My middle class mom saved rent

Hi readers, it is my first story. And I hope, I will give you a good experience of time, while you go through my story.

My mother is the lead character in this story. Her name is “Divya”. She is 39 years old, a school teacher, a good mother, and a beautiful attractive woman with a beautiful attractive face. She has a good height compared to many women. Her height is 5.7 feet, with a good ass. I don’t know the size, but seems attractive. I have noticed many people staring at my mom’s ass. My mom was a modern Indian woman, who wore tight jeans and tight leggings.

Let’s move to the real story.

We are a middle-class Indian family and stay on rent in Delhi. My father is a government teacher, and my mother is a teacher at a private school. Some years back, due to some reason, we had to shift our flat. And now, we are living in another house which was near my sister’s college.

The place where we had shifted to, was good. The manager of that building was Kishan Lal. He was over 44-50 years old. After a few days of shifting, I made some good friends there. I was 18 years old, and my sister was 19 years old. She was in college.

After a few days, I went to my friends and the information I received from them was that the manager was a pervy person, and he secretly enjoyed many beautiful women in our colony.

A neighbor friend (Sakshit bhaiya) told me that Kishan Lal had banged only the beautiful women in the colony. And all women were innocent too. I took it as a warning as I believed my mother was the most beautiful woman. But I was not quite serious, as I believed my mother wouldn’t fall in his trap. Only whore women could give pleasure to such men.

But, after two months, I noticed that Kishan Lal having a long good conversation with my mom. It was resembling a flirt.

After a few months, the building manager informed my mom about the increased rent. And trust me guys, that increment was too much in comparison to earlier rent.

My mother tried to convince him to accept that it was an inappropriate increment. On this, he asked my mom if she wanted to go out with him for a movie. My mother did not accept his offer and paid him increased rent for once.

After one month, he again asked my mom if she could go out with him sometime and then he would not increase the rent. He also told her that he would never ask for rent in the future.

My mother was taking it as a joke and did not react much. He finally offered to my mom that if she flirted back with him, then she would not have to pay that much rent. Surprisingly, my mom started flirting with him sometimes! But then that idiot started pushing the limits.

After one month, he asked my mom to kiss him and she would not have to pay rent.

As a middle-class family woman, my mom took it as a big concession and started kissing him! The limits began crossing the boundaries from that day. And from month to month, my mom started doing the building manager more favors.

Around July 2016, he told my mom that for living rent-free, she had to let him see her boobs. Then my mom took off her top and her bra for him! The pervy manager grabbed my mom’s boobs and sucked them.

In August of 2016, he asked my mom to show him her pussy as he wanted to jerk off seeing her pussy. Then in September 2016, my mother got naked in front of him and gave him a blowjob!

In December, I realized he was inside a blanket in my parents bedroom with my mom. And my mom was moaning! My mom’s undergarments were scattered on the floor. Slowly and slowly, my mom had become the building manager’s slut. Gradually, she had a amount of good savings from the rent.

My mom was giving him these favors only once a month. So, trust me, it was very difficult for me to exactly trace when some mischief was going to happen between my mom and him.

After many months of watching it, I realized that was wrong. Sometimes, I was not able to know what happened that month and whether Kishan Lal took rent from my mom. If he took the rent, then how did he take it? Was it by cash or by opening my mom’s legs? Or was it that my mom paid rent to him with her mouth?!

I deserved to know how the rent was being paid but there was no way. I did not have a mobile phone at that time. I wished to record it and wanna watch it over and over again. But I was not lucky that time. (By the way, now I have a camera of good quality on my phone. Now I record videos of my mom bathing, etc.)

After a long time, we shifted again from that flat into another flat in another colony. So many things changed. Only my father fucked my mom.

One day with dirty intentions, I texted my mom from a new contact number which I had recently purchased. I pretended to be that old building manager, Kishan Lal. And I started sex chatting with my mom.

I made her to have a sex chat with me and also asked her for her nudes. Damn, it was really surprising that my mom had enough trust in Kishan Lal. My mom shared her nudes with him (me).

After sharing the nude pics, my mom tried to call me on that new contact number. Of course, I couldn’t talk to her on call. So I never picked up the call, and never talked to her back.


Guys, it’s my first story. I hope I did not disappoint you. I am thankful to you if you read my story this far. And I am thankful for the ISS, for providing me such a platform.

Thank you guys, thank you ISS. Kindly contact me at [email protected] if you ever wanna talk to me.