The Fuck-Factory of Mumbai

Hello to all the aficionados out there reading my stories. I am Mandar, back again with a partially fictional story from the time I started my first job.

Back in 2019, I graduated as an artist from Symbiosis. It was a tough job market for people like me with creative inclinations. However, I managed to bag an internship at a mid-sized startup in Mumbai.

It was called SparkTech. It was based in Hiranandani, Powai. The co-founder was a rich retired army lieutenant, Lt. Jimmy Bakshi (61), along with his son, Sunny (35).

We referred to Lt Jimmy as Jimmy Sir. He was a 6-foot-tall hunk with naturally grey hair. He had a proud moustache with no beard, analogous to the tyrants they show in old Bollywood movies.

Jimmy Sir was strongly built and always used to be in tracksuits paired with heavy army boots. His eyes, like his stature, bold and intimidating, would render anyone stuttering for words.

Sunny, on the other hand, was a geeky, timid fellow with green-rimmed glasses. He had been intellectually gifted since college and had raised a lot of funding from investors, mostly Jimmy Sir’s friends.

Being a patriarch, Jimmy Sir always thought that Sunny could be a little more athletic and virile. Sunny used to dress in formals, usually sticking to whites and blues. He was always buried in his laptop.

The company consisted of 25 people, with a little asymmetric composition. We had 2 business managers – Khanna and Kapoor. They sat in their cabins doing god knows what.

Both were pot-bellied uncles with similar appearances. Bald heads, moustaches and around 5.5 in height. Typical corporate creeps earn big-fat salaries.

Rest all the employees were females. I wouldn’t bother you, readers, with all the names. However, a few prominent ones would be great.

Rima (45) was a business manager too. She was a busty, short cougar with fair skin and blonde hair. Huge mommy boobs and always wore deep-cut sarees with excessive makeup.

Radha (25), Saima (22), Aarushi (22), Ankita (20) and Vrushali (20) were the software developers in the team, all with ogle-worthy breasts. There was a maid – Ramila, who used to dust, clean, serve tea and do chores for us. Ramila (24) was a pahadi girl married to the building watchman.

Jimmy Sir had made black and white as the office dress code. Being a disciplinarian, he was extremely particular about it.

The office was a merger of 3 penthouse apartments with a big terrace. It was an elite-designed space with the utmost polished and luxe interior. Irrespective of the ranks and designations, every employee had a small cabin. Even Ramila was given a little servant quarter on the terrace.

I got a job in SparkTech as a presentation designer. Being a startup, giving presentations to investors, managers, etc, was extremely common. I, being an artist had great visual skills to craft beautiful presentations.

Jimmy Sir and Rima hired me via a long interview. Jimmy was a good-tempered fatherly figure. He had a warm and welcoming tone, unlike his appearance. He treated me like a son.

Coming to the story:

On my first day at Sparktech, I was wearing a plain white shirt with sleeves folded and black denim. I entered the Hiranandani campus and approached the elevator.

I pressed 12 and got in. The lift was exclusively available for SparkTech employees. It was a huge 6ft x 8ft elevator. The weirdest thing was – there was a white couch in it. Never seen a couch in an elevator.

I reached the 12th floor and entered the office. It was the most sleek and luxurious workplace I had seen. Girls and women with black skirts, leggings, and sarees hustle through their daily work.

I stood near the reception, where a cute Assamese girl – Maspi, greeted me and asked me to wait. She was wearing a silky white button-down shirt and a short skirt.

Maspi: Hello Mandar, Welcome to SparkTech. Mr Khanna is on his way here to show you around.

Me: Thank you!

The next moment, a pot-bellied uncle with a white and black 3-piece suit walked into the reception area and greeted me.

Khanna: You must be the intern. Mandar right?

Me: Good morning, Sir. It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Khanna: Come with me! I will show you around.

He started walking, and I followed. He took me to the conference room, which was a huge, transparent glass room. I could see from the outside that it was filled with 10-15 people. As we entered, everyone turned towards us.

