Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 4

Part 4 narrates the incidents of the first night home when I heard Bhabhi calling for me in panic in the middle of the night.


I put my shorts on and rushed to Bhabhi’s room. She was sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs closed tight, rocking back and forth.

Me: What happened Bhabhi?

Bhabhi: I need to use the toilet badly Sonu. I’ve been holding it in for a long time as I didn’t want to wake you up. But I can’t hold it in any longer.

Bhabhi got up and I followed her to the toilet, noticing her heavy hanging braless tits jiggle under her loose shirt as she walked. She got in front of the toilet bowl and turned around looking at me with shame. But she didn’t say anything.

Then I got close in front of Bhabhi and knelt down, coming at eye level with her hips. I clutched the waistband of her pajama and nudged them down over her big round buttocks, letting them fall to the ground before removing them. Her white cotton panties looked very old and worn out. The hospital staff must have put them on Bhabhi yesterday morning.

My face was now inches away from Bhabhi’s panty-covered privates, so close that I could smell her sweet musky aroma. I had often fantasized about taking a woman’s panties off someday. But not in a million years did I think I would one day get the chance to take off my homely virtuous Bhabhi’s panties, who was not only six years older than me but also someone I always looked up to with respect.

I wondered if I was possibly the first man to take off Bhabhi’s bra. But was I also about to become the first man to take her panties off? Would there be others after me? Then Bhabhi looked down at me and said, “Sonu, I can’t hold it anymore.”

I grasped the elastic of Bhabhi’s panties and pulled them down over her round milky white buttocks until they were bunched up around her ankles. Then I looked up and staring at me was Bhabhi’s faithful devoted pink pussy, covered with jet-black long curly pubes, thick and dense, like a jungle.

My mouth was agape in disbelief at seeing Bhabhi’s magnificent private pussy completely exposed and inches away from my face. Before Bhabhi’s accident, if someone told me this moment would come one day, I would have slapped them for such an outrageously indecent thought. But here I was, seeing our private family pussy in all its glory while others who knew her could only imagine what was hidden under her proper attire and jerk off.

I was about to raise Bhabhi’s feet to remove her panties off her ankles. But she had to pee so badly, she couldn’t wait any longer. She immediately sat her plump butt down on the toilet seat, spread her legs wide, stretching her worn-out panties still on her ankles as wide as they could stretch.

Her pussy lips separated, and a jet stream of urine rushed out from her hairy pussy, making a hissing sound as it hit the toilet water and Bhabhi made a loud ‘Aah’ sound in relief. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed.

It happened so quickly. I didn’t get a chance to look away. My face was still inches away from Bhabhi’s now exposed pussy violently gushing out urine and my mouth agape in shock and awe. Her pubic hairs were glistening with droplets of urine, resembling the dew that forms on early morning grass.

As Bhabhi continued to pee, I heard her say, “Oh no, not now!” Then I looked up to see that Bhabhi’s blue shirt had started to form wet marks around her nipples which were poking through her shirt just above her navel. She had started leaking milk again and to make the matter worse, she didn’t have a bra on.

Bhabhi panicked and to keep her shirt from getting further wetter, she raised her shirt slightly, exposing her cherry-colored wet elongated nipples pointing down.

Milk escaped her nipples, drip by drip, some landing on her thick white thighs and some down her navel, disappearing into her hairy pussy, joining the steady stream of urine.

Then I looked up to see tears rolling down Bhabhi’s face and sweat beads forming on her forehead.

My poor Bhabhi. I cursed myself because even her tears did nothing to make my erection go away. Then I raised my hands to wipe away her tears and sweat as she continued to pee. Suddenly my phone started ringing, startling us both. It was Bhaiya.

Bhaiya: Sonu, how is Sheetal doing now?

How could I tell him that his wife was sitting on the toilet seat with her legs spread wide? That his younger brother was the one who pulled down her panties and with a raging erection was now watching his wife pee gushing from her hairy pussy, milk dripping from her heavy braless tits and tears leaking from her sad tired eyes.

