Massage And Seduction Of Village Aunty – Part 2

Hi all, sorry for the late upload. I got held up at work so I couldn’t write the 2 parts earlier. Once again, this is Shravan here.

For those who haven’t read my earlier part, here is a quick recap.

I went to my aunt’s home to help her with her lower back pain. Instead, I got horny and fingered her. After my first encounter with my aunt, it had been almost a week. And she had not talked about our little encounter to anyone or me. So I got a little restless and thought of visiting her.

I knew she would be mostly home alone from the morning till evening, as her daughters and husband would be away. Then I went to her home by morning 10, rang the doorbell and she opened the door.

I was in awe, as she had just gotten out of the bath. She was wearing a red saree with a matching blouse and the blouse was a little tight. It was making her boobs try to get out and she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her nipples through her blouse. And she was also a little taken aback by seeing me. Then I came out of my trance and made my way inside her house.

Shravan: Why is the house so silent Chithi (aunt)?

Chithi: Everyone has gone out.

Shravan: Oh, ok.

Chithi: How come the prince has shown his presence in our home today? It’s not like you.

She used to call me prince as she only has 2 daughters and she likes me a lot and treats me as her son.

Shravan: Oh, I have come to see my queen, as she has not come to see me for a long time. So I thought to show myself here.

And I sat on the sofa.

She asked: Do you want anything to eat or drink?

I said: No, I just had my breakfast and came.

She said: Ok, so how is your mom?

I said: She is good, how are you? Does it still pain?

She replied: It’s ok for now da, it still pains a little, but it’s alright da.

I asked: Is it still paining in your back or your thighs?

She said: It’s paining in both areas da, but it’s alright da. I am glad you asked.

I said: Of course, I would because you are my pretty queen. How can I see you in pain, my darling queen?

She started to blush and kept looking down.

I said: Oh look, my queen is blushing. You look so pretty, queen.

She said: Chee poda, don’t make fun.

I said: No Chithra, you are really pretty. Come with me.

Then I took her hand and made my way to the bedroom and made her stand in front of the mirror.

I said: See, how pretty you are?

She saw herself in the mirror. I was standing behind her so close that my erect dick was slightly poking her ass.

She asked: Am I pretty?

I said: Ya da, you are so pretty. I want to marry someone as pretty as you. But I can’t, as there is only one of you.

She turned to my side and said: Don’t worry da, you’ll get someone more pretty than me.

I then changed the topic: So that’s why my queen, I can’t see you in pain or stress. So come, I will message you again, so there won’t be any pain from now on.

She said: It’s ok da, don’t, I don’t want to keep you here as you may have some work.

I said: Taking care of my queen comes first, so just come my queen.

Then I made her lay on the bed and climbed on the bed.

I said: Today I will give you an oil massage, so it will not hurt again, where is the oil?

I knew she had medicinal oil, as she always gets leg pain.

She said: No da, I just took a bath and I don’t want to bathe again.

I said: Is my queen taking it back to me?

She said: Who can talk back to her king? Ok, oil is in the draw outside.

Then I went out and took the oil and came inside. I also made sure the front door was locked. I came inside and locked the bedroom door.

She asked: Why are you locking the door da?

I said: Gonna turn on the AC my queen. Your job is just to follow your king’s orders ok.

She said: OK my king. What do you want me to do?

I asked her: Is your saree expensive?

She said: A little da, why?

I said: Just asked, because I don’t want to ruin my queen’s beautiful saree by spilling oil on it.

She said: Yes da, wait I will change to an old saree.

And she got up to change her saree.

I said: Don’t change, just remove your saree and be in your blouse and petticoat(It’s a type of skirt worn inside the saree).

She said: How can I be like that da?

I said: It’s just you and me queen, and are you not following your king’s order?

She said: But, ok don’t tell this to anyone king.

I said: Ok my queen, my lips are sealed about today. But as a king how can I see my queen remove her saree by herself, so I will remove it for you.

And I went near her and took hold of her pallu (one end of saree). She was so shocked, but before she could say anything I removed her saree.

I said: Perfect my queen, now lay down. She did as I said. Then I poured a little bit of oil into my hands and rubbed well.

I asked: Where should I start? Do you want me to start from your back or your thighs?

She said: You can start from wherever you want my king.

So I started to go from her lower back. I slowly started massaging her low back. She was slightly giving a hmm sound. I slowly started to get down from a low back to an ass. I slowly started up to massage her ass. She started to breathe heavily. I could hear breathing, so I slowly started to lift her petticoat, to her knee.

Then I gently started to massage her calf muscles. I moved up to her thighs and was massaging her thighs a little longer.

Then I said: I don’t want to get oil on my dress.

And started to remove my dress first. I removed my t-shirt and my jeans, and now I was only in my underwear and my dick was making a tent in it.

I said: Now turn facing the ceiling.

She saw me and said: You look fit.

I said: I want to look pretty for my queen.

And she started blushing.

I said: You look like a cute panda.

She started blushing more and hid her face with her hands. Next I took the oil bottle and started to pour oil on her stomach and started to massage her stomach and inserted my fingers in her navel.

She started to bite her lips and it looked so hot. I started to finger her belly button. I went a little below and kept my hand on her pussy over her clothes. She let out a little moan. I took this chance and removed her petticoat. This was the first time I saw her pussy. It was Hairy.

Then she said: Why did you remove my petticoat?

I said: So I can massage well, just keep quiet my queen and enjoy.

