Neighbours – Part 1

Raj, 27 years old, returned from Bangalore and had just started living in Navi Mumbai. His parents were usually out of town for work so he often used to have his friends come over to party and enjoy. Raj and his family had good relations with their neighbor Priya who had lost her father 3 years back.

Priya was 23 years of age and had recently started working in an IT firm for which she used to travel 2 hours daily. Priya’s mother, Rashmi used to stay at home; spending her time watching television or talking to someone on the phone. She was a very beautiful woman with smooth long hair who looked as if she had barely aged to be even called a mother. No wonder every man in the neighborhood fantasized about her voluptuous body.

One Tuesday, Raj went over to Priya’s to ask Rashmi if it would be okay with her if he invited himself over at night to have dinner with them so that he can have someone to talk to as well as have a chance to eat homemade food that he had been longing for.

When he reached over at her place, to his surprise, the door was already open. He went in to look for Rashmi hoping to find her in the kitchen when he heard a noise coming from the far side of the house. He dawdled toward it and discovered that the sound was emanating from one of the bedrooms.

The door of the bedroom was unlocked so he gave it a light shove such that he was barely able to see inside it. Upon inspection, he found out that a tall and muscular man was grabbing Rashmi’s breasts from behind and biting her on the neck. She was wearing a beige-colored kurti over black leggings.

One side of her neck had already gone blue because of biting and her nipples were so hard that even the bra and kurti could not cover it. She was trembling and moaning loudly, “Vijay please! Not now!”, all the while trying to nudge him away saying, “Priya would be home soon. You should leave.”

Vijay gripped Rashmi’s hair with one hand tightly over her head like a noose and with the other, he lugged her kurti from the collar and tore it down to her belly. Astonished, Raj had already started feeling warmth down in his pants. While everyone in the neighborhood fantasizes about how she would be like, he was getting to bare witness to her glazing body uncovering in front of him.

She was wearing a black strapless bra which was scarcely covering her huge breasts. It was as if they would pop out even if she moved a little.

Vijay was squeezing her breasts like he was trying to milk them. Rashmi had given it to the pleasure. Her mouth was watery, drooling over her enormous milk tanks. Still clipping her hair, Vijay pulled down her bra and left it hanging over her hip joints.

Rashmi’s half-naked body was like a pilgrimage to Raj. All of Rashmi’s struggle against Vijay was making her breasts bounce and rattle. Vijay turned her around to make her face him. They now started making out passionately.

Vijay had hugged her so tight that Rashmi’s breasts were oozing out from the sides. He then went on to grab both her butt cheeks with all his might and pulled at them. Rashmi’s tight leggings gave way from the center and provided an unobstructed view of her butthole to Raj. Raj’s eyes were outstretched at this incredulous sight.

Vijay then pushed Rashmi onto the bed and took off his clothes. Rashmi was too stunned at the ordeal because even though she was enjoying it, she feared that her daughter might walk on them. It took about 3 seconds for Vijay to undress Rashmi for what was left on her body and get her completely naked on the bed. Raj was witnessing everything from the vaguely unbolted door of the room.

From his point of view, he could see Rashmi’s pussy with a clear view as her legs were wide open. He was surprised to see that she kept it all shaved and clean.

With one look at Rashmi’s baby pink vagina lips, his dick got super hard and was ready to burst out of his pants. Meanwhile, Vijay had positioned himself near Rashmi’s head. He was striking her tongue with his 8-inch dick all the while clutching her hair tight. He then thrust his dick in her mouth and started pounding on it.

Rashmi was gasping for breath because his thick dick was lodged deep in her throat. She looked more helpless than she actually was. Her eyes were shut as she was enjoying the taste of Vijay’s dick. She caressed his thigh with one hand and with the other she was playing with her breast.

Vijay’s dick was completely wet with her saliva that was dripping down from his balls.

Vijay: I want you to hold a deep breath. I am going to go all in.

As asked, Rashmi obeyed him like a trained servant. He then shoved his dick in her mouth until it was all in. Raj could clearly spot Vijay’s dick in Rashmi’s throat as if a snake was trying to swallow its prey.

Vijay then inserted his fingers inside Rashmi’s vagina and started rubbing on her G-spot. As she was already wet, Vijay’s fingers slid in easily. Even though her mouth was full, her moans were loud enough to be clearly heard in the living room.

Vijay increased the momentum of both his dick and his fingers and vigorously undulated both her mouth and vagina until she started squirting all over the bed. Suddenly, Rashmi’s phone started to ring. Priya was calling her. She looked at Vijay with a mouthful of dick in the hopes that he would let her pick up the call, but he kept thumping with his hard dick until he ejaculated in her mouth. She quickly swallowed his cum and seemingly enjoyed licking off the remaining from over his dick.

Vijay: Keep sucking. There is more in it. I know of your hunger for cum. I still remember when you sucked me and my friends dry and were hungry even after that.

Raj had not realized but his pants were already wet. He ran back home and on the way hit a lamp near the tv unit. Rashmi and Vijay quickly got dressed and came out of the room thinking Priya was home but found a fallen-over lamp and the main door wide open.

