Rough Sex Intimacy with Mom – Part 5

Note: All the characters in this story are strictly above 19. My stories have hardcore, rough, erotic moments. This is a mom-son incest story of mine which I am sharing with you. Read the story till the end to feel the same pleasure I felt.

In this series, the mom and son go through their deeps, including BDSM and rough humiliation. This story happens between the dad, mom, and son. Read the previous part to make a perfect flow of the story.

As my Mom wished, we headed towards a lawyer, who is very good at getting a divorce quickly. My dad was devastated and completely weak by listening to it. We three went and sat in front of the lawyer.

Lawyer (he started first, to my parents): Why do you want to separate now? You have a son and a daughter. Listen to me and take your decision.

Lawyer(to me): At least you tell them, Raj.

“Fuck bastard, get them divorced quick,” I wanted to yell at him like this but didn’t.

Me: It is their wish, uncle. I can not do anything.

I was sitting in the middle chair. My Mom was to my left, and my dad was to my right. I was very closer to my Mom compared to my dad. So now, in the middle of a discussion, I want to squeeze her boobs mercilessly.

Lawyer: At least did they tell the reason to you? I need to tell this in court.

I successfully placed my hands on her boobs and played the game of boobs squeezing.

Me (while squeezing): No, uncle. I don’t think they are happy with each other.

I increased my pace, and my father us. My mother kept silent. What can she do?

Lawyer: Ok, but it takes at least a year to get a divorce after applying for it.

“Fuck,” I thought, “How long she will be another’s wife.” But the idea of fucking others’ wives is so satisfying.

Me: Ok, uncle. Please try to make it quick.

And we came out. The desire my Mom was half failed. We three were in the car headed to our home. My dad was driving the vehicle. My Mom and I sat in the back seat. Our bodies touched each other, hugged tight, and she was on top of me, facing the road. I asked her while squeezing her boobs simultaneously.

Me: What do we do, Mom? Do we proceed to marriage?

Lata: Not at all. I do not want these half things to make my desire die quickly. Will wait.

We were outskirts of Hyderabad while going. Our car was stopped unexpectedly after turning left to enter the city. It was by the police. They were up to checking something. They stopped us, and my dad told to me.

Praveen: Leave her and sit straight.

Lata: Yes, son. Leave me.

I told them very clearly that it was the last day only. And they are still repeating the same mistake.

Me: No.

The police came near our car for inspection and were shocked by our posture. My hands were on her yellow blouse, ready to squeeze when they did not watch. My Mom was shivering on my dick in a beautiful yellow saree. And my dad was scared out of wit. They came and asked.

Police 1: Who are you?

Me: We live here. (I told them our address).

Police 2: And who is she? (referring to my Mom, on top of me facing them)

Me: She is my wife. And he is my father.

Police 1: Oh, is it?

Me: Why? He and I look alike and watch carefully. If you want, we can show us our ids.

Police 2 (to my dad): Is it true, sir?

Praveen: Yes.

Police 1 (to my dad): But your daughter-in-law looks so old to him.

Me(to police): Yeah. Because I like older women, so I married one.

They were petrified, shocked all at once, watching us. But kept quiet and let us go. While going, my dad yelled at me while I enjoyed bitting and sucking my Mom’s beautiful neck like

Praveen: Why do you need to do like that?

Me (while eating my Mom like anything): I wished. She cancelled our marriage due to your lawyer’s inefficiency. So I am angry and want to show it out. Did this. Why?

He kept silent. My Mom kept silent while biting her back like a dog. While going, I told my dad to stop at a famous restaurant. I took 3 medium boxes of Haleem. And we safely reached our house.

We were at the dining table having Haleem. I told my mother to come into the bedroom with Haleem urgently, leaving my father alone. She came in like a new bride entering the first night room for the first time.

Immediately as she entered, I closed the door and bit her shoulder very hard. She shouted, “Aah,” and the shouts increased as her bites increased. She freed herself and spoke.

Lata: Bloody bastard. Please do not bite me again.

“Chap,” slapped her cheek very hard and told

Me: What can you do? Now your period is also gone.

Yes. It has been six days since I did not touch her. Because she told me she wanted to space out of my grip till her period gets done.

Me: It has been 144 hours. Your naked fluffy boobs did not touch my hairy chest. It has been 8640 minutes, and your pussy did not fuck my black dick.

I pushed her onto the bed after squeezing her boobs once more

Me: Bloody, filthy bitch. Did you forget to please your son?

