The love of a sister – Part 2

I leaned over my little brother, nuzzled his face with my boobs, and pressed them firmly on his chest. I moved down to his not-so-little cock and teased his cock with my nipples. He clenched his teeth n pleasure.

I was extremely eager to slide in his inflated pole. I knew he loved the nipple tease before the plunge. How can a bordi (elder sister) disappoint her little brother- that too on Bhai Phonta?

The fact that we cared about each other as brother and sister made our attention to mutual pleasure meticulous and enhanced the quality of our sex. We both know this can never be remotely accepted by any society. We’re indulging in incest, a taboo of the most forbidden nature, but it has only multiplied our love.

Maybe we’re destined to be united this way. I’ve no regrets, and thanks to ISS for providing a forum to convey our feelings and experience. I’m sure I’m not the only elder sister in the world who fucks her younger brother.

“Ahh, didi,” he moaned and sighed, “Tor dodor bontar sursuri ki darun lage re.” (You tickle me so well with your nipples.)

“Sottyi re bhai tor much chokh dekhle bojha jay tui eta khub bhalobashish.” (Your expressions tell that you love this.)

“Really, didi, I can’t describe how much.”

“Kintu amar je ar tor soiche na bhai tor mugure barata gud e dhokate.” (I can’t wait to put your mace-like dick in my pussy.)

“Ne didi ne, dhukiye ne tor bhai er bara tor sworgiyo gud e.” (Take, take, sis, take your brother’s cock in your heavenly cunt.)

I perched my feet beside the sides of his waist, positioning my watering cunt precisely over his glorious glans. Fresh bouts of passion ran through our bodies when my pussy lips touched the tip of his dickhead. Hrik loved to see me take his cock in at one go, and his eyes were focused on my cunt.

I took a deep breath. I let go of my waist, sinking his meaty sword in my lardy scabbard. A loud squishy sound filled the room. We gasped aloud at the mutual pleasure.

“Ah, bhai re kotodin pore tor dhon amar gud e dhuklo.” (It seems like ages since your cock entered my cunt.)

“Oh, didi tor moto chorbiwala gude dhon dhukiye jibon sarthok holo.” (Entering your fatty juicy pussy makes my life worthwhile.)

We savoured the sensations of our warmth and fluidity seeping into each other. I leaned forward to place my enormous boobs over his mouth. He grabbed them with his palms and squeezed them gently yet firmly.

This combo of a solid cock embedded in the cunt and boobs being handled expertly really makes a woman go wild. He heightened my pleasure by rolling the nipples between his nimble fingers. Though he knew how I would proceed, he was always the courteous gentleman.

“Didi ami thap debo na tui chudbi?” (Should I start the strokes, or do you want to fuck me?)

I kissed him and assured him of my intentions. “Aram se sudhu sukh ne bhai. Janish to ami toke ride korte kotto bhalobasi.” (Lie back and enjoy. You know how much I love to ride you.)

Emotions and feelings during sex are best expressed in one’s mother tongue. I lifted till the base of his dickhead tickled my pussy lips. I lowered myself with substantial force to engulf his entire length.

I crushed my cunt against his crotch with added pressure. His dickhead nudged at the newer depths of my juicy cunt. I picked up pace in another minute, attaining a fluid rhythm.

“Offf aaaaahhh bhai re, shala ki dhon tai na peyechish. Ar karo dhon gud e niye eto moja hoy na.Ore ore kothay kothay gunto marche re tor bara. Evabe cholle to tor didi gud er jol khosiye swarge jabe re.”

(What a fucking dick you have, bro. No other dick can please me like yours. Damn, you touch new places every time. You‘re going to make your sister see heaven.)

“Onnyo kono dhon nite hobe keno? Jokhon bolbi amar bara hajir. Ore didi re, tor gud chodar por ami je ar kono gud e aram pai na.” (Why do you seek another dick when mine is always at your service? No other cunt could please me like yours.)

