Journey to Heaven ?

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My Journey. I do not know where to begin and how it all started. I shall try to write everything in detail for you, and I hope you love it.

My name is Ravi, and I am 33 years old while writing this. I come from an orthodox family. I was a very introverted kind of person till I was 19 years old. It was 2007-08. I first saw porn in a cybercafe, thanks to my friend who showed it to me.

I say this changed me completely. I was getting more addicted to pornography and masturbating every single day. I lived in Visakhapatnam with my parents until I completed college.

Once, my friends and I went to a famous place called Kailash Giri Hills in Vizag. I got an opportunity to see live sex in the bushes. We all were so tempted that we stood a bit far and jerked our dicks, shooting our loads into the air. The next 2 years passed very fast. I started concentrating on my studies.

I was in my engineering 2nd year when I was getting attracted to one of my classmates, Priya. (Name changed) She had a cute face with great assets beneath it. She was about 4.8 feet tall, and I was about 6 feet well-built. She stays close to my home.

Usually, many classmates go to her house for group study during exams as she is a very bright student. We call her teacher as she helps us clear all our doubts. It was during the end of our 4th-semester exam. The last exam was drawing near. We had two days of preparation and have no doubts about this.

It was evening, around 6:30, and I went casually to her home. She called me inside. I understood she was alone since her mother and sister were not there. Later, she informed me they went to their native and shall return in another 3 days. So, we went to my home.

After dinner, I went to drop her at her place, and it was around 9 pm. We reached her home and did some chit-chat. Just then, the power went off in the entire area. She feared dark and hugged me tightly. I was in heaven as her body was attached to mine with no air to pass between us.

With a sudden thunder, the hug became tighter. I also hugged her. She lifted her head slowly. I kissed her lips, and they locked as undetachable. It was our first kiss, which lasted for quite a few minutes. Suddenly power came back. We looked each other in our eyes for a moment.

Still, our hands were locked around each other. She felt shy, ran into her room, and stood beside the door. I followed her into the room. The lights were already off. She came and hugged me from behind. I turned back. We looked at each other. Again our lips met each other and were bonded with love or lust we never know. My hands started exploring her soft body pressing her buttocks and breast on top of her dress.

We slowly started undressing each other, and in a few minutes, our clothes lay scattered on the floor. I lifted her, took her to the bed, and gently placed her there. I kissed her neck, cheeks, and ears and gradually moved to her breast. They were firm and big for a girl of that height.

I repeated biting and licking her nipples one after the other while letting out her soft moans. It was driving me crazy. My hands knew the next target. One was on her breast while the other was rubbing her wet pussy. She was dripping heavily, and the bed was already wet.

I moved down, kissed her pussy and touched it with my tongue. Her body stiffened. She sent out her juices wave after wave, and I drank it all. I slowly moved up and positioned my dick on her pussy entrance. We were lip locked and started pushing it inside slowly.

After a few strokes, I could not enter her pussy since it was very tight. I wrapped my hands around her sucking her lips. With one strong push, my dick head entered, tearing her clitoris. I gave a few slow jerks, and I was inside her completely.

She was feeling the pain and trying to push me off. I did not move nor pull out the dick and left her to relax until she was ok. Then I started fucking her in a very slow rhythm, pulling and pushing deep inside her pussy. She had already climaxed multiple times.

It was her first time, and I was also nearing the edge. I increased my speed and shot my load deep inside her pussy. I pulled out once I emptied my last seed. We lay naked next to each other for some time.

Then I left for my home after getting dressed. The next morning, we went to college as usual, pretending nothing had happened between us. Once we left the exam hall, she asked if I could talk alone. We went and sat under a tree, maintaining some distance.

Everyone could see us but could not hear what we were talking about. She started to scold me for what had happened, and I apologized. She said that she had loved me since the day we met each other. She was happy that our bodies bonded.

But she was angry for all the love bites I gave on her neck and other parts of her body. She showed me a couple of them on her neck which she covered with makeup. I sheepishly smiled at it. I asked her to show me the remaining. She invited me to her home for that, and I acknowledged it.

We got on the bus. I somehow sat next to her, chasing away another girl. As all my friends were around, we had our normal discussions. But Priya was in a different world altogether. I was sitting with my back to her. She put her head on my back and went to a deep sleep. I did not disturb her.

