Getting Physical With My Married Colleague – Part 1

This story is based on a true incident. The story is not overly spiced but a remarkable story.

It started with my assignment in India, where I met my colleague (a married woman and mom), and we established an incredibly special relationship. Then it further continued after I get back to the UK and later, she too got a short terms assignment in the UK. It also took a great and very erotic turn when her friend, a married woman too came to the UK just for the holiday. We all three planned to get naughty in London and something really crazy happened between us.

It’s a little lengthy story, so will be in parts. Be patient, it would slowly take you into an amazing erotic journey. The names of individuals and places are changed to maintain privacy.

So, the story starts here.

Let me first introduce myself and my ex-colleague, who is my friend as well. I am Rahul, a 45-year-old Indian guy, who settled in the UK for many years. I am 5’11” tall, athletic-built and known for my passions of fitness, running and gym, etc.

The name of my ex-colleague is Shweta, and she is from Pune, India. Around 10 years back, I was working from India for a few years due to some personal reasons and was leading a project in Pune with my offshore team. At that time, Shweta joined my team in the lead technical role. When the first day Shweta arrived at our project site, the receptionist asked her to wait inside my cabin as I was busy with another meeting.

After getting free from the meeting, I went into my cabin and here the gorgeous girl in her late 20s or early 30s, very fair with smooth skin and slightly chubby and sitting on a chair. As she saw me, stood up to say hello and shook hands. I apologized for making her wait. In her Punjabi silk suit, Shweta looked to be much taller than average Indian women, probably 5’7” or 5’8” feet, and was wearing glasses and had put on some dark red lipstick, which was blending well with her wider smile.

One thing diverted my attention and that was her boobs. Her boobs were looking larger in proportion for her body build. Even her top (i.e. kurti) was very tight due to these large boobs. As she started introducing herself, I got to know that she was married and was resuming after her maternal leave.

She had a few months’ old daughter and that explained the reason for her bigger boobs which could be breast-feeding. We had some formal conversations about the work, and she joined my project there onward.

Initially, she was a little reserved in nature, and we had a formal conversation only. But, after a few months, we started having some friendly and casual conversations.

For some days, I noticed my married colleague was looking a bit depressed and upset. When I asked her, she avoided that and said, “It’s just like that”. She did not want to share her personal issue with me, and I did not force her. However, later she herself came to me and wanted to discuss her problem.

Then I took her for a coffee. We captured a quiet table in Café Coffee Day, not extremely far from our office and sat opposite each other. It was anyway not busy. I ordered a green tea for me and a cappuccino for her. She was lost in her own thoughts and was not speaking anything.

In her plain white top and tight blue jeans with truly little makeup, she was still looking pretty. I felt like holding her hands, going close, and hugging her. Then I put a hold of my thoughts and tried to start the conversation. Here is our conversation –

Me: Shweta, you can discuss with me, no issue. Probably, I can help.

Shweta: I don’t know what to say. (After a long pause) I have a strong intuition that my husband is having an affair with another woman.

(Talking about her husband, he was in a very senior position in an international firm and getting a fat package. They had a love marriage 5-6 years back.)

Me: What makes you think like that?

Shweta: His behavior has changed a lot. He spends a lot more time in the office only and even goes to the office on the weekend as well. He is not talking to me properly, stays away, and sleeps in another room. And he keeps speaking and chatting on mobile with someone.

Me: Shweta, this could be due to work and he probably maybe having some pressure at work. Probably he doesn’t want to share with you, but something must be bothering him. Please wait and give him time and things will be alright soon.

Shweta: No, I am observing for quite some time and I read a few texts as well and which were very suspicious. He is now keeping his phone with him only and changed its PIN code as well. I also noticed in his credit card statement that he had done some shopping from places he generally doesn’t do. I am 100% sure there’s something fishy.

Me: Hmm.

Shweta: I need your help.

Me: What?

Shweta: He comes home very late even after midnight. After dinner can you take me in your car to his office location? We will wait outside his office. I want to see what time actually he leaves the office and where he goes.

