Sexual pleasure with office colleagues – Part 2

Fareeda looked at me so lovingly and kissed me again on my head. She then pulled out a napkin from the car dash, and wiped my mouth and lips which had some pussy juices wet.

Fareeda: I love you da. I haven’t had such a wonderful sexual experience since the day of my separation. After a long time, I squirted so much that my pussy juice was full in your mouth. Sorry, honey!

Me: That’s okay dear, I liked and loved it. How did you feel now?

Fareeda: It was awesome when you licked my full opening from the ass hole bottom tip to the clit top. I was feeling my entire pussy was in your mouth and your hot breath, mouth, and tongue were arousing my pussy more and more with juices. I can’t express the way you ate my pussy da. Love you da (and kissed me again on my cheek).

Fareeda: I didn’t expect that you would go so much when you talked about your experience with your boss. But now I have experienced it. I am just imagining how much your boss would have enjoyed you. That’s why she is not leaving you and taking you on every chance she gets.

Me: Now what, are you fulfilled and happy?

Fareeda: much. I have not had any sexual pleasure for many years. But today you broke my pot and took away all the sexual anguish, emptying my pot juices (and she laughed).

Me: Okay, let me wash my mouth because I can’t stay long with the smell of your pussy juices.

Fareeda: Yeah, me too. Let me get down and piss somewhere, and wash my pussy. It’s so wet and sticky.

Me: Hey-hey, what? Do you want to piss?

Fareeda: Yes da, what happened?

Then I placed a medium-sized polythene cover down near the gap of the seats and again pulled her legs. Till then, she was exposing her pussy to me and not covering it as she had forgotten to cover her pussy after enjoying the pleasure I had given. I pulled her again to the same position and she was surprised at what I was doing.

Fareeda: Hey, what da?! What are you trying to do again?

Me: Piss now…piss now! (and I winked at her)

Fareeda: Hey! What are you saying? Aiyooo, I can’t. I really feel awkward, No, da.

Me: I want it, honey. I have an intense desire for it.

I kept my mouth open and started sucking my ex-colleague’s cum friend’s pussy once again. She was not able to pee because it was a strange new experience for her.

Fareeda: Hey, no no no da… I can’t. I have only peed on a closet or open bathroom. You are showing me your mouth wide open and sucking my pussy. I can’t do it da. Ahhhh, please no da.

By then, I was sucking her pussy so hard and putting my tongue inside her pussy to make her pee. She then said, “Okay, not in the car, it will get dirty. Let’s get out and do whatever you desire.” Then both of us got out. It was still very dark outside and the place where we had parked was not at all visible to anyone.

The dense trees and bushes had covered the entire car and both of us. We both got down from the car. I removed my shirt so as not to get it dirty and she was only with her tops. She removed her pardha fully and got down the car with only the salwar top. She had removed her bottom pants and panty long back when we started enjoying ourselves in the car. So she didn’t mind getting down half nude with no bottom pants and walked relaxed looking for the place to pee.

Me: Hey Fareeda, where are you going?

Fareeda: To pee da, what else?

Me: What? You missed me? Ha ha ha ha.

Fareeda: Oh no… okay. What to do now, come on, it’s urgent..ahhh (she smiled).

Then I knelt down before her and asked her to bring the pussy into my mouth in standing. She was not that tall, just 5 feet, so her pussy was right in my mouth when I knelt before her. She came and pressed her pussy on my mouth and tried to pee. She couldn’t pee. She was trying hard, but still couldn’t because my mouth was angled in a position that she was unable to press hard to pee.

Fareeda: I can’t da, I am unable to pee. I feel awkward and uncomfortable standing and peeing like this.

Then I got up, went to the car, and took out a tarpaulin cover which she used to cover the car. I put it down on the ground.

Fareeda: What are you doing, da?

Me: Wait, I am arranging for you, right?

Fareeda: Ohh no… you are crazy da.

Then I lay on my back on the tarpaulin facing the sky and asked her to come close.

Me: Now, come, sit on my chest and put your pussy in my mouth and pee. You will be comfortable.

