The Lustful unwind: Goa adventures – Part 8

Ani was screaming at the top of her lungs, getting fucked by a 9-inch dick. Beside her, Rimi was moaning while enjoying an 8-inch dick. The girls enjoyed being dominated, which they were not used to before.

Earlier this evening, Rimi and Ani turned up at the biggest party bash of the year, Sunburn. Rimi wore a white crop top that ended just below her boobs and above her navel. She had a mini skirt.

Ani was draped in a bra and jeans short skirt only. All heads turned (guys excited and horny, girls jealous), dicks raised, and the temperature soared.

How it led to that?

It was during the evening they dressed and left the hotel. All hotel male staff and guests ogling and fucking the girls in their minds. They got a cab and reached the location. It was extremely crowded and filled with music playing at a high volume on loudspeakers.

They got down and made their way towards the entrance. Many guys and girls attended the party to enjoy, chill and maybe more. Some girls were hot and sexily dressed. Rimi and Ani added to that temperature.

Heads kept turning, and dicks kept saluting, looking at the duo. Some clicked pics. Some even approached them to speak or join them for dance and drinks.

They rejected everyone, as the evening just began. They wanted to enjoy music and drinks while taking in the party fever!

While enjoying the music and having some drinks, they were interrupted by some familiar voice.

Voice – Hey, sexy ladies, nice to see you both again.!

It was a young band of musicians. The three were dressed formally and enjoying the party too. Well, they joined the girls for some music and then danced. The crowd went crazy seeing hot chics dancing. Many other couples also joined the dance floor.

It became crowded within 30 minutes. Rimi and Ani felt hands brushing their arms, waist, and butt. The Guys were trying to hit on them from all sides. Once, Ani felt a guy wrapping her waist from the back and rubbing his dick on her ass while dancing.

After this moment, Ani left the dance floor, and Rimi followed her. The young musicians also came with them. They sat down near a food corner, tired and hungry after all the dancing.

Sun was setting, and more and more people came to join the party. The crowd was getting heavier by the hour. One of the guys asked.

Guy 1: So, are we getting lucky tonight?

Rimi: Maybe

Guy 1: Great, let us go to our hotel.

Rimi: Why the rush?

Guy 1: We can have more time to enjoy.

Ani: Let’s enjoy the music and have fun. Why waste such a beautiful vibe and environment?

Guy 1: How?

Ani: Let’s head to the woods behind her. We can enjoy the music. It’s quite loud. And do your thing as well.

Rimi: Ok slut, as you say!

Guy 1: Will it be safe?

Ani: It’s dark, and the woods are covered with trees. No one can see if we go a bit deep inside.

They had food and little drinks and took their time. Then around 2 hours later, they head for the woods. They came out of the party. There was car parking. They crossed the cars and went into the woods.

After going a certain distance, they found a spot with a couple of trees lined up like a wall. They decided to halt and make good use of the trees. The guys stripped and then stripped the girls. 2 guys took Rimi, and 3rd guy took Ani. They started with foreplay, kissing, sucking boobs and pussy.

The girls enjoyed it and started moaning. The guys made them cum, fingering them and licking their pussies. Then they made the girls go down on their knees. They surrounded them with their dicks hanging in front of their mouths. The girls gave all 3 of them blowjobs and made them cum.

After that, the guys made the girls face the trees, and one by one, they fucked them from behind. One guy waited while the other 2 fucked them. They kept changing partners, and all 3 fucked them a couple of times. There was music playing at the party.

There was fucking in the open air in the woods and girls moaning. There was lots of foreplay in between. The drinks made them hotter than normal. After almost 2 hours of sex, foreplay and cumming several times. All were tired. They rested for almost an hour, enjoying music and laying on the grass.

One of the guys had to piss, and he went up and went ahead to relieve himself.
He went alone but came back with 2 guys! The new guys were African and ogling at the girls laying naked on the grass and touching their dicks.

African 1: Hello, sexy mamas!

Suddenly everyone got up, shocked! The girls tried to cover themselves. The other 2 guys tried to get them to leave. However, the African guys send one of them flying.

African 1: We saw you come here from the parking. I guess we will have a good party now.

The Africans pushed and shoved the guys.

Ani: Hey, you enjoyed it too much watching. Why don’t you leave! We are not interested now. Maybe another day for you!

African 1: Babe, you’re mine!

Saying that, he pulled down his pants!

Everyone was shocked! There it was, dangling a dick like a hand. Big 9-inch!

Ani: What the fuck is that?

