My sex journey with my Daughter! – Part 3

I decided to fuck my daughter anyway. Because I cannot stop thinking of her. My wife is beautiful, but my daughter is gorgeous. She is fresh, like a new flower. I do not know whether I am doing any correctly or not. But when I have a chance, I do not want to waste it.

I once again checked whether I had locked my room door properly. I have a very good plan to execute, but I do not know whether it will execute or not. With that, I am ready to go.

I opened my future slave door. I was mesmerised by looking inside. My gorgeous daughter sat in front of the mirror with a pink blouse and green saree. She just now took a bath, it seems. Her hair was combed to one side, leaving her hair on her boobs to her navel. Magnifying her beauty.

She looked at me. My eyes were attracted towards her big almond eyes and big pink lips. She was combing her hair and looking at me. Her big melons were beautiful over her blouse under her shoulders as she kept her hands on her hair. What a visual I am looking for.

She stood up suddenly and slowly turned towards me, tensed. A big bulge again took place in my pants. Her hair stood in the same position, with her saree covering her left shoulder, leaving a part of the above cleavage on her right. Small water droplets dripped on the floor from her hair.

She coloured her hair in such a way that some of her hair looked brown. Her big pink lips and lipstick made me look at her curiously. She had big earrings too. She was perfect in size, like a film actress.

Her hair completely dried in no time. Magnified her gorgeous beauty to my lustful eyes. What a bitch my sperm had become. She spoke first

Preeti: Who are you? How did you enter our home? I saw all the doors were closed.

I stood silent. I kept my phone in my back pocket and looked forward to dialling a number when she looked on the other side. The moment had come, and I called my daughter slowly when she looked back.

Preeti: Shhh. Do not talk. My father is calling.

Then she took the call and answered.

Preeti (on the phone): Dad, my friends and I are having a group call on WhatsApp for the day after tomorrow’s exam. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Then she hung up the call. This is what I expected from her. She should think I am not her father. And luckily, the plan had worked. And spoke to me again.

Preeti(to me): How did you come in?

I stood silent. She was not in the mood to tolerate it. I thought to go back and turned my back towards the door to leave. Suddenly I heard

Preeti: Wait! Do not leave. We will make a deal.

I signalled to her with my hands, “WHAT?”

Preeti: I broke up with my boyfriend. The asshole feared my father and left me. SO.

She was not at all telling anything. I took a marker from her room and wrote, “SO WHAT?” on the wall.

Preeti: I thought you were my father for a time. I underestimated him. The way he fucked my mom is unbelievable. He is also having the same dick and the same fucking style as yours. Just now, I was clarified.

I again patted the wall where I wrote with the marker

Preeti: So, I want you to fuck me very badly.

I thought of this how I was going to do it. But my bitch daughter gave me a whole new option to me. How can I deny it?

Preeti: You can do whatever you want to me. I readied in a saree by looking at my mom. I want to masturbate in a saree and feel what it looks like. But luckily, you showed up.

It was an awkward moment for me. But I can not deny the wonderful option of fucking my beautiful daughter.

Preeti: So, what do you say?

I showed her a thumbs-up symbol. She was very much happy about it.

Preeti: Then tear your fucking mask, then tear my fucking green saree and fuck me crazy.

I again wrote on the wall, “NO, I won’t take my mask off”, saying I signalled her thumbs-up if ok or thumbs-down if no. What option she has? It was a new pussy to want a dick inside of her. She turned up. And this is what I want.

Preeti: Go rough on me. It is ok. I will handle anything.

I opened my pants zip and took my black dick out. I was giving a handjob to myself while looking at her face.

Preeti: So, will you or do you want me to start?

I slowly went near her. She was feet less than me. I held her chin and yanked her head a little back. I thought, as a father, how can she offer her body to someone stranger? So, ‘CHAP,’ I hit her very hard for misbehaviour. And the father feeling died very soon in me.

Preeti:(angry) How dare you hit me, bastard? Even my father did not touch me till now.

I showed her my middle finger. And I grabbed her by the back and brown hair of hers and yanked the bitch to the wall. I grabbed her hair and draped it around my full rose-black dick. Then I put my dick in her mouth, and her hair draped to my dick.

I first patted her lovely face with my dick. I completely took her head in my hands while holding her silky hair. I first kept my balls in her mouth and pinned her head towards the wall while holding her silky hair. Bloody Bitch suffers so that I can get pleasure. She wants it because she told it.

