My Sali, My Dream Girl – Part 4

Hello everyone. This is Avi. I am 35 years old and live in Mumbai. This story is in continuation of the previous part. It happened in the year 2015.

In the last part, I described how Anki and I checked in at a 5-star hotel. We wanted to spend the whole day with each other. We checked in at around 8.30 am and gave each other a chocolate sauce massage. We entered the bathroom, and I filled the bathtub with hot water.

Our bodies were sticky with the chocolate sauce and saliva. We entered the tub and washed each other. She had got a bubble lotion and put it in the bathtub. The whole tub was filled with bubbles and soap. She was lying over me in the tub. I was rubbing her stomach and her neck.

At the same time, my other hand was washing her breasts. The whole tub was filled with bubbles and soap. Anki was lying with her head on my shoulders. My legs were rubbing her legs. It was an amazing feeling. Her skin was so soft with the chocolate sauce. My fingers were playing with her nipples.

Anki said, “Why do you tease my nipples so much? You know they are so sensitive.” I said, “Your nipples are a work of God. See how hard they are with my touch.” she smiled, and I continued fondling her boobs and nipples.

I took a lot of soap and started spreading it on her body. I wanted her body to be clean of the chocolate sauce. We spent the next 30 minutes in the bathtub. We rubbed each other’s bodies and cleaned the chocolate sauce. She had used a lot of soap to put on her finger.

She cleaned the inside of my asshole of all the chocolate sauce she had put inside during the massage. As you can remember, while putting chocolate sauce on my body, she put her chocolate-filled finger in my asshole. It was an amazing feeling. I didn’t feel any pain with the soap while in the water.

She had a wicked smile on her face. After cleaning each other, I drained the bathtub and started the shower. While in the shower, we kissed each other and biting each other lips. At the same time, my hands were rubbing her tits. Her hands were on my back and rubbing it.

Sometimes I would grab her ass and spank it. We completed our bath and rubbed each other dry. I had asked for additional towels since the ones there were before had been used to cover the bed for chocolate sauce. We rubbed each other dry.

She wore the sexy lingerie which I had got for her the last time. Her nipples could be seen clearly.

We both were hungry, and it was 1 pm. We ordered food and talked with each other about general stuff. We always had loads of topics to discuss since the beginning. Now since we started having sex, we have so many more topics to discuss. The food came in 30 minutes.

She went to the bathroom while the hotel staff kept the food on the table. He went, and she came out. We had our lunch together and lay on the bed, hugging each other sideways. Her head was on my arms, and we slept for an hour in each other arms.

We got up my 2: 30 PM. She got up and took her bag to the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing the new pink nightie I had for her this time. She had also worn the bra and panty which I had got. She asked me to sit on the sofa. I obliged.

Anki had a sexy smile on her face. She took my mobile and started the camera. She put it on the mobile stand which she had got. The field of the range was such that it captured both of us. She started the video recording and put it on the stand. I was naked, seating on the sofa.

She was standing a little way back from the sofa. She started a song on her mobile. And she started dancing in front of me. She was moving her body from different angles in a sexy and seductive way. I knew she was a great dancer. But seeing such sexy moves made me excited.

Whenever she would bend down, I could see her huge boobs trying to come out of her bra. She would turn and bend down, and the nightie would creep up, giving me a superb view of her ass. The panties were doing a bad job of covering the ass. It was dirty dancing at its best.

I never had in my life witnessed such a dance. This hotel staycation was the first of many things for both of us. She was moving her hands over her breast while dancing. I knew she had the stamina to continue doing this for 45 minutes minimum.

She used to go to Zumba classes where they would make you do more hard dances than the ones she was doing. After 5 minutes, she came closer to me. I could touch her now. She turned and put her ass on my face. I gave her ass cheeks a tight spank.