“Tor gud ki vishon vabe koshe chepe dhore amar bara. Ar keu erokom pare na re. Khosha didi gud er jol khosha. Bhai er dhon pran khule chude tor gud er jole chan koriye de ekebare.”

(How wonderfully your cunt grips my cock. Cum, sis, cum, fuck your brother’s cock till you bathe me in your cunt juice.)

“Keno marte gechili onnyo gud? Janishna didir theke bhalo chudte ar keu parbe na? Koi ami to toke chodar por kauke chudini? Ei bara jeno bhul koreo onnyo gud e na dhoke.”

(Why did you seek another cunt? Nobody can fuck you better than me. I haven’t fucked anyone else after fucking you. This dick should never enter any other cunt.)
I assured him of my unconditional attachment to him. “Tor didir gud tori jonnie bandha ache. Jokhoni ichcha korbe didir gud chudbi. Ore bhai re mone hoy tokei chudi sarakhkhon. Offfffff tor dhoner khonchay ja jol khose keu pare ni kokhono. Ahhh toke chude je aj kobar jol khoshabo bhgoban janen.”

(Your sister’s pussy is reserved for you, fuck it anytime you want to. Oh dear, I feel like fucking you all day long. Nobody has made me cum like you. God only knows how many times you will make me cum today.)

The mention of another girl aroused the possessive sister and lover in me. I sped up further, making him writhe passionately and beg for forgiveness.

“Ah, off, didi.” he roared in extreme ecstasy. “Bodo bhul hoye gechilo re. Ar konodino onnyo gud choda to durer kotha, kono meyer dikei takabo na. (That was a big mistake. From now on, leave alone fucking. I won’t even look at another girl.)

The extra speed made him express his pleasure in explicit words. “Ore didi re eki gotite chudchish re. Aj theke ei barata toke bendhe dilam. Ekhon theke eta sudhu tor. Jokhon chaibi gud e dhokash. Jotobar ichcha chudbi. Jotobar khushi chude gud er jol khosha. Ah didi sudhu tokei chude asol aram paire.”

(Damn, you’re fucking with greater speed. From now this dick is for your eyes only. Shove it in your cunt whenever you want. Fuck me all day long, as many times as you want. Cum as many times as you want. Ah, didi, only you give me real pleasure.)

I thoroughly enjoyed his turgid tool furrowing in and out of my cock starved pussy. I also expressed my pleasure equivocally. “Ha ha tokei chudbo sara dinrat. Bhalo korli je tor dhonta amake reigister korli. Tui chinta korish na bhai toke chude eeto suk debo je tor onnyo kono meyer kotha mathateo ashbe na.”

(Yes, I’ll fuck you all day and night. It’s well that you’ve registered your dick with me. I’ll fuck you so good that you won’t even think of another girl)
I continued my shameless praises of his cock. “Ki kopal kore tor bara peyechi. Tui abar beshi control korish na. Jokhoni mon chaibe amar gud e, pete, mukhe, thokthoke groom fyada ugre de. Janish to tor didir choshon. Tor fyada jhore gele dosh minite khara kore debo.”

(Damn, I’m lucky to have a cock like yours. Don’t try to control. You can spray your hot cum in my pussy, on my stomach, boobs or in my face and my mouth. You know your sister can suck you to get hard again in ten minutes.)

These explicit talks got me plunging harder and faster. His moans, groans and gasps got louder.

“Oh, didi ki chodon tai na dichchish! Chod chod achchase chude gud er jol khosha. Tor khoshano jole chan na korle je mon bhore na. Ami contro korchi na. Jani tui jemon chudish tar thekeo bhalo chushish. Ore tor oi barakhor mukher choshon khele dosh minit noire dui minitei fyada jhora bara thatiye jay. Prothome tui jol khosha didi. Tor bhai eer baray jol khoshar somoy tor expression dekhe bhishon tripti pai.”