Lata: Nothing like that, son. My body is craving your touch. My body wants your tight hug, my body bloody, pumping more blood to your touch.

Listening to her. I undressed immediately and threw my clothes away. I jumped on her taking my Haleem in my hands. I took hers and kept both aside.

I sat on her thighs over her yellow saree and,” chap,” slapped her cheek tight. She pulled her neck toward me while I held her under her hair.

Me: Why the fuck do you divorce while your son is fucking you daily in front of your husband.

“Chap,” she slapped again on the same cheek for which it turned dark red on her white face. I bloody tore her blouse into pieces again and threw her saree and petticoat, separating us. Now we are naked, just like in normal times.

Me: I am hungry, Mom.

Now no mother would see her children suffer from hunger. So she gave me the haleem.

Me: Yes, I want this. But not in the box.

I turned her around, facing my dick while I stood on my knees on the bed. I held her legs tight and placed them on my shoulder. It was a 69 position without the genital touch. I took the haleem and pasted it on my Mom’s lips. On the pink lips. Brown lips. Lower lips. On her shaved pussy.

Me: I want to eat from here. Where I came from.

Then I started licking, which turned to sucking, turning again into destroying the woman’s most precious part of her body. Her pussy.

While I sucked her lips, she was enjoying eating the haleem on it. It was completed in no time. I liked it so much. My Mom loved it so much. So this time, I fisted her pussy wide, keeping my hand in her pussy, making it wider than required.

Me: Enjoy the fun, bimbo.

Now I took the Haleem box and poured the Haleem total entire into her pussy. As soon as I took my hand out, the pussy walls closed. Some of the Haleem fell out due to the closing force of her pussy walls and my face. I took the part that fell on my face, and I ate it.

I squeezed her boobs hard before eating her pussy. Now I put my tongue on her pussy and started eating the pussy. No. The Haleem in her pussy. It was tastier than before. This is more costly to me.

I slapped her titis hard while eating her alive. I went deep, deeper, deepest into her cunt, eating. She had an intense orgasm from it. She was uncomfortable as she laid her head on the bed. So she fell aside on the bed while having an intense orgasm.

I grabbed her legs and went deeper, leaning over her bloody thighs. I went deeper while pinching her thighs with my right hand and squeezing her boobs with my left hand. This aroused her more, and she came like hell in my mouth.

I woke up with her haleem mixed juices and transferred the juices back into her mouth. She came on her knees and put her hands in her cunt.

Lata: What the fuck? You ate a complete box of Haleem in my pussy.

Me: Yes, bitch. And I will make sure you eat like hell.

I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her onto me, for which her body touched mine. Holding her with her hair and hugging her tightly, I kissed the bitch who gave birth to me very passionately. I let the bitch loose while her hair was on my hands.

I took the other box and dipped my dick in it. I offered it to the woman who would be fucked without her consent very hard. What can she do? She has to eat. She has to please me. And she did.

Lata: What a filthy mother fucker I gave birth to.

I put my dick in her mouth while she started another debate. I rammed her mouth very hard, holding her hair in my hands. She did it beautifully. I enjoyed every inch. She completed her eating while sucking.

The Haleem-coated dick was clean now. So I slept on the bed facing up, holding the agleam box in my hand with my bitch between my legs. Ready to blow when I paste the Haleem.

Me: I want you to eat my whole body.

So first, I took some Haleem and applied some on my cheeks, lips, and shoulder.

Me: Go on. Lick wherever I paste it.

She did it beautifully. First, she came to my right cheek, licked it cleanly, and kissed and caressed it. She did the same with my left cheek. Then she came near my black smoking lips and covered my lips with hers in my tight grip while her boobs touched my hard chest very tight. I pushed her back.

Me: This is going to be interesting.

Then I took a big amount of Haleem from the box with my right hand and looked at her passionately. I applied it under my left shoulder, on my sweaty armpits. She smiled, looking at me.

Me: what are you waiting for? I will whip you if you do not do it.

She was not interested in sucking my armpits from the beginning. So I wanted it more, at least now. So she bent down, lowering her back towards my sweaty armpit, putting her tongue out. Placing it on the Haleem under my sweaty shoulders.

She was doing it slowly. So I held her neck tight, closed my left shoulder, pinned her tight toward the armpit, and made her lick and suck more vigorously than ever. I felt the Haleem was completed and pulled the bitch back.

I saw the sweaty Haleem and some of my armpit hair on her lips. I made sure she ate it all. I did the same with my left hand between my right shoulder and pinned her even harder, covering her face in my dirty armpit. She did it out of the will. I bloody forced the bitch to do it.