Me: What about your daughter?

Shweta: That’s why I need your help. If it’s your car, I can take her with me, and she will be sleeping mostly.

Me: What if your husband reaches home before you?

Shweta: I have thought about it and will manage. Can you take me?

Me: I can. However, I don’t think it’s the best idea.

Shweta: Ok, we shall do this on Friday evening. Thank you very much, you are my best boss.

After two days and on a Friday evening, we finished our work and left from office together around 6.30 pm. She was sitting in the front seat of my car and I was driving. We decided to have dinner together outside in some restaurant as she didn’t want me to come to her home. But she first wanted to pick up her daughter from home and give leave to the nanny.

I drove toward her house which was around 20 minutes away. But due to the evening traffic, we reached in 30 minutes’ time. She asked me to drop her off just 100 yards from her apartment and park somewhere nearby and wait. It was giving me the impression of being her driver rather than her boss.

It took more than 1 hour when she came down and called me to come outside her building to pick her up. As I drove there, I saw she was standing holding her daughter nearly 1-year-old in her lap.

My colleague must have taken a shower as she was looking very fresh and was nicely dressed in western wear. A maroon color short sleeves top, tight black jeans, flat sandals, and hanging a small pink-white baby bag and purse on her one shoulder. I was really getting excited to see where it goes.

Then she first opened the back side door of the car to put her bags there and then came to the front seat. I gave a smile to baby, but she didn’t respond apart from looking at me. I asked Shweta to put on the seat belt before moving. She moved the baby a little ahead, and I gave a little support by keeping my left hand at the back of the baby.

Then Shweta pulled her seat belt from her left side and was trying to buckle in the slot on her right. But she was struggling to point it correctly with her right hand. Then I moved a little toward her and put my right hand over her hand holding the seat belt and locked it into the buckle. It was very quick, but I felt the smoothness of her hand and it gave me instant sensation. I could feel quick movement inside my underwear. The smell of her perfume started overpowering the car diffuser.

We started driving toward the restaurant and reached there in 15-20 minutes time. We got down and left the car for valet parking and went inside the restaurant. I wanted to have some pints there but as I was driving, I just ordered one small pint and some food. We didn’t have too much chat as she was busy handling and feeding the baby.

After having food, I went to freshen up a bit in the hotel’s restaurant. She paid the bill and we left the restaurant around 9:45 pm and started driving toward her husband’s office place. We reached there in 20-25 minutes and looked for the best place to stop, so we could watch her husband when he is leaving by his car. But she asked to me first take the car somewhere toward a dark and lonely place, as her baby was getting a little cranky and she wanted to make her sleep.

I took the car towards the end of the business park, where no one could be coming. I pulled the parking brake, switched off the light, and kept the engine and AC on. Shweta said she needed to breastfeed Ananya (her daughter) to make her asleep. I was a little shocked and didn’t know what to do, like should I leave the car and go away for some time, or should I ask her if she wanted me to go out?

Before I decided and did something, she lifted my side of her top and pulled up her nude color bra from the side, and started feeding. I started to look away but tried to have to glance look in between, while kept sitting in my driving seat. I didn’t get to see much as she was feeding from window-side boobs.

After a few minutes, she pulled back her bra and top and I thought she had done with feeding now, but she said, “Wait”. Then she gently turned the baby’s face toward my side. I got the sense that she was now going to feed from here. She again lifted her top and this time I could clearly see her belly, side waist. I surely started getting hard-on inside me and I continued looking there.

She then pulled her bra. I could clearly see my married colleague’s round size boobs and pink nipple which were quickly in the baby’s mouth. It took a few seconds to realize that I should not be looking at her assets so obviously.

While feeding, she was also doing some casual chat in between, which was giving me the opportunity to look at her repeatedly. Her boobs were not clearly visible as the loose top was covering that up mostly. But her naked belly and her waist bone as her jeans were slightly pulled down due to her sitting position was making me crazy and I was controlling my feelings.