I could see Jimmy Sir on the head table and Sunny beside him. Rima was squatting her busty bottom on an office chair. He mangalsutra drooling on her deep, plumpy cleavage. And there were a bunch of girls, mostly developers.

Jimmy: Good morning, Mandar. It’s good to have you on the team.

Sunny came to me and shook my hand with a wide smile.

Sunny: Good to see you here today, man.

Me: Thanks to you, Sir.

I was a little nervous looking at all the people. But that’s not what my worry was. There was a huge boner in my pants – thanks to Rima’s sleeveless blouse and slutty makeup. Before I could get any more nervous, Jimmy Sir intervened.

Jimmy Sir: So, guys, Mandar will be helping you all with your presentations. Go easy on him, though, haha.

Radha (a developer): Wohoo, welcome, Mandar.

Aarushi (developer): Welcome aboard, dude.

Me: Thanks a lot, everyone!

Suddenly, the conference room door opened, and a girl walked in briskly and sat next to Rima. She was breathing heavily and adjusted her shirt buttons. She was smiling.

And the next moment, Kapoor Sir came in. He was also in a 3 piece suit, mildly identical to Khanna’s. He walked in like a monarch and sat next to Jimmy Sir.

Cursed with the ability to notice details, I saw that the girl who walked in had a little wet spot on her black sneakers. Oh my god. It was cum. I connected some dots. Was it Kapoor’s semen? Was he doing her?

My boner was getting harder. I was observing her so closely that I did not realize that a tall figurine stood beside me. Holy shit. It was Jimmy Sir.

Jimmy Sir: Young lad! Are we good?

Me: Ye-Yes, Sir.

Jimmy Sir howled: Everyone, back to work. I have to talk to this boy. Out everybody.

I was scared. Did he see my boner? I am sure he did. Was he going to give me an ethics lecture?

Everyone cleared the room. Jimmy Sir asked me.

Jimmy Sir: Do you smoke, boy?

Me: Umm, yeah, sometimes.

Jimmy Sir: Let’s go for a quick smoke.

I followed him across the office to a heavy wooden door. It had a nameplate: Retd. Lt. Jimmy Bakshi. With his muscular hand, he pushed open the door and invited me in.

The room was magnificent, like a living room. It was plaid in the British interior, with huge wooden bookshelves covering all the walls. A smooth, woollen Jaipur carpet ran on the floor. Looked expensive.

The room had beige-embroidered curtains and was lit with warm yellow lights. There was a majestic armchair and a huge table with antique paperweights and a lot of documents. It felt as if I were back in colonial times in a British castle.

Jimmy Sir lit a cigar and sat on his armchair. He puffed thick smoke. On the other side of the table was a long stand exhibiting all kinds of golf sticks. Jimmy Sir was an aristocrat.

Jimmy Sir: Come here, lad, and close the door behind you.

I did what he said. I sat on the chair opposite him, nervous as a pup. He glared at me with amusement and chuckled.

Jimmy Sir: So Mandar, I see you like seeing older women in sarees, haha.

Me: Wh-what? No, no, I was not-

I was helplessly searching for words. Nervous and panicked. He saw me ogling in the conference room.

Jimmy Sir: Haha, no need to get scared. Be a man, own it.

Me: I am sorry, Sir.

Jimmy: Naah, no need for apologies. You are like a son to me. I wish my son were more like you! Confident and a bit of a player, haha.

Me: Me? No Sir. I just-

I had no idea how to react to such a situation.

Jimmy Sir: Anyways. I have to confess something to you about your salary.

My heart was growling. Was he not going to pay me? I can’t negotiate a salary with him. He would chew me into pieces.

Jimmy: I am afraid we can only give you 40k.

Me: But- okay-

Jimmy: I know we promised you 60k. But we are going through some setbacks. I promise you I will talk to Sunny about giving you a raise later.

Me: Okay, Sir.

Jimmy Sir: Now now! Don’t lose your heart. There are other perks to working here, haha.