Fareeda (laughing loudly): You have become a real slave now da. I am dumbed by the way you have sexual desires.

And she came closer and sat on my chest. How much did you crave that pee and do you like the taste?

Me: I got used to it, because I had many experiences drinking the pee a lot of time from the pussy.

The Tarpaulin was spread nicely so that we were comfortable and did not get dirty. Then she came and sat on my chest and positioned her pussy on my mouth and pressed hard and started to moan. She was slowly leaking urine in my mouth. I sucked it so hard and she started to pee more and more fluently and was free to pee loudly.

I couldn’t take everything in my mouth, but I started drinking it filling my mouth. Seeing it overflow, she slowed down and peed so that it didn’t overflow on my face. She saw me drinking it mouthful. With a loud moan, she started massaging my head lovingly. I drank the pee, filling my mouth and swallowing it and then filling the mouth and swallowing.

It almost went for 5 to 6 gulps to empty her full urinary bladder. Then she slowed down and I realized my stomach also started filling slowly. She was so relaxed that she finished her pee on my mouth and still was sitting on my chest rubbing her pussy on my mouth and face. I just lay on the ground and let her do what she felt.

She kept on rubbing her pussy all over my face and quite often to my tongue and mouth to taste it. Her urinated pussy had a strong taste of urine and salt, that triggered me so much to keep tasting it again. Sitting on my chest and with her pussy on the mouth, she started rubbing it so hard and moved up and down action fast.

I had erected my tongue so hard even though it was paining. For the pleasure, she kept fucking my tongue like riding a penis. My tongue was being fucked by her pussy and she moving vigorously to have one more orgasm.

She was sitting on my face and pressing it so hard that I couldn’t escape from her weight. I had to go through this like that I had with my lady boss. Her pussy walls were getting tight and were rubbing on my tongue was tightening more and more. Loads of juices were dripping from her pussy and going through my tongue to the mouth. I couldn’t do anything to get that out, so I kept sucking and swallowing as much as I could. The rest of the urine that was overflowing from my mouth kept leaking.

Her pussy was so close to my nose that it smelled so much that I got crazy with that smell. I sucked it more and more. After 5 minutes of vigorous fucking my tongue and face sitting, I felt a load of pussy juices coming out. Fareeda kept moaning louder and louder.

Fareeda: Ahhh ahhh..that’s it daaa…Come on pussy eater.. Eat me, eat me. Ahhhhh…ahhhhhhh, take it man…Drink my juices…ahhhhh ahhhh ahhh.

At one point in time, she jumped so badly fucking my tongue, and busted out her pussy juices again in my mouth. This time also she had a huge load of pussy juice and squirted it on my mouth. Then she pulled my head and pressed it hard against her pussy so that I had to swallow all her pussy juices. She became so hot and crazy that she didn’t stop after squirting also!

I didn’t have a choice. My mouth was again full of her pussy juices which overflowed from my mouth and dripped onto the side of the mouth to the floor. I lay still so that she could have her pleasure. She also moaned loudly, pressing my head strongly on her pussy, and stayed like that, sitting on my chest.

We were fully enjoying that kinky and long sexual experience with her sitting tired on my face and me taking her pussy fully in my mouth, lying there relaxed.

After some time, Fareeda started to move a little. I could still sense the heat in her pussy. My face was full of her cum juices and urine overflow.

I looked wet fully with her juice as if I had gotten wet in the rain. Then I sensed something strange. She slowly started moving again up and down. This time, she advanced to my face and moved her pussy a little higher to my nose. I didn’t understand what she was trying to do. Soon, I got a strong smell of her asshole straight in my mouth.

I now realized what her intentions and desires were. Fareeda said, “Go ahead da, you know what I want and what to do. Hmm, do da..”

So I opened my mouth again and put my tongue out to lick her asshole. This time, no escape was there, and it fully covered my mouth.

Her ass was big, but her hole was small so that butts were covering my full mouth. Her pussy swallowed my nose. I struggled to breathe but there was no other way. I had to take it inside her ass hole and lick it. I put my tongue deep into it and started spreading it and licking it.