Me: Bhabhi is doing better now Bhaiya.

Bhaiya was silent for a few seconds. He must have heard Bhabhi’s pee hitting the toilet water. But he didn’t say anything. Then Bhaiya asked to speak to Bhabhi. Bhabhi was still peeing, so I looked at her and she just nodded. I came close to Bhabhi, knelt down between her wide-open legs so that the phone was close to her face, and put the phone on speaker.

In doing so, my feet were just below and touching her panties, stretched around her ankles. As Bhabhi leaned forward to talk, her heavy braless jugs hung down freely under her shirt, above her panties that were still stretched wide around her ankles. Milk was now dripping down rapidly from her elongated nipples directly down to her outstretched panties.

Even her tears and sweat were rolling down her cheeks and dripping on her panties which were now completely drenched. After a few seconds, Bhabhi had finished peeing. But was still talking to Bhaiya. She asked him to hold, motioned for me to put the phone on mute, and said she wanted to talk to him privately in her room.

As she stood up, a few drops of pee trickled down her milky white thick thighs, landing on her milk and tear-soaked panties. Then I reached down to pull her panties up, but just as I got them up past her knees, she felt its wetness on her thighs.

Bhabhi: Sonu, these are completely soaked. I can’t wear them. I’m going to my room to finish talking to your Bhaiya. Can you keep the phone in my room and give me two minutes before you come in, please?

Then I pulled Bhabhi’s wet panties back down to her ankles and off her feet. I remembered that I had forgotten to clean Bhabhi’s pussy after she finished peeing. As I turned to get toilet paper, Bhabhi had already started walking to her room, unmindful of how sloppy and damp her pussy and pubes had become with pee and milk.

Then I followed Bhabhi. Below her blue shirt that reached her waist, Bhabhi was completely nude. My eyes refused to shift focus from her now fully exposed big milky white ass cheeks, jiggling with every step, daring me to grab and mistreat them. I wanted to kiss her buns, knead them, worship them, and bury my face deep in her enormous soft pillows. Unfortunately for me, they were not meant for me to enjoy, they belonged to my Bhaiya to play with.

Bhabhi: Keep the phone on the dresser Sonu. Please unmute it and close the door. Just give me a few minutes.

Then I closed the door and waited outside Bhabhi’s room. But I was so aroused that my penis was ready to explode. I remembered Bhabhi’s wet panties were still in the toilet, so I rushed in there, picked up her soaking wet panties, sniffing and taking in the intoxicating aroma of her pussy mixed with the milk, tears, and sweat that had soaked them.

Then I sat on the toilet seat before putting the crotch area of the panty into my mouth. I vigorously stroked my penis as her panty hung from my mouth. Just as I was about to cum, I took her panty out of my mouth and wrapped it tight around my penis, and came violently in them. I sat there for a bit with her panties hanging from my penis which was wet from the mixture of juices on Bhabhi’s panty.

Suddenly I heard Bhabhi calling for me in panic. I pulled my shorts up and rushed to her room. She was standing by the bed facing me with her thick bush and plump ass exposed, looking a bit annoyed.

Bhabhi: Where were you, Sonu!? I have been calling for you for five minutes.

Me: Sorry Bhabhi. Are you ok?

Bhabhi looked down at her shirt, the lower part of which was completely drenched with her leaking milk.

Bhabhi: Sonu, please hurry and bring my breast pump. Can you also get fresh panties from my drawer on the bottom left?

Then I opened the drawer but there was nothing in there. Then I remembered that when the original plan was for Bhabhi to stay at her parents’ house, her mother had come and packed most of Bhabhi’s clothes and taken them to her house. I told Bhabhi about that and that only increased her frustration.

Bhabhi: Sonu, then just bring me my panties you took off in the toilet.

