Devoted and cultured MIL’s sacrifice – Part 1

I go by the name Sameer and at the moment, I call Pune my home. I am occupied as an analyst, devoting my expertise to a prominent multinational corporation.

I have a strong passion for fulfilling intimate experiences and a particular fascination with women who enthusiastically embrace unfiltered, intense, and adventurous encounters without any boundaries.

I have got numerous steamy daydreams and real-life sensual escapades that I plan to reveal to all of you. I will bring them to you one story at a time, as and when I can find the time. Stay tuned for a captivating journey through my passionate and intimate adventures.

This story revolves around my ‘Pativrata’ (devoted wife), ‘Sanskari’ (cultured), loyal, spiritual, and innocent Sasu Maa (mother-in-law). She embodies the essence of unwavering commitment to her family and carries the grace of traditions. She remains fiercely loyal to her loved ones and finds solace in spirituality, and retains the purity of a naivete that is truly endearing.

About my Saasu Maa (introduction):- She is a 55-year-old tall, chubby lady with a very dark complexion. She is very caring and affectionate for me, like every traditional saas. She has an exceptionally huge, saggy black choochiyan (boobs), which makes her special in spite of her dark complexion.

It’s been 5 years since I got married. But my wife has an almost flat chest, and due to this factor, I’ve never been satisfied in the last 5 years. Though we tried several kinky things and various positions, nothing can compensate for the importance of huge boobs. Because, if during sex I don’t get big boobs in my hands to press, then just pushing lund (cock) into chut (pussy) doesn’t give me excitement.

I always understand the difference between good and bad sex. I am very particular about fulfilling my fantasies during sex. Though my fantasies are very weird and unheard of, they give me a great deal of satisfaction.

I always ask my wife to wear a big bindi (most of the time a red big bindi), a stylish fashionable saree below the navel. A sleeveless deep cut backless blouse or bralette, bangles, tied hair, and dark branded lipstick.

I have asked her to apply churan (a flavored powder) to both her choochiyan (boobs). I love to suck choochiyan (boobs) with different flavors of churan on it, like anardaana, hajmola, and hing goli.

My wife understands my preferences clearly and always buys special exotic and desi flavor churan from mouth-fresher stalls in malls. Then at night, she applies churan all over her boobs in powder form.

After that, she wears a bra and other accessories. And then only we start foreplay and chudai. However, as she has very small boobs, I don’t get satisfaction from sucking her boobs, which results in turning off my mood.

Though my wife is very submissive and always respects my weird fantasies and tries to fulfill them, she doesn’t have the assets that can give me satisfaction.

I love to abuse Hindi gaaliyan like, randi, behan ki lodi, raand, and bhonsdi ki, and she always encourages me to abuse them during chudai.

She has a good collection of big plain bindis. And it always matches the color of her saree. It’s not only about my satisfaction. I try my best to get her orgasm even if I don’t get satisfaction. I make her sit on my mouth and fill her chut (pussy) with liquid Hershey chocolate syrup. Then I take her chut (pussy) in my mouth and keep sucking it till the hour. I even prefer to have a hairy pussy instead of a clean chut (pussy), as I love to suck bushes on the pussy.

I give her several orgasms in the same session. Because of this, she always behaves like my slave and always tries to get intimate. But she knows that only she gets satisfaction during chudai (fucking), and not me. So, she always feels guilty for the same.

I like to sniff her fart, put my nose in her asshole, and ask her to fart. This smell of paad (fart) also makes me horny and motivates me to fuck her.

The combination of red big bindi, sleeveless deep neck backless blouse, bangles sound, shampooed tied hairs, the taste of desi churan on boobs, the smell of fart and asshole, and the taste of chut ka pani (pussy’s water) mixed with chocolate syrup is savage and always drives me crazy.

I am a well-educated person who strongly believes in treating women with respect and courtesy. I have high stamina and can engage in intimate activities for extended periods and multiple times a day. However, for that to happen, my partner must share the same level of desire and adventurous spirit, along with a physique that makes them feel confident and comfortable. The lady should also have the same level of horniness and kinkiness with a nice pair of boobs.

My wife has everything, but she doesn’t have a big choochiyan (nipples). Because of this, I have been starving for good, perfect sex for years.

I have fucked my wife on the sofa, dining table, kitchen slab, toilet pot, dressing table, balcony, in the almirah, hawa mein utha kar (carrying in the air), kandhe par bitha kar (carrying on the shoulder), ghodi bana kar (in doggy position), khade ho kar (in standing position), khaana banate-banate (while cooking), office ki meeting attend karte hue (while attending an office meeting), phone par baar karte hue (while talking on the phone), and party mein just jaane se pehle (just before going to a party).

So, we both are extreme levels of horny and mad for good sex. But again, God has not given her choochiyan (nipples), which doesn’t make her perfect.

We still sometimes use exotic desi flavor condoms like kala khatta flavor, pan flavor, and achari flavor to spice up the sex session and enhance the taste of the blowjob.

Even though we always prefer to have skin-to-skin touch and like to have chudai without a condom, the smell and taste of desi flavors in condoms enhance the mood and bring kinkiness.


This story is substantial, and I won’t be in a hurry to reveal it all at once. I prefer to share each part in great detail. So, please stay connected with me. Your feedback and comments mean a lot, and I will definitely include them in the upcoming installments of this narrative.

Another request for the ladies out there who are truly interested in enjoying some safe and adventurous fun with an open-minded guy. Please feel free to reach out to me via email. My email is [email protected]