Asha, the most loved Professor – Part 1

Hi, this is your Asha again. I have got great responses from you people for my previous submissions. I am back as something unexpectedly beautiful happened to me a few days back.

2017 was the most eventful year of my life. It transformed me from an opening bud to a full-bloom flower. Before 2017, my sexual journey was restricted to my hubby Vikram, Mohsin, my director and my official commitment.

But the events of 2017 changed everything. The events are mentioned in Asha Aur 2017 Ki Holi, Chandigarh Mein Asha Ki Yaadgaar Chudai and Asha’s Multi-Flavored 2nd Honeymoon.

It was the month of July, and it was raining all night. I woke up around 6:30 am. Vikram was still sleeping. I checked my WhatsApp messages. Among all, I found a message from Anirban. It had a picture of rain with a message written by Anirban saying, “Happy first monsoon rain, Ma’am.”

I was surprised as the college was still closed for summer vacation. I replied, “Thank you, but the college is closed. Have you returned?” After a few minutes, he replied, “No, Ma’am.” I said, “How did you know that monsoon has arrived here.” Anirban, “Ma’am, through my internal sources.”

I said, “Good. Enjoying holidays with family and friends?” Anirban, “It’s okay, not much, waiting for college to open.” I said, “Why so?” Anirban, “I love more in college.” I said, “I think you are the only one who doesn’t like holidays.”

Anirban, “No, Ma’am, not only me. I am in contact with all my close friends. They are all waiting for college to open desperately. We have booked our tickets to arrive 1 day before college starts.” I said, “What kind of people are you? During our college days, we always waited for holidays.”

Anirban, “May be because you might not had a teacher like you to miss.” Asha, “That’s too much appreciation, but this shows how much you people give importance to your studies.” Anirban, “Ma’am how’s your holidays going on.” I said, “My holidays were over last week. I am getting late for office. Bye.”

I woke up, got ready and went to college. The director was still out of the city with his wife, so there was almost no work in college. I was sitting alone at my desk and was checking my WhatsApp. I again checked my conversation with Anirban.

I remembered what Mohsin had told me about Anirban and his group’s conversation about me (Asha aur 2017 ki holi-9). I started feeling slutty. I went inside the director’s washroom and dropped my pyjama and panties on the floor. I started fingering my pussy.

After easing out, I came out of the director’s cabin. Fingering relaxed me a bit, but now I desperately needed an intense sex session. So I called Mohsin and told him to be free after lunch. I then called Vikram to find out his whereabouts. He told me that due to heavy rain, he was still in the house.

I told him that I had already planned to have fun with Mohsin after lunch at our house. Like always, my hubby Vikram understood the situation. Thus, told me that he would leave before 2 pm. After lunch, Mohsin and I reached our house. Vikram had already left, and the door was locked.

I opened the door and went inside. Mohsin locked the door and held my waist from behind, threw my dupatta on the floor and started kissing my neck and lips. It was more than a month earlier when we had sex. His hands were pressing my boobs over my kurti.

After a few minutes of vigorous kissing, he stripped my kurti and untied my pyjama. I was in my bra and panty. Mohsin lifted me in his arms, took me to my bedroom and dropped me in my bed. He then removed his shirt, jeans, vest and undie. His cock was erect and hard as a rod.

He came near me. I held his cock with my hand, opened my lips and started sucking it. Like always, his sound told me that he loved it. Mohsin, “My dick was missing your lips and pussy for so long. (then angrily) Sali randi, today I will fuck you all out.” He untied my bra and pulled my panty down.

He came to bed, and we were in the 69 position. I was sucking his cock, and he was licking my pussy and asshole. Within a few minutes, we were desperate to fuck. He changed his position and pulled my legs in his shoulder. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started fucking me slowly in romantic style.

Mohsin, “Bhen ki lodi, it’s 4 full days since I came back from my home and now you got time to open your legs.” I said, “Sorry, but I had a guest in our hoI said, but now that college has started, I will not disappoint you.” Mohsin increased his thrust, and we both were at our peak.

With a shiver in my body, I ejaculated my juices. Within a few seconds, Mohsin released his cum inside me. His sperm was flowing out from my pussy to my butt hole to the bed. He held me tight and rolled in the bed. Now, he was on the bed, and I was lying on his chest.

His dick was inside me. I closed my eyes and was lying freely over my lover. After a few minutes, my mind again went towards Anirban’s messages and Anirban and his friends’ conversation about me. Thinking about all this, my pussy was again feeling desperate to be fucked again.

I opened my eyes. Pulled out Mohsin’s half-erect cock. I went down and started sucking Mohsin’s slightly loose sticky cock. Mohsin’s eyes opened, and he said, “You are a true bitch. Just 15 minutes, and you are ready again to be fucked.” I smiled and said, “Yes, and I know you can satisfy me to the fullest.”

Mohsin, “You truly justify your randi tag. Raise your butt, if you are bitch then I am the bull.” Mohsin pushed his cock inside my lubricated pussy and penetrated me hard and deep at his full speed. I was enjoying his every push. Despite his full speed, it took him almost 15 minutes to release his 2nd load.