I started panicking. Not only had I put the crotch of Bhabhi’s panties in my mouth, but I had also just cum in them. How could I put those back on her? What would happen when she realizes what I did?

Me: But Bhabhi, those panties are soaking wet.

Bhabhi: Sonu, I am not going to just stay here without any panties on. Please, just hurry up and bring my panties and breast pump.

Then I stood there frozen with fear. Bhabhi couldn’t understand why I had gone silent, but she was getting annoyed and couldn’t wait any longer. She started walking to the toilet and asked me to follow her, which I reluctantly did. Then Bhabhi stood next to her crumpled cum-soaked panties next to the toilet bowl and said, “Sonu, please.”

With no other choice, I accepted my fate and picked up Bhabhi’s panties. Globs of my semen were puddled in the center of her panty which she clearly had not noticed. She raised her feet so I could put them on her. As I slid them up her legs, over her ass and pussy, I meekly looked up at her face, expecting her to feel my sticky cum on her pussy and lash out at me.

But there was no reaction. Either she couldn’t feel my cum or she didn’t want to embarrass me. Bhabhi just walked back to her room waiting for me to bring her breast pump.

I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked god for saving me from utter humiliation and disgrace. My poor disabled Bhabhi didn’t deserve this after all the hardships she endured. But my penis stood erect at the thought of Bhabhi sitting on her bed, with my cum in her panties, her pussy slathered and coated with my semen.

Then I giddily went to fetch Bhabhi’s pump. But as I walked back to her room, I accidentally stumbled and dropped it, dislodging the handle from the pump.

Shit! How I was going to face Bhabhi now. Her heavy milk engorged boobs were causing her unbearable discomfort and she desperately needed her milk pumped out.

Me: Sorry Bhabhi, I accidentally stumbled and dropped the pump.

I showed Bhabhi the broken pump and waited for her to yell at me. But she just closed her eyes in despair and pain.

Me: Bhabhi, I’ll go find one from a medical store.

Bhabhi: Sonu, it’s the middle of the night. Nothing is open right now and I won’t survive like this till morning (Tears started rolling down Bhabhi’s cheeks).

Then I walked to the side of the bed where Bhabhi was sitting, knelt down close to Bhabhi, and wiped the tears from her face. I held her face with my hands, turning it towards me, and asked her to look at me.

Me: Bhabhi, do you trust me? Since you came into our lives, you have always treated me like I am your own child. You are not just my Bhabhi, but also a mother to me. I promise never to do anything to betray your trust in me.

Bhabhi nodded her head. With this simple nod, Bhabhi had placed her complete trust in me. She must have realized that not only had I already seen her nude, but had also seen her urinating and I had not done anything indecent (except masturbating in her dirty panties which she didn’t know about, and all things considered was quite harmless).

Either that or in despair, Bhabhi accepted her fate and gave up on shame and decorum, realizing that until her hands healed, she would have no choice but to be dependent on others who would get to see and touch her in various states of indecency.

Then I asked Bhabhi to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs touching the ground. She moved into a sitting position by moving her legs and butt.

Me: Bhabhi, I’ll be right back.

I returned with a bottle and rolled Bhabhi’s shirt all the way up to her armpits to expose her huge heavy tits. Then I asked her to lean forward and as she did, her massive jugs hung straight down with milk leaking drop by drop.

I placed a towel on the floor to absorb the milk and knelt down between Bhabhi’s legs, clutched her left glistening elongated nipple between my thumb and index finger, and attempted to pull and squeeze down on her nipple to expel her milk down into the bottle that I was holding with my other hand. I had never milked a cow before. But here I was milking our very own family cow.

However, it was in vain. Milk sprayed everywhere including on my face, instead of just into the bottle. Bhabhi’s eyes were closed. I couldn’t be sure if it was to avoid eye contact with me or because she was in pain. Then I put the bottle down and now with both hands freed, I grabbed Bhabhi’s left heavy hanger with one hand and brought it up to my face.

