A Wife’s Satisfaction – Part 1

I am Niharika, and my husband’s name is Nikhil. You can learn more about me in my previous posts.

Here I will describe a bunch of incidents that happened last month.

After the Jaisalmer incident, Nikhil and I discussed the guy a lot, especially during sex. It has become a fantasy for Nikhil to talk about that guy when he comes between my legs. Nikhil’s timing doesn’t increase. But I suppose talking about the guy while fucking me gives him more pleasure.

I don’t have any issue talking about the guy. Because he likes it, I usually tell him when he enters his dick inside my pussy, “Fuck me like the guy. Release your lava inside me.”

So this is how time passed by. Last month my in-laws decided to visit their relatives in Indore and Orchha due to covid. They haven’t met for the past two years. They planned for 15 days. Nikhil told me to be prepared for the next 15 days.

No one will be at home, so we can do whatever, whenever, wherever. I remind him we have a kid now. Our kid is now 3 years and 4 months. He can speak and can run now. He does not give us alone time. I love it when he playfully jumps between Nikhil and me.

Now our intercourse frequency also increases 5-6 times a week. Nikhil is working from home, so now we can love it at day time when my kid is going to nap.

Day 1
After the departure of my in-laws, Nikhil had a meeting. So he was busy with that. I prepared dinner and played with my kid. At night after dinner, I thought Nikhil and I would make love. I made my kid sleep on his bed.

I wore a sexy babydoll dress with a net on the chest, so my nipples were visible. It was so short that the lower part of my pussy was slightly visible. Nikhil was still working on his laptop in another room.

I went there and said, “Will it take time?” Standing at the door, I held my hands so that my biceps were covering my nipples. My palms were covering my pussy.

Nikhil stooped up and came to me as soon as he saw me. He held me tight, put his lips on mine and started kissing me. His hands were caressing my naked hips.

Suddenly his phone rang. It was my father-in-law from Indore. Nikhil talked to him. I returned to my room, sat on the bed, and checked my phone. He followed me and sat on the bed while talking on the phone.

Nikhil has a huge family house in Indore, which belongs to his grandfather. Now my father-in-law’s elder brother and his family reside there. I went there once, a few months after our marriage.

That house is huge. It has one kitchen in almost 1 BHK flat area, 1 store room with a similar area on the 2nd floor, and 14 massive rooms. A huge aangan in the middle of the house, where kids can play badminton. It is a 2-floor house and half of the second floor is the terrace.

Overall, Nikhil’s grandfather was a wealthy man of his time. Tauji – taiji has 2 daughters and one son. Now both of his daughters are married. So only 6 people, tauji, taiji, Jagdish Bhaiya, Manisha bhabhi, and their 2 sons, living in that huge house.

Nikhil put the phone on speaker so we could talk to bhaiya, bhabhi and their kids. I greeted namaste to bhaiya while removing Nikhil’s shirt. Then Manisha bhabhi came and asked about life, what was going on, and work.

I sense some blushing in Nikhil’s voice while talking to Manisha bhabhi. It was strange for me. After Nikhil disconnected the call, I asked him suspiciously, “Why were you blushing while talking to Manisha bhabhi?”

“Why would I blush?” Nikhil denied it with a laugh.

“I saw you, you were…,” Nikhil stopped me, put his lips on mine and locked my mouth.

“You know Manisha bhabhi dressed me on our first night. While dressing me, she said, ‘Remember and do not forget to lock the door, if possible, make less noise.’ I was thinking how frank she is,” I told Nikhil about my experience with bhabhi.

“Shit,” Nikhil said. Putting his hand on his eyes, he started laughing.

“What happened?” I asked, confused.

“You know, I was a teenager when Jagdish bhaiya got married. I used to play with him a lot as we were the only boys in the house. I was younger, and he was earning money, so he spent a lot on me. His room was on the 2nd floor, and the store room was always on the second floor.”

“I was so attached to him that sometimes I slept in his room. It is on the second floor.” Nikhil was telling me this. I was still figuring out the reason for the laugh.

Nikhil continued, “After 3-4 days of his marriage, he was home on marriage leave. Our other guests, like bua ji, and her daughter-in-law Reena bhabhi, were also at our home. After lunch, all the youngsters decided to play ‘hide n seek.’ I went to the 2nd floor to hide in Jagdish bhaiya’s room.”

“Oh shit,” this time I said it.

Nikhil continued with a laugh, “I was in full speed. I saw Reena bhabhi coming out of the store room. She saw me heading towards bhaiyya’s room. She called ‘Nikhil,’ but I was in a hurry. I opened the door and rushed inside the room. I got senses and stopped just on the side of the bed.”

“Oh god, no,” I was embarrassed about what he did.

“Bhaiya was naked on bhabhi. Bhabhi was obviously naked as well. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. After I entered and before they got the sense, he made 2-3 pushes. I heard bhabhi’s moans, and I saw her bouncing boobs. It was the first time I saw any women’s nipples. I was shocked and stunned there.”

