Romantic blindfold sex encounter with a reader

Hi babes. I apologize for keeping you waiting so long. I’ve been a little busy with life. I could not think of any sexual stories to make you all squirt. I invite you to read my earlier stories as well. Thank you so much for your love and support.

I won’t spend time introducing myself because most of you already know me. Let me give you a brief introduction to Keerti, the heroine of this story. She is 5.5 feet tall, 23 years old, and from an orthodox Bengaluru family. She has a fair complexion, a little body fat in the correct areas, and looks perfect.

After my recent story was released, Keerti emailed me that she enjoyed the narration. She looked forward to reading more of my stories. There were no fascinating details in that email. I expressed my gratitude to her in my response.

The following day, I received a second email from her. This time, she was more forthright. She explained that she comes from an Orthodox family and is shy with boys. She said she would keep contacting me if I could ensure her safety and confidentiality.

I am more attracted to quiet, innocent girls because they fascinate me. I wasted no time responding to her email, reassuring her of everything she had described. I encouraged her to keep texting me. After exchanging a few emails that day, we continued our chats on Instagram and swapped profiles.

I attempted to learn more about her and her desires. I made her feel comfortable by discussing less sex to avoid awkwardness. After a few days, we began discussing our needs and her expectations of me. At the end of that week, she was honest with me and openly discussed everything I should do to her.

We even exchanged photos. She showed me a few pictures of herself dressed traditionally. She appeared to be an angel since she was incredibly beautiful in those clothes. After some flirting, we agreed to meet up the following weekend.

Me: If you came out, what would you tell your parents? Do they allow you to leave on your own?

Keerti: Don’t worry. I have a couple of reasons that might be useful in such situations.

Me: Thank me for making such a positive change in you. I’m surprised by your boldness and changes.

Keerit: I can’t express my gratitude through text messages. Instead, I’ll express it in person.

Me: What reason do you think of telling your parents?

Keerti: Umm, I need to think. (After a little pause) I will inform them that I will visit the Hanuman temple as we meet on Saturday.

Me: Naughty girl. You were terrified to talk to me a week ago, and now you’re lying to your parents. Look at you.

K: Specifically for you. This is the first time you have made me feel this excited. I can’t wait any longer for your touch.

I answered with a smiley emoji. We were both looking forward to Saturday. I learned that she enjoys romantic gestures and going slowly and passionately. The day has finally arrived. We planned to meet at a cafe in MG Road at around 11:00. I rode my bike to the location, counting down the seconds until I arrived.

I arrived early and found a corner table where we could enjoy quiet. I waited about 10 minutes, which seemed like an eternity. Finally, the goddess of beauty appeared, dressed in a purple salwar kameez with a transparent dupatta of the same colour.

Her beauty was enhanced by her minimal makeup, open hair, and tiny bindi between her eyebrows. I couldn’t believe I was about to fuck a girl with such a conventional cute face and gorgeous body. She appeared to be the perfect woman.

The other guys at the cafe were constantly eyeing her. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but stare at her without batting an eye. She came towards me while smiling. I hate to admit it, but I don’t believe in love. But it seemed to be ‘Love at first sight.’

As she came closer, I stood up to reawaken my consciousness. I hugged her tightly, pressing her chest against mine, and we sat in our chairs. By that point, I could feel the atmosphere of jealousy in that cafe.

Me: The pictures you gave didn’t do your appearance justice. You look stunning. I have trouble accepting that I will spend the day with such a beauty queen. She patted me and requested me to stop while smiling broadly.

We placed an order for two Caffe Mochas and carried on our chats. I wasn’t paying attention to her words. I was observing her body and lips. She had already finished her coffee and was angrily staring at me. I had no idea why it happened.

K: Quit lustfully checking on me, you idiot perv. Your coffee cup is still more than halfway full, whereas mine is already finished.

Me: This coffee tastes bad, and I think it needs more sugar. Try taking a sip just here. You’ll feel the same.

I handed her my cup, and she fixed her eyes on mine as she drank it.

K: It tastes precisely the same and is wonderful. Why are you feeling that?

Me: (taking the cup) Let me give it another go. (After taking a sip) Well, it’s a lot sweeter now. As much as I miss your touch, I suppose it was the same.

As soon as I stated this, she blushed, and her face was red.

K: Aww. I’ve never felt like this before. I’m happy I hooked out with you. Once you’ve finished your coffee, we will leave for another location. I suppose that everyone in this area is jealous of you. Haha.

Me: Baby, I know. With such beauty in front of me, I can’t concentrate on anything else. Give me a moment, and I’ll finish it right now.

