Sex Adventures with my neighbor Uncle – Part 1

I found Rushabh Uncle in the lift when I returned from tuition. After seeing my figure, he commented, “You’re a grown-up girl and looking gorgeous.” He squeezed my shoulder with his hand.

I knew he was referring to my developing breasts. I felt awkward and embarrassed when he made that comment.

My name is Avni. I am a college student who recently turned 19. My body has developed ever since I learned about masturbation a year ago. I am blessed with a firm 34″ breast and a round 32″ ass. Although I am shy about it, I can’t help but admire my body in the mirror now and then.

I have known Rushabh Uncle since I was a child, and he has been my neighbour. However, he moved to another city a few years ago after being transferred. Recently, Rushabh Uncle moved back into our neighbourhood.

He has been a close friend of my father for many years. My father was really excited to have him return to our neighbourhood.

After taking a shower at night, I glanced at my naked breasts and immediately thought of Rushabh Uncle’s comment. I ran my hands over my breasts, imagining his strong hands caressing my tender, round 34B blossom.

As I closed my eyes, I felt a warmth deep inside. I touched myself as strongly as I envisioned Rushabh Uncle would. As I fingered myself, I felt a surge of pleasure, and my pants got wet. I imagined how I’d feel if Rushabh Uncle had touched me.

My pleasure increased, and I moaned and bit my lip. I closed my eyes and imagined Rushabh Uncle’s hands touching me. I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. I opened my eyes and let out a loud moan as I came.

Rushabh Uncle never missed a chance to touch me. Whether it was brushing his hand against mine or putting his arm around my shoulder, he complimented my body or clothes and sometimes even winked at me. In the beginning, I felt shy and uncomfortable with his behaviour, but I also liked it.

I began to fantasize about him and often would masturbate while imagining him. I eventually started to look forward to seeing him and even looked forward to his touches. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I felt like I couldn’t control my feelings.

I became more excited when his wife left town for a few days. I used to give him dinner every night, and it was the highlight of my day. When I went to give him dinner one night, my outfit was particularly revealing.

The way his eyes lit up was a sign that he was very happy. He hugged me as usual, but this time, his hug was longer and tighter than usual.

Uncle (whispers in my ear): You look beautiful tonight.

Me: Thank you, Uncle.

I blush. He smiles and winks.

Uncle: (touches my cheeks) You have grown so much.

Me: (mischievously) I won’t let you miss Aunty as I bring dinner for you.

Uncle: You know, I am an excellent photographer. I recently bought a professional cameraI would love to take some photos of you.

Me: (smiling) Sure, that would be nice!

We prepared to do the photoshoot in his bedroom. Uncle set up the camera and different lighting equipment to get the best photos. Uncle began to direct me on how to pose and how to curve my body. He encouraged me to be brave and have the courage to try different poses and expressions.

Uncle then began to touch my body to explain what he wanted me to do. He lightly touched my waist and told me to curve it slightly. He touched my face and told me to look up. He touched my arm and told me to raise it.

As he touched me, I felt my heart racing and my face getting red. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. Uncle’s touch was gentle and loving. It made me feel special. As the photoshoot continued, Uncle’s touch became more intimate.

He ran his hands down my back and cupped my face in his hands. He traced my curves with his fingers. I felt naughty and excited by his touch, and I couldn’t help but blush. I was sure he could feel my heart racing as he moved closer to me.

I wanted to pull away, but I also wanted his touch to linger longer. His eyes widened, and he looked even more eagerly at my boobs. He let out a low whistle and said, “You have some beautiful assets there. I’m sure you know how to use them.”

He then stepped forward and hugged me tight. I felt his hands roam up and down my back, and he pressed himself against me. His hands moved up to my neck, and he kissed me hard. His tongue found its way into my mouth, and I tasted the whiskey on his breath.

I felt myself getting wet. Then I heard his voice in my ear, “Cooperate, and I’ll make sure you get what you want.” I felt a sudden surge of arousal, and I could feel my desire pooling between my legs. I was getting wet. I wanted him to touch me, to slide his fingers inside me and make me come.

I wanted to feel him inside of me, and I wanted him to make me scream with pleasure. I wanted him to make me feel alive and wanted. I wanted him to finger me badly. I guided his hand in my panties, and as his fingers touched my already-wet folds, I gasped in pleasure.

I felt him exploring my body. With every stroke of his finger, I felt my desire for him grow stronger and stronger. I felt my body trembling and shaking as I got closer and closer to the edge of pleasure. He moved his hand up my top, gently pinching and twisting my nipples.

I quivered underneath his touch. I felt my body tense up as I got closer and closer to the brink of ultimate pleasure. His fingers moved in perfect rhythm, and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out in ecstasy.

His fingers moved lower and lower, caressing my virgin pussy until I could no longer contain my pleasure. I felt my body shaking with desire as my orgasm built up within me. His fingers moved faster and faster.

Before I knew it, I was screaming out in pleasure as I experienced my first-ever orgasm by a man. I experienced an earth-shattering orgasm after my neighbour Uncle played with my curvy body and caressed my virgin pussy until I could no longer contain my delight.

As his fingers moved in a circular motion, I felt a surge of pleasure in my body. As I melted into his hands, I felt completely relaxed and satisfied.