(Oh didi, you’re fucking me better than ever! Fuck me hard and bathe me in your cunt jizz. I’m not controlling. You suck better than you fuck. Your cock addicted mouth can get my drained cock hard again in two minutes. Ten is an exaggeration. First, I want to see you cum on your brother’s cock. I simply love to watch your expression when you cum hard.)

This was the first time he mentioned my orgasmic expression. I got to know that he derived great pleasure from it. It intensified my climax as I ploughed my pussy with his erection more forcefully. Mindless slang flew from my mouth between my moans and gasps of raw rapture.

“Ore bhai re, ufff shala ki jobordost dhon mairi tor. Eta gud e dhukiye nari jonmo sarthok holo. Toke na chudle jantei partam na je barate eto sukho hoy. Ne ne tor didir chopchope gud er peshai kha. O mago tor dhoner gutoy je tor didi sukhe okka jabere. Aj chudtei thakbo toke, thambo na kichutei. Ore tor didir uposhi gud e bara guntiye amake swarge pathali je. Amar tol pet dhok dhok korche.Ah bhai re tor theke beshi sukh keu dite parbe na re.”

(My life as a woman has been fulfilled by your cock, dear. If you hadn’t fucked me, I wouldn’t have known that a cock could provide this level of pleasure. Yes, savour the juicy massage of your sister’s pussy. Oh, bro, your sister will go into oblivion from the pounding of your dick. Damn, your dick is sending my cock starved pussy straight to heaven. My abdomen is trembling madly. Ah, brother, nobody can give me more pleasure than you.)

The deep contortions of his face were evidence of the pleasure he was deriving from my thrusts. The fluid slushy squelches and my pussy slamming hard on his crotch made the room reverberate with sheer lust. Our loud groans and moans and filthy talks accentuated our mutual pleasure.

He, too, reacted equivocally “ Of, didi re amar dhon o dhonnyo je tor gud e thai peyeche. Tor theke chopchope chorbidar gud karo hote pare na re. Tor gud ke r konodin o uposh korte hobe na. Jokhoni ichcha hobe amar dhon dhukiye chudish. Toke chudte pere amro purush jibon sarthok holo re.”

(My cock is blessed to get entry in your pussy. No one can have a better pussy than yours. Your pussy need not keep fast anymore. Whenever you want, please put it in. You make me feel like a real man.)

He continued as my cunt wriggled wildly, “Ah, didi tor gud kappa shuru hoye geche. Ebar tor jol khoshbe. Ah didi ki darun khop khop korche tor gud er bhitorta. ei totor chokh muk bolche ebar khoshbe. Ne ne tor guder roshe tor bhai er bara bhashiye de. Off, didi toke ki bhishon sexy dekhay ei khoshanor shomoy.”

(Your cunt is churning wildly. You’re close to cumming. Your expressions say that you’re close. Drown my cock in your cunt deluge. Ah, sis, you look so damn sexy when you cum.)

The words, sounds, and sensations were too much to bear. My abdomen shook violently. The insides of my pussy went berserk, convulsing. My eyes rolled back in unbearable ecstasy. I started to orgasm with a loud, long yell of indescribable pleasure.

“Oh, bhai re amar shob gelo re.” (Oh, brother, all is gone) I delved hard, plunging his hardness to the deepest and spraying out fountains of cunt jizz.
With every violent convulsion, my pussy juice drenched his balls, cock and abdomen. My entire body shook with every spray.

Watching the lascivious smile on my brother’s face gave me additional pleasure. He relished the expressions of ravishing rapture on my visage.
Watching a woman climaxing in satisfaction over one’s cock is pleasing and morale-boosting for any man.

As the sprays dwindled to trickles, all strength seemed to desert me and groaning, “Bhai re.” I slumped like a felled tree on his worked-out body, panting frantically. He put his strong arms lovingly around me and thoroughly relished the additional sensations of my heaving boobs crushing into his chest.