She said: It’s wrong.

I said: Don’t worry my queen, this will not know to anyone, just enjoy the massage.

She said: Ok, don’t tell this to anyone.

Then I poured oil on her pussy and started to massage it. She was now breathing heavily. Slowly, I inserted a finger in her pussy and she started to moan. Soon, I inserted another finger in her pussy and started to finger her. She was moaning a lot now. I increased my pace and added one more finger. Her pussy started to leak her juices. I lay beside her and asked her –

Me: How is it?

She said: It’s good da.

I said: Now I am going to take you to heaven. So just lay back and enjoy.

She said: Take me to heaven, my king.

I started to press her boobs over her blouse, and she was gasping. I then removed her blouse. Now I had a perfect view of her boobs. They were so pretty and her nipples were hard and inviting.

I kept my lips over her nipples and started to suck them. She kept her hand over my head and started to play with my hair. I was now both fingering her and sucking her boobs and pressing them. She was moaning a lot. I knew she was going to cum, and I started to finger her a little fast.

She arched her back a little and came. Then I took my hand out of her pussy and sucked my finger. Next I took another finger to her lips and made her taste her cum. She saw me and said-

She: It was awesome, and I was in heaven da.

I said: Has not my uncle made you come?

She replied: No, he just fucks me for a few minutes. After he cums, he goes to sleep. And he has not fucked me for at least 10 years.

I said: Don’t worry, from now on I am going to fuck you so hard, that you are going to be my little slut.

She said: Okay, now fuck me and make me your slut.

I said: Now come here, so I can kiss you.

Then I hugged her and started to kiss her. She wasn’t kissing me back.

So I said: Just do as a do.

And I started to kiss her. Now she was kissing me back. I slowly bit her lower lip and she then opened her mouth a little.

I inserted my tongue and started to play with her tongue. Now we were kissing for like 3 minutes and she was having a hard time to breath. So I let go of her lips so she could breathe. She said no one had ever kissed her like that.

I said: Now you have me, so be ready. So I’ll kiss you any time of the day.

She said: Okay.

I said: Now remove my underwear and take my little king out. So he can turn you into a cock hungry bich.

She said: Okay.

And she started to remove my underwear now. My dick sprang out of my underwear and she said-

She: Your dick is so big. It’s bigger than your uncle’s.

Then I said: Don’t worry, you will be seeing this a lot from now on.

I don’t want to brag about my dick, it’s just 6.5 inches long and 3 inches thick.

I said: Now start to suck my dick.

She said: I have never sucked a dick.

I said: Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to suck a cock. Now, start by kissing the head of my dick.

She started to kiss my dick head.

I said: Open your mouth and suck it like ice cream.

She started to suck my dick.

I said: Bob your head slowly.

And she started to bob her head.

I said: Lick using your tongue.

And she started to learn how to suck hard like a pro in just 10 minutes. Then I knew I was going to cum, so I made her stop and took hold of her hair, and started to fuck her mouth so hard. She was gagging and having a hard time to breath. But I was so close to cumming, so I started to fucking her mouth even faster, till it hit her throat.

Suddenly, I cummed and made her drink my cum. I made her clean my dick. She started to suck my dick again. Now I made her lay on the bed, and I took my dick near her pussy, and inserted it in one thrust. Then I started to ram her pussy so hard.

She was moaning a lot. I pressed her boobs and fucked her fast.

I asked her: Who is my little slut?

She said: I am your little slut. Tear my pussy with your dick.

I said: Don’t worry slut. I am going to tear it open today.

I kissed her as she was making a lot of noise. I didn’t want the neighbors to hear it and I fucked her for 10 minutes.

She came again and said: Stop, It’s too sensitive. Now I can’t take it anymore.

I said: Shut your mouth slut.

Then I made her in a doggy position and started to fuck her from the back. I took hold of her hair and started fucking her so hard. She started to moan a lot again. I knew I was going to cum, so I increased my trust. My cock started hitting her womb.

She said: Stop, or I am going to break open.

I said: I will open this pussy, just wait you little slut and take my cock. From now on you are going to be my slut, so just take my cock in your hungry pussy.

I came so hard. After that, I lay on her back. My cock was still in her pussy. Then I lay by her side and started to kiss her again.

I asked: How are you feeling my little slut?

She said: I have no words.

Then I said: From now on, you are going to be fucked like this day on daily basis, so get ready my little slut.

After that, we both got up and went to the bathroom to get clean the after going. There I got an idea. I was a little into watersports, s I made her kneel in front of me.

She said: What now? Do you want me to suck you?

I said: No slut, I want to pee.

She said: Ok, pee in the toilet.

I said: No, as you are my little slut, so from now I am going to pee on you.

Then I made her open her mouth and started to pee. At first, she resisted a little, but then she started to drink. But couldn’t drink all of it. So I took my dick out and peed over her face and her boobs.

I said: From now on, you are my personal toilet. So I will only pee in your mouth or on your body.

She said: Okay, I’ll be your personal toilet.

We started to clean ourselves, but I got hard and we fucked again for 30 minutes. We both got dressed up and I said-

Me: Ok slut, I am going home now. And be ready because from now on if I’ll call you will come where I say, and get fucked in your three holes.

She said: Okay, my king. I will always be at your service.

That’s how I started to massage and corrupt my aunt and made her a cock hungry slut. And now she often comes to my home and gives me a blowjob, and I regularly fuck her.

In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked her on the balcony and much more.

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