Rimi: OMG!

The first African came to Ani, held her up and tried putting his dick in her mouth. Hardly a few inches could enter her mouth. The guys tried to stop him from going further. They were again shoved away like leaves.

Rimi: Why don’t you come tomorrow? We will play with you. Today we are already tired.

African 2: I am sure you have enough stamina for this.

The second African pulled his pants down. Another big dick came jumping out. It was 8 inches!

Rimi: Shit, that thing is too huge! It can kill us!

African 2: don’t worry, sexy mama, we will enjoy ourselves together, and I will be very gentle.

He walked up to Rimi, held her waist and pulled her up. He held her ass in one hand, put her hand on his dick, and said.

African 2: See, it’s all ready for you

Rimi held the dick and was about to say something when she heard Ani screaming behind her!

Ani: Aah, fuck!

The first African guy pushed her onto the ground and placed his dick on her pussy, held her legs and entered, tearing her. He was in total control, pinned her down, and thrust his huge dick with force. The more he thrust, the more she screamed.

Watching his friend fucking the other girl, the second African guy pulled Rimi up, Without wasting time, forced his dick in Rimi. Rimi screamed out loud. She held his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips while he thrust her while standing.

She was bouncing on his dick. Her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist. Her nails clenched on his shoulder. Her boobs crushed between his chest. He held her ass and slammed his boy continuously. Rimi was screaming with some moans. Slowly her screams turned into pure moaning.

She got wetter and wetter as she was being pumped. Her body started heating up, and her toenails twitched. She started sweating. Her ass got spanked in between, giving her a new sensation that only made her wet. After getting fucked for around 10 minutes or more, she adjusted to the 8-inch.

It was now going in and out of her pussy nicely and smoothly. However, Ani was a different story. She was wriggling on the ground like a fish on land as her hole was dug deep by a 9-inch shovel. It was going places she never imagined possible. She was getting wet. However, her screaming never stopped.

The more she screamed and wriggled, the more the African pumped her hard. Ani couldn’t control but cum and cum getting pain and pleasure at such an intense force and depth.

After intense fucking of about 20 minutes, the African pulled out his 9-inch snake. Ani had a sigh of relief on her face, breathing heavily. He cum on her face. He turned towards Rimi, still bouncing on his friend’s dick and moaning away sweetly.

He went and joined them. Kissing her while she was riding his friend and started playing with her boobs. She got double-teamed. They put her in a doggy position. He put his 9-inch in her mouth while his friend banged her from behind. She was choking on that huge snake, tears coming from her eyes.

However, the moans got dissolved all inside her mouth. Shortly the 8-inch guy finished, pulled out and cum on her back. As soon as he cum, his friend came rushing and put his dick in her pussy. He started ramming her at full force, holding her waist.

Rimi was having gentle sex with the other guy, but his friend changed the pace and feeling. She immediately started screaming from the intense and rough sex she was enduring. The hard and strong thrust made her body vibrate with the sound of fucking. Her loud screaming filled the atmosphere.

The 3 guys from before, watching all the action, couldn’t help but get hornier and started jerking their dicks. They never expect to encounter such a thing in their life. All 3 came up to Rimi, who was being fucked, and put their dicks in her mouth one by one and cum inside, making her drink everything.

African 2: Your 3 friends enjoy watching you girls enjoy real hardcore sex. So how do your friends taste?

Rimi couldn’t reply. She was busy adjusting to the monster of a dick she was being ploughed with. The other guy went up to Ani, who was laying on the ground watching all the action with Rimi. He got on her and started sucking her boobs while fingering her.

She held his head and pulled on the hair. Enjoying getting her nipples sucked and parted her legs while getting fingered, welcoming him inside her. After a couple of minutes, he got on her. Slowly pushed his 8-inch inside and started fucking her.

She held onto his hips, closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying the more gentle approach after being rammed by his friend. Both the girls were fucked next to each other. They were moaning and screaming, being roughly treated and fucked. After another 20-25 minutes, the 9-inch guy pulled out and cum all over Rimi’s ass.

The other guy fucked Ani a little while longer and cum on her stomach and boobs. Both Africans were equally satisfied.

African 1: You babes are coming with us tonight to our hotel. We will be here for 2 more days. We fucked quite a number of babes. But you were really good to fuck.

After an hour or so, both the girls were seen leaving the forest stretch and walking up to the parking area with the African guys. They got their cab and headed for the hotel with the girls.

To be continued in the next part, so keep reading!

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