The dark side of Old HR life

Hello Readers. I am posting this story on behalf of another reader. She wrote the story and requested to publish it from my id.

I don’t want to disclose my original name here, so I use my pet name, Priti. I am 48 years married with kids. I am a working professional. To be precise, I am a successful working professional in the corporate world.

I started my career in Human resource management. I started my career by reviewing the candidate documents, arranging the interview schedule, and distributing the offer letter. Later, I was promoted to Senior Recruiter and head of the human resource department.

I work in a big company with 5000 plus employees. HR has a key role in many aspects. HR is not an easy job. We used to receive complaints from managers and employees. Taking care of maternity employees, arranging the contract staff, and many more from across the department.

My working style is straightforward. I never give sugar-coating feedback to employees and managers.

This sexual incident happened 3 months ago with one of the managers in the company. To narrate the incident, you should know about the background of the incident. As I mentioned, I am HR, and I am disciplined and straightforward. So employees never try to impress me at work.

I have awesome sizes, like 36B-28-36. But no one has tried me for a girlfriend at the office. I broke my virginity with my hubby and had two kids with him. After the kids, my sexual life became worse. My and hubby’s priorities were changed, and we became selfish to save money.

We earn well but want to save more money for kids and retirement. So we both focus on money, and sex becomes our history. As a married woman, I need sex. But my hubby never showed a rough intent on the bed after kids, and I lost interest in him.

It is common for a married couple without sex after having kids due to financial built-up for kids and self-protection. I have an arrogant image in the office, so no one dares to approach me for sex. I used to feel hurt, but no one understood my intention.

I wear a low deep cut dress, western and knee-ended skirt to the office. Sometimes I exposed my cleavage deeply too. By the end of my day, I remained wet, and no one had shown interest in me. I used to be desperate sometimes and watch hard fuck porn at home.

Corporate life is good, but pussy is wet and oozing. My image is so good that I become a panel member of sexual harassment. I lost hope in my sexual life and started to use vibrators for self-satisfaction. On the other hand, my colleagues had secret affairs with other men.

I stopped comparing my sexual life with others and focused on work. I don’t have anyone to disturb me personally and praise my beauty. So I love my job and always look for a promotion.

It was October. Per the HR policies, we needed to collect data from the respective line of business head on year-end appraisal. I was in charge of 3 lines of business and about 1400 employees. No one wants to put their employees below the target rating.

As HR, we have a lot of things to agree with regarding employee rating with managers.  One fine day, I asked one of the department heads to leave the company due to compliance and favouritism of female employees. He left in one week, and another person filled his shoe.

Let’s say his name is Sarath. He is 35 years old and has 13 years of professional experience. It’s not easy for him because of the timing of the role. He is responsible for 200 staff performance appraisals, increments, and bonuses. He needs to coordinate with 15 managers internally and update data.

Once it is done, it will reach our queue, and we validate and revert it with rejections and vice-versa. Sarath handled the pressure and impressed me with his calmness and professional nature. We used to have one and one meetings in my cabin.

One fine day I wore a shirt and trousers to the office. It was like a deep cut, and I opened my first button. Sarath came to my cabin for a discussion. I noticed his eyes were on my cleavage and watching my boobs. He was gaping at my boobs and not focussing on my conversation.

After some time, he came to me and purposely touched the back of my hand and moved the cursor. He said, ” Priti! We need to retain the below employees for business’s sake. Please adjust more hike.”

I said, “Let’s see, I can’t commit now,” and then asked him to leave my cabin. After that, I moved to the restroom and felt shy. His touch vibrates between my legs. He got a good view of my cleavage as he stood beside me. He looked into my eyes and had a conversation with a lustful voice.

No one has done this with me. I was blushing inside the restroom and felt very young. No one has approached me in the past and never dared to see my cleavage. That night I logged in late from home, cleared my mailbox, and closed the important work.

Suddenly, he pinged me and asked me about the staff.

Me: Look, I hear you. We can do our best as per the policies. I am logging out now. I won’t be available tomorrow as I am doing work from home.

Then I logged out and completed my household work, and was ready to sleep. My hubby had some office work, so he was working in the living room. I lay on my bed, and I recalled the morning incident. I feel his hot whiff on my shoulder and his lustful eyes on my valley.

I was blushing and was holding the pillow tightly. I was thinking about him and wanted him to expose my darker side with his magical approach. I was desperate for a hard fuck, but not sure if he would taste me. I started having positive and negative thoughts in my mind.

But I decided to stay calm because of my image in the office. I was not sleepy, and I switched off the charger and checked my Mobile. To my surprise, he WhatsApp, but I did not check his message.

I was in a dilemma about whether to reply to his text. My heartbeat is high, and my pussy is slightly oozing. I opened his message, and he texted it below.

He: Please take care of me, too.

Me: I did not get you.

He: Kindly push me for a good increment. ( he responded in a minute)

Me: It depends upon policies.

He: I have a sexy wife and kid to care for, like your husband.

Me: Very funny. I am not sexy. I am old.

