Thirst Of My Shy and Traditional Wife – Part 1

Hello dear readers. My name is Sanjay, and I’m 38 years old. I am a tall, slim guy and also fair in complexion. I was a handsome guy, and during my teenage years, I was praised a lot by my family for being handsome.

I’m the managing director of our family business which is the manufacturing of garments. I’m a very disciplined and business-oriented person.

I got married at 30 through an arranged marriage with my wife, Deepti, who is 8 years younger than me. At 30, Deepti was a proud mother of 2 children. One daughter is 5 years old, and the son is 6 months old. Deepti is a fair and very beautiful lady. She is a bit like Esha Deol.

After giving birth to 2 kids, her hips widened a bit, making her ass appear larger and bigger. Her breasts were not of the heavy type, but they were always perfectly round and with no sagging. She is the dream milf for any man. But yet, she was a very conservative, shy lady.

We lived in a big house with my father, Aneerudh, 70, and my mother, Laxmi, 62. My mother was a bedridden old lady and had very weak eyesight. My father, on the contrary, was better in health than my mother.

I was lucky enough to have a very sweet and considerate wife who took good care of both my parents. She would always cover her head with her saree in front of my parents. But the only problem is that she was very stupid and could easily be fooled by anyone.

My sister named, Nishta, is married to Vijay. My sister is 42 years old, fair in complexion but has gotten on the fat side after marriage. Vijay, my brother-in-law, is a short man with a dark complexion and slim.

He had a moustache, and his face resembled a rat. He was 45 years old. They didn’t have any children. My sister was a very dominating person. My brother-in-law was like her slave.

2 months back, my sister and her husband Vijay came to stay at our place after a dispute at her in-law’s place. My sister iss an educated person. So she was assisting me with the company’s responsibilities. Her husband was left at home to help my wife with house chores.

My sister has very good leadership skills. I asked her to manage the office so I could take a good vacation by staying home for some time.

On Monday morning, I woke at around 9 am because I didn’t have to go to the office. I took my bath and went to the kitchen for breakfast. On entering the kitchen, I heard my wife and my brother-in-law talking.

Vijay: Hold me tight, Deepti. Hold me by my waist. Yeah, it’s good.

Deepti: Be careful, Viju bhaiya. Don’t fall.

This conversation was a bit intriguing for me. I peeped into the kitchen to see what they both were doing. I saw Vijay in his cotton grey shorts and white t-shirt standing on a stool sweeping the upper kitchen shelf with a broom. Deepti was holding him by his waist.

Her face was right in front of his crotch. At first glance, I was taken aback. But I cast away my negative thinking and convinced myself they were only doing house chores.

Vijay: Deepti, please close your eyes to prevent them from the dust. Only open when I tell you to.

Deepti: Okay Viju Ji.

Deepti closed her eyes. I was shocked to see that Vijay stopped sweeping. He started peering into my wife’s blouse from his top view. I couldn’t believe this and thought of going in and kicking him out of my house.

He shocked me more by grabbing my wife’s head and pressing her face onto his crotch. As soon as he did this, Deepti opened her eyes wide. But Vijay was cunning enough to react immediately.

Vijay: Oh, so sorry, Deepti. I almost lost my balance.

Deepti: Oh, it’s okay Viju Bhaiya.

But what I saw was different. I decided to go inside and kick this asshole. But I refrained when I saw my wife observing his crotch area with widening eyes secretly. It was then that I also noticed that his bulge was massive. I was nothing compared to that.

I was shocked but more surprised to see Deepti secretly looking at it. Without realising it, I also enjoyed this and had a boner inside my shorts. I couldn’t explain this feeling inside me. I was angry at him for behaving as such with my wife. At the same time horny seeing his acts.

I then decided to spy on him more. Vijay’s action was interrupted when I entered the kitchen. He acted innocently and completed the work. After breakfast, I went to the living room to watch television. Soon enough, my father came to join me.

Deepti came in to sweep the living room floor. As soon as she saw my father, she respectfully covered her head with the saree pallu. But while sweeping underneath the living room table, she had to bend further. So her black bra and boobs were easily visible through her blouse.

