Stranger at the Wedding Reception – Part 3

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I (Sneha) blinked my eyes open and quickly squeezed them shut again. Knowing I’d been caught, I fluttered my eyelids as though I was not about to feign sleep. My husband stood over me, watching.

Avoiding his stare, I focused blankly on the ceiling fan. “It’s nine,” Rakesh said gently. “Better get a move on, Honey.” I rolled over and faced the wall with a small sigh, unable to handle his innocent face.

I mumble absently, “I’m not coming.”

“Sneha…,” he started again.

Me: I have a very important meeting today.

“Meeting. Today?” he asked.

“New client, it’s crazy at work,” I say, staring at the blank wall with a frame of our picture. A picture of our honeymoon at Manali.

“It’s Sunday, Sneha. I have been telling you about this all week long, I have confirmed the broker also. Can’t the work wait till Monday?” Rakesh speaks in a calm tone. Will he never get upset with me? There was no hint of anger in his voice.

I absentmindedly shook my head, “I’m hosting this meeting. I can’t skip.” I couldn’t meet his eyes. I lied, not wanting to go anywhere after that incident.

“If you like the plot, we will go to finalize. Call my boss if you don’t believe me.”

I knew Rakesh wouldn’t go to the extent of doubting and calling my boss.

There was a difference in sentiment between us about our dream home. I wanted a luxury villa or apartment inside the city. Rakesh, on the other hand, wanted a site on the outskirts and construct a dream home.

Rakesh climbs onto the bed. His cold hands wrapped around me inside the comforter, hugging me from behind. He ushers, “Honey, I believe you. Nowadays you are working too much. You stay longer than usual and work on weekends too. It’s been two months. You need to move out of that incident.”

Guys, hold on. My husband was not referring to my parting ways with Rocky at the marriage function. Rocky, ufff, his memories never leave me, even after two months.

Rakesh continued, “Your grandmother wouldn’t like to see you like this, mourning. I know how close you two were. But you need to move on, honey,” he kissed my shoulder gently.

I almost laughed out loud, but I didn’t. I didn’t deserve to move on. I’d used the grief of the death of my grandmother as an excuse. But the reality was the stranger, Rocky. Thinking of the stranger, I detach from the clasps of my husband and hustle to the washroom.

Rakesh calls behind me, “Baby, as per your wish, today the broker is taking us to show apartments. But you are busy!”

I could sense the disappointment in his voice. Why doesn’t my husband scold and order me to go with him? Why doesn’t he force and fuck me?

After the cold shower, I stood watching the reflection of my naked body in the mirror. Even after two months, the wedding day was still fresh in my thoughts, like it happened yesterday.

On the wedding day, my hands froze as I couldn’t twist the key to start the engine. I forced my fingers to bring the engine of my car to life. Rocky stood his ground unmoved at the exact spot where we ended the conversation. I remember his intense stare.

I looked at his well-maintained silhouette from the wing mirror of the car mirror. With gritted teeth, I slowly drove my car away from him. I lost all sense of my surroundings as the figure of Rocky slowly vanished from view. My heart wished that he would follow me.

His last words were indigestible, “Don’t walk away, Honey. If you walk away. . .” He didn’t complete the sentence.

After reaching home, I realized that I had insulted Rocky too badly. A knock on the washroom door brought me back to my reflection. Water droplets on my sensitive skin.

“How much longer, Sneha?” Shaking my head, I reply, “Five minutes, Raki.” This was all my doing. I, too, longed for the stranger Rocky to fuck me. Not just fuck me but eat me as his feast.

For the first time, I was feeling guilty. Rakesh is my husband. I don’t have any right to stop him from fucking me or cuddling me. Am I a cheat? I hadn’t allowed my husband inside me from the wedding day, not even a cuddle.

I have been using the death of my grandmother to keep him away. Like a sweetheart, my husband continues to shower more love. I am such a horny lady. Why did I stop my husband from fucking me? Am I worthy of his innocent love?

This was the longest untouched time of our married life. My eyes linger over the unshaven hairy bush between my thighs, densely covering my pussy. The guilt melted away when Rocky appeared in my thoughts.

I am confused. Rocky was so strong-willed that he never returned to me after that day. I shook my head and called out, “Hey Raki, I will come with you. Can we go slightly late?” I could sense joy in Rakesh’s response, “Hey, sweetheart. Anytime.” I quickly shuffle through the washroom drawer to grab the shaver.

Scolding for keeping myself dirty, which I never do. I shave the mess, unveiling my shiny, soft cherry, ready to be munched. Brushing fingers over my neatly shaved pussy I speak to my reflection, “I am all yours. This is for you, Rakesh.”

