Mother Son Love During The Quarantine – Part 3

The daily routine of Sarika and Raj was set. Every morning after Sarika would finish her yoga, she would call Raj for a massage. Sarika would remove her top and sit bareback in front of Raj. He would then run his hands from shoulders to waist.

Sarika loved when his hands would grab her small love handles and squeeze them and then when his hands moved towards her navel. Raj would slightly brush his hands on the underside of her breasts and then move down towards her navel and waist.

Both of their breaths would get slower and deeper. Her moans would fill up the entire room. Raj loved her moans. Sometimes, they would spice up their morning routines. Sarika would ask Raj to help her with her yoga.

She would get into the ‘tabletop’ position where she is on her knees. But one arm and the opposite leg are in the air. Sarika would then ask him to support her leg, which is in the air. Raj would first hold her knee and then slowly move his hand towards her thigh.

His hand would glide along the inner area of her thigh, narrowly avoiding her pussy, almost teasing it. Even though Sarika hoped that his finger would rub it, she enjoyed the teasing. But Raj’s moment was when she would get into the ‘puppy pose.’

Raj would place himself behind Sarika in what would look like a doggy. He would glide his hand on her waist and lower back and apply pressure. She could always feel his dick poking. He would imagine how amazing it would be when he would fuck his Mom in this position. He knew that day was not too far.

One day during their morning session, Raj said, “Mom, I have thought of a new way of massage. I am pretty sure you have never got this one.” Sarika was intrigued. ”I am already very much enjoying the current way. But looking forward to it. Do I need to prepare something for it?”

“No, Mom, just sit on the mat relaxed without your top.” Sarika smiled and followed what he said. Raj sat behind her and moved her hair to the left side. He held her by her shoulder and kissed her right shoulder. Sarika shivered a bit. He kissed and kept kissing until he reached her neck.

He whispered in her ear, “This is what I’d call a Kissage,” and he gently bit her ear. Although it sounded silly to her, she knew it was going to be a fun ride. Raj then continued with his ‘Kissage’ from her neck to her left shoulder. He then kept slowly kissing her back and moved downward.

Sarika closed her eyes and was absolutely loving this. She had never experienced this before. She let out a huge moan when Raj’s tongue reached her waist. Raj pushed down Sarika’s head to kiss her lower back. He kept kissing her entire back and moved up and down a couple of times.

He noticed that Sarika loved when he would kiss her shoulder, neck and lower back area so he gave them more attention. After around 10 minutes, Raj stopped. Sarika was out of breath. Raj asked, “How was it, Ma?”

“I have no words. It was the best massage ever.” Saying this, she hugged him tightly.

“But this was just part one, Mom. The next part is yet to come.”

Hearing this, she let go of him and gave him a surprised look. “Part one? What do you mean?” she asked.

“For part two, we need to go to my room. You can leave this here,” he said, pointing to her top. Sarika was continuously thinking about what could be part two while they walked to his room. “You need to lie down, Mom. But before you do, I need to blindfold you.”

Sarika was seriously puzzled. Raj could sense her confusion. He took out a black blindfold from his bedside drawer and blindfolded her. “Relax and lie down, Mom. I will be back in a minute.”

Sarika’s heart was racing. She did not know what was going on and what to expect. She heard his steps fading away. Raj returned quickly and sat next to Sarika. She heard a short cracking noise and heard Raj picking up something. Sarika was in a state of excitement and confusion.

“Aah,” moaned Sarika as Raj placed an ice cube on her cleavage. Raj held the ice cube there briefly and then slowly moved them between the breasts. Another huge moan. Sarika felt a current flowing through her body.

Raj then circled the ice cube around her left breast a few times. Then spiralled it upward towards her hardened nipples. He placed the ice cube on her nipple and gently pressed the cube on her nipple. He took the ice cube away then, then sucked the nipple.

First, the ice cube and the sudden warmth of her son’s tongue. The combination was too much for Sarika to handle. She moaned loudly and instinctively grabbed Raj’s hair. Raj moaned as well. Then he moved back and repeated the same on her other breast.

“Do you like it?” whispered Raj in her ear. Sarika nodded her head in affirmation. She was too stunned to speak. Raj took another ice cube and moved up and down her cleavage and few times.

He then moved the ice cube to the underside of her right breast. He started moving downwards along the edge of her abdomen until he reached her track pants. Raj made the ice cube glide along her pant line and also ran his fingers there. Sarika shivered.

Then, Raj moved it upward until the underside of her left breast. Raj placed the ice cube a few inches above her navel and circled the cube around it. Another loud moan from Sarika. He spiralled the ice cube inwards until he reached her navel. He held it there for a few seconds and rubbed it.

Sarika felt the drops of the cube filling her belly button. Raj moved the ice cube away, placed his lips on her navel and sucked it. Sarika’s entire body was shivering. She was wet, both on the upper body and down there. He started kissing and licking the navel and moved upwards.

He cupped her right breast, squeezed and pinched it, and took her other breast in his mouth. He then kissed along her cleavage and moved upwards until he reached her neck. He gave a couple of small love bites and sat upright. Raj removed her blindfold.

Sarika’s eyes were still closed. She was processing what happened in the past 10-15 minutes. She gently opened her eyes and saw Raj smiling. She thought of holding his pretty face, bringing him closer, kissing his lips and not letting him go. But she didn’t. She was enjoying how things were slowly getting steamier.