Not staying back at Rashmi’s to deduce what had happened, Vijay left in a hurry and Rashmi closed the door behind him.

The next morning, after Priya had left for the office, Raj Visited Rashmi’s house. He knocked on the door and Rashmi answered.

“May I come in?”

“Sure, come on inside.”

Raj was trying to act normal but he could not put out of his mind the writhing naked body of Rashmi that he can never unsee.

“Are you okay?”, asked Rashmi “You look a little tensed.”

“Probably dehydration. When my wanders off thinking about something, I forget to drink water,” he replied.

“Why don’t you sit while I get you some water?”

Raj’s mouth was drying up and the more he thought about yesterday, the more he was getting aroused, which was hard to hide because he was wearing bermuda shorts over boxers.

He sat down quickly on a nearby couch and grabbed a cushion to cover his bulge. Rashmi returned with a glass of water and some cookies on a tray. She looked immaculate in a navy blue saree with her hair dangling down in front to cover one of her perfectly round orbs.

When she bent to offer the water to Raj, her heavy breasts lit up her deep cleavage. Her stretchable bra was not strong enough to support the full weight of her melons. Raj’s glare was caught by it and he hit the glass by the back of his hand.

The steel glass tumbled down on the floor and dispersed water everywhere. She quickly set aside the tray on the center table and went to the kitchen to get a piece of cloth to clean the spilled water. By the time she came back, Raj’s bulge had dialed down to an extent where he could carefully get up.

Rashmi started sweeping the floor and not being able to get a good look down Rashmi’s saree, Raj got down on the floor as well and took the cloth from Rashmi’s hand and tore it in half to help her clean after him.

Now he could see it clearly. Her black strapless bra was barely able to contain her breasts and as a result, her nipples were showing. Raj’s bulge started to return at a more rapid rate than before but since he was already down on fours he just found an opportunity to adjust his 7.5-inch dick in a way that would not be noticeable to her.

Rashmi’s peripheral vision had caught Raj’s eyes staring down at her jewels and she noticed that he was already hard. Her promiscuous nature did not mind and steadily came closer while sweeping just to tease him.

“It’s all clean now”, she blurted, “you can stop sweeping.”

“Ohh!”, he exclaimed, “I am so sorry for all this mess.”

“It’s alright, for what it’s worth, I got to see that you are quite energetic. You don’t like to miss opportunities to get in action.”

He didn’t know what to say, “Umm, I guess”

They talked about Raj’s parents being out of town and the fact that it must be hard for him to be all alone. “It is”, he blurted, “but it’s all because of you that I don’t feel their absence as much”

Rashmi took it as a compliment. “You can come over anytime you want. Consider this your home as well”.

Raj was one step ahead. He had already started imagining her to be his pet mistress; let alone the house she occupies.

“By the way, I saw a man leaving your house yesterday. I have never seen him before in this area. Who was he?”

“Oh him? He is a friend from college. He has been visiting me ever since my husband passed away. The reason you have not seen him before is because you have recently moved to Mumbai.”

“If he is such a good friend of yours then I should get to meet him.”

“Definitely! The next time he comes over, I will introduce him to you.”


“Anyways, I should take my leave now. I have some work but I will come over again.”

Raj left Rashmi’s house. His mind had already begun webbing a net for his grand scheme that would allow him to command the most beautiful milf of the neighborhood at his fingertips. He kept a keen eye on who was visiting Rashmi and at what time for what purpose.

It took about a week for Vijay to revisit Rashmi at an odd hour when Priya was in the office. As he passed by Raj’s house, Raj took a notice of it and went on high alert. He saw Vijay entering Rashmi’s house and lock the main door behind him.

Raj waited for half an hour for Vijay to be done with Rashmi. He went over to her place and rang the bell. Rashmi answered the door. She looked disheveled but invited Raj inside.

“Come in, Raj. Do you remember you asked me last week to introduce you to my friend? Here he is. His name is Vijay. Vijay and I were inseparable back in college. Wherever he was, I was.”

“Hi Raj, Rashmi talks about you a lot. She always tells me how nice of a guy you are who comes over to talk to her and keep her company”, Vijay introduced himself.

“Yeah, that’s why I come here”, Raj thought and smirked.

“Anyways, I should leave. It is getting late and I don’t like to encounter traffic”, Vijay tried to excuse himself.

He hugged Rashmi and was about to leave when Raj said, “That reminds me, I also have some work. I will see you guys around”.

Raj went back home in a hurry and left for somewhere on a bike. When Vijay left Rashmi’s place, Raj secretly started following him. He followed him over the Mumbai Satara highway until they reached Vijay’s home in Shivaji Najar.

Raj parked his bike one block away to check where Vijay lived. He peeped inside one of his windows to see that Vijay had a family and that he was having a secret affair with Rashmi.

“You bloody rascal! Fucking two beautiful women at your age while I’m just left sniffing the goods”, Raj whispered, “Your time ends and mine starts now”.