He: Don’t say that. You have a nice figure and maintain the body.

Me: Don’t engrave me. I am 48 old.

He: What the fuck? Don’t say rubbish. I thought you were nearly 35 years old.

Me: I am 48 years old. I do work out daily.

He: Wow! Your hubby is lucky and enjoying.

Me: He is lucky.

He: Can I say something? Please don’t take me wrong.

Me: Hmmm. Say.

He: You have a fabulous figure. Today, I can’t control my boner after seeing your blue bra. I got the view to witness your cleavage. I left the office and fucked my wife hard in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I am horny again. Your cleavage makes my dick harder.

I don’t know how to respond, but his message is straightforward and bright. I responded to him, and then we chatted for two hours that night. He asked how long my hubby fucks me and other things. I did not say anything but enjoyed his chat. My pussy was wet that night.

The next day, we followed the same, and I started to get feelings for him. But I needed to secure them from my side. The next day we met in the office and checked his message. I did not find anything on his Mobile.

He said, I am married and can’t keep messages openly in Mobile. I delete all the messages, and please trust me and let me enjoy with you once in my life. I see his lust and sincerity in him. His eye contact is spot-on in my eyes. I can’t say no to him. I took a deep breath and noticed my panty was wet.

I was in an awkward situation in the cabin. I don’t want to say no I was craving sex, and I did not say anything for a minute. Later I got a call from hubby before I said yes. After the call, I diplomatically handled the situation I was not ready for. Later on, in our night conversation, we exchanged very bad words.

Day by day, our conversation became dirty, and he shared his dick pics with me. I did not restrict him, and my pussy was wet every night. We met outside a couple of times for coffee, and he hugged me tightly. My pussy is feeling the heat. The usage of the vibrator has increased. Finally, the vibrator got spoiled.

It’s been nearly two months, and I got promoted to head of Human resources. It is a privilege, and wishes are pouring like water. Sarath congratulated me, and in the night, he messaged me.

He: Priti, I need a nude hug from you.

That message makes me fire inside my pussy.

Me: I am nude. Hug me tightly.

He: You smell good. Will fuck you like bitch.

Me: This bitch is ready for you. Make me hmmm…

Then we had a dirty chat and swapped our feelings. I told him that I had been away from sex for more than 10 years. We had a dirty chat for around two hours in the darkness. I noticed that my night dress was wet due to sexual feelings. I moved to the washroom to change my dress.

I become nude in the washroom and pinch my nipples. I thought about Sarath. Then I put my middle finger inside my cunt. I did not stop that and put my index finger and started moving inside both my fingers. I raised the pace and bit my lips.

I was thinking of him and finished my masturbation and leaked my cum. It was dirty, but I could not stop thinking about him. My desperation reached its peak with late-night chats and official meetings with him. I reached the point where I should get fucked by him soon.

I can’t focus on my professional and personal life. So we both decided to meet in a hotel in the late afternoon. He booked the room, and the day arrived. I wore a white shirt with a black skirt ending with knees. I wear stockings. I wore a white bra and black panties.

I opened my first button and covered it with a blue coat. It’s a professional boss lady costume. I ordered my secretary not to schedule any meetings after 3 pm. I reached the hotel at 4 pm and met him. He closed the door, and we both started to hug tightly. He kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly.

I started to feel nervous. My legs were shivering, and my hands were trembling. My heartbeat is very high, and my forehead is in sweat. I understand I was doing unethical things, and suddenly my brain flashes with my family picture. My hubby and kids are in my brain.

My kids are teenagers, and I have been loyal to my hubby without any affairs. It is a different situation for me. I decided to quit because I didn’t have the bravery to cross the limits with him. I have decided to say no, but it’s too late. I was thinking and standing like a doll, but Sarath removed his shirt and pants.

He removed my hair clip and coat. My shirt button was opened. I was in a liplock kiss with him. His hands were around my bare waist, and we kissed passionately. My tongue was under his tongue, and my hands were around his back.

Saliva was exchanged, and I supported him. I was kissing him, but my mind was opposed to sex. He broke the kiss and hugged me tightly. I understand that my hair is messy and my shirt was opened. He is kissing my neck, and I am making small moans.

I allowed him to remove my shirt. I am topless except for my bra. His boner got harder, and he kissed my cleavage. I was rubbing his hair while making small moans. But my brain is not accepting. It’s saying don’t do it. It’s a crime, but I could not talk at that moment. I was nervous, and Sarath was kissing me.

I gathered the courage and was ready to shout at him to stop his dominance on my body. But it was late because he unhooked my bra. He slowly removed my bra. I was topless, and his eyes lit up after seeing my nude boobs. I got shyness on my face.

I had a shy smile, put my head down, and my feet were making circles. He removed his boxers and stood nude in front of me. My nipples get erect after seeing his dick. My brain has stopped operating after seeing his dick.

It’s the first time I saw another person’s dick. My throat became wet, and I covered my boobs with my hands. I felt like a newly married girl. My shyness was not stopping. Sarath hugged me tightly. Hugs are not convincing for him as his bare chest is not connected with my boobs.