I drank it all in a few big sips. Her face was getting redder and redder. I could sense her shyness. In a little while, I requested and paid the bill. Keeping my hand on her waist and smiling at the other guys to make them jealous, I led her out of the cafe. I didn’t let go of her as I led her to the parking lot.

I led her to my bike. The parking lot was nearly vacant, and a few couples were having fun in their cars. With both hands, I took hold of her waist and drew her towards me. With each passing second, her breath became heavier. I released one of my hands and gripped her neck while pulling her face towards mine.

K: Why are you doing that? I beg you, let go of me. As it’s a public area, we could be seen.

I quickly pressed my lips to hers and began kissing her. Since it was her first kiss, she wasn’t comfortable doing it in public. I let go of her after kissing her lips briefly. She had a happy expression on her face and a red face. She looked amazing, and I couldn’t wait to see her much more so.

I jumped on the bike right away and told her to sit securely. She placed her hand on my shoulder. She sat on one side as she was wearing a traditional outfit. I consciously picked up the pace between the rides to get her to hold on closely. After a short while, her hands on my shoulder shifted to my waist.

She fiercely gripped me and wrapped both of her arms around my waist. Her boobs were pressuring my back, and I could feel her deep breath on my neck. So, we were both enjoying our time together. I took my time and began riding slowly.

I then asked if she would like to come to my house to enjoy our privacy without being bothered. I live alone. She took some time to accept that offer. I promised her I would take all necessary precautions, putting her at ease. It took us about two hours to arrive home.

I swiftly grabbed her hand and brought her inside. Locking the door behind her. She gave me a tight back hug and whispered.

K: I’m afraid. Will doing this be appropriate? After what we do, there won’t be any issues, right?

I took my time to soothe her until she felt at ease and wouldn’t let go of my hug. It took a while to convince her. She released her hold on me after a few minutes. I turned to face her.

Me: Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m sure you’ll like it and won’t regret it afterwards.

Me: I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying it. I won’t hurt you. It would be wrong to harm a girl who is so attractive.

I carefully reached for her face and kissed her, sucking her lips one at a time. I felt her hands on my back and pull me into her. I had been sucking her lips for a few minutes. She was having more fun than I was. I broke the kiss for a moment, and we both smiled into each other’s gaze.

I drew her for another kiss while slightly tightening my hold on her face. This time, she responded properly and opened her mouth to allow me in. Our tongues entered one other’s mouths as the kiss heated. She was a good learner. I took her to my bed without breaking the kiss.

I removed her dupatta and threw it on the bed. I made her lie on the bed comfortably and took off my T-shirt. Every time she breathed in, I could see her chest getting larger.

Me: Baby, take it easy and enjoy yourself. If it hurts, stop me immediately.

I undid her kameez buttons after she nodded in approval. I lay on her, rubbing my bare chest into hers. I grasped her head for another passionate kiss. After playing with her lips briefly, I turned my tongue to her earlobes and began eating them.

She was continuously breathing heavily without making any noise. I told her to unwind while I kept playing. I then shifted my position to face her neck. I began gently licking and sucking it, which caused her to moan her. My hunger for her increased due to her voice and scent.

I made every effort not to be harsh with her, though. I gradually widened her kameez collar and began sucking her collarbone and shoulder. She then said

K: Stop. Let me take off my top. My parents will mistrust me if I get any marks on my clothes.

I released my hold on her as she slowly undid her top. I was awaiting for that time. She was wearing a black padded bra. She had the kind of gorgeous boobs that would make any male miserable.

I grabbed her dupatta, which was lying beside us and blindfolded her. Then requested that she lie down on the bed. She followed my instructions, but every minute her breathing became heavier.

Me: Calm down, sweetheart. I’ve already given you my word that I won’t hurt you. I’m sure you’ll like this.

She slightly relaxed after hearing what I had to say. She joined her hands as I instructed. I tied them over her head and hung them from the side of the bed. This time, she didn’t raise any opposition.

Then, as she lay there helpless with her hands tied, I untied the thread from her salwar. Despite her helplessness, I didn’t notice any resistance or panic on her face. She raised her hips to assist me in taking off the salwar.

The goddess of beauty was laying in front of me, almost completely naked. I jumped on her swiftly this time. I began licking and kissing her from head to toe. I requested her to elevate her chest. I would take off her bra after I had enjoyed kissing her.

She soon followed, and I effortlessly removed her bra. The flawless breasts and bright nipples were a visual pleasure. I quickly grabbed both of them in my hands and shoved my face in their direction. I started gently licking her boobs as I buried my face deep into them.