I didn’t want it to be hard, but by mistake, I hit a little harder than I wanted to. She gasped and turned. There was a look of surprise on her face. I said sorry. She said, “You will be revenged for this.” Then she bent down and put her ass on my face again.

She had pressed her ass hard on my face, and I couldn’t breathe. I tried grabbing her ass, but she told me no. I obeyed her, and she pressed her ass on my face. She wasn’t pressing as hard as before, but it was still on my face. Then she turned and went back a little.

She took off her nightie. She looked so sexy with the sexy moves she was making. Anki was just in her bra and panty now. She was pressing her breast over her bra, pinching her nipples. I was finding it hard to control, and my cock was hard. I took my cock in my hand to rub it.

She came close to me and asked me not to touch my cock. This was my punishment for spanking her so hard. She went back and again started dancing in her bra and panty. I was feeling so excited. She had put a playlist of her fav songs. I think she had planned this the whole time.

She was getting tired now. She pulled out one of her tits from her bra. I could see that she was so excited. Her nipples were hard. I asked her to come close to me. She said no and again said not to touch my cock. She was going to tease me. She was teasing me with her body.

She took out both her boobs from the bra cup. They were struggling to come out. She pulled her bra strap down, and both her tits were released from the constraints of her bra. She jiggled her breast with the song’s beats, which was a sight to see.

She would sometimes come close to me, over my lap, and bring her tits close to my mouth. When I would try to grab her ass, she would hold my hands and bring her nipple to my lips. She would go back as soon as I opened my mouth to suck it. It was her way of teasing me.

She unhooked her bra and started rubbing her boobs. She had stopped dancing now. It was all about teasing me and enjoying herself. She turned and bent down and started taking off her panty while bending down. I still can’t stop thinking about how she removed her panties.

She took off her panty completely and shook her ass. She came close to my face and stuffed my face in her ass. She had told me not to use my hands. I could only use my face. I started licking her pussy from behind. She took her hands behind her and spread her ass cheeks.

Her pussy opened up, and I took out my tongue and started licking her pussy. Her pussy had been leaking for a long time. I was trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue. I took out my tongue and went to her asshole. I had never tasted her or anyone else’s asshole.

I started licking her asshole. I don’t know how I felt that time, but whatever it was. It was amazing. This continued for the next 5 minutes. Then she straightened up and turned. She went back and put some pillows on her floor. Then she sat down with her back taking the support of the pillows.

She spread her legs and started rubbing her tits. I was getting such a superb show. With her other hand, she slid her hand down to her pussy. She put the fingers in her mouth and wet them. And then slid it back into her vagina. The finger didn’t need any lubrication.

Her pussy was so wet. She spread her legs even more and inserted 2 fingers in her pussy. She started fingering her pussy. After 2-3 minutes, I asked her to take the dildo out and fuck herself with the dildo. I wanted to see live how she uses the dildo. It was 8 inches dildo. With rings made.

It was the size of my cock, just 2 inches bigger. She got up and took the dildo out of the bag. It was red. She again went down in the same position and positioned the dildo on her pussy. Slowly she started putting the dildo in her pussy. She put half of the dildo inside and then started fucking her pussy with it.

It was a treat to watch. I was so excited. I so badly wanted to reach out for my cock and start stroking. But she had asked me not to do it. She started putting the dildo back in her pussy at a faster rate. Her speed was increasing slowly. She started moaning a lot.

Her other hand was on her tits. She was rubbing her boobs and playing with her nipples. The speed of the dido started increasing. She had put in 6 inches of the dildo inside. I could feel her cumming into an orgasm. Her face was flush with excitement. Her left hand was on her breast, playing with her nipples.

While her left hand fucking her pussy with the dildo. She was going to cum anytime now. Her speed was so fast now. And then Anki came. Her legs shook, and I had a perfect view of her orgasm. It was heavenly. Her eyes were closed, and she had slept back on the pillows.