Being a thoroughbred fucker he knew well to remain static and let me enjoy the post-orgasm bliss. After maintaining celibacy for three months, I had cum rather hard and felt gratified beyond description. Eventually, my breathing normalized. I opened my eyes to behold his handsome face.

I kissed his lips deeply to express my love and gratitude for such incredible pleasure. “That’s an earth-shattering orgasm you gave me,” I confessed candidly.

“The way your eyes rolled back and you yelled so loud. It was your most intense one.”

“Only you can give me such climaxes.”

“No one else can make me cum as you do, didi.” He drew my head down and kissed me passionately. He started moving in and out very slowly and murmured, “Oh, didi, now that you’ve cum your pussy feels more heavenly.”

The jealous sister, lover and woman in me resurfaced. “Then why did you have to fuck another slut?” I angrily enquired.

His eyes lowered in shame “ It was a big mistake. She had been coming to me for a month. We’re at the disco, We got drunk, and one thing led to another, though it was condom sex. Not raw like with you, it was.”

“Sshhh,” I put my finger on his lips and lovingly asked, “When I’m there for you, do you need another girl?” It reassured him, and kissing my finger, he looked with conviction into my eyes.

“The mistake made me realize that no one can measure up to you. I love you, didi. From now on, it is only you. Not only your pussy is the best, your lips, eyes, face, hands, feet, hair, and nails. I mean, you’re the dream package.”

We kissed again. He started moving in and out of me with gentle, loving strokes. Oh, I wish I could describe how good his cock felt in my climaxed pussy. I felt him swell even more inside me.

“You must be longing to spray your hot juice?”

“Yes, didi, how would you like me to fuck?”

He loved watching my fleshy, firm, perfectly rounded ass when he pounded me in doggy. This made my pussy grip him tighter and differently. Like most women, I loved being fucked in the doggy style.

I told him so. “Bhai fuck me in the doggy style, and cum as you’ve never cum before, anywhere you like. Didi won’t disappoint you.”

“Didi ekdom amr mon er kotha boll re.”(You’ve read my mind so well)

“Sudhu mon noy tor dhon o ami bhalo read kori.”(I read your dick as well as your mind.)

I got up to assume a new position. My pussy made guttural sounds with dollops of cunt juice drooling over his cock and balls. He scooped up a decent measure. He licked it clean from his fingers. Smacking his lips in satisfaction, proclaimed, “Definitely the tastiest pussy juice in the world.”

His sincere compliment made me glow from within. I tried to conceal my coy, girlish blush, which pleased him more. I made the same fumble attempts to grab some tissue and wipe him, but he protested. “Let your juice be upon me, didi. I love it this way.” It takes a real man to appreciate cunt juice.

I took my position with a plump pillow beneath my breasts. My hips arched high in the air holding out my watery cunt and glorious ass for his visual pleasure. He was not parsimonious in showering praises on my ass as he squeezed them firmly.

“Offfff tor pacha duto ki darun tolbole. Tanpurar moto bodo r gol. ((Your ass is so soft, big and rounded like the tanpura classical Indian music instrument.)

“Tar majhe tor oi taltaley gud jeno nimontron janachche.” (Your oily cunt is so inviting) he continued.

“Etoi Jokhon bhalo lagche amake kutti baniye ebar pagoler moto chude fyada jhora dekhi.” (If you like me so much in doggy, fuck me like a maniac and spray your juice.)

He grabbed my ass and plunged his entire length effortlessly, hands-free. We both gasped at the fresh sensations caused by the doggy stance.

“Oh, didi tor gud ta to ja ta vabe dhonta chepe dhoreche.” (Damn, your cunt is gripping me like never before.)

“Tor dhontao jeno gud er notun anache kanache guntochche re. Ne bhai ebar amake chude lat kor to.” (Your cock is also touching new areas inside me, Now fuck my brains out.)