He winked at me and chucked loudly.

Me: It’s okay, Sir, I am happy with-

He cut me short.

Jimmy Sir: Is there a lady in your life? A special one?

Me: Uh, no, Sir, no.

Jimmy Sir: Ahh, an open stallion, I see. So, have you ever slept with one?

I laughed in my mind. All my past hookups are etched in my memory.

Me: Yes- yes, Sir. (I pretended to be shy)

Jimmy Sir: Fantastic! I wish Sunny would know what to do with a girl, haha.

Me: Isn’t he married?

Jimmy Sir: Yeah, yeah! I got him a fine girl. But they are just a couple of awkward school kids together.

Me: Oh.

Jimmy Sir: So I was talking about other perks. Let me be direct with you.

I was not nervous anymore. Jimmy Sir was a cool guy. He knew the younger generation.

Jimmy Sir: I can get you girls to fuck, haha.

Me: What?

Jimmy Sir: Yeah, you heard right. Do you want a demo?

Me: I don’t understand, Sir

I was getting happily thrilled. However, I had to suppress my emotions through this. Jimmy sure must be a playboy in his time. Rich, tall and confident.

Jimmy Sir: So which girl did you like out there?

Me: What? I mean, they are all cute

Jimmy Sir: Ah, one at a time, Mandar.

Me (took a chance): I guess the girl who came with Kapoor Sir?

Jimmy Sir: Oh Sakina? Hahaha, she is a tight one.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Has Jimmy been inside her? And Kapoor, too? What’s happening in this place? Jimmy picked up the landline phone on his table and dialled.

Jimmy Sir: Maspi, can you send in Sakina? Yeah now, and no visitors for an hour.

My heart was beating, my dick was throbbing, and my mind was just kinky. Was I really going to pound Sakina? Or was it some big test?

In a couple of minutes, the door creaked open, and a cute girl came in. She was wearing a satin shirt and tight leggings. Her cleavage was starkly visible over her low-buttoned shirt.

Sakina, a voluptuous hourglass. Her hair was now tied in a ponytail. Her big black eyes and brown eyeliner made her look like a perfect corporate bitch.

Sakina: Sir, you called me? Oh, hello, Mandar.

Jimmy Sir: Sakina, I want you to make Mandar happy. Twice, haha.

I was overjoyed. I couldn’t hide my boner. It was almost going to burst open my pants.

Sakina: Now? But Sir. Just now, I mean, Kapoor Sir had summoned me

Jimmy Sir: Shut up! I know you are Kapoor’s whore, but I pay your bills. Now, get on your knees and show Mandar what I taught you.

Sakina frowned and came towards me. She had a black box with her. The type that contains sweets. She gave it to me and asked me to hold it. The box had a label that said ‘Sakina.’

With a swift motion, Sakina got on her knees and started unbuckling my denim. She looked me in the eye and winked sluttily. She thrust her hand into my pants and got hold of my cock. Her chilly hand tickled my balls.

Sakina’s grip was hard, and her fingers were bony. Sakina started stroking me inside my pants. Her cleavage was jiggling as she started stroking faster. She was making slutty faces to tease me.

Sakina: Oh yeah Mandar.Do you like it? Ahh, come on

Sakina had a hot figure and wide hips. She had a dancer’s body. Her boobs were so big that it must have been a struggle for her bra-hook. She put her fingers in her mouth and started sucking them. I was growing weak in my legs. I couldn’t pretend to be shy.

I looked at Jimmy Sir. He was smiling at both of us. His legs were on the table. I mustered some courage.

Me: Jimmy Sir, can I have my way with this slut?

Jimmy Sir: She is your salary, Mandar. Do whatever you want, hahaha.

Me: Oh Sakina, you are going to love this, slut

I threw the box next to Sakina and bent down to her. I cupped her face with my hands and slapped her hard.

Sakina: Ah, daddy –

She was loving it. Jimmy Sir must have made quite a slut out of her. I forcibly put my fingers in her mouth. Her grip on my cock tightened, and stroking sped up.