She had removed the dildo from her pussy and was lying on the pillow. There was a sense of satisfaction on her face. Her eyes were shut. I still hadn’t moved from my place since she had specifically told me not to move. After 5 minutes, she got up. She approached me and stood on the sofa in front of me.

She knew it was my dream to suck her pussy in such a way. I put my head up, and she stood straight before me. Her pussy was straight in front of my face. I positioned my body a little so that my lips were in line with her pussy. I put my hands behind her ass and started sucking her pussy.

This was a dream come true for me. In one of her sexting episodes, I told her I would like to suck her pussy in such a position. I held her ass tight, and her pussy was on my face. She was supporting her body with her knees, which supported the sofa. My lips were sucking her pussy.

I had put my tongue inside the pussy lips. Her pussy was wet with her orgasm, and now it was getting wetter because of my lips. She had arched her head back, and her hands were in my hair. She was feeling so much pleasure. Her pussy was literally on my face.

The pussy juices were dripping on my face. I had supported her body with my hands on her ass. She started moaning loudly. We were in this position for 15 minutes, and after sucking her pussy for 15 minutes, she was ready to orgasm. She started moving her ass and rubbing her pussy on my face.

It was so tasty and heavenly. And then she had her orgasm. The pussy juices were dripping all over my face and body. Her whole body was shaking. She started rubbing her pussy on my face. I loved whatever she was doing and was happy to oblige her. After 5 minutes, she moved down and sat beside me.

Finally, she took hold of my cock. She had cum twice in a short space of time. She got up and got a condom and put it on my cock. She sat over me, facing me and put her pussy on my cock. Then she sat down on my cock. All the while, my cock was entering her pussy from below.

She stopped when the whole of my cock was inside her. She paused for a minute and then started moving up and down. Her boobs were also bouncing in front of my face. My hands were resting on her back and ass supporting her. Her hands were around my neck.

And she was moving up and down at a steady pace. I started licking her boobs in front of me. She had folded her knees, and my cock wasn’t going in fully. But it was more than enough to fuck her pussy. She had increased her pace.

After 5 minutes, I asked her to turn and sit on my cock with her back on my face. I wanted to try this position with her. I had seen this position in many porn videos. I supported her ass with my hands. She positioned my cock on her pussy and tried sitting on it.

But it was so difficult. It was putting so much pressure on her legs because she had to support her body with her legs. Even if we successfully put the cock in the pussy, when she would move up, it would just come out again. After 5 minutes of failing, we left it, saying the porn actors could only do it.

She again turned and sat back on my cock with her boobs in front of my face. This was a comfortable position for both of us. We continued with this position for 5 minutes. Then I asked her to get up and made her doggy style with one of her legs on the floor and the other on the sofa.

I positioned her ass as per my cock and then rammed my cock in her pussy. I started fucking her hard and fast. I was enacting many things I had seen in porn movies. I wanted to try all this with Anki, knowing she would be ready to do it. I knew I would cum soon.

I was spanking her ass with my hands but ensuring I was not too hard. I fucked for 2-3 minutes, and I could feel my orgasm coming. I increased my pace a little, then came in the condom. I couldn’t have controlled more with the strip tease and all the teasing she gave me.

I sat down on the sofa, and she sat beside me with a satisfied smile on our faces. I made her sit on my lap facing me and hugged her tight. We sat like that for 10 minutes, kissing or staying that way. We liked being like this with each other. We got up and went to bed and saw the video recording.

The recording was for an hour, and the phone had heated up. We laid back on the bed and watched the video after the phone had cooled down. She was smiling at my reaction to her strip tease. We commented on the video and how we both felt about it.

We saw the whole video of an hour lying in each other’s arms. In between, we opened up the bottle of vodka and completed 2 pegs each seeing the video. We had experienced it first-hand, but seeing the whole thing was an experience.

This is the end of this part. The next part would be about how I give her a massage. We use a dildo and the vibrator again while having sex, staying at the hotel till late at night, and then checking out.

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