Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife

Hi everyone, Sameer here, returning after a long time. It’s been 3 years since I wrote my story. Busy with life, ups, and downs. I am here to share my experience that happened 2 years ago. Now, coming to the story,

I am working in Bangalore, and due to the lockdown, I was working from home. Working from home was good. Then time passed to November. One of my cousins built a new house and invited me for a housewarming. Dad asked me to visit them because they couldn’t attend it.

I left on my bike at 10 am. It was 150 km away, so I reached there at 1 pm. Most of the cousins came with their families and I was the only guy among them.

I have 3 male cousins, working in the construction field and 2 in software, 2 female cousins are also married to software guys. So, all were married except me.

When I entered the house, it was almost filled with guests. Limited and very close ones only attended, yet it was full.

Then we had lunch and went to the terrace and started chit-chatting. My cousins introduced their wives and husbands. Well, 2 of my cousin’s wives were really hot and one was average. Rekha married 7 years ago and had 2 kids. Pallavi married 5 years ago and has a child. Usha, the average one, married 2 years ago and had a child.

I saw my cousin’s wife only 2 times after marriage and this was the third time. Time just passed and it was evening. The neighbors and nearby guests left home and all my cousins’ families and our aunties, uncles, and grandparents stayed.

The house had 3 bedrooms, and in the upstairs, there was 1 bedroom and a terrace. I told Deepak (my cousin) that I will sleep on the terrace and left with a mosquito tent. And the bedroom on the first floor was for Arun and Rekha. Arun took his kids and went to the room.

After the function, there would be household work for women and all were doing that. Rekha doing the cleaning work. While I was going to the terrace, Arun told Rekha he would make their kids sleep in the room and would be on the terrace and leave.

I arranged the mosquito tent and it was dark and no one could see. So I started to watch porn and rub my dick. It had been an hour and I hoped Arun and the kids were asleep. So I muted my mobile and watched porn. Suddenly, I heard some noises on the steps, so I paused it and kept the mobile aside, and started to pretend I slept.

I don’t know who it was, the person just approached my tent and called me, “Arun, are you asleep?”

By hearing the voice, I could tell it was my cousin’s wife Rekha. I didn’t answer and just stayed still. She asked angrily for not coming early. From me, no response was there.

Then she asked: Are the kids sleeping in the room?

Still, no answer from my side. She was furious by my silence and searched for the tent zip. She opened the tent and came inside it! I was shocked and tried to cover my dick with a blanket. She couldn’t see anything as it was dark.

Then she said: Are you angry with me for not coming sooner?

Still, no answer.

Then she said: I know how to make your anger go away.

My cousin’s wife sat near me and started to search for my dick! Most of us wear lungis at night, I too wear that, so do my cousin. Suddenly, she grabbed my dick over the lungi! It was already hard after seeing the porn and she grabbed it and pressed it hard. Wow! I hadn’t felt a woman’s touch for long. I can’t explain how was it or how I felt.

She told: Oh! You are already hard.

And I was silent. My cousin’s unsuspecting wife then started to rub my dick and pressed it over the lungi and then lifted it and reached my dick. My cousin’s wife’s bare hands were touching my dick. Her hands were cold, and my dick was hot. I had a feeling a current through from my body.

Rekha started to stroke it and tried to hold the balls too.

Then she asked: Why haven’t you removed the hair? I asked you last week itself, na?

I didn’t respond. She then asked me to talk, but I didn’t. Then she said: Okay! Let’s see how you can stay longer without taking to me.

She suddenly bent toward my dick and put it inside her mouth! I muted my feelings and controlled my mouth not to make sounds. My cousin’s wife started to roll her tongue on my dick tip and bite it sometimes. Then she started to take my whole dick inside of her mouth and sucked it fully.

Meanwhile, I started to insert my hand inside her nighty and finger my cousin’s wife’s pussy. Thick juices were dripping inside that. I started to do it slowly and increased the speed of my fingering and inserted another finger too. she moaned a bit and said, “What happened today?! Your won’t finger me fast normally and now you are doing it very fast.”

No response.

Then she ran her hand on my balls and held them and just pressed them. I never thought of it and unknowingly, my voice got out as “Ahh!”

She felt something was different and started to realize it. I don’t know what came inside me, I just held my cousin’s wife’s head and pushed it onto my dick. And with the other hand, I was fingering her pussy rapidly!

Rekha started to back off. I opened my eyes and sat hugging her and continuously increased the speed of my fingers drilling her pussy. I started to kiss her neck, ears, and below the neck. She was hesitant to continue and wanted to leave, but at the same time, she was moaning too.

I slowly held her head and kissed her lips and did continuous fingering. Rekha too felt she wanted sex at that time. Then I stopped fingering and broke the kiss and held her mouth and hands and said-

Me: Please don’t leave now! I haven’t had sex from many days. I won’t tell anyone and no one will know about this.

Then again, I kept my hand on my cousin’s wife’s pussy and started to insert my fingers into it. Then I took fingers out, lifted her nighty fully and spread her legs within no time, and started to lick her pussy. I inserted my tongue inside those bottom lips. It was already wet and juices were flowing out from it.

I kept both hands on her boobs and pressed them hard. Then I licked her clitoris and inserted my tongue again and again. Slowly, my cousin’s wife started to fall back and held my head and pushed me into her pussy. Thank God, she too started to like it and enjoy it.

I slowly started to pinch her nipples and press those melons hard. She just let a big moan, “Aah! Humm! Haaa!”

