Slow Seduction Of Mom Through Her Boobs

My story started when I was only 18 years old. I acquired boob worship because I was given breastfeeding till I was 10 years old. This created a strong bond with my mom.

And I was exposed to sex when I was only 18+ years old. My parents were having sex at least two to three times, almost every day. And they did not try to hide their sexual escapades from me. Both my parents were very active and loudly vocal while having sex in my presence. They used all kinds of dirty-talk while having sex. My father would call my mother a slut (randi sali) and whatnot and my mom would ask my father to fuck her (mujhe chodo apne lund se, etc).

Mom would suck his dick dry. My father was a voracious boob sucker (mamme choos) and fucked my mom doggy style while pressing her boobs or pulling her hair. And my mom got really horny by his boob-sucking. She loved giving him blowjobs. My father would bury his head in my mom’s hairy pussy and lick her dry while my mom would be moaning loudly while talking wildly dirty. All this while, my parents did not have any qualms about nudity and roamed in the house almost naked or fully naked.

My parents were so open about sex that they invited our neighbor couple (slightly older) to watch porn together while having hard drinks and smoking and doing all kinds of dirty talking. They even went for occasional partner-swapping.

Sometimes, the man would come to our house and have wild sex with my mom all night while my dad went to the other house to have sex with the sexy woman there or vice versa. And sometimes, they had an orgy-like sex party in our house only. I was off the course and put to sleep in another room. But I could hear everything and sometime, I could watch them having sex together.

Now a little bit about my parents, especially my mom. She is now 50 plus with vital statistics of 38-34-42. But when the story started, she was about 38 with a 36-32-38 figure.

At that time, my father got a job in an African country. He did not take us along saying that let him settle there first. For a few years, at first, he would visit us every six months or so and then only once a year or so.

After one of the annual visits of my father, my mom became pregnant, and when I was about 18 years old, my mother delivered a baby sister to me. Thereafter my dad divorced my mom saying that it was not his child. He said that she was a whore (randi) and it was someone else’s child. But he gave a huge sum as compensation (running into crores) as he had already married an African woman. This enabled a comfortable life for my mom and her children.

Now, after the birth of my sister when I saw my mom breastfeeding my sister, I started asking her to breastfeed me also. Initially, she denied saying I was grown up now but I started throwing tantrums and creating scenes and crying loudly saying that I also wanted to drink milk from her boobs.

“If my sister could drink milk from her boobs, why couldn’t I?” I asked mom.

She finally agreed but on the condition that I would not tell anyone. She reserved her left boob for me and the right boob for my little sister.

Every morning before going to college, I would be fed from her breast for at least 15 minutes or so and only then I was satisfied. After coming from college and before having lunch, again I would drank milk from her boob for 15-20 minutes. And then at the night, I would sleep only with boob sucking. My sister was weaned away from breastfeeding in a few months but I continued breastfeeding.

After a few months when my mother’s milk dried, she tried to dissuade me from breastfeeding. But I insisted on having it and not being able to sleep without breastfeeding. By then, it had become more of boob sucking than breastfeeding. I had formed a habit of not sleeping without boob-sucking. My mom too enjoyed it.

At college, I had a friend. We used to sit at the same desk. In those days, sometimes we used to wear half-pants/knickers on games day. This deskmate used to take out his seven-inch dick and play with it in the class itself. When I saw his thick dick, I too got excited and that started my sexual awakening. I started going to his house for my studies.

His mother was a plump, sexy, and loving lady. She appeared to be a simple woman like Velamma.

While studying, we used to touch our dicks and show them to each other. His mother saw us one day with our shorts down. (But that is another story that I will tell you all another day.)

Now, with my sexual awakening and experiences with my friend (and his mother), I started having other thoughts. I started watching porn and masturbating. I started getting huge erections while sucking my mom’s boobs. She had by then given up all hesitation and in fact, had started enjoying her boobs getting sucked. She was getting horny. I could feel her moaning sounds and rubbing of her legs, etc.

My mom would come to my room after putting my sister to sleep. She would sometimes come to me room stark naked and switch off the light and then –

Mom: Now come and take my boob quickly and suck it (choos le).

Me: Yes, mom.

Mom: Suck slowly, these are yours only. They are not going anywhere.

I would then suck her juicy boobs and start playing with the other boob and big dark nipples. While sucking her boob, I would be aroused and will have a full erection which I did not show her.

This routine continued every day. One day I started masturbating while sucking. On seeing this, mom took my hand away from the dick and asked me to play with her both boobs. She then started fondling and stroking my 8-inch boner. She was an expert in handling the dick and balls. Alternatively, she massaged my hairy balls gently and stroked my dick. I was in heaven.

That day, I played with her boobs with both hands. I was biting, kneading, and sucking those 36B juicy boobs which had swollen to 36 D or 38 D.

I must have them sucked for about an hour while mom played with my 8-inch rod and balls. Then I exploded my cum and spurted it on her boobs. She started licking my cum from her boobs and then started fingering herself.

Then I stopped her as I had gained experience with my friend’s mom. I started licking my mom’s hairy pussy. When I buried my head in her pussy, it was a heavenly aroma that made me crazy. She was dripping wet with her honey juices

Mom: Oh, ahhhh, ahh, slowly.. Gently, beta. This is the place from where you came from.

She was going crazy and pulling my hair.

Me: Mom, your honey pot is heavenly. It is flowing like a river.. mmm. I want to go inside.

Mom: No beta, no. You will become a motherfucker (madarchod). You just suck and lick me (mamme choos aur chut choos).

Me: I don’t care, mmm.

I then turned around and grabbed my mom’s big booty ass and buried my head in her pussy while thrusting my boner in her mouth. She was enjoying 69 like hell. She was in seventh heaven and so was I. All our inhibitions were gone and we were enjoying each other’s bodies.

Mom: Ahh, ahh, ahhhh, don’t stop. Keep licking my pussy, my son (chut choos mere bete).

Me: Mom, how’s my dick (lund)?

Mom: Very big and juicy. Give to me, you bastard (saale harami madarchod). It is the biggest and thickest I have ever had.

Me: Bigger than all the dicks you have had?

Mom: Yes, bigger than your father’s or any other dick I have had (tumhare baap se bhi bada hai).

We continued like this the whole night. I must have cummed at least five times and my mom came multiple times (no count) and collapsed in the bed.

Mom did not let me put my dick in her pussy, but I did fuck her mouth and also fucked her boobs. I also tongue-fucked her several times. We were like a newly married couple on honeymoon.

To be continued.