My hands were stopping him from connecting my bare boobs. I closed my eyes tightly, knowing he would remove my hands from my boobs. As expected, he removed my hands and hugged me tightly. My boobs skimmed his bare chest, and that raised my temperature.

My entire body got warm after that hug. My shyness has reached another level. I closed my eyes and hugged him back. He started to hug me tightly. My boobs were crushing into his chest. Later he touched my boob and pushed me to the bed.

I still closed my eyes. I was blushing and not able to get daring to open my eyes. He started to suck my melons. Ohh! Ahh! Awww! Sarath! Awwwww.
Noise has come out of my throat. My pussy is wet, and it’s very wet. He bites my nipple, and my panty is wet.

I sense wetness between my legs. And my hands were rubbing his head. Sarath is smelling and sucking my melons. A lot of things are happening inside my body. My blood is heating up, my pussy is wet, my hands and legs are shivering, and I have goosebumps and shyness.

I never had this at the same time, not even on my first night. I was making noises. Then he kissed my belly and unhooked my skirt. I closed my eyes tightly again with a big shyness on my face. He removed my skirt and touched the panty.

He: Priti, what figure do you have? 28 waist and 36b boobs. It’s a deadly combination.

Then he started to remove my panties. Fuck! Ahhh! I was shy and very shy.
He saw my treasure, and I am nude with full-length socks. He moved my legs widely and rubbed my pussy lips with his index finger. Fuck! My moans become louder, and asking him to fuck me, fuck me hard.

Then he pushed his index finger. I held my nipples. I moved my legs wider and inhaled loudly. His index finger is harder and longer than mine and brushes sensitive parts. “Oh! Awww! Awww! Sarath. Man, please fuck my cunt,” and he pushed his middle finger.

Awwww! Bloody fucker. He started to rotate two fingers inside my cunt, and my moans were high. Then he kissed my thighs and touched my pussy lips with his tongue. He started to lick my pussy without wasting any time. He is licking it gently, putting his index and middle finger inside my mouth.

Oh! Fuck! I was licking his fingers, and he was licking my pussy. I leaked it, and his face and bed sheet became wet. He spat on my wet pussy and enjoyed the wet sound. He wiped my pussy, and he started to lick my pussy again. But this time aggressively, not gently.

I pushed his head hard and raised my legs. He was sucking and licking all over my pussy. After some time, he rolled into a position where his dick touched my mouth. I opened my eyes, and I saw his dick near my mouth. Without wasting any time, I took it inside my mouth.

This happened without my knowledge, and he was burying his head inside my pussy. He came on me. His dick was inside my mouth and licking my pussy by keeping his hands underneath my ass cheeks. I had an orgasm, but he drank it and made me wild.

I drank his cum and rolled up and down around the bed. We rolled for at least 15 minutes, and we parted away. We both got up from the bed, and he kneeled me and pushed his dick inside my mouth. This was done in seconds. I gave the blowjob for some time, and we had a long lip kiss.

Then we broke the kiss and looked around. My white shirt is on the corner, and my skirt is on the floor. My bra is on another corner, and my panty is wet lying on the floor. Without touching my panties, I can say it’s very wet because of Sarath. Sarath’s costume was lying in the same place.

He pushed me onto the bed, but it was wet. The mattress was wet. He put on the condom and was all set for the missionary position. He spread my legs wider and placed his dick on my pussy. I held his biceps and closed my eyes. I know it will hurt as his dick is thick, and I was away from sex for over 10 years.

He pushed his dick inside my cunt. My cunt was very wet, and he pushed it smoothly, but it hurt me. My legs were in the air. His dick went inside my cunt, and his lower abs touched my cunt. He paused, and then he started to push his dick hard.

He was pushing in and out, and his lower abs were contacting my pussy hard.
It was a pain and made a noise. His dick hit my pussy wall hard, and my moans were loud. I was inhaling, and my legs were in the air. But he was not stopping, and his dick constantly hit my pussy wall.

I started to sweat, and my pussy was wet. He fucked me for close to 10 minutes, and he took a break. It was not easy for me as he trimmed my pussy skin. It was a pain and pleasure. After that, he changed the condom and put the pillow under my ass cheeks.

I was not ready and requested him to leave. But he pushed his dick in one go. That position was good for him, and he fucked me very rudely. I was moaning very dirty and lost with energy, but he constantly drilled his dick deeply. My pussy is in pain because his lower abs are constantly hitting my pussy hard.

After that, he moved me into doggy and pushed his dick inside my virgin ass. It’s like pain for me. He pulled my hair hard and pushed his dick in my asshole. It was not easy to take the pain, but I had no choice.

After that, he makes me sit at the end of the bed and inserts his dick. My legs were around his waist. He lifted me while keeping his dick inside my pussy and took me to the washroom. We had a shower while keeping his dick inside my cunt for 5 minutes, and we parted it.

Finally, he ended the fuck with memories and left the hotel. He made me happy, and my dark desire was completed. I wanted to have rough sex once, but now I get it every week.

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