Then I came on top of her navel and kissed and bit it and reached for her boobs. I sucked them. Then I stopped and looked at her and held her head and said –

Me: It will be fast, don’t worry.

Then I took her hand and placed it on my dick. I held her boobs in my hand. I pressed my cousin’s wife’s boobs and inserted a finger into her pussy. Then I made her stroke and press my dick.

I sucked her nipples. Rekha was fair and I hoped those nipples were pink but wasn’t able to see in the dark. She had a good ass too. Sucking those melons was the greatest achievement of the day.

Then I reached to her lips and kissed them. She too gave a nice kiss and asked me to enter her quickly. So, I spread her legs and set the angle for the missionary position. I held my dick and started to insert it inside. My cousin’s wife’s pussy was very wet and my dick entered hersmoothly. Rekha moaned, “Uhmm! Ohhh!”

Then I removed it and again pushed slowly inside her pussy. This time, it was fully inside and the pussy was hot just like magma from the volcano.

After entering my dick slowly inside, I just stopped and felt the warmth of Rekha’s pussy. At that moment, I felt so nice and wanted to feel more. I kissed slowly on her lips and stroked my dick inside. I wanted to feel the warmth of her pussy walls, so I was inserting it slowly.

She let out some noise, “Ahh! Ahhhhh! Uahh!”

Rekha said in a tone: Please do it more faster…faster..someone might come..please!

And she kissed me and bit my lips. Then I held her legs and placed them on my shoulders and inserted my dick and started to increase my pace. I was entering my dick fully and removing it again, hitting cousin’s wife’s pussy so hard, and doing it fast.

Juices were oozing from her pussy and the noises “pch! pch! pch!” were heard after every stroke. For every stroke, my dick was getting disappeared in her pussy and again coming back. The process continued like a piston beating inside the cylinder of the engine!

For every stroke, my cousin’s wife moaned, “Uhmm, uhmm, aah aaaaaah, do it faster..” I increased the speed to the maximum and did it fast. Rekha continued to moan, “Ah ah ah aha aahhhh ahh aur aah…”

Rekha just held my head between her legs and pressed it hard. I could feel her cumming and a relaxation in her body. But my dick was hard, and it could take another 8 or 10 strokes to cum. She felt comfortable and freed her body and I stopped.

I wasn’t able to cum and stopped. She asked me to remove my dick. Then she removed her legs from my shoulders and slept aside.

She said: It happened fast and I don’t know how I agreed to all this.

And she was feeling sad thinking what if someone came to know about this?

She: How I can face my hubby now?

I said: I too don’t have an answer. It was instant and it happened anyway. We can’t undo the past. And don’t worry, this will be our secret. No one will know.

I was still hard and I just held her head and kissed her face and comforted her. Then I held her body and circled my hands around her body and held her hand and placed it on my dick and asked her to see it. It was still hard and I slowly started to go for her pussy and inserted fingers in it. She just let a “Ahhhhh” sound and I held my dick. Again, I inserted it fully and it was all wet as her cum flowed all over her pussy. Her butt was also wet with the juices flowing all over it. I played with it and she too liked it.

Then I pinched her nipples. The fingering aroused her and I asked her for one more round because I hadn’t cummed. I requested Rekha to be in a doggy position so that I could cum fast. She hesitated and finally agreed.

Then I turned her around and made her in a doggy position and cleaned her cum all over her pussy and ass. After that, I inserted my dick inside her pussy. It was the slippery because of the pussy juices. While inserting in her pussy, I put a finger in her ass and entered inside the pussy, so that it didn’t enter the ass.

Initially, I entered half of my dick and then removed it and placed it fully again. Then I increased the pacse for every stroke. The best angle in the sex for me is the doggy style, I can’t express why but it’s great.

While fucking my cousin’s wife’s pussy, I started to insert my thumb in her ass. Rekha made a noise, “Ohh..” and asked –

She: Why insert in the ass?

I said: It will feel good.

She said: It’s painful.

I said: I will send only half of it, and slowly.

The asshole was dry. It was really painful for her. So I inserted one finger into her pussy after removing the dick and then made it wet and applied some juices to the ass.

She was struck and didn’t know what I was doing.

Then she asked: What happened? Why are you doing things like that?!

I replied: Just stay still, no worries.

And I removed the finger from her pussy and placed my index finger in her ass and started circulating inside.

While doing that, I inserted my dick inside her pussy and started to ram her hard and fast. Dick was going fully inside and coming out. It was free of juices and then on other hand placed the index finger in her ass and more. Then half of the finger inside her ass and it was going smoothly as smooth as dick in her pussy.

I inserted my finger fully in my cousin’s wife’s ass and was fucking her pussy hard at the same time. I continued ramming her in both holes.

She: Oohhh aaa aaaah! oh! Noo! What are you doing?! Do it fast, do it fast.

I was on the way to climax. I removed my dick from my cousin’s wife’s pussy and started to remove my finger from her ass. I entered my dick tip into Rekha’s ass hole. Rekha was shocked by that and moved forward. I held her hand and said –

Me: Don’t move. I won’t enter fully, just the tip, and then will cum.

I placed a finger in her pussy and started fingering her and requested her to insert my dick tip in her asshole. She reluctantly agreed. I was in a hurry and tried to hold her ass firmly and started to enter the ass. It was very tight, but due to the wetness, it wasn’t that hard. I entered the tip and started to stroke, she moved forward when I inserted some more, so I didn’t have the option and just held her ass and entered only the tip. Then I cummed in her ass. She too cummed again and juices were flowing from her pussy.

It was the great sex experience of my life, one of the best with my cousin’s wife.

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