After some time, her baby fell into deep sleep. We shifted her to the back seat and Shweta too moved to the back seat to give her support while we were driving back to the spot to shadow her husband. We found a good spot easily as most of the open parking places were free now and gently stopped there.

Shweta now came back to the front seat again and we started waiting. It was 10:30 pm. She made a call to her husband asking what time he would be leaving and coming home. But he did not pick up the phone.

While waiting, we were having a lot of conversation and she started sharing her feelings more comfortably now. She was getting very emotional while telling me how her husband treated her at times and I was trying to divert conversation toward her sex life. Some of the conversations that I remember were:

Shweta: Since I got pregnant, he hardly has come close to me.

Me: I understand, but it happens during pregnancy and when the child is very young, sex life comes to a halt for couples. But probably when Ananya would grow a little more, your sex life too will start becoming normal.

Shweta: I am not too concerned about sex. But at least a person can cuddle, and do some pampering. Even sometimes I took the initiative and went close to her cuddling. But he rudely pushed me away like that.

(And she kept her one hand on my chest actioned to show how he pushed her back and two drops of tears started floating from her eyes.)

Then I took my left hand, kept it on her left shoulder as an expression to console her, and kept it there only as we continued to chat.

Me: Hmm. Agree, that is not fair.

Then there was silence for a minute, and I was thinking of holding her right hand using my right hand. But then I felt it may be too early and took out my hand from her shoulder and kept on my gear.

Me (changing the topic): Are you sure he will still be in the office?

Shweta: Yes.

We continued waiting some more time as a couple more people left the office. Finally, we saw a big car slowly coming out of the office’s underground parking. A girl was driving it and another car was behind that car, which Shweta quickly spotted. She hid herself quickly to avoid being visible from the window and said, “That one.”

Me: Go back, it has turned.

She quickly went down and got in the back seat and I started driving. We started following it, keeping a safe distance. It was obvious that it was not going toward home. We continued driving toward the other side of the city for more than half an hour. Finally, we saw it got stopped on the road in a residential area and another car where the girl was driving was also there.

Her husband parked the car at the side of the street and got down. Then he went into the other car, and it moved, but within a minute, it entered a big building. We were lucky to note the number of that car. I drove past that building and asked Shweta to note the name of the building. I took it a little longer ahead and then took a U-turn and stopped again close to the position where we could see her husband’s car on the street.

However, she was in the back seat. But I could see her face closer as she was in the middle and was trying to look at the front putting her between two front seats. She was quiet and I asked her if she wanted to wait without looking at her side. I did not get any answer, so I looked at her.

There her face was fully filled with tears. I pulled a tissue paper box from the dashboard and took out a bunch of tissues intending to wipe, but rather tried to offer her to wipe herself. She was continuously looking ahead and didn’t react. I shouted, “Shweta”, she got in sense and broke on my left shoulder screaming, “Rahul….”.

I quickly turned my body toward her as much as I could and hugged her. She kept crying like that for some time and I did not say anything. I was rather looking around so that no one should observe us.

Then she said: It is too late and not sure when he will come out, so we should leave.

Me: Yes, no point in waiting here.

Shweta: I and Ananya will come and sit in front.

Me: Ok.

Then she picked up her baby and came to the front seat. The baby was still sleeping. We started driving. After a quietness, I said –

Me: We should not reach any conclusion yet. There’s the possibility that they are simply good friends or probably working on something together.

Shweta: I don’t know anything. Who is that girl?

Me: That we can find out. I can even find out the registered person of her car, which mostly will be her only. Once we know her name, we can know a lot about her from social media.

Shweta: Can we do it now?

Me: Shweta, it’s very late, you should first go home.

And I kept my hand gently on her right shoulder.

As I had to change gear, I took my hand out from her shoulder. After getting a smooth road again, I was trying to move my hand toward her shoulder, but she placed her hand on my hand and continued holding. I left my hand like that in her hand and was feeling the warmth and smoothness of her hand.