I latched on to her large, rugged nipple with my lips and felt Bhabhi shudder and exclaim a loud “aah” in surprise. Then I looked up and seeing Bhabhi’s eyes still closed, I started sucking. Sweet warm milk gushed into my mouth in bursts as I gulped it all down. To keep the flow steady, I started kneading and massaging Bhabhi’s breasts with both hands.

After about 20 minutes, Bhabhi’s left breast was completely drained. As I picked up her right breast and brought the nipple into my mouth, my eyes were drawn to what was directly in front of me, between Bhabhi’s spread legs.

Bhabhi’s dirty white panties, which by now had dried up, had started to get wet again. My poor Bhabhi, her heart and pussy had always been loyal to Bhaiya. But her partially disabled body was not able to resist the pleasure of a mouth pulling and sucking on her nipple even if that mouth belonged to her younger brother-in-law.

My penis was already standing erect. But as I saw Bhabhi’s panties getting wetter, as if possessed, my hold on her breast tightened and my gentle kneading turned rough, my fingers digging into her breast flesh and mouth opened wide to take in more than just her nipple.

Hoping Bhabhi would attribute this to my inexperience, I aggressively forced as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, completely taking her wide bumpy areolas into my mouth, sucking on them with passion and vigor. I remember feeling so sorry for Bhabhi. She could not even use her hands to pleasure herself later and Bhaiya was not here to help her.

I wanted to reach between her thighs, tear her dirty panties off and help relieve the pent-up frustration in her wet hungry pussy. But I couldn’t.

I was so lost in conflicting emotions, I didn’t realize that Bhabhi’s milk flow had stopped and continued sucking. But now also playing with her nipple in my mouth, flicking her nipple with my tongue, gently biting on them like a dog with a chew toy. I only came back to my senses as I heard Bhabhi repeatedly calling my name. Then I looked up at her face with her breast still in my mouth.

Bhabhi: Sonu, please, you can stop now. No more milk is there.

Bhabhi’s saliva-coated abused nipple slipped out as I opened my mouth. I was waiting for Bhabhi to scold me, but she didn’t say a word. She herself must have felt guilty for involuntarily getting wet and thought it was best not to speak about it.

Then I got up and rolled Bhabhi’s shirt back down to cover her braless boobs. There was silence for a few seconds. Bhabhi’s face was still troubled as if she wanted to say something but was hesitating.

Me: Are you OK now Bhabhi?

Bhabhi: Sonu, I need to use the toilet again.

Me: Sure Bhabhi, I’ll help you.

Bhabhi: No, not that Sonu. I have to go number 2.

Me: Oh I see!. Doesn’t matter Bhabhi. Let’s go.

Then Bhabhi got up and walked to the toilet as I followed behind her.

Bhabhi stood in front of the toilet bowl. I knelt down and pulled her panties down to her ankles. I was staring at her wet hairy pussy.

Bhabhi sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs wide. Then I turned around to leave to give her privacy until I heard Bhabhi make animal-like grunting sounds while applying pressure. Even her grunts were irresistible to me.

I turned around and, in that instant, I saw what looked like a long banana-sized log emerged from under Bhabhi’s butt and plunk into the toilet water. Thinking she was done, I approached her only to see her grunt again and release another banana-sized log.

“I am done Sonu”, said Bhabhi with a sweaty tired face.

Then I asked Bhabhi to scoot forward on the toilet seat just a bit so I could reach behind her and clean her with toilet paper and hand-held bidet spray. I was proud that I was able to take care of my sweet Bhabhi in this difficult time, no matter what the ask was.

Then Bhabhi got up from the toilet seat and I knelt down to pull her panties up. Her panties had become so overused and worn out that as I was pulling them up, I heard a ripping sound. Her panty had a large torn slit in the middle. Bhabhi heard it too.