My eyes instantly searched for Vijay, knowing that this would be a feast for this bastard. But luckily, he wasn’t anywhere to be found. But then I was double shocked when I saw my father’s eyes fixed on Deepti’s boobs.

He forgot that I was there and was completely immersed in the scene. He kept staring for some time and then stood up. His bulge in his shorts could easily be seen.

Vijay: Bahu, I’m getting a bit of back pain. Would it be possible for you to massage my back a little bit?

Deepti: OK, Papa. I’ll bring oil and massage your back.

I was taken aback by such bold action from my father. My instinct only told me to spy on them to see what was happening next. Deepti went to fetch the oil bottle from the kitchen while my father left for his room. I purposely informed Deepti that I was retiring to our room for some work.

But instead of going into my room, I waited for Deepti to close the door of my father’s room behind her to go to the door to peep through the keyhole quickly.

My mother was lying on a separate bed. But as she had weak sight, she could see very less. My dad lay on his bed and was nude from the top with only his shorts. Deepti approached his bed with the oil bottle.

Deepti: Papa, please sleep on your belly so I can massage your back.

Father Aneerudh: Bahu, please, when you massage my back, sit on me for a better position. From a standing position, you won’t be able to apply pressure for a good massage.

Deepti: OK, Papa. I shall do as you say.

Deepti climbed on my father’s back and sat on his ass by positioning her knees on both sides. She then poured oil on his back and started rubbing in a circular motion. My dad started moaning erotically.

Aneerudh: Hmmm, ah, Bahu, your hands are magical. I feel better.

Deepti: Thank you, Papa.

Deepti continued to massage him for some 10 minutes.

Aneerudh: Bahu, please massage my chest also a bit. Can you please raise your hips and little as I will turn around?

Deepti, without realising, stood on her knees and lifted herself a little bit. My father turned around to face her.

Aneerudh: You can sit now, Bahu. Please take more time to massage my chest as I’m having some pain here.

Deepti stupidly, without giving it a thought, sat on my father’s crotch area and started to pour oil on his stomach. I could see from where I was that her ass crack was rightly centred over his crotch area. As Deepti started to massage his chest, his nipples started to harden.

The bulge on his shorts also started to become more visible. My father closed his eyes and enjoyed the massage. I could see him trying to push his hip each time to thrust his cock on the ass crack of Deepti. But unfortunately, I was in no position to see my wife’s expression.

Father: Bahu, I will hold your hips for a better position. I’m not comfortable keeping my hands sideways.

Without waiting for her confirmation, my father gripped the hip of Deepti. Each time he was thrusting his hips upward. He would purposely push my wife’s hips downward to dig more of his cock in her ass crack. My dad was moaning heavily.

I knew it was not because of the massage. But because of the pleasure of rubbing his cock on the ass crack of his daughter-in-law. To my dismay, instead of feeling angry, I was turned on by this scene. I wanted to see the reaction of my wife.

I wanted to see whether she also was enjoying the grinding of my father’s cock on her ass. I decided to go outside the house and peep through the window to observe them from a different angle. I went out a paved way to the window of that room.

I was shocked when I arrived at that window. My brother-in-law Vijay was already enjoying the view from the perfect angle. I observed from a distance. I could see him rubbing his cock over his shorts. I also observed my wife’s golden reaction.

As she was a fair lady, her face had turned red with shame. She was blushing through all of this. But she was also massaging my father with a sensual expression on her face. It was a mixed expression on her face.

It could be easily guessed that she was shy but, at the same time, enjoying the cock grinding her ass crack. I also kept wondering whether it was my dad that was pushing her hips or if it was her following the rhythm out of pleasure. I wanted to see more. But that fool Vijay was taking the hot seat from that angle.

So I decided to go back to my keyhole view. Once I reached there, I saw my father’s grip hardened around her hip. He pressed her down forcefully and shouted, ” Aah, bahu, thank you.” I saw the bulge area of his short moistening. I understood that he must have ejaculated after all this friction.

When he opened his eyes, Deepti shamefully rushed out of my father’s hip. She kept looking downward and came out of the room without saying a word. Before that, I rushed from there and went to sit in the living room. That night I kept pondering about all that happened during the day.

Deepti was indeed a very innocent and stupid person. But obviously, her face hit Vijay’s cock in the kitchen earlier. She indeed kept on secretly watching his big bulge. Then while massaging her father-in-law, she enjoyed the ride and must have realised he cum.