I pushed Sakina back and freed my cock from her clutches. She landed on her bum. I ripped open her shirt for a full view. She had a lilac-coloured bra. Uff.

Jimmy Sir: Do her on the floor, Mandar.

I was far from fucking her. I loosened my belt and dropped my jeans to my ankle. My cock sprung out of my underwear. I got hold of her collar and got her back on her knees.

Me: Aren’t you shrewd! You can’t get away with a handjob. Now suck me, or I will stick a golf club in your ass.

Sakina: Ummm, ufff. Your cock smells of cum already, hon

She pulled back my foreskin and gulped my whole cock in one go. Sakina’s lips were making tender love to my penis. But I am never in the mood for gentle. Sakina was sloppy and messy. I could see she was new to this. Jimmy and Kapoor probably taught her how to please with her mouth.

Without any mercy, I started to face fuck her. My crotch was hitting her face hard. She widened her eyes. Her face was red with all the gagging. All kinds of fluids ran down her lips and onto her bra.

Me: Jimmy Sir. You got a fine slut here. She can teach Sunny a thing or two, haha.

Jimmy Sir, who was busy on his phone by now, was amused at my comment.

Jimmy Sir: Nah! That little turd will probably put his dick in a USB port, but not in a hot cunt

Me: What a shame!

I increased my thumping. With each shove, Sakina’s whole body jerked. Her hands were now powerless and were on her thighs, and her eyes closed. She had given up. I was almost close to cumming. So I swiftly withdrew my cock out of her mouth. She struggled for balance.

It was too much of a blowjob. I wanted some real pounding in Sakina. I wanted to finish big on my first day. After all, Sakina was my salary. Sakina was now panting on the carpet. Leaning against the bookshelf. She unbuttoned her shirt and threw it over to Jimmy Sir. He sniffed it like a hungry dog.

Sakina: Still hard, I see, hon. Get me that box.

I got hold of the box with ‘Sakina’ printed on it and opened it. Inside the box were 4-5 condom packets with different flavours, a dildo, assorted lubed for anal sex, and a dog collar. I was baffled with joy.

The box had a small card with a message written on it. ‘Only in the ass.’ Jimmy Sir saw me reading the note.

Jimmy Sir: Son, Sakina is only going to be fucked in her ass. She is saving her cunt for one of her cousins, haha. That was her contract.

Me: Uff, this is going to be fun, haha.

I sat on my knees and groped Sakina in a powerful clutch. I turned her around and made her lie on the floor on all fours. She pushed her leggings to her thigh just enough for me to see her Latina round ass.

It was the sluttiest ass I had seen in a while. She jiggled it for me. I took a vanilla lube from the box and splattered it on my hand. I shoved my 2 fingers in her warm asshole.

Sakina: Ah, easy there, tiger ummm

I started finger fucking her ass furiously. She was writhing and convulsing in pain. In between, I spanked it 10-15 times, leading to my palm prints all over.

Jimmy Sir: Attaboy. Last time, Sakina was detained, and Kapoor took her to the terrace and tied her up in a doggy position for the whole day. Coming and going, we dumped our load numerous times, ahh what a day!

Me: Is that true, Sakina? Were you a bad girl?

Sakina: Yes, daddy. I am an anal whore of this office.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I grabbed her by the neck and picked her up. Took her to Jimmy Sir’s table and made her lean. She was now bending on the table and facing Jimmy Sir.

I spanked her on the ass in brutality. She was red and sore. And moaning lightly. Her body had given up control. Chest up, she lay flat on the table, her boobs squashed like idlis.

Next, I pushed her legs apart so wide that her asshole was out in the open. She was trying to stroke me by stretching her hand behind me. It was so hot.

Me: Jimmy Sir, can I use your golf club?

Jimmy Sir: Suit yourself, stuff her up

I walked slowly and picked up a little golf club from the stand next to the bookshelf. It was cold due to the AC. Going back to Sakina, I gently put the end of the stick in Sakina’s mouth. She licked it sloppily.