This time, he got tired and lay in bed. I, too, lay in his arms. My pussy was oozing our love juices. After half an hour, I left the bed and asked Mohsin to dress himself. It was almost 4:30. I walked naked to the kitchen and prepared tea. In the meantime, Mohsin dressed himself again and sat on the sofa.

I went to him and tried to sit on his lap. Mohsin, “No..No..Ur pussy is still dripping.” I said, “Either let me sit like that or clean it yourself by licking it.” Mohsin was reluctant to lick his cum, so he let me sit like that on his lap. We took the tea. Mohsin kissed me and left my house before 5.

After that, I called Vikram. He said he would be back within half an hour. It was still raining outside. I was enjoying being naked in my house after cleaning in kitchen. I walked to my bedroom and saw the wrinkled bedsheets. There were many fresh drops of love juices from today’s fuck session with Mohsin.

I cleaned my pussy from that bed sheet. I first thought of folding it. But I felt that the bedsheet needed at least a few drops of love juices with my hubby to complete this romantic day. I reset the bedsheet and wore just a transparent nighty without a bra or panty.

I was waiting for Vikram. In the meanwhile, I was checking my mobile hoping to see a message from Anirban. Though Anirban was online, there was no message. I felt a bit disappointed. I started checking my mobile pics. I found a pic with just a side profile of my face, wet hair and rain in the background.

I replaced it with my WhatsApp status with a message saying, first rain, feeling happy. I was waiting expecting Anirban’s comment as he was online. Within two minutes, I had a message from Anirban. “Beautiful pic. You look awesome, Ma’am.” I replied, “Thank you. Ani,” with a smiley.

Anirban, “Ma’am, you look really fresh in this rain pic.” I sent a blushing smiley. Anirban replied, “It’s true, Ma’am,” with two hearts in the eyes, smiley. I replied thank you and a bye message with a blushing smiley. Anirban replied with a bye, too, with a rose. I didn’t reply to that.

But I read all those messages 2-3 times and was feeling happy as well as kinky. I started fingering my pussy. Suddenly, our house bell rang. It was Vikram. I opened the door. He came in. His clothes were half wet. I closed the door and kissed him. He had brought hot pakoras and asked me to make tea.

I put the tea on gas and went towards our bedroom bathroom. He was cleaning his naked, wet body with a towel. I hugged him from back and asked him to sit in the hall. He told me that he would be in the hall after dressing up. I pulled him out, saying, “No need for that. It’s our house.”

He came out naked in the hall. Vikram, “I am not feeling comfortable sitting naked in the hall.” I said, “Don’t be shy. No one is here except me.” I went inside the kitchen and came out with tea and pakoras. I placed those on the table, but Vikram was still not looking comfortable.

I said, “I know how to make you feel comfortable.” I removed my nighty and was also naked now. I sat close to him. Our naked bodies were touching each other. I said, ” I think it’s better now.” Vikram smiled and hugged me tight. While having tea and pakora, I was playing with Vikram’s cock and balls.

He was also playing with my boobs and nipples. I was already satisfied with my fuck session with Mohsin. I didn’t need a short fuck session with Vikram. So, after finishing tea, I started licking and sucking Vikram’s cock. Vikram, ” I think you had a great session with Mohsin.”

As I was sucking his dick, I nodded my head in yes. Vikram, “That’s why you are in a very romantic mood.” I again nodded yes. Within a few minutes, his dick got erect. I gave him a romantic blowjob till he released his little sperm shooting inside my mouth.

Like always, his dick went lifeless within a few seconds after ejaculation. I tried hard with all my tricks to make it hard, but all in vain. His dick was in no mood to wake up. He then made me sit in his lap.

He then hugged me and said, “No need to do that, Ashu. I am satisfied. I want you to be in my arms. I love you, my love, sit like that. I want to kiss my baby and see her beauty.” Our naked bodies hugging each other gave a very cosy feel in this rainy weather.

After being like that for 15-20 minutes, I walked naked to my bed. As I was a bit tired, I lay down on the bed like that only. Vikram dressed in his normal clothes also. I went to pre-sleep mode, and just at that time, some liquid droping over my back.

I opened my eyes and saw Vikram sitting next to me with the same Ayurvedic oil bottle that we purchased in Kerala. He said, “I know Mohsin tires my girl to the extreme, and she needs a good relaxing massage. So open your legs, keep your eyes closed.”

Thanking god for giving me such a loving hubby, I closed my eyes. I started feeling his oily hands all over my body, making me feel relaxed. Within a few minutes, I slipped into deep sleep. Around 9:00, I woke up by our ringing door bell. I heard some sounds.

I just wore my T-shirt and shorts and came out of the bedroom. I saw Vikram closing the main door. I said, “Who was that?” Vikram, “Oh, you woke up.” I said, “By that doorbell. By the way, who was that.” Vikram, “Delivery boy, just came to deliver the dinner.”

I said, “Okay. But why didn’t you wake me up? It’s already past 9.” Vikram, “I came to wake you up and tried to move you. But you were in a very, very deep sleep.” I went ahead, tightly hugged Vikram and said, “Your massage was awesome, so I went deep into sleep.” I then kissed him. We then had our dinner.

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