Not knowing what to do, I pulled them up all the way up. But it was pointless and even she knew the torn panties did nothing to cover her modesty. Her pubic hair and labia were poking through the torn slit. Then I pulled Bhabhi’s panties back down and off her feet.

Me: Bhabhi, why don’t I shower you first, and then I’ll try to find fresh panties to put on you?

Bhabhi: OK Sonu.

Then I turned on the shower and took off Bhabhi’s shirt. For the first time, Bhabhi stood completely nude in front of me. Her huge boobs, hairy pussy, and round ass were completely exposed.

Bhabhi stepped under the shower and let the warm water fall down her body for a bit. I then turned off the shower and stepped in with her, standing in front of her. I took off my shirt, not wanting to get it wet. Bhabhi didn’t say anything as she understood.

Then I shampooed Bhabhi’s long wavy hair, my bare chest touching her milk bags occasionally. I pumped body soap into my palms and took a moment to decide where to start. There were so many options. I was like a kid at a festival who couldn’t wait to try out all the rides but had to start somewhere.

I washed Bhabhi’s face first and rinsed it off. Then I lathered her neck, hands, and back. I lifted her arms to lather her armpits which by now had considerable wavy curls on them as she had not shaved since the accident.

Then I pumped more soap into my palms and lathered Bhabhi’s heavy-hanging melons. Her body shuddered as I held and scrubbed them. I knelt down and lathered her feet working my way up her calves to her thick thunder thighs.

Now staring me in the face was Bhabhi’s hairy pussy. I had never touched Bhabhi there before and was not sure if I should clean her pussy as well. I was afraid she would react negatively and yell at me. Then I thought about asking her first but decided we were past that point and cupped her pussy in my hand, moving my hand up and down her pussy to lather it up.

Bhabhi almost fell down as she felt the first human touch on her starved pussy in a long time. I had to stand up and hold her with one hand while the other hand aggressively scrubbed and cleaned her hairy pussy. As much as I wanted to, it was only Bhaiya and Bhabhi’s trust in me that kept me from inserting my fingers inside Bhabhi’s sopping wet hairy pussy.

Lastly, I knelt down behind Bhabhi. Now inches away from my face were two big perfectly round white ass cheeks, soft like pillows that any man would want to bury their face in. My erect penis was telling me to lean forward and kiss her soft jiggly cheeks. But my brain knew better.

Then I grabbed each ass cheek one at a time and lathered and scrubbed them. Then I asked Bhabhi to spread her legs and lean forward a bit so I could clean her ass crack. As I scrubbed up and down her ass crack, my fingers brushed past her asshole and Bhabhi lost her footing and stumbled back on me.

We both fell down backward, me landing flat on my back and Bhabhi landing in a squatting position on my bare chest. The feeling of her soft plump ass cheeks and hairy pussy on my smooth bare chest and the view of her enormous round jiggly buttocks and hanging titties from behind felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I did not want this moment to end.

Bhabhi looked down and must have noticed my erection forming a tent in my shorts. In a panic, she tried to get up using just her legs. But it was too slippery and only resulted in her sliding her juicy butt and hairy pussy back and forth on my bare chest, almost sliding up to my face.

I waited anxiously for Bhabhi’s behemoth ass to slide up and completely engulf my face. Unfortunately for me that didn’t happen, as she gave up and stopped.

Bhabhi: Help me get up Sonu.

Reluctantly, I got us both backup, rinsed the soap off her body, and dried her with a towel. Bhabhi told me to once again go and carefully look for her underwear in her drawers and bring new pajamas as well. I found a nursing bra, which I brought to her along with her pajamas, but I couldn’t find any panties.

Then I grabbed and lifted Bhabhi’s boobs and tucked them in the nursing bra cup and put her button-down pajama top on. Standing there half nude, with her thick bush and buttocks exposed, Bhabhi said “Sonu, what about my panties?”.


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