I played with one boob while sucking it one at a time. After a while, I began squeezing them into my mouth and pressing them towards one another. My entire body was resting on her stunning body. She was unable to do anything but moan in pleasure.

The panty was already soaked with her secretions when I finished squeezing her boobs. I placed my hands on her panty, and she obeyed when I gave the signal. To allow me to remove her panties, she elevated her hips. I removed them right away.

The most stunning woman I have ever seen is lying down below me naked, blindfolded and helplessly tied. As usual, I took my time to enjoy her stunning naked figure. I still find it hard to imagine that I had such a gorgeous girl in my bed, naked, giving me access to her entire body.

Me: Are you having fun, baby? Must I stop now? Is there any pain?

K: Huh, Please don’t stop. Go on. Huh, I like it. Please go ahead. (Answered with heavy breathing)

Me: My darling, as you wish.

I kissed and licked her inner thighs while burying my face between her legs. Her body couldn’t rest as it was moving too quickly. Her breathing was becoming heavier.

K: Aah, Oh, I love you. I enjoy how you treat me.

I reached into her pussy and began exhaling heavily on it. My breaths induced her craziness. She began biting her lower lip and screamed.

Me: What’s wrong, baby girl? Is it painful?

K: Damnn it! Baby, please! Please don’t tease me! Please, Go on. (Answered with heavy breathing)

I moved my head over it without touching it, and my beard tickled her. I observed her attempting to untie her hands.

K: Ahh! (Biting her lower lip) Uhmm! I beg you, baby!

I  kissed her pussy lips. I gently pushed my tongue inside to part them, making her scream for more as I did so. As soon as I touched her with my mouth, she had an orgasm. I positioned myself between her legs while holding onto her thighs and shoved my face into her pussy.

I began slurping up the pussy covered with her secretions as she moaned. She had two additional orgasms, so I ate her pussy for about 30 minutes without giving her a single minute of rest. I kept eating her more and more because of the taste of her secretions, groans, voice, and smell.

I then stood up from the bed and undid my boxer and pant. I got the condom from a nearby table and put it on. Then I slept down on her. This time, every inch of our bodies was in contact.

Her boobs were being squeezed by my chest pressing on them. I then placed my dick close to her pussy. I leaned quite close to her and whispered.

Me: Are you ready, sweetheart? Can I enter you? (Heavily breathing on her face)

She gave me a short kiss and whispered,

K: I would love to have you as a part of me. I beg you, enter me. Please insert, baby.

I slid my dick into her slowly as we locked lips. She hummed into my mouth. I ended the kiss and asked

Me: Hold on for a moment. It will hurt at first. I’ll remove it if it starts to hurt more.

After a little period of silence, she said

K: Go ahead, baby. Everything’s OK. It feels best. Inside, it’s very warm. But go carefully. You can carry on.

I sucked her lips, muttered, “I love you,” and slid inside her. I carefully inserted my dick in and waited a short while for her to relax and become adjusted to me. I started softly going in, and out of her pussy once I sensed her ease. Her pussy was the tightest I’ve ever felt.

If it hadn’t been so moist from her secretions, it would have hurt. That was the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt on my dick. I say it again. I fucked her as she had multiple orgasms.  I progressively sped up when she got used to it. She started screaming and moaning nonstop.

She continued to moan. My repeated kisses and enjoyment of her tight pussy partially covered the sound. We both reached the climax after I fucked her in that position for a few minutes. I removed the blindfold and untied her hands. She had tears in her eyes, yet I could see the joy on her face.

She hugged me, placing her hands over my back. I laid my head on her chest in the space between her boobs. At that very instant, we felt each other’s heartbeats.

Me: Did you like it? How did your first encounter go, sweetie?

K: I don’t know whether I could have had as much fun with anyone else. I sure did have a great time with you, babe. I felt the best thanks to you. Thank you for being patient with me. I didn’t anticipate you were going this slowly. I worried that you could lose control. I appreciate your consideration. Baby, I love you.

Me: Anything for you, baby, please. You don’t need to thank me because I love you too!

K: Before starting a new round, can we take a short break?

Me: Well, sweetheart, take your time. Tell me when you need me.

She took hold of my head and dragged it towards her face. Giving me a few minutes of intense kissing and asking me to get in her again. The most stunning girl and I then engaged in many rounds of sexual activity on my bed in various postures.

She stayed at my house that evening until 8 o’clock. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together before she left. We dressed, and I dropped her off a few blocks from her house, where nobody was around. There, we shared another intense kiss before parting ways. I waited till she returned safely to her home.

Later, whenever we had the time, we experienced numerous sexual activities. I will try to express them in stories as well. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it, and please let me know if you would like me to write another story on my experience with Keerti.

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