife to do it. She walked to Shankar, sat on his lap, and fondled his hair.

She caressed his face with her finger, then kissed like a mad young couple. I was so shocked. But what shocked me more was that they were enjoying this scene. Then both love birds stopped, but surprisingly Raj’s wife remained on the lap of Shankar itself.

Then they spun the bottle another time. This time it pointed towards me. They started cheering and calling out my name. I was already shocked and wanted to escape this daring action and purposely choose the truth.

Shankar: Oh, bhabhi, you could have been more sportive and chosen dare. But never mind, we will go with the truth.

Then Raj’s wife interrupted him and started talking.

Raj’s wife: OK, let me choose the question. So Usha, tell us what is the length of Vidyanand’s cock.

They all went into jubilation at this question and kept on laughing loudly. Even my husband was laughing. My face turned red immediately with shyness. I was so ashamed to answer this question. I refused to answer as I was suffering with shame. Vidyanand became angry.

Vidyanand: Usha, don’t spoil the game. We are all participating here.

I was angry at him and, at the same time, ashamed of all of this. But then Shankar’s wife came to my rescue.

Shankar’s wife: OK, let’s give her a chance for now. I’ll take her place. But the next time she will be ready. Is it OK, Usha?

I nodded in agreement and felt so happy. Then they asked Shankar’s wife what she would choose. Shankar’s wife chose ‘dare’ instead of ‘truth.’

Raj’s wife: So, you wanted to save Usha from the question, but we all wanted to know the answer. I dare you to sit next to Vidyanand and insert your hand inside his pant. Measure his cock with your hand and tell us the size.

Upon her saying this, they all laughed and strongly agreed with this question. Vidyanand was all so happy and started to unbutton his pants. I was shocked by his behaviour. Even though I know he was drunk and would never remember all this tomorrow.

I felt angry, shy and weird that someone else would grab the cock of my husband. I wanted to oppose this, but my husband was already waiting. I feared he might yell at me like before.

Shankar’s wife walked to Vidyanand and sat next to him. Then, like a professional slut inserted her hand inside the underwear of my husband. I was so angry watching someone else doing that to my husband. And he was dancing and happily enjoying this in his drunken state.

I could see her hand disappearing inside his underwear. I noticed her hand caressing and feeling his cock inside. Vidyanand was gasping for air in pleasure. Her hand then gripped the penis, and then she removed her hand.

Shankar’s wife: Vidyanand bhaiya’s cock is only this much.

While saying this, she showed it by showing her index finger length. They all started laughing. I find it weird why they were laughing.

Shankar’s wife: Don’t laugh at him. I like it even though it is very small. It is cute. Vidyanand bhaiya, I like it. Don’t mind them.

Raj’s wife: Oh, you want to chew Vidyanand bhaiya’s small cock. Naughty wife.

They were all repeating the word small. I felt ashamed that they were laughing over my husband’s cock. But, at the same time, intrigued as to why they said it was small. Then as Shankar bhaiya was about to spin the bottle again, another romantic song started to play on the speaker.

Raj’s wife dragged Shankar to the dance, while Shankar’s wife pulled Vidyanand to the dance. Raj’s wife was dancing so close to Shankar, and they both flirted like love birds. They even started kissing each other passionately.

Next to them, Shankar’s wife slid her hand inside Vidyanand’s trousers and was playing with his dick. Suddenly I felt a hand dragging me forcefully. It was none other than Raj bhaiya himself. I remember the nightmare that I had just lived. I wanted to run from there. I was so afraid.

Seeing them all indulging in something so disgusting, I was disgusted and afraid. I knew that I didn’t belong to such a category. I couldn’t find a rational explanation for all of this happening. But yet, I never did manage to fight my fears and shy nature in life. It was my 2 only major weaknesses.

Without wasting time, Raj bhaiya slipped back his hands on my ass cheek and started kneading them like dough. After kneading my ass well, he slowly slid one hand under my kameez.

At the same time, he was looking straight Into my eyes. I couldn’t see his eye stare. But he forcefully grabbed my face and told me to look at her.

