Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife – Part 3

Hi everyone, Sameer again! I was busy with some work, so I didn’t have time to write and make you cum. I hope everyone’s dicks and pussy are fully loaded to blast! Now, coming to the story, it is the continuation part of the previous part.

After having memorable sex with my cousin’s wife Rekha near the water tank, I unloaded all my cum inside her. It was a great feeling while unloading my seed in her.

We were done and exhausted. My dick became flaccid. Then we started a discussion about our lives and desires of sex. She too wanted to have wild sex, but her hubby was not that much into it. We talked a lot and it was an hour away.

It was dark, so I asked her to wipe my dick with her maxi. And while cleaning, she held it and began to tease that it was tiny. We were laughing about the situation, and in no time, she started taking my dick in her mouth and chewing it. It was soft, and she was enjoying it. It was a bit painful for me, but I was getting pleasure too. (You should try it like that, sure you will like it.)

Soon, my dick became hard and semi-erect. My cousin’s wife was still chewing and sucking it. I was gaining mood and slowly inserted my fingers in her pussy. It was fully wet with our fluids. While I rammed it with my fingers, “puch-puch” sounds were coming from it. (You can understand how wet it was.)

My dick became fully erect, and Rekha was giving me a hell of a blowjob. She was very good at her job. Her hubby was damn lucky to have her around his dick.

Then I started to finger her pussy and tried to pinch and press her nipples hard. She moaned while sucking my dick. Soon, we came in 69 position and explored each other’s holy parts. She was on top of me, spreading her legs so that I could get a nice lick of her pussy. I was licking it and inserted my tongue inside her pussy. It was a bit salty but it was good.

Then I removed my tongue from the pussy and licked on the pussy. I love that puffy pussy, and I bit it. Rekha let out a moan of ah, and I again bit it. She bit my dick for that. It was fun doing that.

Now I started to rub the clitoris and inserted my tongue again into the pussy. My cousin’s horny wife was sucking my dick and enjoying it. I slid two fingers into her pussy deep and licked those fingers too. I was licking everything of her pussy like she belonged to me and so did she. Rekha was moaning and leaking her fresh fluids. At the same time, she too tasted my precum. I was licking and fucking her pussy with my lounge. Then she was about to release her fresh juices.

So I stopped, but she was sitting on my face to unload it. But I wanted it on me and made her to suck it. So I changed the position and fingered her with full force and placed my dick near her pussy. Within 20 seconds, Rekha shot a load of her fluid on my dick! It was all wet. She applied all of it on my dick and massaged it.

Then I pulled her toward me and started to suck her lips and bite them. I was kissing vigorously on her cheeks, neck, and shoulders. I was also pressing her nipples and sucking them. She laid down and I was on top of her. I was sucking her nipples, kissing and pressing her puffy navel, and puffy pussy.

Then I came to the bottom and cleaned her fluid-dripped pussy with my tongue. I was licking her married pussy, bottom to top with my tongue and holding her vertical lips with my teeth and sucking them too. She pulled me toward her face, kissed me on my lips, and folded her legs around my waist. I served my fully wet dick inside her pussy, gave a slow thrust, and it went deep inside. Then again, I removed it and slowly gave a small push. Now, it was fully inside again.

Rekha made us turn and she was on top of me. Then she rode me for four strokes and took my dick out of her pussy and licked it fully. She began to circle her hands on my stomach and chest. While sucking it, slowly she was coming toward my stomach, and my chest, licking from the bottom. Rekha held my nipples and began to pinch it. No one had done that before. She licked my chest and came toward my nipples and took them in her mouth. It was purely a different feeling. It was a tickling sensation all over my body.

My cousin’s wife was as good at sucking as you know, and she was great here too. I was pinching her one nipple and suckling the other nipple and vice-versa. My dick was poking her navel hole and it was fully erect and I wanted to cum. But she stopped it.

Then I moved a bit and held her and gave my dick in her mouth. She was sucking, and I was about to cum. But I wanted to control it, because I didn’t want to cum so fast and wanted us to have this wonderful sex a bit longer. When I was about to cum, I took my dick out of her mouth, held her, and kissed her.

As you know we were in a mosquito net, we came out of it, and it was dark. No one could see us. We went near the water tank, took some water, poured on my dick, and sprinkled some on Rekha. She too sprinkled some water on me.

We both were naked. At that time, I got an idea, why don’t we have sex inside the water tank?! I never had this before, so I wanted to try it.

I told her and convinced her. It was 8 feet (2.44 m) high with 2 feet (0.61 m) columns and had a grill gate on top of it for lifting, cleaning, and checking water. There was an iron staircase to get into it. I took my mobile, climbed onto the tank, lifted those grill gates, and checked the water with the flashlight.

Only 2 2-foot (0.61 m) depth of water was inside and it was clean because it was constructed recently. I asked her to climb slowly. Then I entered the tank and held her. She too came inside.

The water was a bit cold and just above her knees. Her thighs are beautiful. I didn’t see her fully naked in the light. I left the grill gate open and placed the mobile with a flash-on on the wall so that only lighting would be inside the water tank.

It was the first time we were both seeing our bodies naked. She was a bomb and had thick flesh in perfect places. The inside dimensions were 6 feet (1.83 m) height, 4 feet (1.22 m) width, and 6 feet (1.83 m) length. So we could stand inside and still couldn’t be seen from outside.

We then hugged each other and kissed. My dick was wet, but flaccid. It was her job again to make it hard. She went on her knees and started to suck. After just 2 minutes of sucking, it was hard. Then I too came on my knees and kissed her. While kissing, I leaned backwards and pulled her on top of me.

While doing that, my cousin’s wife’s nipples were shaking like hanging melons. We were all wet, and we were sitting facing each other. The water was below my chest, but for her, it covered her nipples. I held those nipples and pressed them inside the water. She was stroking me inside the water. It was my first time doing this in water, and I was feeling nice.

While she was stroking, I took support of the walls and laid, so that the precum ejected from dick would flow freely in the water. We smiled at that.

Then I placed my fingers in her pussy, and removed some of her fluids. Those were also flowing on top of the water. We played like that for a while, pouring water on each other.

After a while, I placed my dick in her pussy while we were in the water in a missionary position. But it was not that much comfortable, so we tried doggy. I asked her to bend on her knees and lift her head.

Then I spread her butt and placed my dick inside Rekha. It was a bit hard and not that much easy to fuck like that. I held her hair and pulled her head up and fucking her with full force. We just had ten to 15 strokes and it was not that much up to the mark. So I made her hold the wall so that we could do it in a bending position.

Then I entered her pussy from behind. With two pushes, my dick went fully inside. I started to ram my cousin’s wife’s pussy continuously and rubbed her clitoris. Within 5 minutes, she came. Immediately, I increased my pace and in another 15 strokes, I came inside her.

Then we just stood like that. When I removed my dick, so much of the fluids from her pussy fell into the water.

That midnight was a great night for both of us. After that, we had many wild things.

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