My sex journey with my Daughter! – Part 5

Note: my stories have hardcore, rough, erotic moments. And usually has ugly vulgar language. This is the fourth part of this series. If you do not know the story of the previous, then start from the beginning.

I opened my daughter’s room door. I found her sleeping on the bed facing down, crying till her face reddened. I know I am the reason for her crying daily, either after fucking or after pregnancy.

She turned to see who had come into the room to look at her after a devastating incident. She was spellbound to see the masked guy. She immediately rose on her knees on the bed and started yelling aloud.

Preeti: you are responsible for my situation. I do not want to see you ever again. Just get out of our house, else I will scream aloud, and my parents will catch you.

I took the marker and wrote it on the wall again. “I will reveal myself to you after I enjoy your body for one last time.” She was embarrassed.

Preeti (while crying): What do you think of me, bastard? Do I like a whore to you?

I wrote on the wall, “Yes,” for which she got angry and shouted loud like

Preeti: Mom, dad. Someone is in my room. Please come soon.

I again wrote on the wall, “No one is home except you and me.” I looked at her, and she felt hopeless. I again wrote on the wall, “I promise you I will reveal myself to you, or else you will not know who I am forever.” She started thinking for herself.

Preeti: What choice do I have? Do you even care to know that I am pregnant? I have your baby in my belly?

I again wrote on the wall, “Yes, I know.” I saw her confused face.

Preeti: How the hell do you know it? I know this just an hour ago.

“I will tell you everything after our session only,” I wrote for once last on the wall.

She wiped her tears and undressed in no time. She is been naked in front of me in no time. She is ready to get fucked by me. Just to know who I am.

Preeti: Go on! This is the last time you are using me as a slave. Please me. Because after this I will tell everything to my parents.

While she was looking at me I went near her. I held her tight and slipped her into the bed while hugging her tightly. I am craving every inch of my daughter’s body and want to have an intense session, which I got preceding.

I held her by the head and bent her down draping her hair completely with my hands. She put it in as a daily slave and started moving on my dick in and out with her small beautiful mouth. Her head followed her hand, sliding on my dick while giving the oral.

She became excellent at giving oral, and now she is exceptional. Better than her mother. Just to know who is me. Bloody teen bitch.

She took her fingers down to her vagina and started fingering her young pussy. I was giving soft groans in between as she is biting my cock intentionally in her mouth, but I enjoyed everything she was doing. I felt a little strange this time and let her loose.

I wrote on the wall, “For once can I fuck you without the mask, only after closing your mouth and tying your hands.” She thought a bit and told

Preeti: This might be your last session, go on.

I took a big tape of her projects which was on her desk and tied her hands back to her. I took one napkin and puffed her mouth full and I threw her on the bed.

Me: Get ready to witness what you never thought in your dream also.

While listening to my voice only she found out who I am. I revealed myself to her just like kamal-hasan revealed himself to all the villains in the ‘Vikram’ movie.

She was spellbound again. Widened her eyes and stood on her knees and felt betrayed. I went near her and put my hand on her face and told

Me: Sorry, beta. I had to fuck you. I do not have any other chance.

She was in complete shock. Feeling dumb. She is alive but in an ideal position now.

Me: you can scream as much as you want to today. Anyway, you will tell your mother. So I do not want to waste the situation. I am going to tear your ass today. So just co-operate with your father.

With my hands, I roamed all over her body while I grabbed mounds of her breast. First, I went near her legs, then her thighs her wet pussy and went back to her ass and put my finger in her tight ass.

Absolute tight. I cupped her smooth buttocks and squeezed with my powerful hands, for which she let out soft moans. I jumped on her after undressing myself. I touched her body with mine while her mouth closed and her hands tied.

I was back of her and held her by the hands and kissed her on the back of her neck. For the first time, I kissed her normally with my mouth.

Me: I am sorry, my dear. I must fuck you. I had a viagra just now. I desperately want you bitch.

She was giving moans as I cupped her mouth with napkins. I do not know whether she likes me after knowing who I am. But her hands are tied, and her mouth is puffed, so what do I need? This situation told me to enjoy her, and I am going with the flow.

I found her clit on her back and licked it rapidly. I could not wait for any more. I wanted to be inside her.

Me: Get ready to take daddy’s dick.

She does not want this, but her pussy is wet. Which aroused to do me so. After I found her wet pussy, I slowly eased into her, for which she cried slowly. I felt her inner walls opening, trying to throw my dick out while I go deep into her.

Her mind was blank as she was getting fucked day her father. Mine was clear, to fuck my daughter. A heat started generating in my loins. I made her on all fours while her hands were still tied back. And started thumping her in and out while spanking her ass cheeks and pulling her hair mercilessly.

Me: Thank you, bitch. For giving me such wonderful pressure.

Her boobs heaved front and back while I fuck her in and out. I immediately grabbed hold of those and started squeezing. I liked it. I do not know whether she liked it or not. But I loved it.

I loved fucking my daughter while squeezing her boobs with one hand and pulling her hair with the other hand. She was left with only one thing, nothing but moaning.

I turned her around and saw her face up and me while her hands were still back. I fell on her again, hitting her boobs firmly.

Me: I love to fuck you in missionary, beta.

My toes danced in the air while I thrust her in and out rapidly. Our bodies are crushed over and over again. My thighs slapped her soft skin each time I moved in and out. I slowed down and sped up rapidly again to feel my daughter’s body’s sensation.

Pinning her to bed, I drove her pussy again and again while holding her hips from the side for all she had, only moans.

Me: Thanks for everything, kid. I will pay you now, do not worry. I will pay the mother and daughter ransom for giving me a wonderful pleasure.

I hugged her tight for some time, then came into her tight pussy after hers. I can not take the napkins out, but I need my dick clean with her only. So I took her hair in my hands and used her hair like a tissue to clean my dick.

Me: I am going to do one last thing for you.

I stood on the floor while she was still in bed. I aimed my cock straight at her face and started peeing on her. I peed on her head, then on her breasts, then on her whole body. She did not flinch or move. She stood like that on the bed in the corpse pose. I dressed and untied her.

Me: Now tell your mom if you want.

She went near the door and opened it while dressed. She stood at the entrance and started crying. I went past her out the door to find my wife holding HCG.

She was shocked at me and spoke

Devi: Did she tell anything?

Me: She will come and tell you. What is the matter with that?

Devi: We were also not using the condom long, so I thought to test.

Me: What is it?

Devi: It is positive. I am pregnant too.

“Fuck the world,” I thought to myself. Now both are pregnant because of me. Before one got sorted, one more thing came up.

In between, my daughter came out dressed with semen in her hair. Her mother was shocked to see her in that situation.

Devi (to Preeti): what happened to you, beta?

Preeti: Mom, do you want to know who is this reason for my situation?

Devi: Yes, I will kill him once I know him.

Now I will become a father and grandfather at the same time. My daughter looked at me angrily and told her mother who was responsible for her situation.

Preeti: It is the same person responsible for the same situation as mine to you.

Devi: I did not get you.

Preeti: Your beloved husband did this to me.

For that, my wife saw me with an angry look I never saw since we married. Then she came angrily near me to slap me and did a thing for which my entire life changed very badly.

To be continued.