Raj: Look at me straight into my eyes while I pleasure you. Don’t you dare look away! The consequences will be very bad if you don’t obey.

I felt obliged to look at him. His hand travelled through my tummy and slowly caressed my body. Then he cupped my left breast over my black bra and started to press on it. I turned red with shame. But I couldn’t look away. He smiled at me with a perverted stare. He kept pressing on both breasts, each at a time.

Suddenly he pulled me closer to him and slid both of his hands under my kameez. His hand travelled to the back of my bra, and he instantly unhooked my bra. As my bra became loose, he freed my breast and started to knead my breast harder. He then started to pinch my nipples.

His constant rough, macho touch gave extreme pleasure. He started kissing and sucking my neck. This was a wonderful feeling. Being a sensitive person, his kissing and sucking on my neck made me dance with pleasure. Even though I didn’t like what was happening, I enjoyed the pleasure.

I started moaning in low voices but at the same time crying inside myself. Suddenly, Raj bhaiya dragged me by my hand and took me to the kitchen, where we stood alone. He cornered me against the wall and kissed my neck like before. Then he looked me straight in the eyes.

I could see so much lust and passion in his eyes. He immediately plunged his face onto mine and started kissing me on my lips. At first, I tried to resist, but soon I had to open my mouth to give way for his tongue to enter. His kissing technique was so intense that I was enjoying it.

I had never experienced such kissing with Vidyanand. He was melting me with his constant kissing and sucking. He tried to lift my kameez to remove it. But I made it difficult for him and tried to resist. He became aggressive and shouted at me.

Raj: Cooperate with me if you don’t want me to make it worse for you. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll fuck you like a bitch in front of your husband. I don’t think he will prevent me from fucking you.

As soon as he said that, I trembled with fear. From what had happened before, I knew that my husband was drunk. He would not oppose Raj fucking me in front of him. But that would be much more shameful than doing it here. He lifted my kameez, and I cooperated by lifting my hands.

He easily removed my dress, and it also came off my bra. Due to his constant pressing and pinching from before, my rounded breasts were swollen and reddish. My nipples were pointed and rock hard. He touched my nipples and smiled on seeing it erected.

Raj: Oh, it seems that someone is enjoying my touches but is trying to hide her pleasure.

He started kissing my shoulders until he reached over my breasts. He started sucking my breasts and started eating them. I wanted to hide my boobs due to my shy nature. But he blocked both my hands and enjoyed sucking, eating and biting my boobs repeatedly.

Raj: Your pointy nipples show that you are enjoying this bitch. If you don’t start moaning your pleasure out, I’ll drag you into the living room to fuck you in front of your husband.

Instantly I started moaning out with my hidden feelings.

Usha: Ahh, suck me, Ray bhaiya…

Raj: Your boobs are so beautiful, Usha bhabhi. It seems that they don’t get the required attention. I will take care of them now. Do you like what I’m doing?

Usha: Oh, bhaiya, Vidyanand has never done any such thing with me. But you are very naughty, bhaiya. I’m very horny with your touches.

He smiled wickedly after hearing my words. While eating my boobs, he started to caress my thigh at the same time. He used his fingers to draw circles on my thigh. This started to have a tingling effect down my crotch area.

Suddenly he started to rub my pussy with his fingers over my leggings. This was an extremely wonderful feeling. I couldn’t control my moans anymore.

Usha: Raj bhaiya. Fuck me. You are so naughty, bhaiya. It’s so wonderful. I’m getting so much pleasure.

My juice was flowing like a river down there. Raj bhaiya removed my leggings and panty completely, smelled them before me, and put them in his pocket. He kneeled and inserted his finger inside my pussy. At the same time, I started to lick my clitoris.

He was constantly fingering my pussy and licking my clit at the same time. This was a pleasure beyond comparison. I had never experienced such pleasure before.

Usha: Aah, bhaiya, stop this, please. I can’t hold it anymore.