She put her hands near my back pocket with no other option. Now she is not my daughter. She is my slave. And she knows it better than me. I pounded her face repeatedly as water droplets dripped from her eyes. I found her pain pleased me so much. Bloody Bitch.

I took my dick out and went far. Her hair around my dick slowly fell on the ground as she bent on the ground. Her hair was mixed with the sweat of my dick and her saliva and a little bit of pre-cum. I loved it. Loved it.

Preeti (while moving her head up): What the…?

Before completing her sentence, ‘CHAP.’ I slapped her again on her gorgeous face.

Preeti: What the…?

‘CHAP,’ one more slap. With that, she understood she should remain silent. Then she kept silent.

And slowly, she bent down. I did not wear any shoes or chappal. She came near my feet and put her tongue on them. Then she started licking it as a dog. Just like a dog. She was a bitch. And I treated her like that only. I spit on her dress.

I grabbed her by the neck and slapped her again. The dog needs punishment. I grabbed hold of her Pallu and removed her saree in one go. Then I saw her beautiful pink blouse. Holding her blouse from either side, I tore her blouse into pieces. And I cut the petticoat with the scissor in her room.

She was naked. Just like the day she was born. I squeezed her boobs. Again. And again. For which she was giving soft moans. I squeezed till my heart desired. Then I threw the bitch on her bed. I fucking jumped on her after undressing myself except wearing the mask on my head.

I sat on her vagina part. ‘CHAP,’ I slapped her tits, once, twice, thrice. The count goes on, for which she has no other option but to moan. ‘CHAP,’ I slapped her face. This also has no count. In no time, her upper body turned dark red because of my beating. I looked at her for some time.

Preeti: Do not stop. Continue. Let it become red. Please continue.

With that ugly permission, I slapped her even more. I slept on her. Then licked her earrings first. Then licked her face where I slapped her. Then spat some saliva out on her hair. And I did her some hair massage. She was enjoying it.

Preeti: Please come and fuck me daily.

I do not know whether this will happen or not. But I will try. Because fucking a virgin pussy is luck.

Then in the missionary position, I fucked her hard. Very hard. I closed her mouth with my mouth while I fuck her wet pussy hard again and again. I bit her neck many times while I fuck her wet and craving pussy.

I took her hair back in the bed of her hair and pulled the bitch’s hair roughly, for which she moaned, “Aaahhh.” Then I let her loose as she should not moan loudly.

I fucked. And fucked very hard till my heart desired more and more. The way I fuck her is more ethnic and fresh. My complete sweat touched her bare body. In no time, she started crying.

Preeti:(while crying) Please, slow. Aaahhh. Please.

No please to me. She should suffer that pain so that I can get pleasure. She was also enjoying but not telling me anything as down of her was paining like hell. After ten minutes, I came in her pussy after hers. I stood like that for some time and kneeled on my legs on the bed.

She immediately grabbed my dick and licked it clean. Then I pissed on her in the bed, for which she was shocked and told.

Preeti: What the fuck did you do? Where the hell should I sleep?

I slapped her on the face and showed her with my hands to sleep on the ground. I completed my pissing on the bed, grabbed her by the neck, and pinned her towards the pissed area on the bed. I left her, for which she rose with piss in her mouth and face.

Preeti: I hate it. But I will get used to it.

In no time, I readied myself and went out before she told

Preeti: Please do visit me whenever you want.

With that, I left the room silently and slept. For the next month, I fucked my wife in the morning and daughter in the night with a mask on my face. I never revealed myself to my daughter. I used to different sex positions with both. I want to do with both, which never happens.

After a month, I was fed up fucking them both. So I slept for more than usual. I woke up to the loud noises of my wife and the loud cry of my daughter. I went out to the hall to check on them. My wife was yelling at my daughter, to which my daughter had no answer. I went near them and asked.

Me(to both): (in a sleepy mood) What happened, Ladies?

There was silence for the next few minutes. So I asked them again, to which my wife replied.

Devi: She is pregnant.

FUCK. All my sleep was gone. I completely forgot to put condom while fucking my daughter. How the hell did I miss this? My daughter gave me the biggest surprise gift and a shock to my wife.

My wife was angry about who was responsible for it. My daughter is also clueless about the same, who is responsible for it. Deep down, only I know what both people don’t. I am responsible. I am the main culprit.

To be continued.

In the next part, you will see different versions of the father revealing himself to his daughter. What do you think happens next? But expect unexpected things. Please share your views on how you felt about the story with [email protected]