The Lustful unwind: Goa adventures – Part 9

Welcome back to our story in Goa

The girls accompanied the African guys to their hotel. They reached the hotel and had a bath, and slept for a few hours. They woke up with the African guys feasting on their bodies.

African 1: We were really horny last night, and you calmed our heat. We will now make you hot and then calm you.

African 2: Welcome to the world of foreplay, babes.

Both the girls lay naked on the bed while the guys started by licking their toes. They licked their toes one by one, massaging their legs. Then went down to lick their feet. Kissing their legs and calf and slowly making their way up towards their pussies.

Licking and kissing their skin and slowly making their way up. The girls were getting antsy, imagining their pussies were next in line to be licked. The imagination got them wet. The guys reached their pussies, and gave a long slow lick, making them feel every second.

Their legs twitched. Then the guys moved upwards without continuing. The girls were disappointed and wanted more. The guys went up to their navel and tummy area. They licked it first, then bit them, again kissee them and licked them. They were feeling every second of it and enjoying it.

Then the lips moved up towards their shoulders and neck. The guys held the girls down, held their hands, and kissed their necks softly. They kept going with it for quite some time. Then started kissing their shoulders and licking them.

Then slowly moved up towards their ears and bit them hard and licked them later. The girls were enjoying the soft foreplay and getting wet after a long time. They were only getting dicks after coming to Goa. This was their good foreplay session after a couple of years.

After that, the guys held their faces and started kissing them. Licking their lips and biting on them. While doing that, their dicks were poking the pussies and rubbing their clits. The girls were getting crazy. They reciprocated back well and kissed them back.

The lips were locked for a long time, exchanging juices and sucking lips. The girls slowly moved their hips to feel the dicks around their pussies. Finally, they all broke the kiss.

The guys immediately jumped on their boobs and started feasting. The nipples were getting sucked alternatively. Boobs pressed, squeezed and played with. Nipples licked and bit. The girls started to moan wholeheartedly, enjoying the moment.

They spread their legs now to allow the guys to take advantage of their love holes. The guys take the opportunity to drink their milk more and more. Making them go crazy and making them moan and getting them wet.

After a point, the guys suck both boobs of Rimi together at the same time and make her squirm and moan. She held the dicks of the guys in both her hands and started to jerk them vigorously. Her legs spread apart, full and leaking. The guys were like animals last night.

But they were giving her the best soft play and making her wet and moan with only their mouths. They were now gentle giants playing with their bodies. The same treatment was given to Ani. Both her boobs sucked simultaneously. She was extremely wet and begged to get a dick inside her now.

However, she was disappointed again. The guys then started playing, sucking their boobs and nipples and rubbing their pussies without fingering or fucking them. Both the girls loved it, and their heat only increased over time. They were getting crazy, moaning loudly.

Their pussies are getting hot and wet. They were now jumping around on the bed with pure bliss and ecstasy. The foreplay continued for over 1 hour now, and no penetrative sex yet. The girls were getting desperate to land a dick inside by now.

Their heat was building up. They looked at the huge dicks with hungry slutty looks, unlike last night when they were afraid. Finally, the guys let them get a taste of their meats. They got into 69 position. The girls were like beasts sucking and jerking the dicks like crazy.

Their pussies licked and sucked, which was flooding out juices. The girls seemed in a trance now, getting their bodies played, sucked and licked for a long time. The dicks didn’t fit their mouths, but they never stopped sucking on them.

After a long blowjob session, the girls were laid next to each other and ready for the finale. Both spread their legs and eagerly wanted those huge cocks now. The African guys did wonderful foreplay to get the girls begging for their monsters, which they were scared of last night.

The gentle giants turned into ravaging monsters now. They wanted to make the girls scream and moan to satisfy their manly egos. The guy with a 9-inch dick pinned down Ani and forcefully pushed his monster in her pussy with full force and slammed her.

Ani felt a jolt of lightning through her whole body as she felt his huge dick enter her with such brutal force. She grabbed his shoulders and screamed out loud. He started ramming into Ani faster and harder than last night. Ani screamed louder and louder.

Her nails dug deeper into his shoulder. Her eyes rolled back. Her wet pussy was stretched out, and her body felt sensitive. Her nipples were rock hard, pussy was overflowing with juices, and her face was red. She was in another world of ecstasy and pleasure altogether.

She didn’t care about anything at that point and moaned hard. The more she moaned, the more he fucked her harder and deeper. Her legs were shaking. The sudden change in his behaviour from gentle and caring to a ravaging brute got her to scream mercilessly. It made her cum multiple times without any rest.

Rimi watched Ani getting devoured by a wild animal while moaning on the 8-inch dick. Her nipples were sucked while she rode his dick on his lap. She held him tightly, wrapping her legs around him while having his dick inside and getting thrust from below.

Every time her nipples were sucked, she was arching her head back. She pushed his head more into her boobs. She got wetter and cum, holding his head.

Both Rimi and Ani were enjoying themselves with an African dick first time. They lived in a newfound world of pleasure. They freely moaned and cum multiple times without caring about anything.

In the end, Rimi and Ani were laid next to each other and were getting crazily hard fucked. It was well over an hour. Both girls looked exhausted, spent and worn out, yet moaned hard, still getting dicks. Both moaning next to each other. Fulfilling their wish of hard fucks for which they planned the Goa trip.

Finally, the Africans were filled with pleasure with 2 desi pussies, and they cum all over their boobs and face. The girls’ faces were red and exhausted yet filled with pleasure and satisfaction. They were out of breath, and their boobs were red, getting sucked.

They were tired and fell asleep. They slept the whole day, woke up after the evening, and had food.

The African guys planned to fuck them both somewhere outdoors like last night. They left around 8 at night. They reached a beach near south Goa, and the Africans decided to fuck them on the beach at night after most people had left.

They had food and drinks. Spent time sitting on the beach watching the ocean and enjoying the cool breeze.

We will see in the next part how their outdoor adventure continues. Any feedback and suggestions can be sent to [email protected] as usual.