It must be because of not having intercourse with her since the delivery of the baby boy that she is craving. Or is it that she isn’t satisfied with my 4-inch cock. I was confused but wanted to see more of this. That night I masturbated at the thought of my wife getting fucked by both my father and brother-in-law.

The next day I decided to place cameras all over the house to spy on my wife. I asked her to come with me shopping. I left her in a saree shop. I went to another gadget shop to buy a hidden camera with a microphone option. I bought several of these and returned to assist my wife in the saree store.

My wife enquired what I bought, but I easily fooled her by saying it was meant for the company. Once we reached home, I waited for the perfect opportunity to place all the hidden cameras everywhere and connected them through WiFi on my laptop.

Hence I could remain in my room and watch and hear their conversation. At around 15 hours, something started to take place.

Vijay: Deepti, why don’t we cook chapati today? I’ll help you with the dough.

Deepti: Hmmm, OK, Viju bhaiya. Let’s go, and we shall start cooking early today.

They both moved to the kitchen, and Deepti inserted flour and oil in a big recipient.

Vijay: Deepti, you keep kneading the dough while I will keep adding water.

Deepti: Okay Viju Bhaiya.

Deepti started mixing the dough and the oil with both hands. Vijay stood behind her. He started pouring the water slowly until Deepti told him it was enough. He came close behind her.

Vijay: Deepti, let me also help you in kneading the dough.

Saying this, he stuck his body onto the back of Deepti and inserted his hands in the dough. He caught Deepti’s hands and started to press on the dough together. He pressed his cock on the ass of Deepti. While kneading the dough, he also thrust his hips back and forth. He was sensually caressing Deepti’s hand.

Deepti’s face appeared shocked when Vijay pressed his cock on her ass. But the caressing of her hands and continuous friction over her ass changed her facial expression.

Her face had the same expression she showed while my father was grinding his cock on her. Her face turned red with shame, but at the same time, she was enjoying this.

Vijay: Deepti, do you like how I press your dough?

Deepti seems perplexed by his question at first. But it seems that pleasure made her also cooperate in the conversation.

Deepti: Viju bhaiya, it seems you know how to press the dough well.

Vijay: You need to knead it with love. You have to keep pressing on the dough to make it softer.

Deepti: Yes, Viju bhaiya, it seems that you are pressing it with the right technique, and the dough is becoming softer and softer. Your hands have lots of experience, Viju bhaiya.

Vijay: With lots of sessions, you will also acquire experience, Deepti. You must expertly crush the dough with your hands to make it softer. You also need a big belan and a big round chakla to roll the chapatis.

Deepti: Oh, I see Viju bhaiya. But I have only a small belan at home.

Vijay: Do not worry, Deepti. I’m here now. I have a big belan. And it seems your chakla is perfect for my belan. Don’t you think so?

Deepti: Oh Viju bhaiya, do you think my chakla is perfect for your big belan? I have not rolled chapatis on my chakla for 5 months.

Upon hearing this, Vijay was excited, and you could see it on his face. But this double-meaning conversation was also to the liking of Deepti. She was enjoying it to the maximum. She was biting her lips with pleasure.

Vijay: 5 months is too much, Deepti. Doesn’t Sanjay (me) like to eat chapatis rolled on your chakla?

Deepti: Sanjay is always busy with work, Viju bhaiya. He very rarely asks for chapatis. It’s been 5 months now. Hence that is why my chakla has been unused for a long.

Vijay: Sanjay is a fool, Deepti. Your chakla is so perfect. If you permit me to use my big belan over your chakla, I will cook the best chapati every day for you.

Deepti: Oh Viju ji, Nishta must be so lucky to get chapati prepared by you every day. I feel jealous of her now.

Vijay: No, Deepti. Like brother, like sister. She also doesn’t like chapati. She says my belan is too big. But do you know that the bigger the belan, the better the chapati?

Deepti: Oh. So Nishta bhabhi also doesn’t like chapati. I do not know about big belan Viju ji, as I have only a small one at home. Only after trying can I say if it’s good.