My little friend inside the underwear again started getting a life. I wanted to put one hand in my pants to adjust my dick in a more comfortable position. Then I again had to change my gear, so I took my hand along with her hand on the gear and changed gears while I continued holding her hand. Then she gently dragged her hand out saying –

Shweta: We should reach fast; Ananya may wake up again any moment.

Me: Yes.

And I started focusing on driving. There was not much traffic, and it was around 2.00 am when we reached her building. This time, we drove inside her building. I was thinking of going up to her flat, but her husband could be back any moment and she was also not in a great mood.

I helped her to get down take her belongings and left from there. I called her again in 5 minutes.

Shweta: Hi, yes Rahul.

Me: Just called up to check you got in the flat. Are you all right?

Shweta: Yeah, I am fine. Thanks Rahul for asking, and thanks for everything you did. I may need your shoulders to cry many more times, I hope that is fine with you.

Me: Anytime…. Anytime you feel depressed just call me up. You go to sleep now. We’ll speak again tomorrow. Good night.

Shweta: Thanks, Good night, Rahul. You just please find out details whenever you can.

Me: Sure-sure, take care, bye.

Shweta: Bye.

I reached home and could not sleep the rest of the night anyway. My dick was continuously getting hard-on. I just added up some imagination over and above what had happened that night and jerked my dick to release all the pressure. Within a few minutes, I blasted huge load of cum. I squeezed out every drop from the pipe of my cock and put my hand behind the balls and pressed that upward to give a further push to ejaculate any more semen left inside.

I wiped all semen using my underwear only. It was a great feeling. My inner and upper thighs got numb. I closed my eyes, turned on one side and squeezed my knees toward my chest, and quickly got into sleep.

The next day using a mobile app, I found a registered user of the car. Her name was Ranjana Chaudhari, and it was registered at the same address they went in. Now we knew the full name and address of that girl. I checked on social media and could find her professional details.

She was also a very senior person in the same company but was junior to Shweta’s husband. Now we could connect the dots more clearly that they work together and probably she reported to him. We also found that she was single and living alone in that apartment.

After that, we did some more tracking and it got confirmed that they hang around a lot with each other like going to the restaurants, shopping, and even whenever she used to travel abroad, that man went to drop her at the airport. We also found out that they even talk a lot with each other over the phone as well. However, there was no evidence that they actually had some physical relation and not.

Eventually, Shweta decided to confront her husband and they must have got into very heated arguments in the end. Shweta’s husband told her to break up if she was unhappy.

Here, Shweta could not take any hard steps further. She might have analyzed that leaving her husband meant losing all high-fi lifestyle, property, cars, and her daughter losing one parent. So she had to gulp this as a bitter sip of life. She might have been internally too broken, but she started normalizing herself.

She came with a bit more closure to me and we started having a lot more open conversations, where she admitted that this behavior of her husband gave her all rights to cheat and suck with another man if she decided to do so.

We started going on drives together, we hung around for food, drink, and coffee. But it was hardly moving any further than doing some slight touches and adult conversations. One day, I took a bold step when she was sitting in my parked car and we were just having a casual conversation.

My married colleague was wearing a knee-length skirt, which had gone higher while she was sitting in the car. Her smooth and very fair thighs were looking too sexy. I placed my hand on her thigh to see her reaction. She did not snatch away but looked at my hand on her thigh for a moment and said –

Shweta: Let’s go back to the office now.

Me: Yes (Taking my hand away from her high thigh and we left).

I realized she was not ready for me, and I was just wasting my time on her.

Later I did not put too much focus on it and moved back to the UK and she too moved into another project. We were in touch over the phone and on somedays, she used to openly discuss her desire for sex with a black man or do one night stand with someone whom she did not know. Even she discussed my relationships and my preferences for girls.

She started telling me that she too was looking forward to coming to the UK for some short-term assignments and experience a solo life for some time. I was adding to her excitement mentioning that if she comes to the UK, she would be my guest, and I would give her the best experience of her life. She can be naughty when she would be here.

I was thinking that when she comes, I would surely get her in the mood to fuck. I jerked off many times just thinking about my hot colleague.


In the next part, I will tell you when she came to the UK and what happened all after that.

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