Unexpected Sex with my sister

I am writing 1st time here. Coming to the story, this is a real incident that happened to me when I was doing my college.

The story’s heroine is my cousin sister, my mother’s sister’s daughter. She is 2 years younger than me. She was around 20 years when the 1st incident happened. She looks beautiful with fair colour and has big boobs and an ass.

Let’s get into the story,

In my college days, I used to play sports. In my final graduate year, I slipped one day while playing kho-kho. I fell, and my leg got fractured. I got operated on and needed to take 3 months’ rest.

After the injury, in a month’s gap, there were my final exams (April). I wrote my exams with a bandage on my leg only. Exams were completed, and I needed to rest for 2 months more. I  was unable to walk without a second person’s help.

It was summer, and most schools and colleges had holidays for a couple of months. My father had LTC leaves, so all the family members planned to go on pilgrimages. As I was unable to walk, I needed to be at home. My mother asked my cousin to be with me at home till they returned.

The trip is for three days.

I don’t have any bad or sexual intentions for my sister. We have a close and friendly relationship. We were like real brothers and sisters. She knew all the household work and cooking. So my mother insisted on her staying in our home. She was also very happy to stay.

After my parents left, we 2 only stayed at home. Most of the time, I was in bed because of my injury. I was only going out when I needed to bathe and washroom.

On the 1st day evening, we had dinner and went to sleep. We slept on the same bed in my parent’s bedroom, and everything was normal. On 2nd day as usual, the day was routine with chit chat eating watching TV. The night arrived, and as usual, we started to sleep.

I felt pain in my leg and used to sleep in the afternoons. So I was unable to sleep soon at night. I turned to her side and turned to the centre facing the ceiling. I have a cement bandage on my left leg, so I can’t turn to the left side. I can sleep on my back or can rotate to the right side and place my left leg in the right leg.

As I could not sleep, I turned to the right side, where my sister was beside me. She is very near to me. This was the 1st time I started having different feelings towards my sister, which were lust feelings.

Slowly I came near my sister, I could feel her breath, and my heart started beating fast. Slowly I placed my hand over her stomach and waited for some time. There was no movement. I got some courage and kissed her cheek softly.

There was no movement. I was in confusion about whether she slept or acted as if she was sleeping. There was no sign of a reaction, so I decided to go further. Slowly I placed my hand over her boobs from the top of the dress. There is no reaction.

She was wearing a churidar. I moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips. For 1st time in my life, I was kissing a girl on the lips. I was in heaven. I pressed the boobs. They were huge and felt like smooth balloons. I bit them slowly over the dress.

I pressed the boobs with my hands many times, sucked the lips and kissed all over the face for some time and decided to sleep.

The next day morning, I felt guilty about my sister. But she looked very normal. She behaves as if nothing happened. I concluded that she was in a deep sleep and knew nothing.

3rd day, as usual, the day was routine, and the night arrived. The previous day’s thoughts were running through my mind. I was unable to sleep. I checked my sister. She looked asleep, so I started the same routine today. I placed my hand 1st on her stomach, moved closer and kissed her face with no reaction.

So again, I planted a kiss on my sister’s lips and placed my hands over her boobs. Now I sensed some reaction from my sister. She started to open her mouth, and our kissing went on for 5 minutes continuously. We both got involved in the action.

I understood that she was awake yesterday also but acting as if she was asleep, so I took it as a green signal and started the action in full swing.

I started to press both her boobs one by one. I felt the erection of her nipples. We had a long smooch. There were no talks or sounds. We were having great oral. I started to move up her dress and explore my sister’s upper body.

Now I removed her dress and bra to her neck where I got sufficient exposure of breasts. I started to bite my sister’s breasts. They are huge, she is just 20, but she has the perfect milf type body.

I kissed all over the face, neck, eyes, lids, and ears till the navel. It went on for some hours, and I felt tired, and late at night, we slept.

The next day my parents came. All were busy after a trip. My sister will be in our house that night is the last day. The next day, she will leave.

The night my elder brother, sister, and I slept in the bedroom. My parents slept in the hall.

My brother slept very soon as he travelled and was tired. He started snoring. It’s around 11 pm. We started acting again today. I decided to fuck my sister at any cost. Before 2 nights, we had only kissing and oral, no intercourse,

I again started to press my sister’s boobs chewing them and sucking and kissings over the face. Slowly I moved my hand inside her pantry. She stopped my hand from moving inside the panty.

I came to the top again and sucked her boobs, and kissed her. I was in confusion why is she restricting me from touching her pussy. After more sucking and kissing again, I try to put my hand inside her underwear. This time she firmly stopped my hand and said, “Not down, only up.”

I was disappointed and did not force her into intercourse. I decided to enjoy only the upper parts of her body. During these acts, I was on the verge of ejaculation but needed some more pleasure to cum.

So I did the act of fucking her in a missionary position by laying on top of her without removing our dresses. Finally, I cum in my underwear and lay beside her. She whispered, “I love you,” and my heartbeat rose.

I told her to sleep, and I slept with confused thoughts.

So, guys, I will tell you what happens next in the coming episode. Please share your feedback.

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