Then I stood on the bed and took the Haleem in my hands. I pasted it all over my body as we rubbed it with the bathroom soap. I have completely passed myself in Haleem. And now I again grabbed her neck, holding her hair and ensuring she cleaned every part of my body, including my butt-hole.

We completed the Haleem session on my body in no time. There was some more Haleem left in the box. So, I made her sleep on the bed facing up. I took some more Haleem and put total into her pussy after fisting it hard.

I slapped her again very hard as I began the intense session. In the missionary position, I fucked her very hard. Showed her what the hell looks like. She had another orgasm. So we both cum simultaneously.

I hugged her tight and bit her neck from the right pulling her bloody hair tight from behind. Our session ended there.

Six months passed very quickly, and I enjoyed her whole body. It is only six months before her divorce and our official marriage, so we can have an official honeymoon.

This was when my dad gave us the biggest shock to both of us. It was a month later he again met with an accident. Again my Mom served him in the hospital. I missed her presence. I missed her boobs. I missed her pussy. I missed her whole body. Finally, they came home.

Again, the same shit repeated for two days. That is it. God took all my wishes back. I had an intense session with my Mom at midnight. My dad suddenly came into my bedroom without knocking. I was angry and yelled at him.

Me: Don’t you have sense, Dad? I am fucking this bitch, right?

He came very speedy towards us and grabbed my Mom onto him naked. He was in his shorts only, with a bare chest just like mine.

Praveen: I came to talk about this. Why did I cuck for her, you know, right?

Me: Yes, because you can not fuck her anymore. Now leave the bitch and give her to me.

I was getting out of the mood. So I slapped my Mom very hard to be in my intense mood. I closed my eyes briefly and heard one more slap. It was my father. He slapped her after many days. My dick came to its original position with cum stuck in it.

Praveen: Now, your need is over.

Then he removed his shorts and revealed to us his healed dick. My Mom was shocked. It was less than mine but was tight. He slapped her wife again without her consent and bent her down, holding her back. He placed his dick in her pussy after applying saliva to her pussy.

Praveen: (while my mother started moaning) You bloody rascal. From now on, I will fuck my wife myself. I will fuck her badly. I will slap her badly. I will humiliate her more than you. I will show her the actual pain and hell.

I was in complete shock. My mother too.

Praveen: (he kept on squeezing her boobs and fucking her pussy) The accident gave me a state where I can not fuck anymore, and the same accident gave me more power now. So. Your use is done.

I held her head and inserted my black dick in her mouth without their consent. I face-fucked her more badly. Harder and rougher than ever.

Praveen: This is the last time you fucking her. Because, from now on, my only duty is to protect her from you.

My mother kept moaning as he never took both dicks at a time. Husband in pussy and son in the mouth.

Me:(while making rough in and out motions in her mouth) You cannot do that because you applied for a divorce.

I came heavily in her mouth. My father observed me and pulled her back, holding her hips. I held her hair tight, and she shouted in pain for our war on her. So I let her loose. They both went a little away before going far away from me.

Praveen: (while banging her in and out roughly) Hahaha. Fool. We just applied. We did not get it. And he is my friend too. We will not get a divorce without mutual consent. Now I won’t allow her.

Now I am devastated. And the fear of losing my Mom filled my head. While we were talking, my Mom only shouted in pain. She bloody moaned loud. Very loud.

Praveen: From now on. She will moan for me only. So you change your room very quickly.

With a sigh of relief, after many days, he again came in his wife’s pussy. Without her consent, he held her hair and ensured she cleaned his dick.

Praveen: I am serious. Go back to your room. Forget her. Now she is my bitch.

She completed her cleaning and fell on the ground. Naked. In between us. She cried. Cried a lot. And concluded and told.

Lata: Raj, my dear son. Please go back to your room. Now I am his bitch from now on. Forget me.

“Thu,” my dad spat on her. Just like me. And slapped her hard.

Praveen: You were my bitch, you are my bitch, and you will remain my bitch only. Forever.

I went out of the room. Out of will. Out of hope. Exhausted but not tired. I do not have any plan to execute. It will be tough for me as the opponent is my father. And he looked very confident than before. I may lose her.

To be continued.

In the next part, you will see a tug of war between son and father for a common love. Share your views in the comments or mail to [email protected] on how you felt. But the coming parts will not be as you expect them to be. The story is going to take many turns from now on.