A few seconds later, I pulled it back and went behind Sakina. I positioned the golf club on her asshole and slowly, very slowly, started pushing it into her. Sakina’s eyes popped. She placed one hand on her butt cheek for comfort.

Sakina: Ah, no, its so cold. go slow.

Me: It will get better inch by inch, slut.

The stick was 6-7 inches in. Sakina’s eyes were watery, and she was dripping wet in her pussy too.

Me: Jimmy Sir, the slut is wet in all the holes. Do you want a taste?

Jimmy Sir: It is your treat, son, go for it. Make her scream.

Jimmy Sir picked up the phone and dialled the reception.

Jimmy Sir: Maspi, send Ramila in. Yes. Now.

I went back to messing up Sakina’s ass. With a sharp push, I withdrew the stick back. Her asshole withered a bit. Sakina shrieked. Swiftly, I pushed it back in.

Sakina: Ah, Mandar. I can’t wait. Please fuck me now

Suddenly, the cabin door creaked open, and a woman draped in a yellow saree briskly walked it with a broom in hand. She tucked her saree in her waist, exposing most of her brown luscious thighs. Her orange-sized boobs jiggled along with her ass as she walked towards Jimmy Sir.

She must be Ramila – the maid.

Sakina: Mandar, fuck me now, don’t leave me stranded

I pinned her head on the table with one hand and spread her ass cheeks apart. I wiped my cock dry on her leggings and placed it aiming at her hole. With a hard push, I shoved my cock dry in her butt. It was a painful penetration.

Sakina quenched her fists on the table and convulsed hard. With another stroke, I was completely inside her. Her back arched. Her perfectly toned back. I started humping her slowly.

1 Mississippi…2 Mississippi…

Sakina: Oh, Daddy, make me yours. Don’t slow down.

Me: You are so tight, Sakina. Killing me

Sakina quenched her teeth and started pushing her ass hard, my dick. She twerked it for me. That anal-whore!

I looked over to Jimmy Sir, on whose lap Ramila was bouncing in ecstasy. He had unhooked her blouse and was crushing the crap out of her tit. She was giving him a sloppy lap dance.

Jimmy Sir was exploring Ramila’s thighs inside her saree, and she was rubbing her boobs in his face. The whole ambience was one small orgy. This turned me on to the core. I started fucking Sakina faster. Her ass was squeezing my cock.

Sakina: Ah, Mandar, fuck me daddy.

Me: You slut.

Sakina: I am everyone’s slut, honey, haha.

She crackled with maniacal laughter like a mad queen.

Me: Oh, shit. I am going to cum, you slut.

Sakina: Ummmm give it to me.

With a huge shiver, I withdrew my cock out of her and slapped her ass with it.

Sakina: Uffff treat me bad daddy.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards me. She was in a perfect reverse arch. Like a used slut, she opened her mouth wide.

Sakina: Aah, cum on.

With a loud groan, I shot my load straight in her face. A thick cumshot my dick was suppressing. Sakina licked her lips with her luscious tongue. With a swift movement, she got back to her feet and pulled on her leggings. And started adjusting her clothes.

Sakina: Jimmy Sir, add it to my tab for this week.

Jimmy Sir, who was now mauling boobs as she rode him over his pants, hummed back to Sakina.

Jimmy Sir: Umm, okay, now get out.

I, too, got my pants and buttoned my shirt. It was still my first day in the office. I collected my things and was about to leave.

Jimmy Sir: So Mandar, I hope your first day is going great, hahaha.

Ramila was now on her legs and giving him an amateur blowjob. His one hand was pinned to her head.

Me: Thanks for the slut, Sir.

Jimmy Sir went back to fucking Ramila’s mouth, and I left the cabin with Sakina, cum running down her lips.

I hope you all loved the story.  Stay tuned for subsequent parts of Fuck-Factory of Mumbai. Reach out for comments, suggestions, and banter at [email protected]. I respond better on Google Chat.