“How was the second part?” asked Raj.

“Absolutely loved it. I hope this was not a one-time offer,” she replied.

“Definitely not. You will get it whenever you want,” said Raj.

“Well, in that case, you will get something in return.”

Raj looked puzzled.

“I know you love those,” continued Sarika, pointing at her breasts. “So for you to have them anytime you want, I won’t be wearing any tops at home. And it is also getting warmer day by day, so maybe I’ll ditch the tracks and night suits for shorts.”

Raj’s face lit up. He tried to control his excitement, but he could not hide it. Sarika never wore shorts in front of Raj at home, let alone be topless. He felt a twitch in his pants at the thought of his Mom walking half-naked for him.

She had already bought tight shorts and mini tennis skirts. She wore these enticing shorts, which showcased her round buttocks. They would bounce in tandem with her sway. The skirts were so tiny that every time Sarika hopped or bent, her panties would be visible.

Her bra exquisitely supported her breasts. However, if given a choice, Raj would prefer that her Mom not wear a single fabric. But the action of him removing her Mom’s bra every time to suck and bite them gave him a mild dopamine hit. It always felt like he had earned the right to devour those beautiful breasts.

For the next few days, he made full use of this opportunity. Whenever he would see Sarika in the kitchen cooking or doing chores, he would go behind her and push his dick between her round ass cheeks. He would gently grind on them, grab her waist, pinch them.

He would move his hands towards her breasts and squeeze them all while kissing and biting her on her neck and shoulders. When he was satisfied by fondling her breasts from behind, he would make her face him. He would feast on her breasts from the front side.

Kissing down to the navel and relishing his navel fetish. When Sarika felt the urge, she would go to her son. One of her favourite things to do was find Raj and tell him to sit on the couch or chair.

She would walk slowly towards him with a naughty smile while maintaining eye contact and sit on his lap. She would then unhook her bra and wrap her arms around his neck. Raj would bring her even closer and then devour his Mom’s melons.

Then, It was Sarika’s birthday. For weeks Raj had controlled his urge to fuck his Mom. But he wanted to make it a reality on Sarika’s birthday. The entire day, Raj was in his room decorating it for the evening. He told her to get ready and wait in the drawing room by 8 pm.

Exactly at 8 pm, he got out of his room and headed towards the drawing room. As soon as he entered and saw Sarika, his jaw dropped. Sarika draped a plain, semi-transparent black saree on a deep, sleeveless blouse. The blouse perfectly supported her breasts and showed enough cleavage.

The saree was tied just below her navel and exposed her wheatish belly. Her open hair, the earrings, the small black ‘bindi’ on her forehead, the contrasting bangles, light lip gloss further amplified her beauty. “Are you just going to keep on staring at me or will you tell me how I look?” asked Sarika playfully.

“Absolutely stunning,” replied Raj. He walked towards her, opening her arms for a hug. Sarika melted in her arms as he hugged her tightly. “Happy birthday to the most gorgeous woman in this world,” he whispered. Then, Raj guided her to his room.

Sarika was surprised to see how Raj decorated the room. One of the walls was filled with their pictures over the years. In the middle of the room was her favourite Red Velvet cake. As she cut the cake, Raj popped open a bottle of champagne. Both fed cakes to each other and sipped some champagne.

He then put on some light music, dimmed the lights, and they danced. Sarika was in his arms thanking how caring and wonderful his son is. “Thank you for the amazing birthday. This has been my best birthday,” saying this she gave a small peck on his lips.

She was gearing up for the moment when Raj would kiss her for the first time and make her his. “I still have another gift waiting for you, Mom.” He reached his cupboard and took out a box along with an envelope. “I want you to read the letter and then open the box. I will be waiting in the drawing room.”

Raj could see the confusion on Sarika’s face. She thought, what else was there for Raj to gift? He had already done a lot. Raj left the room. Sarika opened the envelope. Inside was a small handwritten letter. The first couple of paragraphs were what a son would write to his Mom on her birthday.

Her eyes got a little wet. However, the last sentences were, ‘But recently, I have started to see you as more than a Mom and a friend. Over the past few weeks, I have loved every session of ours. Every day, I thought of pulling you close to me, holding your pretty face in my hands and kissing you.’

‘I want to pin you against the wall and kiss every inch of your body. I want you to sit on my face while I lick your juicy pussy. I want to make you mine, make love to you day and night. I’ll know you want the same thing if you wear what’s inside the box and come outside.’

‘If you don’t, then I will know that I have misunderstood the situation and overstepped my boundaries. I am very sorry, and I will not repeat this.’

Sarika opened the box and saw sexy dark blue lingerie. She was surprised by Raj’s choice. She was always a proud mother. But the celebration, the surprise, the letter, the gift and the events in the past few weeks made up her emotional and horny at the same time.

However, she had a plan of her own as well. Raj was eagerly waiting outside. His heart was pounding. “Did I make the right choice? What if Mom does not want the same thing? Will she be mad? Will she be hurt? What if she never talks to me again?”

But he could not do anything other than wait. He has taken his shot, and now he cannot undo it. The possibilities were clear. If Sarika wears the lingerie, then she is his. If she comes out in the same saree, then it’s all over, and he has blown up his chances, if any. Soon, he heard the door opening. His heart was racing.

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