We got down at our stop and left for our homes. Priya freshened up and reached my home in about 30 minutes. She sat down with my mother, helping her with housework. Priya is a special person in my home. My parents have known her for a very long time.

While I was watching some movies on TV, she texted me, “I LOVE YOU.” I was dumbstruck and went out silently without replying to her message. After dinner, my parents insisted she stay back at our home. But she refused and wanted to return. I went to drop her where she asked me for an answer.

I was silent. She went inside crying, and it hurt me more. I returned home. I pretended as if I had gotten a call from my friend. I informed my family that I should be going to my friend’s place and return by the evening of the next day. I checked the surroundings to confirm no one was seeing me.

I sent Priya a text message stating, “I need to talk to you. Please leave the door unlocked. I’m coming now.” I went inside and locked the door. She was standing in the living room, and her eyes were red. I sat on my knees and proposed to her with a rose, and she was happy.

We hugged each other and gave a small kiss. She locked all the doors, and lights turned off in every room. We sat together on the couch while her head rested on my shoulder. We talked for a long time. I am not sure what we talked about.

After some time, I only knew that she was sitting and I was sleeping on her lap. I was getting turned on. She understood that since I started rubbing my face on her breast. She smiled and gave me a light slap. Then she removed her T-shirt and bra. I sucked her tits which were hard as a rock.

Her fingers were buried in my hair, pushing her body onto my face. We then moved to the bedroom. She pulled down her pants, sitting butt naked on the bed while I was still dressed and standing beside her. We kissed each other.

She slowly lifted my t-shirt and loosened the strings of my night pant, pushing them down completely. It was the first time she touched my hard rock dick on my underwear and kissed it before pulling it down. Once I was nude, she lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide, inviting me to drill her pussy.

I went on top of her, rubbed my dick on her pussy which was already wet and slowly pushed it in. I started thrusting her slowly in a rhythm. She was letting out her moan, increasing with every thrust. She started digging her nails deep into my back as she was building her climax.

I started pumping her faster and harder, and we both climaxed almost simultaneously. I kissed on her forehead and lay next to her naked. That night there was not much action. She cuddled and slept, hugging me tightly.

The next morning she was up early, taking a bath, preparing tea and waking me by 6:30.  I was still naked under the sheets, and she gave me a morning kiss. I went to the washroom to freshen up. I wrapped a towel and sat on the sofa. She came and sat on my lap, and we hugged each other.

My dick was hard again, poking her from below. She looked at me naughtily, and I gave a wink. She parted her legs and held my dick, rubbing it slowly from top to bottom. I said that I did not see the marks properly. So she hit my head, and we lip-locked again while she was playing with my dick.

She got out of my lap, pulling down her pants. She had a clean shave now. I rested back on the sofa, and she came and sat on me with her legs on each side of mine. She slowly guided my dick into her pussy. It was dry at the beginning. Later we had a nice lubrication.

We were kissing each other while my brother was buried deep in her. I started to thrust her upwards, and she was moaning. Then someone rang the doorbell. We were shaken from the bottom. I ran into the room. She wore her pants and went to open the door.

It was her neighbour aunty who came looking for her mother. After about 30-40 minutes, she left. Priya locked the door and came back to the room. I was completely dressed and hiding behind the door. She acted as if I was not there, stripped naked and entered the bathroom to shower again.

What will I do other than follow her lead? We rubbed each other’s bodies and bathed together. We got dressed, had breakfast, and watched TV sitting next to each other, holding our hands.

Priya’s best friends and our classmates Indu and Sunita came. They were first shocked to see me. But Priya said that I got her breakfast from my house. We were casually talking and watching TV. Sunita came and sat next to me, which irritated Priya a lot. After they left, she gave me a nice lecture.

That day and night, we fucked like newlyweds before her mother returned. After that, everything was normalized. Our college started again. In a few days, everybody knew that we were in a relationship. We had the privilege of sitting together, and nobody disturbed us.

We went out for a couple of holidays with friends. We had private moments for ourselves. Our parents agreed to our relationship. Soon after college was over, we got married officially at 23-24 years old. She chose to stay home and look after the house while I moved out, searching for a job to build my career.