Seduction Of My Big Boobs Mallu Aunty – Part 1

Hi, this is Adithya from Kerala but now settled in the UK. If anyone needs any help, please let me know. I can help as much as I can. Now, coming to the story.

I live in Pathanamthitta (Kerala) and my family is a joint family and very orthodox about relations and traditions. This storyline started when I was 18+. Till then, I didn’t know anything about sex or porn videos. My friends helped me to get knowledge of porn sites and how to get real knowledge from girlfriends.

One day my aunty was sleeping at the front of the house. I got a clear view of her big mallu melons which made me a little aroused. But later on, I tried to get a view of her cuts also. I tried to spy on her while she used to wash dresses and clean the kitchen. At last, with great fear, I peeped into the bathroom while she was taking a bath. This went on for a while. From then onward, she was my masturbation queen.

Time went on and I got admission to one of the most reputed colleges near my house. As a present for scoring good marks, my mom bought me a bike. I was very happy. Now I was enjoying my life like day-to-day stuff of peeping on my aunt and with my gf. I had to take her to the hotel (that story I will explain later). Then one day while sleeping, my mom called me and said –

Mom: Today you have to take aunty to one of her relatives home as her relative passed away.

It was a quite long drive of around 2 hours. And to my luck, there was no bus route in that place. I had to take my bike for going there. So we left home as soon as possible and on the way to the relative’s house, we had to pass many gutter roads. I was really happy, as I got many chances to feel my mallu aunty’s boobs on my back. And I was really enjoying the ride. At last, we reached the place.

After I dropped her off, I went out to find the way to go back home. I got a chance to search a road where we had to pass through the plantation. Then I found a road that was full of gutters (thanks to tipper guys). The funeral service was over and we left the place by 4 pm.

Now things were going as planned. I reached the road which was full of gutters. But all of a sudden, rain started and there was no place to stop. After riding for some time, I found one shed that they were using for storing the latex. We parked near it and got into the shed.

I noticed that we were fully drenched in the rain. When I saw her, I was stunned. She was in her saree, but the inner was clearly seen from outside and the bra she was wearing was thin. It shocked me. How could a village lady get these threads? But it was a perfect scene.

Then I said to her: Dry yourself, there is room inside. Remove the saree and try to dry it. I can wait here.

And I undressed my shirt too. She was confused for some time and then after thinking, she went inside and started undoing the saree. I was stunned and looked for a place to get the view, but no luck.

After some time, the rain was getting strong. My aunty came out and I was shocked by seeing her in a petticoat and blouse. She was like a goddess. I enjoyed the view. Then she started to get tensed and asked –

She: What would we do?

I just said: Stay calm, the rain will stop soon. Then we can leave.

Then she went back inside. While she was going, I could see her panty lines and got a boner. After some time, I went inside and sat beside her, and started chatting. She was talking and I was looking and measuring the beauty of her wet navel, boobs and everything. Then I realized that I couldn’t control myself, so I went out. I waited outside. Then she came out and asked me –

She: Any problem, Adhi?

I said: Nope, I was feeling like I was going to be sick, that’s why I came out.

Then she scolded me and tried to rub my head with her saree. That time, I was sitting and she was standing. I got a clear view of my mallu aunty’s navel. Her boobs were touching my head and this made me hornier. I was planning how to start the moves to seduce her somehow. That time, I got an idea. I acted like I slipped on the floor and screamed. She came out and checked on me. I was on the floor and in pain. Then she came and assisted me to stand up.

That time, I got hold of my aunt’s boobs and ass. She didn’t mind it at that time. Then she asked me –

She: Where did you get hurt?

I said: On my legs.

Then my south Indian aunty went down and started to massage my legs. I could see her cuts properly and she was a bit tensed about how to get home if I was hurt badly, as there was no one on the road. She was tensed and I was enjoying the moment.

After a while, the rain stopped. Then we continued our travel and on the way, our bike slipped. But luckily, it wasn’t a big accident. I went to take aunt from the road and that time, I held her boobs to get her up. Her boobs were so soft. Then I asked whether she had any injury or pain. She said she was ok.

We continued our travel and reached home. Then I went directly to the bathroom, took a bath, and masturbated. I came out and she was waiting outside. Then she asked whether I was alright.

I said: I am ok. And what about you?

My aunty said she had pain in her chest, but it would be ok soon. And she went in. Then I got tensed about whether my masturbation would be the problem or what. Then after some time, she came out and saw me tensed. She asked me to come inside. I went in, but I was too afraid and it happened what I thought of.

Then she slapped me and told me –

She: I know your help in getting me up was not your priority at the accident place. It was to grab my boobs. I could see your fingers on my breast while changing. Let your uncle come, I will show you.

It terrified me and I ran to my room.

The story will continue..