I took a second shower. After shaving, my body felt extremely sensitive. A sudden desperation with my appetite at its peak. I wrap my wet body with the towel covering my boobs to my upper thigh. With a smile, I shout, “Raki.”

Rakesh rushes to the washroom door, “Hey, What happened? Open the door.” I slowly fanned the door open. My nipples are rock hard, poking through the towel. Raki watches me with an unsurprising look, not realizing my intentions.

Dumbo asks, “What happened? Why did you shout?” Fuck, At the exact moment, his phone rings. He answers, “Coming down in 5 minutes. Hey, the broker has arrived, Sneha.” I look into his eyes, conveying his long-awaited ticket to bang me. Bang me here and now.

But my idiot husband doesn’t notice my intention. I claw his T-shirt collar and drag him clumsily into the washroom. Rakesh leaps onto me like a tiger over its prey. He cupped my face and locked his lips.

Oh, dirty, his unwashed mouth dirtily kissed my mint-brushed fresh mouth. His lips hungrily tasted my lips and drank my mouth. Oh shit, My mind was telling me why the hell I kept my husband starving for so long.

My lips, too, hungrily allowed his lips and tongue to enter me. His hands were all over my drenched body, feeling every bit of me. He is moaning into my mouth. My hands, in no time, reached the bulge in his pyjama. I rub my hand, feeling the erection through its length.

As a punishment for keeping him starving, I decided to give him a blowjob. His phone continues ringing again. Ignoring the ring, Rakesh busily ate my lips as his lips left my lips. They moved suddenly to suck all over my soft face.

Apart from hard nipples and hungry lips, my pussy remains dry. I pull his pyjama and underwear low to the knee. Rakesh pulls the towel away from my body. I yearn for his fingers over my just-cleaned pussy.

I grab Rakesh’s erect dick, the stranger, and his well-built silhouette flashes through my head. Oh fuck, Rocky. What have you done to me? I was dry so far, but a mere thought of you made my pussy oozing wet. My hands remained stuck and unmoved over Rakesh’s dick. Rakesh, “What?”

“Nothing.” I shake away the lingering thought of Rocky. I caressed Rakesh’s dick head with my thumb. It made him breathe and moan with pleasure. Rakesh’s phone continues to ring for the third time, unanswered. With the phone ringing, Rakesh continues to suck my neck busily.

I don’t want to think of you, Rocky, repeating this line in my mind. I want my husband to drive huge thrusts into me, erasing any hint of Rocky. Pushing Rakesh’s pyjamas away, I drag him under the shower. My fresh cherry pussy was eager for his hands.

I kneel on the wet floor to give him a deep blowjob. The rings spoil his mood. I watch his thick nervy cock losing its girth and returning to a flaccid state.

Rakesh asks, “Honey, Shall we do it in the night?.” I smile, hiding my craving, lust, and hunger for a deep thrust, “Yaa, sure, baby. Let’s go.” My pussy remains untouched and flaringly awake.

The broker travelled with us, guiding us from the back seat. With no intent for the past two months, I suddenly felt largely desperate. I needed Rakesh’s thick cock inside me. I wanted to be pounded hard.

I repeat myself in my head, “I left Rakesh dry for two months. Why can’t I wait for the day to end?” I smile and glance at my husband who looks much happier, especially for accompanying him today.

Parking the car in the basement of the newly under-construction apartment. We climb concrete stairs to reach the 4th floor. The broker shows three kinds of flats, explaining with pictures of finished models.

As we step down to the basement, the broker ushers, “Sir, wait 2 minutes.” He runs into the parking lot. My eyes follow the broker to a man standing with his back, conversing on the phone. That wide upright back posture ripped shoulder in the white shirt, and the wavy hair.

I dart around with my eyes scanning around the parking lot before they latched on the bullet. I was shocked. I observed that the broker was waiting for the stranger to finish the call. Contrasting thoughts ran wild in my head.

My thoughts were, “Fuck, I should have denied coming here. It’s a great decision coming here.”

The stranger ended his call and was now talking to the broker. As the broker calls my husband to them, the stranger tilts his head. A sudden chill rushes through my body. As his cold eyes met mine, I was shipped back to the wedding day.

I stood stunned, and it became hard to break his sharp gaze. Around 15m apart, my husband walked to him. The stranger shifts around, facing me with my husband and the broker conversing with their back to me.

Ufff, his eyes scan me from my head to toe. I suddenly became conscious by watching myself. What was I wearing?

I was wearing a Patiala-style dress. My lips go dry. I watch him in detail. His crisp, ripped body in the white shirt. His uncrackble expressions. Fuck I am wet in no time in his presence. I pull a string of hair behind my ear with a blush unavoidably on my lips.

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