Raj bhaiya accelerated his pace. I cum on his hand and face. I felt ashamed of enjoying this. He stood up and removed his shirt and trousers in front of me. It was a complicated feeling inside me, shyness, shame, and pleasure. But I could hardly explain what I was feeling.

He stood in front of me in only underwear. He then took my hand and placed it over his boxer. I was shocked and immediately removed my hand. Raj bhaiya gave me a strong, fierce look. I took back my hand and placed it on his cock. He held my hand and made me caress his cock over his boxer.

It was big. Bigger than my husband. I was afraid. He then removed the boxer, and his big cock sprang out. His cock was nearly 9 inches and 3 inches thick. He made me hold his cock strongly. It was so big compared to Vidyanand. For whom, it was only 3 inches long and 1.5 inches thick.

At first, I was shocked by this size, but then I realized why they were laughing over Vidyanand’s size before. I suddenly started to hold this big meat in his hand. It had a different pleasure of holding a cock that fills your grip.

He made me hold it by strengthening my grip over it. That was the best feeling of holding such a big cock in my tiny hand. I could barely close my grip.

Raj: Don’t you know how to masturbate? Come one, peel the skin up and down.

Without him forcing me, I started masturbating. He made me kneel, and I continued shagging his monster cock. I had a closer look at his cock. It was so big, black and had veins over it. The tip of the cock was purple.

Raj: Bhabhi, open your mouth and put it inside and suck.

I was shocked by his command. I never did that to my husband and didn’t know how to perform this.

Usha: Raj bhaiya, I do not know how to do it. I have never done this in my life.

Raj: Don’t worry, bhabhi. Bhaiya is here to teach you. Just take it in your mouth and suck it as if you are sucking a lollipop.

I obeyed and listened to his advice and started sucking his cock. It had a little salty taste. But I enjoyed hearing him moan each time I used my tongue over his purple cock tip.

Raj: Ahh, bhabhi, you are sucking very well. Please keep sucking. Do not stop. Usha bhabhi, your mouth is made for my big cock only.

He tried to mouth fuck me with excitation. He tried to push the whole thing inside, and I gagged and choked. But he removed it quickly, sensing it was too big for me.

He then pushed me against the wall, grabbed me by my waist, and lifted me. I wrapped my leg around his waist. I looked at him in his eyes, submitting to him fully. I knew what he intended to do. He looked at me and slowly pushed half his tool into my tight pussy.

It was so big I could feel my pussy stretching to its maximum. With Vidyanand, it slipped immediately inside with no pain. But as this one was so big, my pussy was stretched at its maximum. I felt like it would tear my pussy.

Usha: Raj bhaiya, it’s too big.  It’s tearing my pussy. I don’t think I can take this inside me.

But Raj bhaiya expertly kept pushing in and out the half-size until my pussy got acquainted with its size. Then within one full push, he inserted the monster inside my vagina.

Usha: Aah, you will kill me, bhaiya. I can feel it so deep inside.

Raj let his cock rest inside my pussy and made only a few movements from inside. But as soon as he started to fuck me slowly, I could hold it no longer and started cumming heavily.

Usha: Aah, bhaiya, I’m cumming again.

He fucked me vigorously in that position for about 2 more minutes and then turned me doggy style. He inserted his cock from behind. I could sense his cock plunging deeper inside me. He rammed his cock with force inside me at each thrust.

Raj: Do you like it, bhabhi?

Usha: Oh, Raj bhaiya, I love it. I had never experienced such pleasure.

Raj: Do love my big cock ramming your tight little pussy?

Usha: Aah, bhaiya, it is indeed very big. It is the reason for so much pleasure I’m getting.

He increased his pace. I could feel his body tightening. I was also on the verge of cumming for another time. My pussy tightened over his big cock. I squirted like tap water. I felt his cock grow, and he spurted his seeds inside me. We both gasped for air.

We lay down on the kitchen floor, tired. I went into his hug and lay there tired. I lay looking at his big limp cock. I played with it, enjoying the pleasure of holding a cock of that size. Without realizing that, I conquered my shy and cowardly nature.

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