He started with gentle strokes, pulling out to the base of his dickhead. It resembled a generous-sized duck egg. The tapering tip nuzzled at newer depths of my cunt, enhancing my pleasure. Within a minute, he was pounding me at a furious pace making my pussy squeal loudly.

“Ore toke pagoler moto chudte bollam bole erokom chudle to aabar okka jabo.” (Just because I told you to fuck like a maniac. I’ll faint in ecstasy at this pace.)

“Didir kotha to r fela jay na. Ne pagoler moto chudi toke. Tor bhaier chodon kheye abar swargo dekh. Ore r karo gud amakke etosukh dey na re.” (A brother has to obey a sister’s orders. I’ll fuck you like a maniac and make you visit heaven again. No one can give me more pleasure than you.)

“Ekebare lagamchara chodon de. Joto sukh parish ne didr gud theke. Ar karo gud mere tui erokom sukh pabina. Tor dhontai tairi hoyeche didir gud marte. Jotokhon na fyada chitke beroy chude ja amake.”

(Fuck me like a wild horse. Take maximum pleasure from your sister’s cunt. Nobody can please you like me. Your cock was meant to fuck your sister’s pussy. Fuck hard until you cum.)

He fucked faster and started swelling. His shrieks grew louder. “Ore didi re, tor gud to jata vabe amar dhon khablachche. Erokom hole r dhora jabe na. Ah didi, tor bhaier bichi bodhoy gole jabe re. Gud tato kilbil korche. Didi kothay jhorabo re fyada.”

(Your pussy is clawing at my dick. I can’t hold for long. You’re about to melt my balls with that cunt wriggling. Ah, sis, where do I deposit my cum?)

“R dhorte hobe na. Amaro jol jhorbe re bhai. Tor bichi duto ki darun thabra marche guder bedite. Tor bichi goliye amar gud chan koriye de tor groom fyaday. Ore eki chodan chudchis re bhai. Ah amar abar jol khoshbe je.”

(No need to hold back. You’re going to make me cum. Damn, how deliciously your balls are ramming against my pussy. Melt your balls and shower my pussy with your cum. Damn, what a fuck. Ah, bro, I’m cumming.)

My sentence extended into an ecstatic howl as my whole body shuddered in unbelievable passion. My cunt sprayed torrents of pussy juice. The moment the first instalment blew over his highly turgid cock, he shrieked in tremendous rapture.

“Didi re tor guder rosher chakay sob gelo re. Ne amar gorom fyada.” (Oh, elder sis, your sizzling cunt juice is too much to bear. Take my hot cum.)

With a monstrous yell, he delved hardest into the contours of my juicy depths. He started to shoot volleys of hot thick man juice. The hot spray hit my insides with unprecedented force. This took my pleasure to an utterly insane level and beyond human vocabulary to describe.

My cunt emitted squelchy squishy sounds. Our combined juices made their way out of the gaps in my pussy. I felt fourteen heavy hot bursts of pure manliness hitting and splashing in my canal. Each hit made me spew out my orgasmic nectar in copious quantities. That was the biggest load he had deposited in me.

There’s nothing better than a good man load hitting your insides when one’s climaxing. It’s the epitome of pleasure for a woman. The twitching of the cock as it unloads also provides enormous satisfaction to a woman. We climaxed simultaneously with an intensity unparalleled.

My little brother slumped over my back as if fully drained of all energy. I lowered myself carefully to savour his embedded cock in my highly satisfied pussy. We lay together with him on my back, our bosoms heaving more frantically than a blacksmith’s bellow.

Our hearts beat so loud that we could hear the beats. A brother and sister sank into a blissful slumber after the rewarding labours of love.

What a start to this Bhai Phonta! Lines from the popular Hindi song “Raat Baki Baat Baki” ran through my mind. “Agaz yeh hain to anjam hoga haseen.” My mind also went back to how it all started between us.

Dear readers, let me know if you would like me to narrate the beginning of our relationship.

Hrika and Hrik will be back with your blessings.