“Bhaiya immediately grabbed the sheet, jumped toward the other side of the bed, and wrapped it around his body. It was the only sheet on the bed. So bhabhi got the sense that now she was completely naked in front of me. She covered her breasts with her hands and turned on the other side.”

“Now her naked hips were facing me. This all happened in a fraction of a second. Then Reena bhabhi entered the room at full speed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out at the same speed. While coming out, she said, ‘Latch the door at least’.” Nikhil was still blushing.

“Initially, I thought bhaiya was beating bhabhi. That is why she was moaning. I asked Reena bhabhi why they were fighting. She told me they would resolve their issues, and I should not tell this to anyone.” Nikhil explained further.

“Oh, my innocent baby,” I said, making a cute face.

“I felt tickling in my pee-pee when I saw her nipples and her hips,” Nikhil responded to my comment.

“Pee pee,” I giggled. “Ok, and then had you ever masturbated remembering those nipples and hips?” I asked Nikhil with curiosity.

Nikhil buried his face in my breast over the top and said, “Many times.”

“Do you still feel the same when you meet her?” I asked, a little seriously this time.

“No, I never felt anything for her. I masturbate remembering the view I saw that day because it was the only time I saw any woman naked,” he replied.

“You never had any such encounter in your life,” he asked.

I giggled and said, “No, not in person. But we women share some personal moments and incidents sometimes. So before our marriage, one of my friends shared her honeymoon sex experience with me. How it started, and how her husband removed her clothes.

“Her husband made her suck his dick on their first night. I didn’t like that when I heard this. But she said that at first, she felt it disgusting. But eventually, after a month or two, she liked it. Now, look at me. I sucked your dick and licked your asshole on our honeymoon. I don’t know what you did to me on our honeymoon. I was so innocent till our honeymoon.”

“Hmm, and once I watched Vineeta (my cousin) and Jijaji’s sex tape,” I continued after a brief pause.

“You what?” Nikhil asked with his eyes wide open, “When, how?”

“Once, she went on an Andaman trip for a week. I was taking care of her home for that week. I was alone in her flat, watching TV the whole day. They had a big collection of DVD movies there. Once while searching in that bunch of DVDs, I found a DVD with “Mother India” written over it.”

“I had never watched that movie and didn’t want to at that time. But then I thought to give it a try. I inserted it into the DVD player and prepared Maggi and juice.”

I continued, “I was not getting any sound when I was in the kitchen. So I peeped into the living room and found ‘no media’ was displayed on the screen. I thought the DVD had issues. I kept on doing what I was doing. I thought about which other movie I could watch.”

“When I came to the room, Jijaji was on TV setting the camera. At first, I got scared then I realized what he was doing. Then Jijaji moved backwards, and I saw his bare chest. At that moment, I understood what it was.”

“And you switch off the TV?” Nikhil interrupted.

“Why? I was not a kid at that time. It was almost a year before our marriage. I was very much interested post marriage stuff,” I answered Nikhil

“Then Vineeta came into the picture. She was naked, and as soon as she came into the picture, she pulled down Jijaji’s underwear, making him naked as well,” I continued.

“Is his dick bigger than mine,” Nikhil asked.

“Seriously? I have already felt a dick bigger than yours in between my legs. Or if I say in simple words, already a dick bigger than yours has fucked me a whole night, which is again a larger time than yours. Still, you are concerned about Jijaji’s dick size,” I asked Nikhil with a frown.

“Ok, continue,” Nikhil said like a little kid.

“What continue? Then they made love, and he fucked her. That’s it,” I replied.

“Describe a little more, like how they made love, how she moaned while he was fucking her,” Nikhil asked again.

“I am sitting on the bed with you almost naked, and you want to fantasize about my sister’s fuck session,” I said with little anger.

I stood on the bed and put one leg on the headboard and the other on the bed. Nikhil was in between my legs. Now my pussy was facing Nikhil at some distance, “I kept it open so that you can lick it freely.” While saying so, I bent a little and moved my pussy so that it would touch Nikhil’s lips.

As soon as my pussy touched his lips, he grabbed my hips with both hands and buried his face in my pussy. He was licking it rigorously. I put my other leg on the bed as well. One hand is on the wall for support, and the other is behind Nikhil’s head to push it deeper.

While dipping his tongue in my pussy, I moved my hips so that his nose stimulated my clitoris. As soon as my legs started shaking, he put me on the bed. He removed his clothes and came between my legs. I grabbed his dick to help him insert his dick in my pussy.

But as soon as I grabbed it, he ejaculated just above my pussy.

“No, I don’t want to stop here. Come in 69 position, lick my pussy and your mess,” I ordered him.

He came in 69 and said, “I don’t want to lick it.”

I slapped his butt and said in a slightly angry voice, “Lick it.”

He spread it over my legs, pussy, and stomach with his hand and then started licking my pussy. I was sucking his dick which was gradually losing stiffness.

Then I felt his orgasm. His dick had already become a ‘pee pee’ well before my orgasm. I was licking his dripping cum.

We slept naked then.