As she said this, my father entered the kitchen for tea. They immediately distanced themselves at the right moment to avoid unnecessary doubt. But I was so aroused by their double-meaning conversation and their boldness. But then I asked myself how my father came in without me noticing.

I switched to the living room camera and started observing the recorded video. I was shocked to realise that my father had been spying on them since the beginning of their actions. He was constantly rubbing his cock over his shorts while watching over them.

I was aroused but simultaneously confused. Why did they both want so much to fuck my wife? 10 minutes later, my wife Deepti covered her head with her saree dupatta, entered my parents’ room, and gave the cup of tea to my father.

Deepti: Here you are, Papa.

While she turned her back to move away, my father stopped her.

Aneerudh: Bahu, please sit down next to me here.

He patted the bed next to him. Deepti sat down, perplexed and afraid of whether her father-in-law had seen her acts in the kitchen.

Aneerudh: Bahu, you do all house chores alone. At the same time, you take care of me, your mother-in-law and Sanjay. And now you are also taking care of Nishta and her husband, Vijay.

Upon saying this, I could see the change of expression on her face. She looked afraid.

Deepti: No, Papa. It is my duty to take care of all of you. You are all my family members, so my duty is to serve you, Papa.

Aneerudh: I agree with you, Bahu. But we also should take care of you.

Deepti: You are already doing a lot for me, Papa.

Aneerudh: No bahu, I mean to say like Vijay is helping you with the house chores. We should also help you.

The stress was so visible on her face when my father mentioned the name, Vijay. But she remained silent.

Aneerudh: Bahu, I’m not that young to help you like Vijay is doing. But I think I also can do something for you.

As he said this, he sipped down his last drop of tea and placed the cup sideways.

Aneerudh: Bahu, please lay down on the bed. I will give you a proper massage as you gave me once to relax you a bit.

Deepti was hesitant, but Aneerudh forcefully made her lie down on her back. Deepti guessed that he wasn’t asking but ordering her. Hence she cooperated and lay on her stomach.

My father climbed on her and sat on her ass. He started pressing on her neck with both hands and fingers. It seems that Deepti was enjoying the massage.

Deepti: Oh, Papa, it feels so nice. It is very relaxing.

Aneerudh: I’m happy you are enjoying Bahu.

He massaged her neck for some time. After making her well-relaxed, he then started to unclip her blouse.

Aneerudh: I will be unclipping your blouse button to massage your back, also Bahu. Please relax.

To my dismay, Deepti didn’t say anything but lay down there, allowing her father-in-law to unclip her blouse. As soon as her back was in the open, he poured oil on it and started massaging it in a circular motion. Deepti was at the same time moaning with pleasure.

Aneerudh: Bahu, are my fingers magical?

Deepti: Oh, Papa, yes, your fingers are magical. Hmmm, it feels so good.

Suddenly my dad unclipped her bra also and continued massaging her. He didn’t even care to ask for permission, nor did my wife react. He purposely let his fingers slide to the side of her boobs to ignite her further.

Then he positioned himself by bending a bit on her body and pressed his bulge on the ass crack of my wife. By now, Deepti must have felt his cock on her ass.

Aneerudh: Do you now feel relaxed, Bahu? Is the pressure of my fingers I’m applying good for you?

Deepti: Oh, Papa. It is so good. I can feel the pressure. I can feel it. Don’t stop, Papa.

Aneerudh: Doesn’t Sanjay give you a massage like this?

Deepti: No, Papa. It is my first-ever massage.

Aneerudh: Do you like what Papa’s finger is doing?

Deepti: Oh, Papa, I love your finger. It feels bigger than Sanjay. Sanjay’s finger is small and thin. I can feel yours is strong and thick. I can feel it pulsating. I feel it is younger than your son’s.

Aneerudh: How can it be younger than Sanjay, Bahu? I’m an old man. Do you like the thickness and strength of my finger?

Deepti: Oh Papa, Sanju’s finger isn’t only small, it also doesn’t have as much energy as yours. His finger gets tired easily. Most of the time, it sleeps and doesn’t wake up. But I like the thickness and strength of your finger. It is constantly pressing on me without tiring.

Aneerudh: If you like it that much, Papa should give you his thick and strong finger daily.

Just as Deepti was going to speak, the doorbell rang, and they both froze at the very instance.

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