Sexy Housewife Latha And Her Cousin Brother

Disclaimer: The following story and the characters in it are purely fictional.

Hi, I am Danny from Tirupati. I am going to narrate a fictional incest story between two cousins.

The main character of the story is, “Latha.” I will narrate the story as Latha.

My name is Latha. I was married to a fit guy who was very interested in sex and broad-minded. Ours was a love marriage. After the marriage, we moved to Hyderabad for a living and settled very well and had a baby girl who was 2 years old now. I love muscular and fit guys. While living in Hyderabad, I became more mature and my interest in sex increased. I started fantasizing about sex with muscular guys and a gangbang with bodybuilders like that.

One fine day, my cousin brother visited Hyderabad to see Khairtabad Ganesh Nimajjanam. I asked him to stay in our apartment. I had seen him when he was a teen. He was a chubby and bad-looking guy at that time, but now he was 5 feet 7 inches tall and was having muscular body better than my husband. At first, I noticed his biceps. They were very big and I fell in love with his body.

The next day we went to Ganesh Nimajjanam with our friends, my husband wasn’t there because he went to the office. While we were dancing to the drum beats, my 34B-sized boobs were bouncing and my cousin brother is noticing that.

Sorry, I forgot to mention my stats. My measurements are 34-28-36. Every man will get attracted to my body because it is having the exact fat which is required and also, I have long black hair. My body shape and boobs were clearly visible because I was wearing a white top and white leggings which were fully wet because of the continuous rain.

While spraying colors on each other, my cousin brother tried to spray color on me. But I tried to escape from him. However, he came from behind and caught me tightly with his right hand on my boobs and color on his left hand. He tried to spray the color on my face and I tried to escape from his grip. But he accidentally held my right boob tightly and drops of milk came out from my breast and touched his hand!

He noticed that and said sorry to me. We left that place and came home. After reaching home, I was breastfeeding my baby girl in my bedroom and my cousin entered the bedroom for getting a charger. After seeing me like that, he was shocked for a minute and left the room by saying sorry.

After the breastfeeding, I went to his room to give him the charger and I saw him masturbating while looking at my pictures on my Insta profile! This time, I was the one in shock. My cousin brother’s dick was 6.5 inches long, the same as my husband but it was very thick. He didn’t realize that I was in his room because he was having earbuds in his ears and listening to some moaning sounds on Spotify.

He was masturbating at such a speed that it looked like the skin on his dick would tear off! I was standing behind his bed in a nighty and without a bra or panty. I removed my nighty and threw it on my cousin brother! His body shivered in fear. He stood up and was surprised to see me naked.

Without wasting any time, I went forward and held his dick. The room was filled with silence. Then I started to stroke my cousin brother’s dick, it was dry so I spat on his dick and continued stroking for 5 minutes.

After that, I bent on my knees and started to give him a blowjob. He stood like a statue and was enjoying the pleasure. It was 9:00 pm and I heard the doorbell ringing. I thought it was my husband who came from his office. So I stopped blowing my cousin and told him to go to the bathroom and masturbate. I left his room to open the main door.

But it was a delivery boy who came to deliver the milkshake that I had ordered before half an hour. He was staring at my face and clearly observing my lips. My cleavage was also clearly visible to him.

A tent was formed in his pants. I realized that he had an instant erection by seeing me like that. I took the milkshake and he left.

I came back to my cousin brother’s room and went straight to the bathroom. He was looking like a monster, pumping his dick with his right hand and bending his back and holding a metal rod for support with his left hand. He had closed his eyes.

Without making any sound, I went straight to him and held his dick from behind. He shivered in fear but cooled off after seeing me. Then I bent down on my knees and started giving him a blowjob again. It lasted for more than 15 minutes. He wasn’t one of those who cummed in 2 minutes. He was having more stamina.

After 15 minutes, my cousin brother sprayed all his cum on my boobs. He said it was his time to satisfy me and said me to sit on the western basin. He bent on his knees and spread my thighs and lifted the nighty. My pussy was clearly visible to him.

At first, he sniffed it and after that, he inserted his fingers and started fingering me. After about 10 minutes, he started licking my pussy. He was eating my pussy without any gap and it made me tremble.

After 5 minutes, I had an orgasm with loud moans which was one of the best in my life. He drank all my juices and cleaned my pussy with his tongue. As I was gasping for air, he was rock hard again. His dick was like a rod and full of veins.

I admired my cousin brother’s cock and I wanted it in my pussy. So I told him to wait in his room. We went to my room to bring a condom. He was a virgin but he was an expert in fucking.

After wearing a condom, he threw me on the bed and separated my legs. I thought that he will fuck me in the missionary position but instead, he raised my both legs and placed them on his each shoulder. His arms were around my neck. He held my neck tightly and lifted me. In response, I also held his neck and he inserted his dick into my pussy.

It was wet so his dick went in easily and after a minute, he started pounding me harder. Tears were coming from my eyes and the room was filled with loud moans. It was very painful but it was more pleasurable.

In this position, my cousin brother’s dick was going deeper and deeper with every thrust. After fucking me in that position for about 5 minutes, we both were about to climax and then our room door opened! It was my hubby who came from the office. I forgot to lock the main door after the delivery guy had left and also our room was unlocked after getting the condom. All of us were in shock!

The story will be continued.

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