Fareeda moved up and down to fuck my tongue again with her ass. I tasted all the nasty urine and salty taste and smell of yogurt from her ass. After fucking my tongue with her ass, she got up and moved away. She saw me and said, “Are you okay, honey?”

We would have at least spent some 90 minutes of hot sex at that place.

Fareeda: Are you okay, da?

Me: Yes baby, I am alright.

Fareeda: Okay, then let’s move, it’s already late.

Me: Let me wash, di. How will I come with this dirty wet face?

Fareeda: Ha ha ha, okay.

Then she took a bottle of water and asked me to wash with it. She took some dirty clothes that were in her car dicky and wiped her pussy and ass. By then, I had washed my face with a face wash that she gave me and wore my shirt back. My inner banian was totally wet and dirty so I had to throw it away.

I got into the car. Fareeda had adjusted herself, worn the bottom pants, adjusted her dress, wore the pardha, and got into the drive seat. I went a little sideways and peed to empty my stomach which was full with her pussy juices and her urine.

Fareeda: I will drive the car now, you will be so tired after all these work for me (and laughed).

Me: Yeah baby, I am. Please drive. Stop at a shop and get me some soft drinks. I really feel so tired with all your pussy juices and pee. I want to have something strong like a thumbs up.

She started the car and drove to the roadside looking for a shop to buy some soft drinks. It was almost 8:30 pm when we started from that place and I knew I was going to be late to reach my home.

Fareeda: Sure da, I know how you would feel. You are amazing da. Now I understand why your boss is loving you so much. After my marriage separation, I have not had any sexual pleasure. I was often fingering or putting some carrot or radish to get the sexual pleasure. But today, I had all the pleasure and emptied my pussy juices fully. I am now feeling relaxed with the pleasure and no longer stressed. This sexual pleasure really made me so fresh and energetic now.

Me: Hey, stop stop. There is a shop.

Fareeda: Haa… sorry, I missed it.

She stopped the car and got down to get some drinks for us. She bought Thumbs-up as I asked her and some snacks for us to eat because we were so tired. Then she got in and started driving again and we reached the electronic city bus stop.

Me: Hey, stop here near the bus stop. I will get down here.

She parked the car on the side lane and I got down from the car. She also got down from the car, came straight to me, hugged me tightly, and kissed my cheeks. Then she said, “I love you da. I loved that 2 hours with all the sexual pleasure with you and I will never forget what you gave me today.”

She pressed and hugged me so hard that her boobs were pressing on my chest so hard. Her nipples poking my chest. Then she smiled and brushed my hair. I kissed her on the cheeks and moved to the bus stop. She kept looking at me smiling as I moved to the bus stop.

One of the buses going to Chennai stopped there as I waved my hand. I got on the bus and waved her goodbye. She also smiled at me from the distance, standing near her car and waved me good night.

I got the seat, sat down, and relaxed, closing my eyes and thinking about the pleasure that we had. As the bus kept running, crossing Hosur, I was tired and started dozing off to sleep for a while. Then I heard my mobile message tone and got a message on my mobile. Thinking about who could be messaging me at this time, I looked at the mobile phone screen. 2 messages were there.

WhatsApp message 1 – Fareeda: Hey I miss you da. You were really amazing in giving me the much needed sexual pleasure. I loved everything you did for me. When you are free, come down next month. I will be expecting you for many more adventures. We will meet again leisurely. I love you, honey (kiss smiley).

WhatsApp message 2 – Sreetha Devi (boss): Where are you, sweetheart? I have been trying hard to contact you and you are on leave today. What happened? Are you alright? How about this weekend, we are on a working Saturday (only you and me). Get ready, we need a lot of work to be completed.

I was tired looking at both the messages and went back to sleep. I will share with you again what happened that Saturday with Sreetha Devi, my boss (now only I am introducing her name here), and later the next month with Fareeda.

This incident is just the beginning. The other parts are yet to come with both the women who made me such a hot boytoy and shared their pleasures with me.

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